online gaming skill development

Key benefits of playing online games

Gaming as an industry has evolved in every aspect in this digital world. The overall concept and the graphics quality keeps on upgrading correlating more to real life. Online games have come a long way with the launch of very famous PUBG and other gaming genres like fantasy cricket. These online games have a social factor to it which can benefit you in many ways. Gaming is considered more of a skill-based activity wherein you need utmost concentration and dedication to progress to a different level. So let us see what are the benefits related to playing online games.

Key benefits of playing online games:

We will discuss various gaming genres that actually involves real-life involvement too which makes the overall concept of fantasy cricket more interesting. If you remember, Pokemon Go wherein you have to roam in real word to find different pokemon. One such trending gaming concept going on is fantasy cricket which you can play here. The basic funda of fantasy cricket involves creating a virtual team but of real-life players and then scoring points on how they perform in real life matches. These things benefit you in some or the other way. So let us dig into the benefits one-by-one.

Skill development:

Games which involves complex map layout requires you to remember the whole thing without which you will be lost in the game. Understanding the navigation based on the directions helps you to learn a lot of real life things too. Strategy games require you to plan the whole thing out before even attempting the action. The best thing about games is you can fail and restart but after a few tries your skills keep on improving. As explained above, fantasy gaming also involves watching and analyzing the player playing patterns and then creating a team which will perform as planned. This requires some analyzing and observational skills which can be improved by playing such types of games. Online gaming adds difficulty factor as you are playing against a person.


Almost all gaming genres require you to concentrate while playing. You might often see gamers too emerged in the game as they need to concentrate to make progress. The level of concentration required might keep on increasing as the level and complexity of games increases. Racing games have a really tight time frame, so even 1-2 seconds of deflection might lose you the game. Also when we consider online gaming, the other person might win because he has better concentration on the game so to win you will eventually have to increase your level of concentration.


Online games have a social factor as you will interact with a lot of gamers all around the globe. Good gamers generally become friends quickly as they have a common topic to share. You might create a team and eventually become friends no matter the distance. Some online gamers have meetups where they share a lot about their gaming careers and experiences. Also, people at work discuss the game levels they played together last night.

Stress release:

Gaming releases a lot of stress if you really enjoy the game you are playing. Since there are many genres of offline and online games to choose from. One can easily identify theirs and just find the joy of playing. Plus online gaming lets you interact with real people which helps to release a lot of stress. As you concentrate on playing games, eventually you forget the thing which was causing all the stress.

It is a very well established fact that online games can really help you benefit in real life. One thing to be very careful about is the addiction that you might get after playing too many games. But if you keep things in the limit, then you can really benefit from online gaming. Plus playing fantasy cricket or any other real-life gaming genre really helps you to connect and improve skills in the real world too.


Digisol DG-WR3001NE wireless repeater review

WiFi is like the core of any house when it comes to connectivity from the outside world. If you have a complex home with too many walls or if the router is not having good coverage, then you won’t get the network in all the rooms. This is a common problem for many homes and people use a device called repeater to extend the WiFi range. One such device from Digisol is the DG-WR3001NE wireless repeater. It’s a universal repeater which means you can plug it anywhere and repeat wireless signals which the device is in range of. Also, it has AP mode which lets you extend the wired network to a wireless medium. Let us check out the Digisol DG-WR3001NE wireless repeater review to find out if it is worth buying. I have used this repeater for 3 weeks and I am sharing my views through this review.

Digisol DG-WR3001NE wireless repeater review:


The design of DG-WR3001NE is very basic with a cuboid like casing. What is noticeable are the two external antennas to provide better range of the extended network. The adapter is fit inside the repeater so that the whole thing gets plugged in any wall socket you want. On the bottom of the repeater, you will find the LAN port and USB charging port. On the left is the reset button and the WPS/power led with WiFi range meter, LAN led, WPS button on the front. The color for the repeater is plain white and has some grills on the left & right for heat dissipation. Overall the build and design are decent for the repeater.

Performance and features

The repeater DG-WR3001NE can work as a wifi Universal repeater which can repeat any wifi signal within its range. Also it has a feature of AP mode where you can plug a LAN wire which is a wired network and make it go wireless. It has a LED light to notify of LAN connection. You can also know the original wifi router signal strength using the LED bars. One can easily connect the repeater to a Wifi router using the WPS button. There is a USB charging port below the repeater to charge your smartphones in case of need. So it will work both as a charger and repeater if it is occupying the socket. But the current rating for the USB port is just 1A which is less as compared to fast chargers out there.

