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Quadio Q+ hearing aid app for Android and iOS launched in India

Quadio is a company that specializes in making hearing aid solutions which used to be hardware only till now. The hardware would cost the person who is actually using it, and there is a high chance they cannot afford it most of the times. So Quadio actually decided to use the existing hardware of our phones and build their own app. So they launched the Quadio Q+ hearing aid app for Android and iOS in India, the two major stores in the smartphone world. Quadio Q+ app doesn’t require any hardware other than your existing smartphone and the earphones.

Quadio Q+ hearing aid app for android iOS

Patients with Neeraj Dotel, CEO_Anurag Sharma, Co-founder & CTO_Paresh Patel, Co-founder of Quadio Devices Pvt Ltd

Something about Quadio

Quadio was founded by two IIT graduates – Mr. Paresh Patel from IIT Kanpur and Mr. Anurag Sharma, a silver medallist from IIT. Mr.Paresh Patel himself has hearing problems which actually inspired him to start with this company. We also got to meet Mr. Neeraj Dotel, CEO of Quadio who is really excited about the new app and how this concept has the power to change the world. This is what they all have to say about the new App and the hearing problems.

Quadio Q+ hearing aid app for android iOS

Neeraj Dotel, CEO, Quadio Devices Pvt Ltd

Sharing his excitement at the app launch, Neeraj Dotel, CEO, Quadio Devices Pvt Ltdsaid, “Hearing loss is the second largest disability in the country that affects more than 120 million lives with majority sufferers over the age of 60. There are less than 2000 practicing audiologists in India and therefore most people have never actually received treatment until their hearing has degraded severely with age. The Q+ app is a stellar example of the innovative capabilities of Quadio where our customers don’t have to shell out big bucks for hearing care and anyone with a smartphone can now have access to high-quality hearing mechanism.”

Quadio Q+ hearing aid app for android iOS

Anurag Sharma, Co-Founder and CTO, Quadio Devices Pvt Ltd

Anurag Sharma, Co-Founder and CTO Quadio Devices Pvt Ltd, said:“It gives me extreme pleasure to introduce Q+, a hearing solution app that delivers a complete hearing experience. When we started Quadio in 2009, the objective was to come up with a hearing solution that empowered people to hear what they wanted, how they wanted and wherever they wanted. The flexibility of controls offered by a smartphone app is much more than that offered by conventional hearing aids and, along with the affordability of smartphones, the reach of app store, and the inbuilt test, this gets us closer to achieving our objective. I appreciate the hard work put in by our team in creating a wonderful amalgam of technology, intuitive design and stellar performance into a package that is Q+.”

One of India’s finest ENT specialists, Padma Shri awardee Dr. Milind Kirtane, consultant ENT surgeon at Hinduja Hospital said,“I would say it would be ideal that universal new-born hearing screening be made compulsory or obligatory, because early detection and therefore early intervention, can really make a significant difference in the life of a person affected with hearing loss.”

Well, now all that said time to test the app and check out for ourselves if it works as promised or not.

Quadio Q+ hearing aid app for Android and iOS review

The App is now launched on the Android Playstore and iOS App store for almost all devices. You can download using the below links.

Disclaimer:This is not a proper replacement for your hearing aid hardware device. Consult your doctor if you face serious issues in hearing. Use this app only on a trial basis for now at your own risk.

Quadio Q+ Pretest configuration setting screenshot

After like successfully installing the app, you are supposed to connect the earphones and select the type standard or other. If the earphones came with your smartphone it will be standard if not then you can choose other. iPhone users with their default earphones are good to go as they are already calibrated by the company. I really think that quality of earphones would matter in this case, so try to use the best ones you have. Though when asked, the company is not really planning to launch a standard earphone that is already calibrated with their software/App. Next, the app will conduct a sound check to see if you are wearing the right bud in your right ear. After all that is done time to take a test.


Hearing Test

Now this is a test that needs to be taken by everyone and not necessarily only hearing patients. First thing you need is a very quiet room with no background noise to take this test. I would recommend you can turn off your fan for a little while till the test is completed. The steps of taking the test are very easy. The app will play sound first in your left ear and then right ear. Whenever you hear a sound, press the button that says ‘press when you hear a tone’. It is very simple and would take like less than 5 minutes to complete the test.

