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Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook and twitter

Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook and Twitter

Keyboard shortcuts are widely used to complete a task in shorter time. Till now we used keyboard shortcuts only for the operating system to close, minimize, switch between windows and perform similar task. But did you know you can use Keyboard shortcuts for Facebook and

Use Facebook without internet on mobile

Most of us use Facebook everyday as a social networking. So basically you need to have a internet connection to login to your Facebook account. So what about those people who don’t have a internet connection?? or those who have stone age phones like Nokia

Gangnam style smiley for facebook chat

Gangnam style smiley for Facebook chat

Gangnam style is a single by south Korean rapper PSY. Its video has got rank 3rd on Youtube as the most watched video. It got more Famous after the T-20 tournament because of West Indies player Chris Gayle. Now everyone is a Fan of this

Colorful alphabet and alphabet emoticon for Facebook chat

We all know about different emoticons, smileys which we use during Facebook chat. There are also many toolbars, and softwares available for using emoticons in Facebook. Today i am here with a simple trick that will let you use different alphabet emoticons for Facebook chat