Position of repeater explained

It is said that there should be some distance between the router and the repeater for it to work properly. If they are too close then there might problem while switching between router and repeater wifi. But if it is too far such that the original router wifi has a very weak signal then also it will not work properly. So you need to decide such a spot where the repeater gets some good signal from the original router like two bars are enough and it is not too close to the router to cause interference in switching.

Configuring DG-WR3001NE

  1. Plug the repeater into wall socket by keeping in mind the position explained in the last point.
  2. Connect to the repeater hotspot which will be open by default with the SSID as DIGISOL.
  3. Next go to browser and type and enter admin as username and 1234 as password. These are the default settings.
  4. Now the web panel opens up and it will ask you to setup SSID and password for the repeater. I would suggest you to choose clone the router settings option as it will not create any confusion with two wifi networks in one single home.
  5. Next you will see a table with all the Wifi networks in range to the repeater. You can choose the one which is your router wifi name/ssid and type the password.
  6. As soon as you do this, press finish and the repeater will restart and connect to the router. Once it connects successfully it will start extending the Wifi and you will have a connection.

The speed at which DG-WR3001NE was able to repeat were great. Hardly any loss in speed. But if there are walls or obstruction in between the repeater and our device then the speed drops. So in terms of penetration, it gets you the connection but the speed will drop so bear that in mind. I did connect like 4-6 devices to the repeater and it worked smoothly. Again there is no need of unnecessary restarting of the repeater as it works without any lag or hang. The only issue I faced was, it takes a bit of time to switch from router to repeater sometimes. In best case when you change the zone from router to repeater just toggle the wifi off and on once so that it connects to the repeater one. Same is applicable for the reverse case while moving from repeater zone to router. Apart from that the repeater is pretty easy to configure and works in a decent manner.


The Digisol DG-WR3001NE repeater will cost you around 2,999 INR but it is available on Amazon for 1,949 INR. Now this is where I feel that there are other repeaters like TP-LINK which will cost you bit on the lower side. Digisol should have kept the price a bit competitive so that people could go with their products as performance wise it was good.

educational apps

How Mobile Apps Are Changing Classrooms and Education

Mobile devices and apps as teaching tools are becoming more and more a common part of the educational experience in classrooms. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to using mobile apps in education. In these changing times, students are more driven towards using educational apps and mobile phones for their studies.

Within the classroom, using mobile applications can help students to a higher degree of efficiency and precisions. It also makes students learn in a fun way. The increased involvements of educational apps like NCERT apps, Mathematical apps, etc. and virtual learning is changing the classrooms and the learning process.

Well-developed mobile apps provide students with various learning platform and offer them with audio lessons, video lessons, examples, and demonstration to help students understand basic concepts and principles. With the help of educational apps, students can learn a lesson in their class and then at home, they can review the concepts in the mobile application and can practice problems with instant feedback. They can also engage themselves with various lessons with the help of educational games and participate in chats or forums, and read about higher education to start planning for their future.

Educational apps like Byju’s- The Learning App provide analytics that can track students’ progress and help them to improve their weak sections. The mobile app also allows parents and students receive up to date notifications and different exam details. The various benefits of educational apps are discussed below.

Range of options

With the wide acceptance of educational apps around the world, numerous varieties of options are opening for students in the digital sector. Students have the access to learn each and every subject from their mobile phones itself.

Learning without boundaries

Educational apps provide different courses that students can learn easily. With the help of these apps, students can do any course at any speed at any time.

Improved engagement in students

The mobile apps help students to learn from audio-visual lessons and 3D animations which create a long-lasting memory of the concept in the student’s mind. Learning from video lessons help students retain the concepts better than textbooks. For example, a student will remember concepts like Newton’s Law of Motion or Projectile Motion better if they learn it through video lectures and 3D animations.

Instant updates

These educational apps not only provide lessons but also provide all exam related details. Students can check the latest competitive exams and their dates with the help of these educational apps.

In this generation, it is the schools that recognize the potential in mobile application technology that will improve a student’s curriculum. Let us know what do you think of learning things via the mobile apps.