After the test you are presented with results which is like a graph called as audiogram. You also get a hearing rating out of 5. In the graph you can see the readings of left and right both ears for different audio levels. If you are like facing hearing issues and have visited any audiologist then you probably might have your audiogram which you can manually upload it to the app too. Based on these readings the App modifies the amplification.

Quadio Q+ hearing test score homescreen screenshots

On the main home screen, first option says to choose sound quality from 3 options that are Heavy, Flat and Sharp. Choose whatever suits you the best. Next is noise reduction to decrease the background noise. Give it like 2-5 seconds to calculate the background noise and see the magic. Turn on speech enhancement according to your need because that will surely bring up some  background noise back again. In the advanced menu, you can adjust sharpness, distant sounds, loud sounds, and own voice levels. It is pretty cool to tweak it to your customized settings. Be careful while adjusting these levels or else you will not get the optimum sound quality. Next, you have the option to start the app or stop it. Lastly, you can adjust the volume that suits your ear and according to the background. If you are in a place with loud background sound then you should probably decrease the volume or else you will end up hurting your ears.

You can take these tests on a regular interval to check your performance and improvements. The App runs in the background with a very less power consumption as the screen is turned off mostly. Plus the App doesn’t require any Internet connection to run which is again a plus point. I really wished if they could take the feedback and important hearing data from app to make changes in their app. Also, there would be a risk of breaching privacy if the app needed internet. For now, you can test the app and do let me know how it works for you.


The App is currently available for Free and soon the Paid version will be launched at a onetime fee of Rs.500. This is one attractive price that everyone can afford to pay. There will always be a Freemium version to try with less features.


I think with Quadio Q+ hearing aid app for Android and iOS requiring no external hardware is a great idea. If everyone starts utilizing the existing power of smartphones to make development in different fields, then it would be easier for the consumer to adapt. Surely the App does need a lot of work and I wouldn’t say that it is perfect but definitely worth a try. I haven’t tested the app with a person who is facing hearing issues, so you try it out and share the experience in the comments section below.


Hand with credit card and a small shopping cart coming from  laptop screen isolated in white

Top 5 websites to buy grocery online in India

We all have to go to the market to buy groceries and other stuff. One of the main reason we prefer that is, we can do bargaining and check if all the items are in good condition. For some people that is also a reason for an outing. But this is still the traditional way of buying stuff that needs to be changed. As most of the people are working now, they will not get time to buy grocery. So today I am writing an article mentioning top 5 websites to buy grocery online in India. But before that we will see some of the advantages to buy grocery online.

buy grocery online india

Advantages of buying Grocery Online

Your mom will often send you to the market/store to buy groceries and other stuff. So for me, it will be a boon if my family started purchasing grocery online. So the first reason to purchase grocery online is convenience. You just place an order and your order will be delivered at your doorsteps. The next benefit is that it will save a lot of time. In this time, you can do your other important stuff or maybe relax at home. Plus you get to see all the products available in the online store which is not the case with offline purchase. You can never ever guess what all products the offline store is selling until you irritate the shopkeeper. If you ask me, I will pay a bit more rather than go to the offline market/store to purchase what I want. If it’s 2 or 3 things then it’s a different case. I also see many people going to some famous stores like D-Mart where they offer huge discounts on whatever you buy. So I can conclude on this, if you get some discount plus good quality stuff online, then there is no harm in purchasing your groceries online.

Top 5 websites to buy grocery online in India

1. ZopNow

Zopnow has a fullscreen website design with the categories on the left and products on the right. It has small fonts with a bit congested product showcase but because of that, you can see many products on the same page. It has many categories apart from the usual kitchen category like bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, office, pet and cleaning. The most exciting thing to notice is they offer free shipping on all orders with no minimum order criteria. They promise to deliver within 3 hours of order placement depending on the location and availability of the item. The places where they deliver include cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurugram(Gurgaon), Delhi, Mysuru, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, & Noida. They have a funky way of calling the customer as zopper and they offer some online credits called zoppies which you can again use to buy products from their website. You also earn zoppies while you do some shopping and its very similar to a loyalty reward program. They also have a referral program through which you can earn more zoppies when you shop next time. Online payment and cash on delivery are two options for the payment. If you are doing shopping via mobile then they have a app for Android and IOS users to buy grocery online.

