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Get Free Flipkart Gift card worth 500 INR [100% working]

Few days ago I came across an advertisement of a website which was offering software reviews. I just checked the comment section of the advertisement where some people were talking about rewards. I saw that people had shared their experience of getting free rewards and it felt like a genuine thing. But again others were seen complaining that they never received the reward of Free Flipkart Gift card. So I decided to give a try – and it worked. So here is how to get Free Flipkart Gift card worth 500 INR.

Get Free Flipkart Gift card worth 500 INR

This is a method which was tried personally by myself – and after few days I received and claimed the reward. Please check all the steps carefully before proceeding. Also read if you can get more than one gift card at the end of the article.

How to get Free Flipkart Gift Card worth 500 INR – 100 % working trick:

  1. Visit the website of G2
  2. So the trick here is to write a genuine review in detail – every question should be answered properly.
  3. Start by choosing the role and based on that you will see the software list. I chose information technology as my role.
  4. Choose the software(Preferably a free/open-source software) which you are using at work/home. I selected the very basic Google Forms service which I have used quite a few times. For now just select one product, and write a detailed review.
  5. Next you need to create an account on the website – Choose business email or LinkedIn or Google business which is the Gsuite email ID. I chose my work email address – you can choose linkedIn as everybody must be having an account there. You will need to verify using the OTP sent on email.
  6. Once you are done creating the account – start answering each question in detail as per the minimum character limit mentioned.
    Google forms G2 Review
  7. Do remember that your review grade depends on the questions answered – so improve the grades!
  8. Do submit a screenshot or the proof of you using the software. This gives them assurance that the review is a genuine one and not a fake one.
  9. Once you have answered all the questions in detail with a good review grade – submit your review.
  10. After your review is submitted – based on their guidelines the review will get approved or rejected. If its a genuine one then chances are they will approve it and after 2-3 days of approval you will get the reward. In total it took around 6-7 days for me to get the reward after submitting the review.

Keep checking your email inbox for an email from their outreach team with the 500 INR Flipkart Gift card.


Get Free Flipkart Gift card worth 500 INR

Can you get more than 1 free Flipkart gift card?

In the past we have seen people get more that 1 free Flipkart gift card by submitting multiple reviews on the website. I think the limit is 3-5 gift cards – you can try and find out about it. I am going to personally try submitting another review on the website and will update you all. You can try with different linkedIn or business emails to multiply your rewards.

So this is how you get free Flipkart Gift card worth 500 INR. I really hope that this works for you all. In case it does or if you have any doubts please mention them in the comment section below. Do share this article with your friends and family.

Programmer PC Build 2020 under 30000

Programmers coding PC build 2020 under 30000 INR

Everybody makes a custom PC build for gaming, but what about the programmers who code to create web/mobile/pc applications. This time we are bringing the best Programmers coding PC build 2020 under 30000 INR. Frankly speaking, we never thought the build price would be below 30000 INR. It’s one of the best configurations you can get right now in the market keeping in mind the needs of a programmer/coder. One of the cool things about the best PC build for programming is that you can upgrade it for video editing or gaming too in the future.

Best Programmers coding PC build 2020 under 30000 INR

Processor: Ryzen 5 3400G (12099 INR)

As AMD is slaying the market with its Ryzen series, we thought let’s offer the best processor at the best price possible. So we put in the Ryzen 5 3400G processor which has a Radeon RX Vega 11 onboard APU. Just remember unlike Intel integrated graphics, Vega 11 is one powerful onboard APU. This can help programmers to run multiple desktops smoothly or cases where you want good performance with emulators and other graphical needs. Plus you can enjoy a bit of gaming without the need for a dedicated graphics card. Speaking about the technical specifications it has 4 cores, 8 threads, and base clock – 3.7 GHz(max boost – 4.2GHz totally overclockable+unlocked). For easy comparison, Ryzen 5 3400G gives some tough competition to Intel i5 9th gen processor and beats it in many aspects. Plus there is no comparison between AMD’s Vega 11 powerful GPU with Intel’s integrated graphics. There is still a notion about AMD heating up, well that is now gone with the new Ryzen series processors. It runs cool and with the max boost, it goes up to 75°C maximum. The good news is that it comes with Wrath Spire cooler so it’s all being taken care of.

