How to hide Ads in torrent client

It may be illegal to do piracy, but using torrent is not. Torrent is just based on the simple networking basics i.e. peer to peer connection. It is a type of file sharing system, and the legalities will depend on which file are you sharing. But one thing that bugs us all is the ads that are displayed inside the client. Different torrent client includes uTorrent, BitTorrent, Vuze etc. So today I will show you how to hide ads in torrent client. Remember this option is given inside the client, so we are not doing anything tricky here, if you know what I mean.

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How to Hide Ads in Torrent Client?

Depending on which torrent client you use, the options names might defer so you need to experiment with it. If you are unable to do it with your client, then you can shift to uTorrent and follow the steps.

  1. Launch your torrent client, in my case it’s uTorrent.
  2. Go to Options and then preferences.
    How to hide Ads in torrent client

    Preferences in torrent client

  3. After that expand the Advanced option where you will see a warning message saying – Do not modify!
  4. Now we need to carefully change some of these options to False.  You can use filter to search for the options given below.
    offers.left_rail_offer_enabled/left_rail_offer – For Ads on left side
    offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled/sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled  – For offers on Top

    How to hide Ads in torrent client

    Advanced option in torrent client

  5. After you have completed, click “OK” to see the changes reflect.

This is the how simple it is to hide Ads that are displayed in Torrent Clients. I know this is not a great trick, but it does feel good after all the Ads are gone. Moreover you only have to do it once, after that you can continue downloading stuff with peace. Take extreme caution while changing anything and see to it that you only change the options mentioned above or else you will end up with faulty client. Do let me know if it worked for you.  If you have any doubts please post them in the comment section below.


Remote control torrent downloading from anywhere

Remote control torrent downloadingWe all use torrent for downloading movies, games etc. It is the best source for downloading big files like HD movies. For downloading using torrent we use various clients like utorrent, bittorrent etc. The problem with this downloading is, we have to every time keep a watch on it, and stop it, after the downloading has completed(inorder to stop seeding).Also there can be a case where we have 2 things to download, and after completion of 1st we have to resume 2nd one. Now in this case we can’t be around our PC/Laptop the whole time. So we need a remote through which we can view and control downloading. So today we will how to remote control torrent downloading from anywhere. For this we will use two methods. The first one will be using browser, where we can view and control torrent downloading from anywhere. The second one will be using a mobile application. So it will let us view and control downloads even we are outside our home. Now these both methods will require internet connection obviously.

How to remote control torrent downloading??

Before using any of the methods, you will have to activate the remote feature of your torrent client, so that you can access it from anywhere. Follow the steps given below, and i am using bittorrent client for tutorial.

  • Start your torrent client.
  • Now go to options->Preferences. Remote control torrent downloading
  • Now select remote from the left panel.
  • Now check ‘enable bittorrent Remote access’. Enter any computer name you want and also give a password. Remote control torrent downloading
  • Now select, ‘Set Security question’ and enter the ans of your question, click ok. Remote control torrent downloading
  • When everything is done, click Apply ->OK and now your client is ready for remote access.

Now for accessing the client remotely we cab use two methods as discussed above.

Method 1: Using Browser

  1. For this you will need a computer with internet connection. Now open up  and browser of your choice and enter URL as or
  2. Now if i go with 1st link, you will get somewhat like this. Remote control torrent downloading
  3. Just enter the computer name and password mentioned before and log in. Now you will find your whole torrent client in the browser itself.
  4. You can Start,Stop,Pause downloading, and also Add new files to the queue.

This method was using the browser. Now we will discuss the second method using a mobile app. For that your phone must be android or windows. I am not sure that App Store(iDevices) also has this app.

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METHOD 2: Using Mobile APP

  1. First download the app according to the OS supported by your phone(Android or Windows).
    Download the app named utorrent remote or bittorent remote, from your resp store.
    For Android click here
    For WIndows click here
  2. Now after downloading simply install it and launch the app.
  3. Again you will see a login screen, enter the computer name and password as made previously.
    Remote control torrent downloading
  4. Now click on all and select any torrent which is downloading.
    Remote control torrent downloading
  5. There is a bug in the app that in some phones, the buttons appear to be blank.Remote control torrent downloading
  6. So for that i have marked the buttons for you. Refer image below.
    Remote control torrent downloading
  7. In this way you can view and control torrent downloading using a mobile app.

These were the two methods to remote control torrent downloading, 1st using browser , and the second using mobile app.