2. Askmegrocery

The layout of the website is very clean despite they have a lot of items up for sale. There are various categories like Beverages, grocery & staples, baby care, packaged food, household, bread & dairy, personal care, stationery, cosmetics & pet supplies. On the right, you can see some combo deals & deals of the week. The products are presented in a very neat and clean way with a price tag on the website. They currently deliver in 17 states with different locations. Delivery is free for orders above Rs.499 and if it is less then Rs.40 is charged as a delivery fee. The order is delivered within 6 hours of order placement or you can also choose the order to be delivered in a particular time slot between  09 30 hrs to 18 30 hrs. If I choose my city then I can say they have a great reach in delivering their products to many locations. They accept payments with Debit/Credit cards along with Net banking, Cash on delivery, Sodexo coupons and even card on delivery. Cancellations are accepted for physical products and not perishable items until the order is not shipped.

3. Bazaarcart

Bazaarcart has similar categories as Askmegrocery but they also sell International products, Ramdev Patanjali products, Ayurveda products, clothing and some electronics too. They deliver only in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida & Ghaziabad. They also have Free delivery on order of Rs.500 and above or else they will charge Rs.50. They have a shipping period of 12-24 hrs after the order is placed. You can also tell them to drop your order with your nneighboror gatekeeper. They accept online payments in the form of credit card, debit card, net banking, Paytm, Mobikwik wallet, Cash on delivery, & gift voucher. You can also do a society registration with them to get some exciting offers. I also tried the live chat feature which works great but a bit slow response. Also if you wish to go only for dry product and you stay in Delhi, then you can head over to DilliGrocery too. They offer only one mode of payment i.e. cash on delivery to be safe. Mostly the deal in bulk orders so they have free shipping over Rs.3000. They have app only for Android users.

4. Nature’sBasket

They have a wide range of delivery location coverage in India. You can checkout the complete list on their website. The offline stores are present in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru & Hyderabad. The categories includes International cuisine, Health conscious products, confectionery & patisserie, and other common stuff. Other than that you also have shop by recipe option which is also great. To make things more exciting they conduct various cooking events in their nearest stores. The payment modes include online payment, cash on delivery, card on deliver, Paytm and other wallets too. In most cases they offer Free shipping but if you choose cash on delivery, Rs.40 will be levied as cash handling charges. They promise to deliver your order within 3 hours of order placement(conditions applied). I think this will be the most innovative website of all with events and shop by recipe option. They also have their own mobile app for Android and iOS users.

5. Bigbasket

This website also covers many cities and the list is given on their website. Apart from the usual categories they also offer fresh meat. There is a separate section for the offers they launch. The delivery options include same day delivery and you can also choose time slots. They only charge Rs.20 as delivery fee or if you place an order above Rs.1000 then its a Free delivery. They also have an app for Android and iOS  users. The payment modes include online payment, cash on delivery, Sodexo passes only for food items.

One more benefit of buying from these online store is, they use eco-friendly bags to pack your stuff. So these are some top websites through which you can buy grocery online in India. There are some other websites like Reliance fresh direct, kiranawalla, aaramshop, naturallyyours, Grofers etc. Apart from this you can always search websites that serve your locality. I really think people should buy grocery online or at least should give it a try once. If you have ever done it please share your experience below in the comments section.

Reversible microUSB

XYRA XL fully Reversible USB cable review

XYRA is a new company that manufactures some innovative products and accessories. The previous product that XYRA launched was a powercard (powerbank) that fits in your pocket.  This time the company is aiming at a common problem that most people have to go through while charging their smartphones, i.e. checking the orientation of the connectors. So we are sharing with you the XYRA XL fully Reversible USB cable review. I used this cable for quite a few days to test the durability and other features that the company promises. Here are the results of what I experienced and how I feel about this accessory.