Processor Price: 12099 INR (Prime ABGB | Amazon)

RAM: Crucial CB8GU2400 8GB (2475 INR)

A programmer can easily work with 8GB of RAM which in maximum cases will satisfy the memory requirements. We will be putting the Crucial CB8GU2400 8GB RAM with 2400 MHz clock speed. Assuming you are running Windows 10, browsing some Google Chrome tabs along with IDE to code – 8GB ought to do it(If you are using Linux then it would be more than enough). But in the scenario where you are a heavy multitasker and require more RAM, you can always throw in another one of these making the use of dual-channel which will be more efficient.

RAM Price: 2799 INR (Prime ABGB | Amazon)

Motherboard: Gigabyte B450M DS3H (6050 INR)

Keeping in mind that the programmer’s build is going to last more than a gaming one, we need something durable when it comes to the motherboard. Gigabyte B450M DS3H is a motherboard that is often used for gaming, but there are 2 cool things about it – affordable and WiFi. It’s one of the most budget-friendly board that comes with WiFi and has a micro ATX compact form factor. It supports our Ryzen 5 series processor with APU, comes with 4 DDR4 dual-channel RAM support, has RGB connectors that can be used for Wrath Spire, supports M.2 for SSD, and has some solid capacitors thus increasing the life of the motherboard. In the future, you can use the same motherboard for editing as well as gaming.

Motherboard Price: 6050 INR (Prime ABGB | Amazon)

Storage: ADATA SU630 (3825 INR)

Going with an SSD for any programmer will give them a powerful experience. For starters, SSD will decrease the boot time, make all the process so much faster as compared to the traditional HDD. We are putting in the ADATA SU630 with 480GB space which is more than enough for programming needs. As the build is a budget one, we are not putting in the M.2 SSD but will go for SATA SSD. This will save us in terms of cost and at the same time provide good performance. In case you have more storage needs then get a 1 TB HDD along with the SSD.

SSD Price: 3825 INR (Prime ABGB | Amazon)

Power Supply: Corsair VS450 (2323 INR)

There is not much to look out in the power supply segment. Getting a Corsair VS450 will do your job for the rig we are building for programmers. Its an affordable and totally reliable option. One of the advantages of VS450 is the efficiency in energy management and low noise because of smart fan control.

SMPS Price: 2323 INR (Prime ABGB | Amazon)

Cabinet: Antec VSK-10 (2650 INR)

Most of the videos you watch online, people tend to recommend Corsair Carbide Spec05 which is a mid-size tower. Its definitely a good choice, but on our lookout, we found something really compact especially good for programmers – Antec VSK-10. It has a compact micro ATX form factor, plus it is see-through – though it won’t matter much if the user is a programmer. But if you have an RGB supported motherboard it won’t hurt anyone to make good use of it. The Antec VSK-10 has a magnetic dust filter on the top and removable one on the bottom too.

Cabinet Price: 2650 INR (Prime ABGB | Amazon)

So this completes our Programmers coding PC build 2020 under 30000 INR. To sum it up you have the powerful Ryzen 5 3400G with Vega 11 APU, 8 GB RAM, 480GB SSD, and a see-through compact cabinet. One can upgrade it to an editing/gaming build by putting in a dedicated graphics card with another 8GB stick of RAM. The best thing is the CPU which is unlocked and overclockable right from the start(of course it does void the warranty – but what’s the fun without that!). This build is perfect for web developers, android developers, .net framework coders(Visual Studio users), etc. Do let me know if you have any specific requirements so that we can tweak the build for you. If you have any doubts or feedback about the current build – drop them in the comment section below.

Epson Expression photo xp 15000

How to Find the Right Printer for Your Workplace

Whether you work at home or in an office, finding the right printer can seem like a daunting challenge with all the available choices on the market. Printers are an indispensable piece of office equipment, but how do you find one that is best suited for your business?

