Reversible microUSB

XYRA XL fully Reversible USB cable review

XYRA is a new company that manufactures some innovative products and accessories. The previous product that XYRA launched was a powercard (powerbank) that fits in your pocket.  This time the company is aiming at a common problem that most people have to go through while charging their smartphones, i.e. checking the orientation of the connectors. So we are sharing with you the XYRA XL fully Reversible USB cable review. I used this cable for quite a few days to test the durability and other features that the company promises. Here are the results of what I experienced and how I feel about this accessory.

XYRA XL USB Syncing cable_1

XYRA XL Fully Reversible USB cable Review :


XYRA XL fully reversible USB cable review

Reversible USB 2.0 and Micro USB

I know you may be thinking that I am trying to make a hype out of a USB syncing cable, but trust me it has some good quality when it comes to the build and design. Unlike the traditional cables that had a fibre cover or plastic covering, the XYRA XL cable comes with both the coatings. On the inside, it has a fibre coating and on the top it is covered with plastic to give more strength along with the look of fibre. The connectors have a anodized aluminium coating to prevent it from losing its shine or catch rust. The USB syncing cable has a premium look and is available in 4 colors viz. Gold, Rose Gold, Space Grey and Silver.

XYRA XL fully reversible USB cable review

Fibre+Plastic coating


  • Dual Oriented connectors
  • Fabric+Plastic coating
  • 1.5m cable length
  • Lightning and Micro-USB variants

As you must have known about the key feature by the title fully reversible, that means you can flip the Micro-USB (or lightning connector) and the USB 2.0 both for connecting it with your smartphone or other devices. So from now on no need to look at the orientation of the connectors, just plug it in like a DC jack or a 3.5mm audio jack. One more thing that we still hate about the USB cables is the length which is 1m in most cases. But power users like me would prefer a bit longer cable and that is fulfilled here as the XYRA XL cable measures 1.5m in length. Apart from that its tough plastic coating prevents it from getting tangled and the plastic clasp helps in keeping the cable wrapped. The USB syncing cable is meant for charging as well as syncing data with your PC/Laptop. It comes in two variants, Lightning connector to USB for APPLE devices and Micro-USB to USB for Android, Windows, Blackberry devices.

Availability and Pricing

The price of the cable on Amazon for the Micro-USB variant is $9.99 and for the Lightning is $16.99. Now this is where I think the things would have been better if the pricing was kept low. For the Indian market this is too much cost for a USB syncing cable considering its features. But if you have no budget constraint then you should definitely go for this cable, and I am sure it will not disappoint you in any of its features.

Visit the official XYRA website for more information. So this was the XYRA XL fully reversible USB cable review. Post your doubts and queries in the comments section below.



Search Redeem Coupons from your mobile

Discounts, deals, coupons these are some words which attracts every person who buys things frequently. All the Indians must be familiar with Couponraja website, and if not then you should check it out now. It has some great collection of coupons on major brands and websites that we use daily to buy stuff. By stuff i mean it can be anything a product, something to eat, movie tickets etc. Initially they had a website where you could browse for coupons and redeem them. But now they have also launched a mobile app from where you can search and redeem coupons. The app is available for Android, Windows and iOS platforms.



How to get the mobile app???

  1. Visit this LINK.
  2. Once you open the above URL you will find all the links for the CouponRaja app on different platforms. You can also send an SMS containing the link to your mobile number.
  3. Just download the app on your mobile and SAVE when you are on the go.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When you first launch the app, you will see different icons like top coupons, new coupons, cashback offers, signup offers, coupons for him, and coupons for her. You can select the icon according to your need. Once you go inside any offer, you get coupons from different dealers. After selecting a specific coupon, you can redeem it right from the app. The merchant website will itself open up in the app, which is one of the best features of this app. No need to copy the code and launch browser app and then redeem. Apart from the icons, we also have e-stores and categories section in the left side bar. You can directly search for some favorite e-store website like flipkart, myntra, domino’s etc. In categories we have men’s section, women’s section, electronics, food and drink, travel etc. If you are still facing problem searching for the right coupon, there is option for searching too.
Well if you ask me, I found the app user friendly and useful. If you still find any bug, feel free to contact coupon raja right from the app.