XYRA XL USB Syncing cable_1

XYRA XL Fully Reversible USB cable Review :


XYRA XL fully reversible USB cable review

Reversible USB 2.0 and Micro USB

I know you may be thinking that I am trying to make a hype out of a USB syncing cable, but trust me it has some good quality when it comes to the build and design. Unlike the traditional cables that had a fibre cover or plastic covering, the XYRA XL cable comes with both the coatings. On the inside, it has a fibre coating and on the top it is covered with plastic to give more strength along with the look of fibre. The connectors have a anodized aluminium coating to prevent it from losing its shine or catch rust. The USB syncing cable has a premium look and is available in 4 colors viz. Gold, Rose Gold, Space Grey and Silver.

XYRA XL fully reversible USB cable review

Fibre+Plastic coating


  • Dual Oriented connectors
  • Fabric+Plastic coating
  • 1.5m cable length
  • Lightning and Micro-USB variants

As you must have known about the key feature by the title fully reversible, that means you can flip the Micro-USB (or lightning connector) and the USB 2.0 both for connecting it with your smartphone or other devices. So from now on no need to look at the orientation of the connectors, just plug it in like a DC jack or a 3.5mm audio jack. One more thing that we still hate about the USB cables is the length which is 1m in most cases. But power users like me would prefer a bit longer cable and that is fulfilled here as the XYRA XL cable measures 1.5m in length. Apart from that its tough plastic coating prevents it from getting tangled and the plastic clasp helps in keeping the cable wrapped. The USB syncing cable is meant for charging as well as syncing data with your PC/Laptop. It comes in two variants, Lightning connector to USB for APPLE devices and Micro-USB to USB for Android, Windows, Blackberry devices.

Availability and Pricing

The price of the cable on Amazon for the Micro-USB variant is $9.99 and for the Lightning is $16.99. Now this is where I think the things would have been better if the pricing was kept low. For the Indian market this is too much cost for a USB syncing cable considering its features. But if you have no budget constraint then you should definitely go for this cable, and I am sure it will not disappoint you in any of its features.

Visit the official XYRA website for more information. So this was the XYRA XL fully reversible USB cable review. Post your doubts and queries in the comments section below.


fiticket featured image

Fiticket App allows you to Workout anywhere anytime

Fiticket app

Fiticket overview

The main rising issue of this digital age is the lack of physical exercise. We are all busy doing our work on computers/Laptops sitting at one place for hours without any workout. Some people do visit the gym, but they are not able to maintain the consistency due to time management issues or may be location constraint. To solve this problem, Fiticket app allows you to workout anywhere anytime. You can choose any place which is nearest to your current location and perform any activity you like. There are various activities you can choose from to break your regular monotonous schedule.

Fiticket app

Fiticket activities

One can pick any activity from the 2000 activities offered. From basic activities like using the gym and swimming pools, there are a lot of group classes like yoga, zumba, pilates, crossfit, spinning etc. A variety of dance classes are available such as salsa, jazz, contemporary, tango, and kathak. MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) activities include kickboxing, taekwondo, kravmaga, kalaripattayu, judo and tai chi. Exciting new premium activities can also be found on Fiticket app such as Aerial yoga, surfboard workouts, capoeira, bokwa, trx as well many cardio based group workouts such as cross and functional training, body pump, body combat etc. The availability of these activities will totally depend on your location. Currently, the app is available for users living in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune.

Fiticket app

Fiticket nearest gym and activity centre


This app is available for both major platforms Android and IOS. When you first sign in, you get a 1-week free trial pass to experience various services offered by this new app. With Fiticket, there is something for everyone. The busy working professional, the new mom, the college student, fitness buff, frequent traveler, the first timer and anyone who’s looking to break the monotony – will all find something that appeals to them. There are all kinds of activities for all levels, and to fit everyone’s schedule.