Amazon Prime

How to get Amazon Prime Membership for Free

Amazon started a Prime membership program that enables users to get quicker deliveries and some exclusive deals on its e-commerce website. Anyone could get 1-Month of Free Prime Membership on a trial basis. But now that offer is gone for good. As of now, you need to pay Rs.499 to get 1 Year of Amazon Prime Membership which is worth Rs. 999 as original pricing. But what if I tell you that you can get the benefits for Free. There is a glitch in the Amazon buying procedure which lets you enjoy Prime benefits for free. Ofcourse there is a catch to it, but it will work for sure. Let us see how to get Amazon Prime Membership for Free.

The glitch was accidentally discovered which activated the Amazon Prime membership. Here is how you do it.

How to get Amazon Prime Membership for Free?

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Check the logo of Amazon. You will see the Try Prime option just below it. Click on it and the membership page will appear.
    How to get Amazon Prime Membership for Free
  3. On this page, you need to click on ‘Join Prime Today’.
  4. After this proceed normally like buying a product. You will see the total amount, just click on buy/check out.
  5. Enter shipping address, you can keep it as your home or any daily used address.
  6. Next step is to choose the payment method. Here is the main step where the magic happens.
  7. Select Net Banking as your payment method and choose HDFC Bank gateway for payment. Next click on Place Your Order and Pay.
    How to get Amazon Prime Membership for Free
  8. Netbanking page of HDFC will be opened in front of you. Just enter 123456789 in the user ID /Customer ID and click Continue.
  9. You will get an error message saying ‘You are not authorized to do this transaction’. Just close the window and open Amazon website.

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  10. Boom! You will see that your Amazon Prime Membership is activated.

Now the catch is that the Prime Membership stays for about 1 day. You will get various emails from Amazon saying that your Prime membership will be canceled if you don’t actually go ahead and pay. Just ignore them and buy the products you want. Once you have placed the order in the Prime Membership period, it will be delivered accordingly even if the Membership is canceled the next day. So whenever you need to purchase anything through Amazon Prime, then just repeat the same procedure. This works every time you do it and is totally tested. Just a few steps and you get Free Amazon Prime Membership for 1-day ‘n’ number of times. This is how you get Amazon Prime Membership for Free without paying any money. Enjoy the full benefits using this method. Let us know if you face any issues regarding the same method and we will be happy to help.

Online shopping cart

The Online Shopping Cart : All You Need To Know

The shopping cart is a crucial part of the e-commerce website, and building a good one is crucial to a good e-store. Read on to understand why the shopping cart matters, and how to design an effective one for your e-commerce website.

What is A Shopping Cart?

In the e-commerce, a shopping cart is a software you include on your seller website. It is a software system that manages customer payment, shipping details, payment processors, and distribution of shipping details to merchants and delivery systems.

A shopping cart handles most of the essential processes of your website, making it a crucial facet of your business and online store.

The Nature Of A Shopping Cart

Every good shopping cart software fulfills the following roles:

  1. Stores data of every product on the store.
  2. Offers consumers a form to collect data for each order delivery.
  3. Manages customer queries related to the order.
  4. Displays all the information of the product on the website for your customer to view.
  5. Allows onsite merchandising and cross-selling of products.
  6. Begins order processing, or forwards the details to the payment gateway to initiate the transaction.

Let’s say you’re buying a product from a grocery store. You use a cart to pick all the products you want to buy from the store.

An e-commerce shopping cart is just like a grocery store shopping cart, with some differences. In an e-commerce website, the shopping cart is where you place all the products you want to buy, but it’s also much more. The e-cart plays the role of shelves that display the products, the cash register where you pay the bill, and sometimes even the swiping machine that deducts the credits for your bill.

Types Of Shopping Cart Softwares

There are two basic types of shopping cart software: licensed, or hosted.


In a licensed version, you pay a one-time fee and buy the software solution for your website. After this, you can place the software on any of your websites, or even make changes to modify its functions.

You can also change web servers, and carry your shopping cart software onto the new server.


A hosted shopping cart software solution is a Software as a Service (SaaS).

Here, you pay a recurring fee (mostly monthly) to access the software. You cannot carry this to another web server in case you want to move your website. Neither can you make any changes in the software to get it to function differently.

Both hosted and licensed software solution have their own pros and cons.

A hosted shopping cart might not give you freedom to change anything in it, but is a better choice for beginners in the e-commerce business. It makes most of the decisions for you. and sports a user-friendly interface. A licensed version, on the other hand, is better suited for experienced e-commerce businessmen; it comes with a high sale price.

There are several shopping cart software solutions available in both categories. Check this link to find out what they are.

How To Pick Your Shopping Cart?

