Jabra Elite 2 with case

Jabra Elite 2: Good Sound Quality TWS earbuds

A lot of people have now shifted to TWS earbuds due to their small form factor. But most of the low-budget under 5000 INR earbuds fail to deliver good sound. But a company like Jabra has developed affordable Elite 2 earbuds. Let us check out the complete review of Jabra Elite 2.


Talking about the design, the Jabra Elite 2 has a plastic body with rubber earplugs. The plastic body doesn’t feel that premium but is lightweight and in matt finish. The case is also developed using the same plastic. The good thing about the matte finish is it doesn’t attract scratches. The earphones with the case are quite light in weight. The case is magnetic and the earbuds fits in well. The case comes with a LED indicator and USB Type-C port. Earbuds have physical press buttons on them – a bit inconvenient to press while wearing the earbuds – but some people prefer the physical press. The earbuds fit in very well in the ears and are very comfortable for long hours of usage. One of the best TWS earphones when it comes to fit and comfort.


The earbuds have a great sound quality and good audio level. I enjoyed listening to music, taking up calls using the earbuds. They have microphones in each earbud – so you can use them one at a time for longer usage on calls. The noise cancellation due to the fit is amazing while using the earphones. But there is no active noise cancellation feature available on them. The earbuds sport 6mm speakers with Qualcomm Aptx support. They are rainproof with an IP55 rating and come with 2 years of warranty on registration with their Jabra plus app. Users can use the Jabra Plus app to modify the settings and tweak them according to their needs. The bass on the earbuds is decent and a bit on the rounded end.


The earphones give you an amazing 6-7 hours of music playback on a single charge and it extends when charged using the case. This is quite good as compared to other TWS earbuds in this range. Also, they have kind of a quick charge with 10 mins charging – 1 hours playback. I tried using them one at a time for calling for extended usage. This trick works great with a lot of TWS earbuds. The full charge time is 2-3 hours approx. So as for the battery life – I would say Jabra Elite 2 is a good choice.

The Jabra Elite 2 are priced at 5,999 INR but are available at 4,499 INR only at Amazon, Flipkart etc.


Though the earbuds may not give you a premium touch feel due to the matte plastic – but they really perform well with sound quality and battery life. The bass could have been slightly better but considering the price range and TWS style – it still performs decently. I would say for sound quality, comfort fit and good battery life with decent bass – you could go for this product of Jabra Elite 2. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below.

Pioneer SPHC19BT featured

Pioneer SPHC19BT enables distraction free driving

Driving car without distractions is not possible if you have a habit to look at your smartphone every now and then. I have observed people operate smartphones while driving and showing it off as a skill. Most of the road accidents happen due to distraction by using smartphone or engaging one hand to hold the smartphone to talk. Pioneer one of the leading infotainment and audio systems brand has launched SPHC19BT car audio system which makes the whole experience simplified. Their goal is to enable drivers to do all kinds of operation like calling, listening to music or navigating through maps without causing much of a distraction. Their new audio system has minimalistic options which are important and which user can find easily without getting disturbed.

Pioneer SPHC19BT car audio system


Pioneer SPHC19BT has a simple design with buttons for crucial controls. It has a screen with illuminated dotted RGB leds that notifies you of an incoming call or makes the mood according to the music playback settings. The display on Pioneer SPHC19BT is a one line display. It has buttons for music control, voice commands, maps navigation, reading messages, launching phonebook, and menu button. The system actually works with your smartphone, and has a smartphone holder in-built the system. One can remove the face panel and insert or pull out the smartphone holder. The smartphone can be either set as landscape or in potrait mode depending on the convenience of the user. It’s quite a unique design which you don’t regularly see in any audio system especially the smartphone holder thing. It is very minimalistic, futuristic design that Pioneer has engineered for new users. The basic buttons would help in giving better control to the driver and help him/her to focus more on driving. It also has a USB port for inserting USB drives for music, or for charging the smartphone quickly(Android or iPhone).