Fiticket app

Fiticket activity details

SahilKukreja, Founder and CEO at Fiticket says, “We have covered more than 600 locations in Mumbai alone and have more than 100 tie ups in Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune which makes it more than 900 tie ups across these cities. Fiticket has grown four fold with 5000 registered users over a period of 45 days. The App offers about 2000 activities in a day and is available on Android and iOS.”

Fiticket app

Fiticket app error

I reviewed the app and found that it still needs some updates and bug fixes. I tried booking a session at 10:30 PM for the next day, but I kept getting a warning “Cannot book a class now. Please try again after 11:00 AM”. So I don’t know how am I supposed to book an early morning session. Also, I need to attend these sessions to see the quality of service they offer. When you choose an activity and click explore, a list of all the nearest workout centres is displayed. Each and every centre has details about the address with a map and the contact info. You can choose the time slot and also see the list of things you need to carry(if applicable). After expiry of the trial period, you need to purchase a membership of Fiticket app. Various packages offered are as follows. All the payment options are available including cash on delivery (C.O.D.).

Fiticket app

Fiticket membership/subscription charges

Personally I haven’t tried Fiticket app yet, as I am also the lazy type of guy. Though I do appreciate the idea behind this new app to encourage workouts via various activities by removing the location and time barriers. If you are someone who exercises on a daily basis, or someone who wants to try this new service, do share your experience with us through the comments section below.

Battery charging gif

Tips on fast charging smartphones and other gadgets

Charging devices is a thing that every gadget user will hate but unfortunately it is necessary. You need to juice up your device after some interval depending on your battery life. One thing that we ignore is all the factors that decide the charging time. If your device takes much longer to charge, then follow our tips on fast charging smartphones or other gadgets. This will increase the charging speed and reduce the time it takes to charge battery. All the tips mentioned below will focus on smartphone, though some may apply on other gadgets like tablet, portable chargers too.

Tips on Fast charging smartphone and other gadgets

Tips on fast charging smartphones and other gadgets

Choose a Proper Wall charger

First thing, a wall charger will be the fastest source of charging as compared to Laptop USB port. You need to check the power rating of your charger. To do that, pick up your charger and search for the word OUTPUT then check the voltage (5V), current (mA or A) or may be power(Watts) where Power=(Volt*Current). So for fast charging I recommend you at least get a 5V 2A rating charger. If you experience slow charging then mostly your charger’s output current rating would be 1A or less. Most of the normal charger will have 5V constant voltage but the current will vary. Note your device will only consume the amount of current it needs irrespective of the input current you provide. So don’t worry you will not blow up your device with a high current charger. I recommend the Sony CycleEnergy Wall adapter which has a rating of 5V 2.1A. It also includes 1.5m good quality USB cable. Note you can charge all your smartphones/tablets/Portable Chargers with this device irrespective of the brand.

Nowadays most smartphones comes with a Quick charge feature introduced by Qualcomm which allows your device to consume more power and reduce the charging time substantially. To check if your smartphone is Quick Charge 2.0 enabled, download this LIST. If so then you can use the Qualcomm certified chargers like the Aukey 18W adapter given below which is costly.

If we see the list of portable chargers, ASUS Zenpower has the highest current rating of 2.4A followed by OnePlus and Xiaomi power banks.

Check your USB cable

Oh yes, the USB cable can also affect the charging time as it is the medium through which current flows. So if you have bought a USB cable from a local store, chances are, that it may limit the current flow. Try using another good quality USB cable which you can buy online. Remember USB cable more than 1.5m may slow down charging depending on the quality. Strictly avoid using USB cable extensions.

Avoid Laptop’s or PC’s USB port (Use USB 3.0 if needed)

Tips on fast charging smartphones and other gadgets

Laptop USB 3.0 Port

You should generally use Wall chargers instead of Laptop’s or PC’s USB port due to the current limitation. A normal USB 2.0 has a max current output of 500mA(2.5W) whereas the new USB 3.0(Blue color) supports upto 900mA current(4.5W). The dedicated USB charging ports supports upto 1.5A(6.5W) output current. So if need arises go for USB 3.0 or a dedicated USB charging port available in some laptops.