There are a few factors to consider, like the type of business you have, the size of your office and the estimated print volume and speed you’ll require, among others. Technical considerations, such as how it will work with your existing wired or Wi-Fi router and network is another thing to take into account. Below we’ve listed a few models and which will best suit a variety of professionals.

For Small Businesses

Small business owners need a printer that is hassle-free, affordable and cost-effective to run, with security and added convenience features like Wi-Fi connectivity and duplexing. With its ability to churn out 22 high-quality colour or black and white prints per minute, the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw is designed for small business owner. This ENERGY STAR® certified printer meets the demand for black-and-white and colour prints for most small businesses. Featuring a 250-sheet capacity tray, and a 50-page automatic document feeder. With both wired and wireless connection support and a variety of mobile printing options, there are a myriad ways to connect the M281fdw. And with built-in security features like an embedded web server with secure browsing to maintain the printer remotely or locally, it gives you full control for all your office needs.

For Photographers

Professionals who work with photographs and require high-quality prints need a printer that not only handles document printing but also produces very high-quality photo reproductions. In this sense, the Canon PIXMA Pro-1000 Wireless Colour Professional Inkjet printer is a valuable addition to any photographer, graphic designer or journalist’s arsenal of tools. With a maximum resolution of 4,800 x 2,400 dpi to bring out fine details and a dye-based ink, three of which are reserved for black-and-white prints, photos can be reproduced in amazing detail. Additionally, with Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile printing, you can print from anywhere in the home or office from any computer or mobile device.

For Engineers and Architectural Designers

For engineers and architects that need to print large-sized technical schematics, drawings and other documents, having a large format printer right in the office means saving time and money, instead of having to send out for them. While there are a few entry-level models targeted at larger printing, the Epson Expression Photo XP-15000 is one of the best among the budget options. With a wider range of ink colours for high definition printing, including a range of red and grey, it can handle borderless prints up to 13” x 19” at an incredible 5,760 x 1,440 dpi resolution, as well as black-and-white schematics and drawings. Wi-Fi connectivity and Epson’s iPrint also allow you to print from anywhere, even when you’re on the road.

Setting the ram in dual channel

HyperX Predator RGB 2x8GB RAM DDR4 Review

Today we have the HyperX Predator RGB RAM 2x8GB clocked at 2993Mhz, DDR4 memory, Tested in a dual-channel memory form. Ram is the most integral part of a system. Investing in the finest RAM your budget can afford is the way to go. Better ram ensures shorter boot times, providing a better web browsing experience and delivering a better gaming experience. In other words better the ram, better your system will run.

Setting the ram in dual channel

HyperX claims that the Predator series ram, Increases your frame rate, helps you broadcast your streams without any hiccups, and push through your highlight reel editing with unrivalled speeds. Which seemed to be true in our testing. We noticed the boot times to be significantly faster. The overall machine felt a lot faster from opening games to browsing the web everything seemed better. We did not notice any notable frame rate boosts in games, but the games sure did feel much smoother.

HyperX Predator RGB RAM 2x8GB clocked at 2993Mhz

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Apart from the performance boost, these HyperX Predator RGB RAM sticks also brought in an aesthetic enrichment to our system. The RGB Ram sticks lit up our rather mundane looking cabinet and added to the style points of the overall system. The HyperX Predator RGB 2x8GB RAM sticks do not provide an RGB controller but instead depends on compatibility with major motherboard software like the Gigabyte RGB Fusion, Asus Aura, MSI Mystic Light and ASRock Polychrome RGB. If your board doesn’t support any of those, you’re abandoned with the default rainbow pattern.

HyperX ram showcasing RGB

Apart from the normal usage we also ran some benchmarking tests to actually understand and verify the true potential of the HyperX Predator RGB 2x8GB RAM sticks.

CPU-Z tests to verify, the dual-channel form, memory size and speed.