  • Best coupons
  • Cashback offers
  • Signup offers
  • Special Coupons for him/her
  • Save coupons
  • Filter coupons by e-store and categories.
  • Redeem coupons directly from the app
  • Sign up/sign in to view saved coupons

These were some of the awesome features of coupon raja app that lets you avail all the benefits of the website directly from the app. So save while you are on the go. If you face any difficulty or find any bug, feel free to mention in it in the comment section below.

Free talktime using android apps

Get Free Talktime from Android apps and games

Every time we see a free talktime offer, it always prove to be a fake trick. But this trick is fully tested by me, and its working till now. You can get Free Talktime from android apps and games. You can also refer this apps and game to your friends and family to get more reward as talktime. I got talktime of 500 bucks till now. So lets see how to get free talktime just by inviting friends to play games and use apps(Android).

I think this trick works for only Indian Users, but others may also try and post your result in the comment section below.

How to get Free Talktime from Android apps and games??


  • Android phone
  • Internet connection

If you meet both the above requirements, then you are good to go. We have 3 games and 1 app that can give you free talktime.


  • Earn Talktime
  • Pokkt – Pocket money
  • Mcent
  • Song Quest
  • Magic temple
  • Shiva: The time bender
  • Hike messenger


First i will show you some proof on how much i earned from HIKE. Below is a screenshot of the Free talktime i got from Hike. Likewise i got talktime from other games and app too.

Get free talktime from android apps

You can get more talktime than this, just follow the steps given below Carefully.


1.Earn Talktime (Android app)

  1. Download Free talktime app using this LINK.
  2. Now install the app and activate it using your mobile number.
  3. After verifying mobile number, you will see a page with many offers and the respective talktime you will get for completing them.
  4. You can complete offers to earn talktime, and also refer your friends to get some extra talktime.
  5. You can redeem the talktime after you have minimum Rs.50 in your account.
  6. One best thing in this app is, you can also give talktime to family and friends.

2. Pokkt(Pocket money)

This is again an amazing app to get free talktime by installing android apps, and referring other friends.

  1. Download Pokkt app from this LINK.
  2. Install the app and register it.
  3. Download the apps given in the offer page to earn talktime.
  4. You need to launch and use the newly installed apps for atleast 30 seconds to earn talktime. After using launch Pokkt app and refresh to find the talktime updated.
  5. You can also refer friends to download this app to earn unlimited talktime.

Sometimes it may take some time for the updated talktime to show up in your pokkt account. Wait till you get the talktime and then you can uninstall the unnecessary apps.


Mcent is a website which is regularly updated for new offers to win Talktime. It may have offers to install apps and win talktime.

It is not concerned only with android app, you can do it from PC too.

  1. Go to this LINK to download the MCENT application. Install and register the app on your phone.
  2. Complete the offers by installing the apps mentioned in the app to get talktime.
  3. You can also refer your friends to get more talktime.
  4. Here is the proof to show that, you can talktime on a daily basis.
    MCENT earn talktime
  5. It will then say you to make a Account at MCENT.
  6. Make an account and earn Rs.5 for each referral using your link.
  7. You can share that link via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or other.
  8. It’s currently a working method so quickly grab it before it expires.

Mcent keeps on upgrading new offers, so stay tuned for more.

4. Song Quest 2.0

  1. Download the app from this LINK  (OPEN THE LINK IN MOBILE) only.
  2. After installing the app, Launch it. Now enter your name and select your avatar.
  3. Select get talktime on the main page of app. On the new page, you will see all your offers.
    Get free talktime from android apps
  4. First offer is to install magic temple app and get Rs. 10.
    Get free talktime from android apps
  5. The next Rs.500 offer can be availed by inviting friends to install the app.
  6. Invite friends and get Rs.25 for each friend who installs app from your link.
  7. You can share the link on whatsapp or other platforms.
  8. After you complete Rs.50, you can redeem the amount by entering your mobile number details.

Hurry, the offer ends soon, so Grab your Free talktime rightaway

5.Magic Temple

  1. Scan the QR code or  visit this link to download the game. (USE THIS LINK OR QR CODE ONLY)
    qrcode (4)
  2. Open the link in normal android browser, then it will ask you to ‘open with‘, select PlayStore.
  3. Now after installing, just start the game and play it once (60 sec tutorial). After completing first tutorial, tap on the gold coin icon.
    get free talktime from android apps and games
  4. After that, tap on the rewards icon.
    get free talktime from android apps and games
  5. Now you will see that you have Rs.10 in your account. Just press redeem.
    get free talktime from android apps and games
  6. Then enter the amount as 10. After that fill the details like mobile number, carrier, and location. Then press redeem.
  7. Now it will ask for code. Enter the code that you received on your mobile number and press submit.
  8. After few seconds a success messaged will be displayed and you will get your talktime.