The basic idea of Pioneer SPHC19BT is to use the smartphone’s display in sync with the audio system. They have their own Pioneer Smart Sync app on the playstore and on the appstore. Again it works on the principal of having a simple basic UI which can give access to music, phonebook, maps, and third-party music apps like Gaana, Amazon Music, Wynk etc. The app acts as a launcher having simple UI while driving. If one needs to make a call or play certain music, they can just press the voice recognition button and operate the system using voice commands. One can also give voice commands for navigating to a certain place using Google Maps. It has a separate button to read out incoming messages so that the driver is not distracted too much with small texts in the notification bar. You can easily launch the phonebook by pressing a button. All the other advance settings and features can be accessed through the extreme right Menu button. It is very easy to set the equalizer by making a swipe on the smartphone or choosing from default audio profiles. Due to the larger screen of smartphone, it is much easier to operate the audio system and play around the controls. One can connect the smartphone to the system using bluetooth pairing. The voice and track change controls are present on the corner of the face panel. The audio system can also connect with steering controls and work accordingly. Pioneer has got their own set of separate parking sensor which can be integrated with SPHC19BT and user can get detailed information about obstacles in the mobile app itself. Overall the audio system has almost everything a driver would need to access while driving the car. I would not say that this is the full proof method of avoiding distraction, but yes it will help the driver to a great extent. It is much better than using smartphone directly for the requirements mentioned above.

Pricing and Availability

The Pioneer SPHC19BT is priced for Rs. 7,150 and can be bought through authorised retailers of Pioneer. One can download the Pioneer Sync App from the playstore or app store.



SoundBot SB574 Bluetooth portable speaker review

SoundBot a company which specializes in audio devices and car accessories has this amazing speaker called SoundBot SB574. It has a good design and lies in the budget segment. Lightweight portable speaker with Bluetooth and AUX connectivity features. Let us check out SoundBot SB574 Bluetooth portable speaker review. I reviewed this speaker SB574 for over a month and I am sharing my views about it.

SoundBot SB574 Bluetooth portable speaker review:


This is one of the strong points of the SoundBot SB574. It has a design which consists of fabric grill in the front and dark grey wood finish on the body. The design looks astonishing and the build quality of the speaker is good. It looks like a premium portable Bluetooth speaker because of the fabric grill on the front. There are 3 buttons on the top to control volume and music playback. These buttons are a bit of hard to press and not like a soft press experience. On the back of the speaker, you have micro USB charging port, 3.5mm AUX port, and on/off switch. There is a blue LED light to indicate if the speaker is on, playing or waiting for pairing. The dimension of the speaker is 7.7 in. x 2.75 in. x 2 in.


SoundBot SB574 has two 3W speakers and a 6W premium driver. The max volume of the speakers is average that means it is not too loud or too low. The clarity is decent with good amount of bass. The reason for the bass is the passive radiator subwoofer. There is no option to reduce the bass because of which the sound quality is not that clear. People who enjoy good bass will love this speaker for sure. You can connect your smartphones, laptop using Bluetooth or AUX port. You get a small AUX cable with the speaker. It supports Bluetooth 4.2 and is compatible with a majority of smartphones, laptops and other devices. It has a built-in mic to receive calls. Claimed battery backup is around 6 hrs with 75% volume. We tested it at different volume range and it lasted for around 4-6 hrs. It takes around 5 hrs to completely charge the speaker. The battery capacity is 2000 mAh. There is no option to enter pairing mode. Just turn on the speaker and it will appear in the list of the Bluetooth device ready to connect. If it is already connected to some device then you will have to disconnect it and then connect to a new device if you wish to do so. Bluetooth music streaming is good and there is no lag unless you are in the range of Bluetooth speaker. You don’t get a separate charger for charging this speaker though you get a micro USB cable. You can use your regular smartphone charger or connect it to PC/laptop to charge it. One of the flaws which I noticed is that if the speaker is not connected to any device for longer duration then it should turn off saving a lot of battery. But this is one feature that is missing in this speaker. One needs to manually turn off the speaker if you are not using it or else Bluetooth would drain the battery.