CPUZ test

Novabench gave my system a Score of 2543. It rated the HyperX Predator RGB 2x8GB RAM sticks a whopping 284 and displaying the lighting fast RAM speed of a whopping 30642MB/s

Novabench test scores


HyperX Predator RGB RAM 2x8GB Ram sticks not only boost your system performance but also attribute to the beauty of your system. High speeds of the HyperX Predator RGB RAM matched with low latencies provide insane performance. These HyperX Predator RGB RAM modules are backed by a lifetime of warranty and are manufactured with over 30 years of experience.

Our Test System had the following specs:

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070
  • SSD: Samsung 850 Pro 128GB
  • SSD: Samsung 850 Pro 512GB
  • SSD: Kingston SHFR200240G 240GB
  • RAM: Kingston HyperX DDR4 2933 C15 (2x8GB)
  • Motherboard: Asus STRIX Z270E GAMING
  • PSU: Corsair RM 1000
Traffic camera

How to report traffic violation pay vehicle fines E-Challan

Everyone is moving towards a digital world where things would be more accessible to common people. Good thing is that the government is also adopting digital methods to help people. One such new method deals with Traffic violation, reporting & payment of fines through E-Challans. So how to report traffic violation, pay vehicle fines through an app. It all started with some apps developed for cities like Bangalore, Kolkata & now Mumbai(probably Delhi will join in) too. You can check if your city also has an app to check for vehicle fines & report traffic violation. How amazing it would be when you can do something about others breaking traffic rules & report it to the authorities. For example, people parking in no-parking zones & creating traffic situations.

Vehicle traffic violation signal camera

Which are the apps for different cities?

As of now, we will just check out the new app for Mumbai. For other cities scroll down the article to see the links for apps.

How to report traffic violation, pay vehicle fines E-Challan?

Let us split this into different features & explain each feature individually.

How to check & pay for E-Challans/Fines for your vehicle[Mumbai only – other cities scroll down]?

  1. Download MumTrafficapp for Android & MumTrafficapp for iOS.
  2. After you have downloaded the app, launch it. The first information you have to enter is your mobile number & the OTP which you receive on it.
  3. Next, you need to enter your vehicle number which you want to associate with your mobile number. Keep your chassis number or engine number handy in case the app requires additional verification. You can find this on your official vehicle documents.
    How to report traffic violation pay vehicle fines E-Challan
  4. Now you will be able to see the home screen which has multiple options like My Vehicles, My E-Challans, Civilian Report, E-Challan Payment, Information, & Contact Us.
  5. Just tap on My E-Challans to check for any fines against your vehicle. It will show which rules were violated under the section with the respective amount. It also shows image proof with your vehicle number to justify the violation.
  6. Payment of E-Challan can be done via debit/credit cards/net banking or wallets too.

This is just amazing where you can check for E-Challans against your vehicle directly via MumTrafficapp.

How to report incident or traffic violations against any vehicle through MumTrafficapp?

  1. Just open the app which you downloaded in the previous step.
  2. On the home screen go to the Civilian report option.
  3. You will see two option Violation report & Incident report. In violation report there are multiple options like Tripple seat, no helmet, no seat belt, stop line, while driving, parking violation, fancy plate & other. In the incident option, you can report accident, construction, oil spill, break down, waterlogging, tree fall, road rage & others.
  4. For every report, you need to send/upload images as proof for the violation or incident & describe it. Make sure while taking the images that the vehicle number plate is captured properly along with the violation scenario.

This is how you can report incident or traffic violations against any vehicle through MumTrafficapp.

Other features of MumTrafficapp:

  • Traffic Education feature
  • Check fine rates for different types of traffic violations
  • Check the meaning of different traffic signs
  • Road safety tips
  • Contact the Traffic Police Department

Apps for Traffic Information, paying fines, report violations for different cities:

Similarly, you can search for your city or state traffic police app to check fines/E-Challans, report violations and be a responsible citizen of India. Now is the time where you can report traffic violations & change the bad situation into a somewhat better world. I am not sure how fast you will get a reply to the violations reported, but I am sure traffic departments are working hard to improve the situation by bringing digital assistance to their traditional systems. So this is how to report traffic violation, pay fines E-Challan through an app. Let me know if you have any doubts through the comment section below.