You just got Rs.10 for installing the game. Now you can earn more by inviting your friends.

Invite friends

  1. On the offer page of Magic Temple, you will see offer to invite friends and earn talktime.
    get free talktime from android apps and games
  2. Click on invite, then select the mode to invite your friend (eg: whatsapp or via message). Choose one of your friend and send invite.
  3. You can see the Link which is generated (eg., and if your friends install the games using your link then you will be rewarded.
  4. For each friend that installs the game using your link, you will get Rs.25

6. Shiva: The Time Bender

This game does has the Rs.10 offer, but it didn’t worked in my case so i am ignoring it. You can try it before installing the above game.

  1. Download the game using this link or scan the QR code below.
    qr code for shiva
  2. Just start the game and you will see get rewards icon on the main page itself.
    get free talktime from android apps and games
  3. In this game too, you can get free talktime by inviting your friends to install the game.
  4. Note it works only if your friend installs the game, by clicking your link.
  5. You get rewarded Rs.25 for each friend who installs the game using your link.

These were the two games from which we can get Free talktime by inviting friends and family. There is one more app which offers similar kind of Reward scheme.

7. Hike( Messenger )

This app works for many platforms. So people using phones other than android can also get advantage by using this app.

  1. First install hike from this LINK.
  2. Install it on your mobile phone. Now activate it by verifying your phone number.
  3. After launching hike, tap the options button on the upper-right corner, and select rewards.
    get free talktime from android apps and games
  4. Select Get Started. You will see some steps that you have to complete in order to redeem the talktime.
  5. You get a Rs.15 bonus for joining hike. Now select invite friends, choose ‘Free Sms’ and send all your friends invite. You get Rs.20 talktime for each friend who joins hike.
  6. Complete the other steps like chatting, updating profile pic & status, starting a group chat.
  7. Keep on using the app till the talktime meter fills upto 100%.
    get free talktime from android apps and games
  8. After that you can redeem the talktime you gained.
  9. You also get 50 Free sms for each friend who joins hike.

In this way you can get Free Talktime using android apps and games. This is totally working and tested method. Please have some patience and follow the steps given above properly. I am sure many of you will get the Rewards as Free Talktime.

Comment And Share

If you got talktime and you liked the trick, do comment below and share it on Facebook or Twitter. If you have any problems regarding the trick, do post them in the comment section below.

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Remove number from Truecaller directory

Remove number from Truecaller directory

Truecaller unlistTruecaller is a online phone directory that keeps record of the numbers along with their names. It also has app for android, iphone, windows phone, blackberry, and symbian. Using this apps you can know the name of unknown caller. Truecaller is normally a useful directory to run a check for unknown numbers names. Whenever someone installs truecaller app and updates the phonebook, all the contacts oh his/her phone gets uploaded to the directory. But some people may face Privacy issues, and wish to remove number from truecaller directory. So today we will let such people’s wish come true.

How to remove number from truecaller directory?

Truecaller itself provides the feature to unlist your number from their directory.

  1. Visit this LINK.
  2. Select your country. Then fill out the your phone number along with the Re-captcha, and click on message button i.e. send. (Refer image below)
    Remove number from Truecaller directory

    Unlist phone number

  3. You will now receive a confirmation message that your number has been successfully unlisted. It may take 24 hrs for the change to come in affect.
    Remove number from Truecaller directory

    Phone number successfully unlisted

  4. After that if you go and run a search in truecaller with your number, you will not find your name.
  5. This is how you can unlist number from truecaller.

Also read: How to find name of unknown caller

If you really have some serious privacy issues, then you can freely opt for this option. But Truecaller is a great directory where you can find the name of many unknown numbers. So i would suggest that you don’t unlist, unless and until its a serious matter. 

If you have any doubts regarding this tutorial, then do post them in the comment section below. I will get to your doubts as soon as possible.