Here are some things to keep in mind when picking your shopping cart software:

  • Pick a price that is affordable, or proportional to your sales.
  • Look at some other websites that use the shopping cart you’re planning on buying. This will give you a realistic idea of how the shopping cart functions.
  • Try using the administration panel on the shopping cart. Check if it is easy to use, or if it takes effort.

Shopping Carts And E-Commerce Software Solutions

An e-commerce software solution helps you build your own e-commerce website. Most times, the shopping cart software is pre-integrated into the solution. It comes with a user-friendly interface, letting you set up your shopping cart software without any issues. Some of these e-commerce software solutions are Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and Demandware.

e-commerce software solutions like Shopify come with all the services you need right on their website building platform. Wouldn’t it be nice to design your logo, decide your domain name, and build your website, all in one place?

REOS Lite LED smart bulb

REOS lite LED smart bulb full review

Internet of things is the new topic which is trending a lot nowadays. It basically means connecting everything to the grid i.e Internet so that we can monitor or control things without any restriction. So a company named Cube26 has launched their new smart bulb under the branding REOS which was previously called IOTA. REOS lite LED smart bulb can be controlled directly from your smartphone and has millions of color options to choose from. So let us do REOS lite LED smart bulb full review to find out if it is really that smart.

REOS lite LED smart bulb full review

REOS lite LED smart bulb

REOS lite LED smart bulb full review


The new design of the REOS smart bulb is quite different from the previous IOTA bulb. It is now much wider at the top and slim as we move towards the bottom. With all the added smart features, it is heavier than your traditional bulb at home. You may need a connector if you live in India, which comes free with the bulb. The build quality is good and it is available in only white color.

How to connect to REOS lite LED smart bulb?

REOS smart bulb uses bluetooth(4.0+) for the connection. Currently, the app for REOS smart bulb is available on Android and iOS platforms only. Download links are given below.

  1. Connect and switch ON the bulb from your switchboard. Turn ON the bluetooth and GPS. You will need to enable GPS for the bluetooth pairing as it is now mandatory after the Android 6.0 update.This is the reply that I got from Cube26 regarding the GPS issue: From Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), Android SDK makes it mandatory for all BLE connections to have location access. It has nothing to do with Reos Lite App. Anyone using any BLE device with Android 6.0 or higher will have to give location permission. He will have to do the same thing with fitbit or any other wearable.
  2. Launch the app Reos lite and then search for the bulb. After you find it, you can rename it. Also, set it to auto-connect so that every time controlling the bulb is much easier.
  3.  Now you can try changing the color, intensity and the modes of the bulb.

If you face any problem, then restart the bulb from the switchboard and do the same thing with the app too.

Features of the REOS lite LED smart bulb:

You must be wondering only the connectivity with smartphone is the smart feature we were referring to, but no. There are other features that make this bulb smart.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Color options

You can almost choose any shade of any color from the two default palettes. Out of the two, one palette has multi-colors and the other just has two shades of white that are orange(warm) and blue(cool). Apart from that you can also pick up color from your background by taking a picture and making your own palette. Apart from this you can also set your favorite color using Voice commands. There is an option to change the intensity/brightness(Max – 1100 Lumes) using the slider.

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Music Synchronization

This is a very nice feature with ready made music syncing option available that works just great. You will need the Reos Music app for the synchronization to work smoothly. Using this mode you can make the bulb dance with multi-colors on the beats. The intensity of light increases and decreases according to the music volume. Default music can be replaced by using the audio input from microphone.


There are various default modes like Kaleidoscope, Strobe, Candle, Christmas, Reading, Party and Movie. All the modes have different color options and light intensity depending on the ambience you want. If you are not satisfied with the default mode, you can also create your own custom mode.


Now this is a very cool feature which was totally unexpected when I got the bulb for review. Reos lite LED smart bulb is also capable to notify you of any incoming calls,SMS or notifications from Whatsapp, Facebook(you can define it for specific person or action). It also tells you if your pizza or your cab has arrived. The apps supported in the current version of Reos are Youtube, Weather, Whatsapp, Hike, Ola, Uber, Facebook, Tinder, Domino’s, bigbasket, Grofers, and Swiggy. We are expecting more apps in the future. The notification methods include Fade In, Fade out, Candle Flicker, Strobe, & Kaleidoscope.


Reos lite smart bulb can also be scheduled to turn ON or OFF between certain time period. You can also set a timer for the same action. For example, if you wish to turn On the bulb every day at 7PM-11PM in the evening  after the sunset.