Top 5 Best discount app for restaurant table booking in 2019

In this new generation of trying new food dishes, going out with the family for dinner or lunch. Also Celebrating a birthday, going on a date, taking a break from cooking at home. And many more reasons which will make you go out in the restaurant, bar or cafe. For all this occasion which everyone does now and many times, it happens hard to find a new restaurant, bar or cafe with a free table reservation. With a discount on the food bill. To make your work easier we have found out the top 5 best discount app for a restaurant table booking.

Best discount app for a restaurant table booking


Best discount app for restaurant table booking easzydiner


Easydiner offers you a free discount app for restaurant table booking. Also, a discount on the food which you have there. It also has a food trends option where one can discover the best place, best food dishes, best offers and many more. You also get easypoints which one can use to pay their bills at the restaurant. We can discover a new restaurant, bar or cafe easily because it ever time notifies you for the new restaurant open near your locality.


Best discount app for restaurant table booking zomato


The zomato also offers you a free restaurant, bar or cafe table reservation also added to that there is a privilege to all the zomato gold member 1+1 on food and 2+2 on drinks. It is so user-friendly that one can check the menu items, the specialty of that restaurant, ambiance, top dishes. Average cost, and also their outlets, ratings on all parameters, reviews can be seen. It also gives you the option of food delivery and also self pick up.


dineout explore for dineout app


This offers you a free restaurant, bar or cafe table reservation. While reserving there are offers which you need to select while reserving a table for you and if you have any special request you can also add up that and they also have jet privilege facility for all jet privilege members. Paying bills through dineout pay will give you cashback and also additional my cash in your dineout account.

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eatigo app



This also offers you with free restaurant, bar or cafe table reservation. The unique future is while selecting there are offers applied on the time duration and below that menu card is provided with before price and after price which is a discounted price after applying offer. Here and now this tab works like a map which will show all the restaurants nearby you. Which you easily can select and visit there. Easy to use just login in search for a restaurant nearby you select a time which your comfortable with and confirm your reservation. 

nearbuy Best discount app for restaurant table booking

nearbuy comes with plenty of options it’s all in one app where you can find restaurants, a spa, fitness center, movies, salon, events, etc. For table reservations, you just need to select eat out and choose the category which you prefer for going. And while your booking gets confirmed we can select for offers. You can pay with nbpay. Paying through nbpay will give you cashback in your nbpay. Which you can use it for any other services on

This was all about the top 5 Best discount app for restaurant table booking in 2019. Comment down below if you have any questions and we will surely help.

How to install SSD in any laptop

How to install SSD in any laptop! [2019]

Laptops have a big disadvantage of customization when compared to a regular PC. If your laptop is slowing down, the first thing that comes to the mind is increasing the RAM. But it might not be the satisfactory solution that you are looking for. The best way is to get a SSD installed. What is SSD? How to install SSD in any laptop? Let us answer all these questions in this article.

What is a SSD(Solid State Drive):

Keeping aside the technicalities, SSD is basically a solid-state storage device which doesn’t have rotating disks or movable read-write heads. It is much better than an HDD.  It has quicker access times, low latency and is more durable than the hard drive. With all the speed and durability comes extra cost. SSD is costlier than a HDD, so going for 128GB or 255GB might suffice your needs. This is one of the secrets why Mac(Macbook/iMac) products are faster than other laptops/PC as they only use SSD now.

How to install SSD in any laptop

One of the major challenges is, not every laptop comes with an SSD slot. In this case, we still have a workaround to get SSD installed in any laptop.

How to Install SSD in any laptop:

1)  Firstly check the specifications of your laptop on the internet

Just search the specifications of your laptop and look for a M.2 Slot. If it’s specified that there is a M.2 slot then you don’t have to do too much work. Just buy a M.2 SSD which is not like the usual looking SSD rectangle body but rather looks like a RAM. The M.2 SSD fits in the motherboard of a laptop similar to the RAM.