The price of the speaker is Rs.1,799 on Amazon. Considering the price range, the design, the specifications I would recommend this portable SoundBot Bluetooth speaker. It is a good grab at this price keeping in mind the premium looks and good bass. Do let me know your thoughts on the review and if you have any doubts then please post them in the comment section below.

PTron Soundrush 1

PTron Soundrush Bluetooth earphones review

In the month of Feb this year, PTron launched a Bluetooth sports earphone called as Soundrush. We got out hands on the earphone and used it for two months to test the capabilities. It has got a sporty look and I got the yellow color model. The Bluetooth earphones are of the low-budget range so keep the expectations accordingly. So let us check out different aspects of PTron Soundrush Bluetooth earphones.

PTron Soundrush bluetooth earphones

PTron Soundrush bluetooth earphones

PTron Soundrush bluetooth earphones review:

Design and build

The build quality of the earphones is good and it is built out of rubber and plastic with a metallic finish. The earphones have a glossy finish on them with matte rubber insulation on the wire. The design is made such that they go over the ears securing them tightly so they don’t come off while you run or jog. After a while, you will forget that you have the earphones on you. The build quality justifies the cost and one can buy them without worrying about this factor.


The earphones go into this Bluetooth button module. It has three buttons on it for play/pause, changing track/volume. The earphones can be used as normal earphones too if the battery runs out by simply plugging out of the aux port of the module. It has a built-in mic to receive calls over bluetooth without using the smartphone. The module has a micro-USB port using which you can charge the earphones. It takes about 2 hrs of time to charge the earphones and lasts for 5-6 hrs for music playback or on call. The review unit which I received was having the problem of low audio output in the left earplug. But this might not be the case for the new piece. The audio from the earphones is loud enough and the quality is ok to considering its price point.

Features & specifications:

    • In-ear sports ergonomic design
    • Advanced audio chipset
    • Stereo quality sound output
    • Bluetooth v4.1
    • Transmission Range: 10m (33ft)
    • Frequency: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
    • Impedance: 32 ohms
    • Mic sensitivity: 110+-3dB
    • Battery capacity: 120 mAh polymer
    • Talk time: Up to 7 hours
    • Charging time: Up to 2 hours
    • Charging port: Micro USB
  • Compatible with any smart phone or tablet

PTron Soundrush earphones are available for Rs. 699 on LatestOne website. It is available in three colors – red, yellow and black. Overall the earphones are good to be used while jogging, running or even normal use. If you have a low budget and still want to try bluetooth earphones then go for this without hesitation.

Creative Nuno and Nuno Micro fabric bluetooth speakers

Creative Nuno: Designer Fabric Bluetooth Speakers

Creative is one of the leading brands when it comes to making good quality audio devices. They have announced two new speakers called the Creative Nuno and the Nuno Micro. These speakers focus on the design aesthetics and are wrapped with sheaths of Woven Fabric. Normally the portable speakers out there are mostly made of plastic casing which kind of looks cheap. If you actually go ahead and put the speakers in your living room, you can identify the plastic sound box. But these new speakers will blend into the room and give it a more classic feel.

The word Nuno is basically a Japanese word that means ‘Woven cloth’. So these speakers are wrapped up with this woven cloth on the outside. They look like a piece of art and have a handmade touch because of the woven cloth. With the cloth on, the speakers still manage to look simple and clean. There are some physical control buttons present on the speaker to control the audio flow.