Perform these tasks before charging

Close all the running process/background apps on your smartphone or tablet. Turn off Wifi or Data if there is no need. You can also power down your device or switch on Airplane Mode to enable fast charging.

Let your device cool down

Never put a device on charging in direct sunlight or at high temperature. High temperatures may result in slow charging. You can additionally remove the case if the device is a bit hot. Always charge your devices at normal room temperature.

Proper Battery maintenance

There are some tips that you can follow to enhance the battery life of any gadget. Firstly perform a full charge cycle(0% to 100%) every month to ensure good battery life. Next tip never overcharge your device, or put it to charging full night. This is surely going to affect the battery in long run. Next try to keep your smartphone’s battery level between 40-80%. These all tips will surely add some more days to the overall battery life.

So these were the tips on fast charging smartphones and other gadgets. Let me know if I missed any point through the comment section below. Also if these tips helped you, do share it with your friends using the sharing buttons below.

DishCo logo

DishCo food guide app review

DishCo is a new food guide app that was recently launched at an Industrial event in Mumbai by Co-founders Jimmy & Fida Shaw along with Shaina N C, Social Activist, Politician & Fashion Designer and Ms. Dimple Kapadia, Actress. You can find, rank and share the dishes you love. So here is the DishCo food guide app review.

DishCo food guide app review

Fida Shaw, Vikas Runwal, Dimple Kapadia (Actress), Jimmy P. Shaw & Zhooben Bhiwandiwala

DishCo food guide app review

Currently you can perform searches based on Locations, Dishes, Restaurants or cuisine. You can also make friends, and follow Food Marshals for suggestions on new trending and top dishes. Various unique features that will be introduced in the future are table booking, Resto Chat, free discount coupons. Reviews will not be published publicly, instead they will be directly sent to the restaurant management department as feedbacks. The Resto chat feature will allow you to submit your feedbacks and connect directly with restaurant facility. You can store the coupons received in your tiffin box to use it later. One good feature of the app is that you can rank top 10 dishes of your own to share with your friends. This list will help you to try out new dishes that your friend/Food Marshals recommend. It is currently available for Android and IOS.

Along with all these features, DishCo has a noble cause where you can Pledge a Meal for underprivileged children. Per Meal costs Rs.25 so you can donate accordingly and spread smiles across the globe. DishCo has tied up with Mobikwik to make donations. DishCo, which means The Dish Company is all about the Dish and works on the principle of, ‘Food by the people, for the people.’ The App is currently available only in Maharashtra and Goa.

The launch also celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of South East Asia’s first and Mumbai city’s famous IHM, Mumbai along with the release of “60 Years – 60 Chefs” Coffee Table Book curated by Chef Vernon Coelho – HOD Food Production, IHM Mumbai, a collection of recipes by 60 celebrity chefs all of whom are IHM alumni, in honour of IHM’s completion of its Diamond Jubilee.

Full Chef Group

On being asked about DishCo, Founder, Food Marshal Tech Services Jimmy Shaw said “Our goal is to bring the fun back into Dining and give each Signature dish its place in the sun, we only focus on the good & positive side, the Food Service Industry has to offer its guests. At the same time we would like all to ensure that no child goes to bed hungry. In that sense DishCo will always be an App with a heart.

The App still needs improvements in terms of layout and various functionalities. Though the concept/idea and the various features like table booking are quite innovative. The other app that can be a tough competitor is Zomato. So let us know your views on the new DishCo app, and if you donated to Spread a Smile.

Mobikwik featured

Mobikwik online wallet – Ultimate solution for shopping and recharge

In this digital age, we all would love to have digital money than conventional notes and coins. People are now using online wallets instead of hard cash due to the convenience. But there can be one problem of choosing the best online wallet. Along with the facility of online wallet, you may need some other features like shopping or recharging your mobile phone. So Mobikwik offers the ultimate solution to all your problems. It will let you to transfer funds, recharge accounts, and pay for online shopping. As the name suggests, its the kwikest (quickest) way to do online transactions. Let’s take a closer look at what this online wallet can do.