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Viber Desktop – Transfer ongoing calls to mobile

Viber desktopViber is a mobile app that allows you to make free calls, and send free messages,pictures to your friends and family. Both the parties must have viber installed on their phone, with a internet connection enabled. Viber is available for android, iphone, windows and other major mobile platforms. At the start of this month, viber launched its app for PC supporting Windows and Mac OS. One of the major feature of ‘Viber Desktop’ is that, you can transfer ongoing calls from pc to mobile.

Introducing Viber Desktop

Initially we used to operate viber from mobile, but now after the launch of its Desktop version, we can directly use it from pc too. When you are at office or home use it from PC, and while travelling you can switch to Mobile. Typing from the mobile keyboard is not convenient every-time, so now have the comfort to use it from pc.

Download viber desktop:




  • Make Free video as well as audio calls.
  • Send free messages from viber-viber.
  • Start a group conversation.
  • Send stickers,emoticons.
  • Share pictures.

These are some common features of Viber. Apart from these, let us see some other good features that the app offers.


Viber desktopContacts and messages are automatically synced between desktop app and mobile app unlike apple messages. Whenever you install Viber Desktop you will find all your contacts and messages So you can easily switch devices and continue your conversations where you left off.


Transfer Ongoing Calls

Suppose you made a call from Viber Desktop, and you are talking to your friend. Suddenly you have to go out and want to continue the call from mobile. So you can just press the transfer button, and the call will be transferred to mobile app.

Viber desktop- transfer ongoing calls to mobile

Transfer call from pc to mobile


Using this feature you are never restricted to one device. Have the freedom to move whenever you want using Viber desktop.

So these are some amazing feature that viber has introduced with its Desktop version.

Now the question is would you prefer VIBER over SKYPE?? Tell us your view about it in the comment section below.

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Remote control torrent downloading from anywhere

Remote control torrent downloadingWe all use torrent for downloading movies, games etc. It is the best source for downloading big files like HD movies. For downloading using torrent we use various clients like utorrent, bittorrent etc. The problem with this downloading is, we have to every time keep a watch on it, and stop it, after the downloading has completed(inorder to stop seeding).Also there can be a case where we have 2 things to download, and after completion of 1st we have to resume 2nd one. Now in this case we can’t be around our PC/Laptop the whole time. So we need a remote through which we can view and control downloading. So today we will how to remote control torrent downloading from anywhere. For this we will use two methods. The first one will be using browser, where we can view and control torrent downloading from anywhere. The second one will be using a mobile application. So it will let us view and control downloads even we are outside our home. Now these both methods will require internet connection obviously.

How to remote control torrent downloading??

Before using any of the methods, you will have to activate the remote feature of your torrent client, so that you can access it from anywhere. Follow the steps given below, and i am using bittorrent client for tutorial.

  • Start your torrent client.
  • Now go to options->Preferences. Remote control torrent downloading
  • Now select remote from the left panel.
  • Now check ‘enable bittorrent Remote access’. Enter any computer name you want and also give a password. Remote control torrent downloading
  • Now select, ‘Set Security question’ and enter the ans of your question, click ok. Remote control torrent downloading
  • When everything is done, click Apply ->OK and now your client is ready for remote access.

Now for accessing the client remotely we cab use two methods as discussed above.

Method 1: Using Browser

  1. For this you will need a computer with internet connection. Now open up  and browser of your choice and enter URL as or
  2. Now if i go with 1st link, you will get somewhat like this. Remote control torrent downloading
  3. Just enter the computer name and password mentioned before and log in. Now you will find your whole torrent client in the browser itself.
  4. You can Start,Stop,Pause downloading, and also Add new files to the queue.

This method was using the browser. Now we will discuss the second method using a mobile app. For that your phone must be android or windows. I am not sure that App Store(iDevices) also has this app.

Also SEE: How torrent downloading works and how to increase the speed.

METHOD 2: Using Mobile APP

  1. First download the app according to the OS supported by your phone(Android or Windows).
    Download the app named utorrent remote or bittorent remote, from your resp store.
    For Android click here
    For WIndows click here
  2. Now after downloading simply install it and launch the app.
  3. Again you will see a login screen, enter the computer name and password as made previously.
    Remote control torrent downloading
  4. Now click on all and select any torrent which is downloading.
    Remote control torrent downloading
  5. There is a bug in the app that in some phones, the buttons appear to be blank.Remote control torrent downloading
  6. So for that i have marked the buttons for you. Refer image below.
    Remote control torrent downloading
  7. In this way you can view and control torrent downloading using a mobile app.

