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How to get Amazon Prime Membership for Free

Amazon started a Prime membership program that enables users to get quicker deliveries and some exclusive deals on its e-commerce website. Anyone could get 1-Month of Free Prime Membership on a trial basis. But now that offer is gone for good. As of now, you

Guide: How to make USB bootable

I have received a lot of doubts related to installing any operating system. Though if you go ahead and Google the query you will surely find the answers. But then I thought to make my own version of Guide on how to make USB bootable

ASUS RT-AC88U router specifications and review

High-speed internet mainly via Wifi is what people nowadays thrive on. All the apps are just feeding on Internet choking all the bandwidth. May it be office or home there is a huge amount of data flowing through the router. Now the main problem is

Portronics Hanger wired optical mouse review

Mouse is a device that we use daily but we don’t pay much attention to. You would be really surprised to know how a good quality mouse changes the precision of your clicks. So this article is all about Portronics hanger wired optical mouse review. This

Tips on fast charging smartphones and other gadgets

Charging devices is a thing that every gadget user will hate but unfortunately it is necessary. You need to juice up your device after some interval depending on your battery life. One thing that we ignore is all the factors that decide the charging time.

How to use whatsapp from PC (Android Users)

Whatsapp is one of the largely used messaging app worldwide as it uses our mobile number for identification and its simple. Now one thing that bugs people is the  gap of communication between PC and smartphone’s. Generally when I am sitting on my desktop, I

NVIDIA Unveils Full Power of Maxwell GPU Architecture

Making a huge difference in gaming area, NVIDIA introduced GeForce® GTX™ 980 and 970 GPUs which are the first high-end products based on its Maxwell™ chip architecture. Being twice the energy efficient from the previous GTX750Ti and GTX750, the GTX980 and GTX970 deliver unmatched performance

Control music and videos using hand gesture (For PC)

Features that use hand gesture are very new, and are adopted by many devices. The newly launched S4 has many cool features that can be controlled using hand gesture. Also some Sony Laptops have hand gesture controlling features too. But it is not possible for

Compress large images to small size with good quality

Photos are the best things to remember our memories from past. Back in time, we use to develop our photos and maintain physical albums. But today we live in a digital world. Everyone is now having High Definition Digital cameras, or High MegaPixel camera in