If u have any doubts regarding these methods, do post in the comment section below.




How torrent downloading works

How torrent downloading works

Torrent is also known as Bit-Torrent. It was developed by a programmer named Bram Cohen. So before directly starting about how torrent downloading works, we will see how various downloading methods work. Then we will also see how to increase the torrent downloading speed(scroll to last).

Client-Server Method :

We all use this type of method to download various files over the net. In this type,clients are those who are downloading or receiving the files, while server are those computers that provide you that file. Now while downloading a file, client requests the server for that specific file, and the server responds back by providing client with the file needed. Now this data transmission is handled by the network i.e. Internet. Also there are various protocols(certain rules) associated with downloading like FTP(file transfer protocol) or HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol).

How torrent downloading works

The speed of your downloading is affected by various factors like the load or demand on the server for the file. The more is the load, less is  the speed that you get for downloading. That explains, why you get more download speed at the night as compared to day. Also this method is used when you surf the internet. You write a name of website in address bar, which means you are requesting for a webpage with that name, and the server replies back with the page. In this the Web browser is the client or the medium to access files over the internet.

Peer to Peer Method :

In this method of file sharing, the files are on normal computers, and not servers. These computers are called Peers. So you need some software (like utorrent) and not browser to access the files.

How torrent downloading works

So when you run these software’s, they request for the file needed, and find the no. of sources available for the file. The sources are other computers that are running peer-to-peer software which are currently connected to the internet. So in this way, the load is distributed.

But the problem in this type of sharing method is that, people download the file required, and just stops the software from sharing files to others. This is called Leeching.

Now the million dollar question..

How torrent downloading Works ???

Bit-Torrent is based on peer-to-peer sharing with some major differences. It transfers some work load to a Server called as Tracker. Now when you request for a file using the software(eg. utorrent), the software communicates with tracker, and the tracker informs it about various sources of the file available.Now there are two major types of sources:

  • Those who have completed downloading the file and are uploading are called seeders and the process is called seeding.
  • Others who are still downloading the file can also serve as seeders.

How torrent downloading works

The client software which we using, breaks the big file into small parts. Now client software trade for parts with other computers, which we need and provides the parts of the file that others need. In this way we can download multiple parts of file from other swarms (computer connected in the process of sending and receiving).

One more concept i would like to share. The file that you download from a bit torrent site is a .torrent file. It is very small and acts as a pointer to its sources and gives information to the client software about the file.

How to increase the torrent downloading speed ???

Also Bit-torrent has a rule of tit-for-tat. That means, the more you give, the more you will receive. This implies that, if you share or upload files to others, you will get more speed for download. This solves the problem of leeching. You can just start seeding after you have completed the download. This will increase your tit-for-tat rating in bit-torrent and provide you with good speed in the Future. So instead of searching for other articles on how to increase torrent download speed, just start uploading/seeding and you will definitely find an increase in your speed.

Also select a torrent having high number of seeds as compared to peers. It will help you achieve great speed.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding this article, then do post it in the comment section below. I would be happy to help.

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download torrent through idm dap

Download torrent through IDM, DAP

Do you download movies, software’s through torrent?? Have to wait for enough seeds??? Is your downloading slow?? Today I will teach you how to download torrent
through IDM, DAP. So get ready to download movies at 150-200kb/s and more. Follow the step by step tutorial.

Download torrent through IDM, DAP

How to Download torrent through IDM, DAP:

  1. First go to
  2. When you search something in torrent and you come across download torrent button, You will see a Magnetic link. Copy that and paste in the box provided in zbigz site.
  3. You can also simply upload torrent file by clicking “upload .torrent file“
  4. Here in the image below i have posted the magnetic link.
    Download torrent through IDM, DAP
  5. Now click on Go button.
  6. It will then ask you for free or premium. Click on free as i have done below.
    Download torrent through IDM, DAP
  7. Now you will see your required file (3.)  Now click zip(4.).Again it will ask you for free or premium. Click free.

    Download torrent through IDM, DAP

  8. If you have configured your download manager (DAP, IDM)in your browser you can directly download with it. And if the download starts in your browser you can copy the link and paste in your download manager. See the image below.

Sometimes it shows error or take much time to show the download link. It also depends on its server load. So enjoy downloading torrent files via DAP,IDM or any other download manager. Hope you like my post. Share it on twitter, facebook etc 

If you have any doubts regarding this method, do post it in the comment section below.

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