These were the two methods to remote control torrent downloading, 1st using browser , and the second using mobile app.

If u have any doubts regarding these methods, do post in the comment section below.





Get free SMS using Hike

Whenever this ‘Free’ words arrives, a bell rings in our head and catches our attention. But most of the free things atlast prove to be fake. But now i have come up with a trick where you can get free SMS.  You just have to do some advertisement to earn free sms. The app name is Hike. You can send free sms from hike-to-hike. It is supported by Android, APPSTORE(iPhone), Windows and even Symbian. Also you can get free sms to other networks. So lets see how to get free sms using hike.

Get Free SMS using Hike

This offer is currently working for Indian Users only. For others it may be available soon.

  1. First download HIKE from this LINK

    Note:Some phones may be incompatible.
  2. Now install it on you phone and launch it.
  3. Now just activate it by putting your mobile no. and typing the activation code which you receive through sms.
  4. You can send Hike to Hike sms Free all over the Globe.
  5. Indian users are rewarded with certain no. of FREE sms to send to their friends, who are not on hike, like we send normal messages.
  6. So now you can invite friends using sms, which is also free.
  7. You get 50 sms/Friend, whenever a friend installs hike on his/her mobile on receiving invitation from you.
  8. To invite friends,click on the top left button. A screen will appear from the left.
    Get free sms using hike
  9. Now click on Invite Friends. You will see something like below.
    Get free sms using hike
  10. Now select the option SMS. Dont worry this sms are also Free. Now just select the friends you want to invite.
  11. After inviting if your friends installs hike, you will get a notification that your friend has joined HIKE. And you have received 50 free sms.
  12. Also connect to Facebook and Twitter and get 100 free sms.
    Get free sms using hike
  13. Initially before 1st march they use to offer free talktime Rs20/friend, but now they have closed the offer.

Nevertheless 50 sms per friend is a good deal to grab. So Catch the offer before it gets expired!!!.

If you have any doubts, do post in the comment section below. Share this post on Facebook and Twitter.




Find name of unknown caller

Find name of unknown caller

Did you missed a phone call from an unknown number? Want to know who is giving you blank calls? Are you harassed by a unknown caller? Using this trick you would no more be. Today we will see, how to find name of unknown caller using a app called True Caller. This will also give you information like service provider and the location(may be incorrect) of the unknown number.

This app is available for iPhone,Android,Nokia,Windows,and Blackberry.

How to find name of unknown caller?

Using PC,Laptop

  1. Visit this website
  2. Now select country, enter the unknown number and press enter.
    truecaller w_screenshot
  3. Now it will ask you to sign in. It has various option for signing in like facebook,google,yahoo, and twitter. You can use any of these and sign in.
    Truecaller signup screenshot
  4. Now you will find name of unknown caller written with various scores given by truecaller. Greater the score is, more genuine is the name.

Using Mobile

  1. First go to from your mobile and download the application.
    For Android user download directly from here or you can goto playstore.
  2. Launch the app and you will see something like below.
    Find name of unknown caller
  3. Now enter the unknown number you want to search, select the country code and press search. No need to enter any address.
  4. After searching, it will give you the name, service provider and the location (may be incorrect) of the unknown caller.
  5. It also has this caller ID feature, so whenever you get a call from a unknown number, you will have the name displayed on your screen.
    So you will know, who is calling you before you pickup the call.
  6. Now if you want to help them, then there is a option to update, where it updates your phonebook to their database. It all depends on you, if you feel its privacy issue then don’t go for that option.
  7. And obviously you need an Internet Connection to search.

Video Tutorial:


  • It will display you the name, only if it exist in their database.
  • The name which is stored by some person, and then uploaded by him/her to their database will be shown to you. So it may not be full name.

Inspite of its drawback, I found this app very useful for me, to find name of unknown caller. If you ask for my suggestion, then you should definitely go for this app. Just download it and start tracking the unknown calls, blank calls.

Also you can share it with your friends by using the buttons given below like Facebook, twitter etc.

If you have any doubts or question regarding this method, then do post in the comment section below. I will be happy to help you out.