2) M.2 slot not there? No problem. Replace the CD-Drive with SSD

If there isn’t a M.2 slot in your laptop, you can still add a SSD. In order to do that you will have to order a caddy.

Buy it from here.

But first, we’ll have to remove the optical drive or the CD-Drive. Here’s a quick video:

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3) Buy an SSD!

This is a pretty obvious step. But buying an SSD can be a task too. There are so many types of SSD. Which one to buy?

If you have an M.2 slot check all these out and select one depending upon your memory need->M.2 SSD

If you don’t have an M.2 slot but have a CD-Drive slot buy any of these according to the storage needs->SATA SSD

4) Install the SSD

Now that we have covered all the prerequisites that come into play before the actual installation, let us look at the actual installation.

  • Here’s a video for M.2 slot users on How to install SSD in any laptop:


  • For users not having the M.2 Slot:

After buying the caddy, appropriate SSD and removing the CD-Drive, it’s time to actually insert the SSD.

Check out this video-

After installing the SSD in the caddy, just one simple task remains. Just insert the SSD into the empty CD-Drive bay. Tight all the screws and you are done! Make sure that you install the operating system in the SSD itself so it boots and functions faster than it used to on HDD. High definition games also work in a better way when installed on SSD. This was all about how to install SSD in any laptop! Comment down below if you have any questions and we will surely help.



Top 10 Smartphone Photography Tips You Must Know!

Are you disappointed with the photos you click from your smartphone? Do you think that your smartphone is not capable of taking good pictures? Worry not because these Top 10 smartphone photography tips which we have carefully compiled may change your life! These are some basic tips which anyone can follow irrespective of your smartphone model to achieve good results. All these tips are not that hard to implement and do not require any extra equipment. Just remember that there are few very simple basic things which we often forget while taking pictures.

Top 10 Smartphone Photography Tips

Let us look at the Top 10 Smartphone Photography Tips You Must Know:

1) Always keep your smartphone camera lens clean!

clean smartphone lens

This is the most common mistake which people usually ignore. Simply by cleaning the lens of your smartphone, the quality of the image is improved. Clean the lens using a micro-fiber cloth or any normal cloth will do too.

2) Never Use the Zoom feature! Always move closer if possible.

Top 10 Smartphone Photography Tips

 This is an important tip to get better photos. Keeping the technicalities aside, zooming your pictures pixelates them which results in degradation of quality. Always try to move closer to the subject if possible.

3) Get the exposure right

Are your photos too dark or too bright? That’s because you are not adjusting that brightness slider (also known as exposure) you see before clicking a photo. It’s not compulsory to click at the same light level the subject exists. It’s totally up to you whether you want the photo to be dark or bright. Play around!

4) Use HDR smartly!

Top 10 Smartphone Photography Tips

You may have noticed how your phone struggles when you want to click a landscape photo which has both shadows and bright light, for e.g. a bright sky and a field. This issue can be easily solved by just simply enabling the “HDR” feature on your phone. HDR or High Dynamic Range helps to capture detailed shadows and foreground. I am pretty sure that people mistake it for High Definition Resolution which is not really the case here.

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5) Move Around! Click the same subject using different angles

You will find it amazing how the same subject looks so different when clicked from other angles. Always remember, Perspective is the key. Clicking from different angles will surely make you a better photographer.

6) Composition is the King

Top 10 Smartphone Photography Tips

Rule of Thirds

The subject is right in front of you. It looks amazing to your eyes. You are ready to click a photo. *click* and to your surprise, it doesn’t look as good as it looked to your eyes previously. This is largely because a smartphone lens is not as smart as your eyes. This can be avoided by carefully composing your pictures. It’s a common rule in photography that you don’t click just the photo of the subject but you should also include its surroundings (unless it’s a portrait shot). So always try to keep the subject on the intersection of the grid which is not in the center, so that the eyes pay attention to the background and subject.