Features of the Creative Nuno Series:

  • High-quality audio output: They are portable and you can take it anywhere
  • Acts as a speakerphone: Can be connected to smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Control soundtracks and volume levels via the buttons
  • Premium design with affordable pricing

Creative Nuno

The Creative Nuno is the bigger one, weighing 390 g having dimensions 185 x 60 x 63 mm. It is available in two colors Heather Gray and Black. Connectivity options include Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and 3.5 mm AUX input. The benefit of Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR(Enhanced Data Rate) includes faster music streaming, extended battery life, multiple device support and better security. The battery life of the speaker is 6 hrs on Full charge and it has micro USB port for charging. There are 2 full range sound drivers.

Creative Nuno Micro

The Creative Nuno Micro is actually a very compact speaker that can fit in your palm. It weighs only 180 g and the dimensions are 75 x 60 x 63 mm. The color options available here are the same Heather Gray and Black. The connectivity options are also same Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and 3.5 mm AUX input. The battery life here is 4 hours which is 2 hours lesser than Nuno but so is the size and cost. You can charge it via the micro USB port. It has 1 full range driver. Yes, you can also use the Nuno Micro as speakerphone along with audio streaming.

The cost of Creative Nuno is Rs. 4,999 and for the Nuno Micro it is Rs. 2,999. Yes, the cost is higher than the normal speakers you get in the market but that is something you need to pay for the premium woven cloth design. We can tell you more about the audio quality once we get our hands on the Nuno Series. Till then if you have any questions related to this, then drop them in the comments sections below.


Rockford Fosgate launches audio systems in India

Leading brand in audio systems, Rockford Fosgate announces its partnership with Blaupunkt India to distribute their wide range of products across India. Blaupunkt will act as the official distributors of Rockford Fosgate products. They have categorized the products in three varieties viz. Prime(The R series), Punch(The P series) and Power(The T series). The key products that they are focusing on are Speakers, Sub-Woofers, Amplifiers & DSP(Digital Signal Processor).

Rockford Fosgate logo

The Prime series has some budget friendly products starting from speakers priced at Rs.4000. They plan to focus mainly on this series for Indian market as it is affordable and it will help in gaining the trust of customers. Soon they will start to upgrade with Punch and Power series products that goes in high range. For the selling and installation, Blaupunkt has tied up with 40 dealers across India as of now. Prime series products are easy to install and can replace the existing audio systems. But when it comes to Punch and Power series product, improper installation may lower the expected sound quality from these systems. Blaupunkt will test the infrastructure and abilities of the dealers selling Punch and Power series product to check if they can install the system properly or not. Only selected dealers will be able to sell and install the high range products to meet the companies standard. Soon they also plan to go online and sell their system via some famous e-commerce websites.

Speaking on the association, Mr. William R. Jackson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Rockford Corporation said “India is an exciting market lending a wide and diverse audience base for our products. It is great to have Blaupunkt India on board, a brand that has built strong credibility in the country, as our trusted partner in our journey to establish Rockford Fosgate as an indomitable brand with Indian consumers. Being a global brand known for class leading products, we look forward to an excellent consumer response, with our products being available for sale in India across Blaupunkt India’s exclusive dealer network”

Rockford Fosgate launches audio systems in India

Mr. William R. Jackson, CEO and President, Rockford Fosgate

Designed and Engineered in USA, Rockford Fosgate tests its product through machines that are built in the US and then sent to manufacturing areas. These machines are connected to the network so that every speaker, amplifier, sub-woofer can be tested properly according to the companies criteria through cloud testing. Every product that is made by Rockford Fosgate is designed and built from scratch which gives it a unique factor. Building high-performance audio equipment for automotive, marine and power sports applications, the brand incorporates some of the most state-of-the-art facilities and brilliant use of technology to offer a class leading and passionate sound experience. The key point of these new products is that they are compatible with the existing radios.

Pankaj Jagwani, Director, Blaupunkt India added, “We are delighted to announce our association with Rockford Fosgate. Each sound line that we are dealing with is a spectacular range of products and we are certain that the Indian market is more than ready to welcome it at this point. Rockford’s decision to trust us with this world renowned brand is a testament to the customer focus and market understanding of the Blaupunkt team in India.’’