Virtual Mode

Want to try out the app features before you buy the bulb? You can do this using the virtual mode. Just download their app and visit this website. Scan the code and then try out the various features of the bulb on a web page.

Pricing and availability

The REOS lite LED smart bulb is available for Rs.1699 on Flipkart. You get 1 year warranty for this smart bulb.

So this was the REOS lite LED smart bulb full review. There are still a few bugs in the app which are constantly being fixed by the company with the new updates. Many features will be pushed in the coming future. This is something that I would recommend getting as your first Internet of things product. There are other companies like Syska making smart bulbs but currenty REOS is the clear winner. Let us know what you think about these new smart products in the comment section below, doubts/feedbacks are welcome too.

ASUS RT-AC88U router

ASUS RT-AC88U router specifications and review

High-speed internet mainly via Wifi is what people nowadays thrive on. All the apps are just feeding on Internet choking all the bandwidth. May it be office or home there is a huge amount of data flowing through the router. Now the main problem is faced by the network engineer who’s sole job is to keep the network running. A good router is what he needs in this kind of situation which will make his task easier. ASUS has got a router that will be great to handle this kind of traffic. So today I will tell you about ASUS RT-AC88U router specifications and review it in detail. Let me tell you that it is a dual band gigabit router. Let us find out what it means.

ASUS RT-AC88U router specifications and review


What is Dual Band Router?

Dual band is the new feature that was introduced with new ‘ac‘ standard. The normal home router only has 2.4GHz Wifi channel on which most of your devices work. Dual band means having a 5GHz channel along with 2.4Ghz. The new channel has got more bandwidth and it creates a data stream with the devices. In simple terms good bandwidth distribution and high speed of data exchange. You will get good speed on all devices no matter how many devices you connect. Previous I had like 12 devices connected on my triple antenna tplink router. Most of the time the router would like just hang and stopped working. But with this router it can easily handle 12+ devices.

So enough with the theory of dual band, let’s go ahead and unbox this monstrous router and check out the specifications. You can watch the video of unboxing, do like and comment your thoughts on it.

Unboxing of ASUS RT-AC88U/ AC3100 dualband gigabit router:

ASUS RT-AC88U router specifications and review


ASUS RT-AC88U router specifications and review

Back view

The router comes with this amazing monstrous looking design. It has 4 antennas which looks just great with those red notches. The two antennas are attached on the back and the other two on left and right. The size of router is almost the double or triple if we compare it with the normal home router. On the top we have some LED indicators for power, Wifi, WAN, ethernet, WPS and Internet. On the front-left there is the USB 3.0 slot inside a small compartment. On the front-right there are two buttons one to toggle Wifi and the other one is to toggle the top LEDs. Moving on to the back we have the power push button, 12V DC-In jack, WAN input port, the 8 gigabit high speed ethernet ports, the WPS button and lastly the reset button. The router design lacks in only one thing i.e. some red LEDs. It would have been just great if there was like a red light coming out from the top and side air vents. I really expected that when I first saw the router box.


Well you need to know this that the router is also kind of a small PC processing all our data and doing some geeky stuff. The ASUS RT-AC88U comes with a dual-core processor clocked at 1.4GHz and 512 MB of RAM, 128 MB of flash storage. It takes almost 2 mins for the router to boot up with all its Wifi and WAN running. There is also lot of heat produced so you need to make sure that you keep the router on a flat surface and not covering the air vent.


As I told you about the dual band and 4 antennas, that all helps the router to manage traffic in a better way which is its specialty. But remember if you have an ac router already, then you wont get like better speed and all. Before upgrading to this one, make sure that you really have a traffic issue or else it will be of not much use. Yes this router will help you for Gaming and 4K streaming. Time to check out all the features.


For setting up the router you can always use the quick setup option and the default IP is with username – admin and password – admin. The router has some excellent features and different software tool that comes with it. Listed below are the main features:

  • Dual band – 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Easy blocking of internet access, time scheduling, and Mac IP binding as per client
  • Guest network – For friends to access the internet and not the LAN network
  • AiProtection – Security against malicious websites, infected device prevention
  • Parental Control – Blocking access based on keywords, URL, time scheduling
  • Adaptive QoS – Bandwidth Monitor for each client, web history (catches everything that passes through)
  • Bandwidth limiter with priority scheduler
  • Game Boost – WTFast(Gamer private network) support to reduce the latency, Lan Boost
  • Traffic analyzer – Shows data consumption for each app for each client according to date. Amazing tool for analyzing the bandwidth usage but didn’t work at my place for some reason may be a bug in the firmware.
  • Traffic Monitor – Monitor the traffic on both Wifi Channels and ethernet ports
  • USB application – Yes we have USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 where you can connect external hard drives, USB drive, printer, USB dongle and even an Android phone for internet sharing. Share the disk online or on the network make media servers or share printer over the network.
    Though what I personally feel is the data transfer speed when you connect a device using USB is very slow. It needs a lot of work to make sure that the media files from USB device can be streamed on the network.
  • Smart remote access and smart sync are some other features to sync the data to ASUS webstorage.
  • DMZ can always redirect all the incoming traffic to one machine elimiating the need of port forwarding every time you want to access some application remotely.
  • Hardware Firewall has DoS protection which can again filter packets based on keywords or URL
  • Operation Mode – Wireless router mode, repeater mode, access point mode, and Media bridge
  • Dual WAN – This is a cool feature ensuring that your internet is working even if the primary WAN fails. Yes that means you can have two connections and in case the first one fails, second one will be used as the backup option.
  • Mobile APP available for Android and iOS

These are like all the features of the ASUS RT-AC88U gaming router. You can just head on to WTFast website and download their software to boost the online gaming speed and decrease latency.

Pricing and availability

Well I know you are all happy with features and device of this device. But here is the part where it may decrease the amount of happiness as this router is priced at 300$ approx. It is available on Amazon for 274$. Yeah the router is overpriced and you need to think before you upgrade.


Overall I liked the design and the performance of this router. On the software side the bugs like traffic analyzer and traffic limiter should be fixed as this was totally not expected with the latest firmware. If you have a high budget and you don’t already own a ‘ac‘ router then definitely go for this router as it will not disappoint you. The review device is gone and I am feeling the void from now on. So this were the ASUS RT-AC88U specifications and review in complete detail with unboxing. Let me know if you have any doubts about this router or may be its feature in the comments section below.


How to configure domain and hosting | Bluehost India

How to configure domain and hosting | Bluehost India

To start with your own self-hosted blog you need two things Domain name and Hosting. Domain name is basically the URL of the website like mine is Next is the shared server space which is termed as hosting where you will actually host all your website data/files. Now the question that arises is how to configure domain and hosting. By configuration I mean when someone types in your domain name in the address bar, he or she should be redirected to your hosting/server where all the files are stored. So basically we need to give some information about the hosting to the domain.

Buying domain and hosting

Before configuration let me tell you some important steps/tips before buying. 

  • Try not to go for cheaper hosting as they will have greater downtime and your website will load slow
  • If you are planning for multiple websites, then go for multi-domain hosting or a VPS if your budget is higher. This will help you in long term
  • Next to check the availability of domain name you can always visit this website or may be use the hosting provider’s website for it. Ofcourse it is subject to availability
  • Try to go for .com domain and a shorter name as people tend to remember that easily
  • While purchasing hosting the first question that will pop up is, would you like to buy a new domain or use an exisitng one, choose accordingly
  • The greater the tenure of hosting the cheaper will be the cost per month
  • Always buy using a discount code. Contact me for discount code at: or comment or Facebook me. I will get you the best offer that you can’t refuse
  • Some providers only accept credit cards while others accept debit card and netbanking too

How to configure domain and hosting | Bluehost India?

Now to start with, we will take an example of Bluehost India which is basically hosting provider company. You can get all sorts of hosting from shared to VPS. We will start with single domain hosting which can host one website only and then move on to multi-domain hosting.

Note: No matter which hosting or domain provider are you using, the setup is pretty much same for all.

There can be two conditions :

  1. You bought the domain and hosting from the same provider, which is the best thing to do as the domain cost is discounted for new account.
  2. The domain and hosting are purchased from different provider

For both the cases the settings are almost similar. In the second case you can go ahead and transfer the domain name with the new hosting provider if you want. We will not talk about how to shift domain from one provider to another, google that. So let us see how to configure domain and hosting.

  1.  Log in to the account from where you purchased hosting.
  2. Next search for what is called the “Name Servers” which is the name of your server. An example for bluehost will be something like,  (Normally it is in this format –, or may be Your’s can be totally different so please make sure you check it properly.