Detailed explanation: Rule of Thirds in 5 minutes

7) Never Forget to Focus!

Many times, in the excitement of clicking a photo, we forget to focus which results in blurry images and a disappointed face when you notice it much later. No matter how excited or quickly you want to take a photo, never forget to focus. This is done by simply tapping on the screen where you want to focus and waiting for the image to stabilize and lens to focus on the subject.

8) Always try to use natural light and not Flash

Flash is recommended only when there’s absolutely no natural light available. Use creative angles to ensure your subject is well lit naturally. Never click pictures against the light as it will not give you good results.

9) Use third-party Camera Apps which provide more features

Most of the default stock camera applications don’t have many extra features which are necessary. That’s why you should use third-party applications available on App stores. We highly suggest everyone to use Google’s GCam which is possibly the best camera app available. This is unfortunately not available on app stores so you have to google GCam along with the name of your smartphone to get the best possible and compatible version. Not able to find one for your device? Mention the model number in the comment section and let us assist you with it.

10) Learn to use editing apps!

Just clicking a photo simply doesn’t cut it now. Editing is necessary to make the photo look even better. It isn’t as tough as it sounds. It’s just a game of sliders and filters. A short video will clear all the doubts you have in your mind. Apps we suggest:

  • Snapseed
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • PicsArt

So these were the top 10 smartphone photography tips which will give you some good results. Apart from this, if you have some technical knowledge, then you can try going in manual mode in the smartphone camera app. Try playing with shutter speed, exposure, ISO and other settings. Do let us know if you would like to know some tips on how to use manual mode in a smartphone camera app in the comment section below. We will definitely keep covering such cool tricks and tips.

Credit card CRED rewards earn

How to earn rewards by paying credit card bills

Everyone loves using credit cards and especially those who love to shop now and then. But credit card dues is something you don’t want to keep. Managing multiple cards can be a hassle sometimes. But in this digital world, almost all the problems can be solved using an app. One such app that we are talking about is CRED. You can easily manage all the cards, their timely payments and also get some benefits for the same. Let us check out how to earn rewards by paying credit card bills? Please read the whole thing, before proceeding and use our link to download the genuine app.

How to earn rewards by paying credit card bills?

I have been using this app for long now and had some great experience which I want to share it all with you.

  1. Download the CRED app from this link only just to make sure you get the original thing. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.
  2. Install the app. After installing give the permissions so that the app can remind you whenever the bill is generated and dues are pending.
  3. After you make the profile and activate your account, add your credit cards. You can add multiple cards as much as you want. It might take some time to activate CRED profile based on your credit scores.
  4. Pay the bill whenever it is generated using this app only.
  5. For eg., if you pay the bill for 10,000 INR, you will get 10,000 CRED coins. These coins can be used to redeem various offers in the rewards section from different brands.
  6. You can also refer this app to your friends to earn gems and get more rewards.

You are reading: How to earn rewards by paying credit card bills?

It is as simple as it gets. CRED will help you manage payments related to your credit card. It might take some days for the bank to approve the payment from CRED. For me, it was very quick like the same day or the next day itself. They have various payment options through which you can process the payment. Recently they have introduced UPI as a payment method too.

What are the types of rewards that you can earn through CRED?

One can earn some discount coupons for shopping, food, or travel. All the details can be found in the app itself. Apart from that, you can earn some passes for events going around you.

I think it is really useful to pay credit card bills and get rewards. There is no fee involved to become a CRED member. Just add the card and pay bills. You can always wait for the right rewards and redeem it whenever you feel right. Do let me know if you have any doubts. So this is all about how to earn rewards by paying credit card bills.

Data recovery 2019

Recover deleted data from lost partition

Data is one of the most precious things there is as we keep it stored online, offline, on the cloud or on physical hard drives. Data that is stored offline might get deleted accidentally while cleaning up the storage. Sometimes you will find it in the recycle bin, other times you won’t. So what happens to all the data that is removed from recycle bin too? Is it gone forever, or you can recover it. Let us find out.