When asked about the Indian Market, Blaupunkt says 45% of Indian cars go on-road without the Audio systems preinstalled. In the future, they are looking forward to pre-install their audio systems in Limited Edition cars. Outside India, they also have audio systems for motorcycles like the Harley-Davidson. Out of the wide range, these are some famous products that customers prefer globally like for speakers R152-S, R2SD4-10, P3SD4-10 & 12 inch, T1675. For the subwoofer, one of the most preferred product is the PS-8 which fits below the seat and requires special installation so that it can give the optimum results. Lastly in the amplifier section, T400X4AD is a very compact solution for amplifying sound and has 4 channels with auto-calibration. They also have some speakers and subwoofers specially made for the BMW cars.

For the complete range of products launched in India you can visit Rockford Fosgate India

Some of the products displayed at the launch event:


Creative SR20 ROAR portable bluetooth speaker

Creative SR20 ROAR portable bluetooth speaker review

Creative is a leading brand in manufacturing good quality speakers that are not only durable, but also have an amazing audio quality. One such product that we will be discussing today is the Creative sound blaster SR20 Roar portable bluetooth speaker. This is one of the best portable speaker I have ever reviewed in terms of quality and performance. It has some cool exciting features apart from just playing song. Lets take it for a review and check out its specification in detail.

Creative SR20 ROAR portable bluetooth speaker review – SR20

Creative SR20 ROAR portable bluetooth speaker review

Creative SR20 FRONT

Design – 9.5/10

Creative SR20 ROAR portable bluetooth speaker review

Metallic finish

The speaker has a cuboid shape (2.2 x 7.9 x 4.5 inch) with elegant and sleek design. It has a metal finish which gives it an amazing look with a rubberised finish at the back. The speaker is tough in terms of durability but is also heavy (1.1 kg) and not so much portable as you expect it to be. This is the only drawback that we noticed in this portable speaker.There is a creative logo in the front with two powerful speakers.

Creative SR20 ROAR portable bluetooth speaker review


On the top we have a Sub-Woofer (oh yes! even I didn’t believed it at first) followed by some buttons and indicator like NFC tag, 3 battery indicator lights, REC indicator, call/bluetooth button, volume rockers, ROAR toggle button, and power button.

Creative SR20 ROAR portable bluetooth speaker review

BACK VIEW – Connectors buttons switches

On the back we have DC 15V charging jack, AUX input jack, DC 5V 1A USB port, micro-USB port, micro-SD slot, microphone toggle button, recording button, play/pause button, shuffle toggle button, track seek/play/pause buttons, LS mode toggle switch, Alarm button and an alarm mode toggle switch.

Performance – 9/10

Creative SR20 ROAR portable bluetooth speaker review

Amplifier for speaker and subwoofer

The speaker gives out some nice crystal clear loud audio because of the 2 amplifiers and 5 speaker drivers. I am not saying that this is the loudest speaker that you can get in the market, but only a few portable speakers have both loud and clear audio output. The bass that the sub-woofer can offer will surely surprise you. With the ROAR and Tera Bass feature turned on you can get maximum bass output from this portable speaker. With 6000 mAH battery SR20 has a playback time of up to 8 hrs which is great. Battery life is the key feature in any gadget and SR20 fulfils the requirement.



Features and connectivity – 9.8/10

Features of creative sound blaster SR20 :

  • LOUD and CLEAR music playing with BASS
  • Do hands-free calling using the built in microphone
  • Record conversations using the microphone
  • Charge your smartphone and use the speaker as a portable battery with a output of 5V 1A.
  • Use the built in ALARM to draw attention
Creative SR20 ROAR portable bluetooth speaker review

USB charging from speaker

Creative just doesn’t wants you to look at it as a speaker only, but it introduced some amazing features along with music playing. It can be used to make conference calls, record conversation, to charge your smartphone battery, and draw attention if someone is trying to harm you. Though alarm is more like a siren and not the regular alarm.