    How to configure domain and hosting | Bluehost India

    Link Search orders bluehost India

    How to configure domain and hosting | Bluehost India

    Domain name bluehost India

  3. For bluehost you can find all the settings in Manage Orders – > List/Search orders. Next just select the domain name. While purchasing make sure you enter the correct domain name or else you will have to cancel and buy it again. I know its annoying, earlier you could change it easily.

    How to configure domain and hosting | Bluehost India

    All settings bluehost india

  4. Next you will see the main dashboard where you will find the Name Server Details.

    How to configure domain and hosting | Bluehost India

    Name server details

  5. After you have got the two name servers, time to enter it in the domain settings.
  6. If you have bought the domain from other provider then login to that account, or if it from the same provider then just go into domain settings.
  7. Search for Name server option in domain settings. The location to setting is different with all the providers.

    How to configure domain and hosting | Bluehost India

    Enter name server in domain setting

  8. Next you will get like 4-5 text box with may be pre-entered name servers. Just delete those default ones and enter the name servers that you got from the hosting account.
  9. After this, the update of name servers may take as long as 48hrs.

You can always check for the name server update on website. Or may be ping your domain name and it should return reply with the new server IP. To see the changes at your end you may need to delete cache of your browser or open CMD and type “ipconfig /flushdns” or restart your router. So basically this will answer your question how to configure domain and hosting. Next you need to setup the website for which you can use ready made CMS like wordpress or others with their one click installation available. There can be exceptions in setting and some hosting provider may need to point your domain directly to the server IP. If that is the case then you can always ask for their help and they will guide you over phone/email.

So these were the steps on how to configure domain and hosting. Sometimes this can be a complicated thing if you miss out any step. Once you get a hang of it, things will get easier. If you still are not confident or you have any doubts on how to start with your own blog, please write to me or mention it in the comment section below.

Hand with credit card and a small shopping cart coming from  laptop screen isolated in white

Top 5 websites to buy grocery online in India

We all have to go to the market to buy groceries and other stuff. One of the main reason we prefer that is, we can do bargaining and check if all the items are in good condition. For some people that is also a reason for an outing. But this is still the traditional way of buying stuff that needs to be changed. As most of the people are working now, they will not get time to buy grocery. So today I am writing an article mentioning top 5 websites to buy grocery online in India. But before that we will see some of the advantages to buy grocery online.

buy grocery online india

Advantages of buying Grocery Online

Your mom will often send you to the market/store to buy groceries and other stuff. So for me, it will be a boon if my family started purchasing grocery online. So the first reason to purchase grocery online is convenience. You just place an order and your order will be delivered at your doorsteps. The next benefit is that it will save a lot of time. In this time, you can do your other important stuff or maybe relax at home. Plus you get to see all the products available in the online store which is not the case with offline purchase. You can never ever guess what all products the offline store is selling until you irritate the shopkeeper. If you ask me, I will pay a bit more rather than go to the offline market/store to purchase what I want. If it’s 2 or 3 things then it’s a different case. I also see many people going to some famous stores like D-Mart where they offer huge discounts on whatever you buy. So I can conclude on this, if you get some discount plus good quality stuff online, then there is no harm in purchasing your groceries online.

Top 5 websites to buy grocery online in India

1. ZopNow

Zopnow has a fullscreen website design with the categories on the left and products on the right. It has small fonts with a bit congested product showcase but because of that, you can see many products on the same page. It has many categories apart from the usual kitchen category like bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, office, pet and cleaning. The most exciting thing to notice is they offer free shipping on all orders with no minimum order criteria. They promise to deliver within 3 hours of order placement depending on the location and availability of the item. The places where they deliver include cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurugram(Gurgaon), Delhi, Mysuru, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, & Noida. They have a funky way of calling the customer as zopper and they offer some online credits called zoppies which you can again use to buy products from their website. You also earn zoppies while you do some shopping and its very similar to a loyalty reward program. They also have a referral program through which you can earn more zoppies when you shop next time. Online payment and cash on delivery are two options for the payment. If you are doing shopping via mobile then they have a app for Android and IOS users to buy grocery online.

2. Askmegrocery

The layout of the website is very clean despite they have a lot of items up for sale. There are various categories like Beverages, grocery & staples, baby care, packaged food, household, bread & dairy, personal care, stationery, cosmetics & pet supplies. On the right, you can see some combo deals & deals of the week. The products are presented in a very neat and clean way with a price tag on the website. They currently deliver in 17 states with different locations. Delivery is free for orders above Rs.499 and if it is less then Rs.40 is charged as a delivery fee. The order is delivered within 6 hours of order placement or you can also choose the order to be delivered in a particular time slot between  09 30 hrs to 18 30 hrs. If I choose my city then I can say they have a great reach in delivering their products to many locations. They accept payments with Debit/Credit cards along with Net banking, Cash on delivery, Sodexo coupons and even card on delivery. Cancellations are accepted for physical products and not perishable items until the order is not shipped.