The science behind deleted data

All the data let it be audio, video, photo or any other file type that gets stored on laptop/PC is assigned an address to where it is stored. Now when you delete the data from recycle bin, the address is removed but the file is still present. This file only gets permanently deleted when some other data replaces the old one. So that means you can always get the deleted data back.

How to recover deleted data?

Deleted data can be recovered by some good software tools which will help you find the address of the deleted data. This will help the recovery of the accidentally deleted data. One such good software which we recommend is the Stellar Data recovery for Windows – Professional. You will get tools for most of the famous operating system, but as of now, we are focusing on the common one that is the Windows. Using such type of software will help you get the deleted data back. Let us review the software and see how it works.

Is recovering lost partition possible?

One of the coolest feature which I found in the Stellar Data recovery for Windows – Professional version is the recovery of lost or deleted drive partition. Even if you one has accidentally deleted the whole drive, it is possible to recover data from the same if you have the proper tool. Apart from this, recovering data from RAW partition is also possible with this software.

Word of Caution: If you accidentally delete any data from laptop/PC, do not copy any new files or folders especially in the same location from where the data was deleted.

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows – Professional review and working:

Not long ago such software were only known and used by engineers who had enough knowledge of computers due to the complex process. But companies like Stellar have made them pretty simple to use for any layman and recover the data back.

Here is a step by step process on how to recover accidentally deleted data from lost partition:

  1. Download the Stellar Data Recovery for Windows – Professional version.
  2. Install the software on your laptop/PC where you deleted the partition and lost all the data.
  3. Launch the software. First, you will need to select the file type(audio, video, document, etc.) of the data deleted. If you had multiple then select all.
  4. Choosing the location from where the data was deleted. If in your case you know the location, then choose it or else if you lost the whole partition, then select can’t find drive option. Once you press scan, it will search for any partitions which were deleted recently or are still present on the hard disk but deleted by the user.
  5. Once you find the lost partition, for the data, the software by default chooses a quick scan, and if it fails to find any files – it switches to deep scan mode. Deep scan mode will take more time but gives better results.
  6. After the process is completed, a list of all the files found will be displayed in a tree format.
  7. Once you are done selecting the files you wish to recover, you can then press the recover button.
  8. Post that you will be asked to choose a location to recover files, make sure it is not the same location from where the files were deleted.

One of the great things about Stellar Data recovery for Windows – Professional is that they offer 30 days money back guarantee, so it’s totally safe to buy it.

Advantages of recovering data from Image:

Another advanced feature of this software is that you can make an image of the hard drive and then run the scans on that image. If the hard drive has lost data and gone old, then running an intensive scan again and again for data recovery may damage the hard drive even more. So creating an image of the hard drive is a better idea as the image won’t get corrupted even after many scans keeping the data intact.

In this way, one can recover accidentally deleted data from lost partition and get your whole partition back. In my case, mostly deep scan worked out to be a good option. The software is made very easy to use for anyone to understand. There are other recovery software available, but the advance feature of recovering data from lost partition or RAW partition works great in Stellar Data recovery for Windows – Professional version. The pricing for the software is Rs. 5,999 and you can buy it from this link. Do keep in mind that the software has some basic features like normal data recover along with lost partition data recovery and recovery from the image too. These features make the software worth the price as hiring any service may cost you ‘n’ times more depending on the amount of data. Let me know your views on the Stellar Data Recovery for Windows – Professional and the process of recovering files. If you face any doubts or have any feedback, please post them in the comment section below.

About Stellar:

Stellar Data Recovery is one of the pioneers in data recovery industry in India and has been providing a wide range of data recovery services & solutions since 1993. The company is ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and has offices in all major Indian cities and states capitals. With proprietary data recovery service techniques, Skilled data recovery experts, In-house Research & Development team and state of the art infrastructure of CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM labs, Stellar has established itself as a market leader in delivering 100% risk free recovery to over 3 million satisfied clients in India, Europe and USA.