Mobikwik has a website where you can sign up to create a new account and get your own wallet. They also have mobile app on all the major platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. Lets start with the website of Mobikwik. Using the website you can recharge mobile or other devices like television and data cards. You can your bills using the wallet. Just transfer funds to your wallet once and then do multiple transactions. One more benefit is that you get exciting discount and cashback offers when you pay using Mobikwik. Paying the bills, recharging, shopping and getting discount offers too, well using online wallet is fun and profitable. With the security point of view its much safer to pay using mobile wallets rather than entering sensitive credit/debit card information every time. Even if your account gets hacked, you will still not lose all the money you have.

Mobikwik Website Features :

  • Mobile recharge (Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone, Aircel mobile recharge)
  • Recharge Data Cards and television
  • Recharge using SMS, and over Phone
  • Pay Bills
  • Shopping
  • Get Exciting Offers (BookMyShow, Snapdeal, MakeMyTrip, and more..)

Here are all the partners that supports payment using Mobikwik online wallet.

Mobikwik partners

Mobikwik Partners

Mobikwik Mobile App

Mobikwik has mobile app on all major platforms like :

You can use the real features of online wallet with the mobile app only, i.e. on the go. You can transfer funds to others Mobikwik wallet and also request funds from your friends by avoiding the awkward situation. Just remember to set a PIN before you put some funds in your wallet. Also you can use promo codes to get more benefits from Mobikwik. Here are some screenshots of the Mobikwik Android app.

Mobikwik screenshots

Mobikwik Android screenshots

You can also recharge and pay bills using mobile app the same way you do using the Website. Give Mobikwik a try and let us know your views in the comment section below.


Search Redeem Coupons from your mobile

Discounts, deals, coupons these are some words which attracts every person who buys things frequently. All the Indians must be familiar with Couponraja website, and if not then you should check it out now. It has some great collection of coupons on major brands and websites that we use daily to buy stuff. By stuff i mean it can be anything a product, something to eat, movie tickets etc. Initially they had a website where you could browse for coupons and redeem them. But now they have also launched a mobile app from where you can search and redeem coupons. The app is available for Android, Windows and iOS platforms.



How to get the mobile app???

  1. Visit this LINK.
  2. Once you open the above URL you will find all the links for the CouponRaja app on different platforms. You can also send an SMS containing the link to your mobile number.
  3. Just download the app on your mobile and SAVE when you are on the go.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When you first launch the app, you will see different icons like top coupons, new coupons, cashback offers, signup offers, coupons for him, and coupons for her. You can select the icon according to your need. Once you go inside any offer, you get coupons from different dealers. After selecting a specific coupon, you can redeem it right from the app. The merchant website will itself open up in the app, which is one of the best features of this app. No need to copy the code and launch browser app and then redeem. Apart from the icons, we also have e-stores and categories section in the left side bar. You can directly search for some favorite e-store website like flipkart, myntra, domino’s etc. In categories we have men’s section, women’s section, electronics, food and drink, travel etc. If you are still facing problem searching for the right coupon, there is option for searching too.
Well if you ask me, I found the app user friendly and useful. If you still find any bug, feel free to contact coupon raja right from the app.


  • Best coupons
  • Cashback offers
  • Signup offers
  • Special Coupons for him/her
  • Save coupons
  • Filter coupons by e-store and categories.
  • Redeem coupons directly from the app
  • Sign up/sign in to view saved coupons

These were some of the awesome features of coupon raja app that lets you avail all the benefits of the website directly from the app. So save while you are on the go. If you face any difficulty or find any bug, feel free to mention in it in the comment section below.


GO PUCK launched portable usb charger in India

GO PUCK has announced it’s entry in India by launching portable USB charger. It’s a Florida based manufacturer which used to develop car batteries for some top companies like Formula 1, Indycar, LeMans Teams and has won some prizes for their excellent products. Today Go Puck Launched portable USB charger kit in India.

GO PUCK (Portable Usb Charger Kit) is a compact charger which has 2 ports with 1A and 2A output current. The 2A port is the RAPID (Regulated Accessory Power Increase Distribution) port which charges your phone at a faster rate without harming the device battery. Other than 2 output ports, it has one input port which is used to charge the GO PUCK device.