3. Bazaarcart

Bazaarcart has similar categories as Askmegrocery but they also sell International products, Ramdev Patanjali products, Ayurveda products, clothing and some electronics too. They deliver only in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida & Ghaziabad. They also have Free delivery on order of Rs.500 and above or else they will charge Rs.50. They have a shipping period of 12-24 hrs after the order is placed. You can also tell them to drop your order with your nneighboror gatekeeper. They accept online payments in the form of credit card, debit card, net banking, Paytm, Mobikwik wallet, Cash on delivery, & gift voucher. You can also do a society registration with them to get some exciting offers. I also tried the live chat feature which works great but a bit slow response. Also if you wish to go only for dry product and you stay in Delhi, then you can head over to DilliGrocery too. They offer only one mode of payment i.e. cash on delivery to be safe. Mostly the deal in bulk orders so they have free shipping over Rs.3000. They have app only for Android users.

4. Nature’sBasket

They have a wide range of delivery location coverage in India. You can checkout the complete list on their website. The offline stores are present in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru & Hyderabad. The categories includes International cuisine, Health conscious products, confectionery & patisserie, and other common stuff. Other than that you also have shop by recipe option which is also great. To make things more exciting they conduct various cooking events in their nearest stores. The payment modes include online payment, cash on delivery, card on deliver, Paytm and other wallets too. In most cases they offer Free shipping but if you choose cash on delivery, Rs.40 will be levied as cash handling charges. They promise to deliver your order within 3 hours of order placement(conditions applied). I think this will be the most innovative website of all with events and shop by recipe option. They also have their own mobile app for Android and iOS users.

5. Bigbasket

This website also covers many cities and the list is given on their website. Apart from the usual categories they also offer fresh meat. There is a separate section for the offers they launch. The delivery options include same day delivery and you can also choose time slots. They only charge Rs.20 as delivery fee or if you place an order above Rs.1000 then its a Free delivery. They also have an app for Android and iOS  users. The payment modes include online payment, cash on delivery, Sodexo passes only for food items.

One more benefit of buying from these online store is, they use eco-friendly bags to pack your stuff. So these are some top websites through which you can buy grocery online in India. There are some other websites like Reliance fresh direct, kiranawalla, aaramshop, naturallyyours, Grofers etc. Apart from this you can always search websites that serve your locality. I really think people should buy grocery online or at least should give it a try once. If you have ever done it please share your experience below in the comments section.


How to hide Ads in torrent client

It may be illegal to do piracy, but using torrent is not. Torrent is just based on the simple networking basics i.e. peer to peer connection. It is a type of file sharing system, and the legalities will depend on which file are you sharing. But one thing that bugs us all is the ads that are displayed inside the client. Different torrent client includes uTorrent, BitTorrent, Vuze etc. So today I will show you how to hide ads in torrent client. Remember this option is given inside the client, so we are not doing anything tricky here, if you know what I mean.

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How to Hide Ads in Torrent Client?

Depending on which torrent client you use, the options names might defer so you need to experiment with it. If you are unable to do it with your client, then you can shift to uTorrent and follow the steps.

  1. Launch your torrent client, in my case it’s uTorrent.
  2. Go to Options and then preferences.

    How to hide Ads in torrent client

    Preferences in torrent client

  3. After that expand the Advanced option where you will see a warning message saying – Do not modify!
  4. Now we need to carefully change some of these options to False.  You can use filter to search for the options given below.
    offers.left_rail_offer_enabled/left_rail_offer – For Ads on left side
    offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled/sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled  – For offers on Top

    How to hide Ads in torrent client

    Advanced option in torrent client

  5. After you have completed, click “OK” to see the changes reflect.

This is the how simple it is to hide Ads that are displayed in Torrent Clients. I know this is not a great trick, but it does feel good after all the Ads are gone. Moreover you only have to do it once, after that you can continue downloading stuff with peace. Take extreme caution while changing anything and see to it that you only change the options mentioned above or else you will end up with faulty client. Do let me know if it worked for you.  If you have any doubts please post them in the comment section below.