Creative SR20 ROAR portable bluetooth speaker review

NFC for connectivity

Creative SR20 has multiple connectivity options like bluetooth, NFC, micro USB, AUX and micro SD. Starting with bluetooth, you can connect up to two smartphones at once. To do so pair the first device, then pause the music and pair the second device with it. Once connected you can play music and make calls from the phone. The next option which is the best of all is NFC where in you can just tap and boom you are connected with the speaker. Manual pairing is way too boring and tedious when you are a lazy person like me.

Creative SR20 ROAR portable bluetooth speaker review

Input output jacks


The third is the micro USB port which can be used to connect it to a PC or laptop and play music. Fourth option is to use an AUX cable to connect it with various devices. The last option is playing music without connecting speaker to any device i.e. using a Micro SD card (up to 32GB). It supports MP3, WMA, and WAV music format in SD card. When I connected my laptop and speaker using bluetooth, the music playing had some lag issues. So you can always go for wired connection(AUX or Micro USB) if you face issues. In any case if one SR20 speaker cannot suffice your need, you can always connect up to two SR20 speakers using the megastereo cable to get more powerful audio experience.

Creative SR20 ROAR portable bluetooth speaker review

Megastereo experience with ROAR SR20

For connection with PC, you can use the drivers and application given on this WEBSITE.

Link Security (LS mode)

When I got the portable bluetooth speaker for review, the first question that popped in my mind was related to connection security. If there is no PIN while pairing with the speaker using bluetooth, then any body can just connect to it and start playing music from their device. To avoid this SR20 has 3 LS modes with different features.


Creative SR20 ROAR portable bluetooth speaker review


LS Off – It is a friendly mode where anybody can just connect to the speaker and play music but only one user at a time. Good for parties with multiple users.

LS 1 – Only previously paired devices can re-connect to the speaker, again only 1 user at a time.

LS 2 – Up to two users can simultaneously connect with the speaker at a given point of time.

BEFORE enabling ROAR

without roar (2)


AFTER enabling ROAR

with roar (2)


To enable the ROAR feature just press the ROAR button on the top of the speaker and listen to the confirmation. Similarly for enabling Tera Bass feature, press the ALARM button when the ARM switch is set to OFF. For controlling music play from Micro SD card you can use the play/pause, seek track and shuffle buttons at the back. To record you need to insert a SD card first then press the record button and the REC sign will light up in red color. To stop recording again press the same button. Receiving a call is very easy, you can just simple press the Call/bluetooth button. There is also an option of muting the microphone using the toggle switch when you are on a ongoing call. The Alarm or Siren button can be pressed to draw attention, but first you need to set the switch at ARM mode. The siren is pretty loud so don’t give it a try when everyone is sleeping.

Creative SR20 ROAR portable bluetooth speaker review

Buttons and switches for music playing, recording and ALARM

Battery – 9.6/10

Creative SR20 boasts a 6000mAh battery which can last up to 8 hrs of music playing. You can charge the speaker using the 15V DC input jack. Universal plug power adapter is included with the speaker to support charging in multiple countries. When you connect the speaker with laptop or PC using micro USB cable, the charging starts but it will be too slow as the current output from USB port is very low.

Creative SR20 ROAR portable bluetooth speaker review

Battery, REC indicator with NFC tag

Pricing and availability

The speaker is priced at Rs.14000 / 150$ approx which may seem a bit costly to you at first. But comparing it with other bluetooth speakers in the same range it is a cheaper alternative. You can buy it from Amazon or the official website of Creative. With the speaker you get a 15V charger, micro USB cable, user manual and warranty card.

With all these features packed up in this small and sleek box, the speaker is totally worth it for music lovers. We tried to cover almost all the features, but if you still have some doubts please drop them in the comment section below I would be happy to help.

So this was our review of creative SR20 ROAR portable bluetooth speaker. If you like our gadget reviews do share it on your social media accounts with your friends and family.

Image Credits : Creative