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GO PUCK comes in two versions 3x and 5x which have the capacity of 4400 mah and 6600 mah respectively. The GO PUCK charger is wearable and can be attached to belts, devices via the active mount which is one of the accessories and can be purchased. So basic idea is to charge devices while you are on the go without any interruption. It has a 4 led battery level indicator which will give you accurate results. GO PUCK charger can charge your device 3-5 times in one single charge depending on the battery capacity.

The GO PUCK charger weighs 4 oz and is very light weight. It uses data block technology that will prevent hackers to gain access to sensitive information from laptops and computers. It also offers various types of cables like USB to micro usb, mini usb, GO PUCK charger, Nokia,Apple, Ericsson, PSP, LG etc. That means you can charge almost every small device. GO PUCK charger will protect from short circuit, overcharging and discharging as it uses Charge Through Technology.

Sharing his excitement Aniruddha Karanjekar, Director, GOPUCK India said,

“At GO PUCK we understand how important power is to our customers who lead a fast paced active lifestyle. The product range is specially designed to not only charge devices at a rapid speed 50% faster than the conventional wall outlet chargers but is also small enough to fit into your pocket. Having received tremendous response world over, we are certain GO PUCK will aid Indians and provide them with mobile freedom and the truly well deserved Smartphone compatible Portable Charger!”


Aniruddha Karanjekar

Aniruddha Karanjekar

One of the amazing feature is that it can charge your devices at the same time when its charging itself. So it will charge the devices first and then charge itself thus intelligently maintaining the flow. One advantage is that it doesn’t have any current loss via heating unlike other chargers.

Price of the GO PUCK charger will be roughly around 100$ for the 5x version and 70$ for the 3x.You can buy the active mounts for around 20$. GO PUCK charger comes with 1 year international warranty. So overall the charger is quite compact, effective and very useful. If you ask my opinion, then i would definitely recommend you to buy GO PUCK for your devices. You can share your views via the comment section below.

Wave Control app

Control music using wave of your hand (on phone)

http://technofall.com/control-music-using-wave-of-your-hand-on-phone/Samsung galaxy S4 rolled out with many features that works on gestures. These features were called as air-gestures. One of its feature was to control music using wave of your hand. So without even touching the phone we could change the music, or play/pause. Just imagine how cool it would be to have a S4 with such features. But unfortunately we all can’t afford such an expensive mobile phone. So here i am presenting you the tutorial that will work on your budget phones too.


  • Android phone or iPhone

How it works??

Most of the android or iPhones have proximity sensors on our phone, whose main function is to lock screen while we are on a Call. But some of our developer friends used this sensor to develop a app which will help us to control music using hand gesture. So lets see how to do it.


How to Control Music using wave of your hand???

  1. Firstly download a app named Wave Control on your phone. (You can use link given below)
    For Android
    For iPhone
  2. Now Install the app on your phone and launch it. (Ads may load, wait for sometime)
  3. Tap on the ‘settings’ tab and choose your default Music app.
    Control music using wave of your hand

    Wave control settings

    Control music using wave of your hand

    choose the music app that you use

  4. You can turn ON and OFF wave control using the wave control on off button button.
  5. Now just press ‘Home’ button on your phone to minimize the app. You will see the app icon in notification panel.
  6. Just launch your music app that you choose previously. Play a song and wave your hand near phone. The song should change.
  7. To close the app, go to the app and press ‘back’ button on your phone Twice. 
  8. You can also control Calls using wave of your hand, just go to settings in the app, and turn on “call controls“.

Controls of the App

To control Music just use actions give below

  • To PLAY/PAUSEHover your hand over the phone.
  • To change the Song- Wave your hand once.
  • To play previous song- Wave Twice.

NOTE: The App may not work on some phones. Also you may need practice to control Music. And remember to turn off the App before putting the phone into pocket.

If you have any Doubts or Question regarding the tutorial, please feel free to post them in the comment section below.

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