Epson L8180 A3 photo printer

Epson L8180 Review – A3+ Inktank Multifunction printer

Epson a leading brand in the world of printers has some amazing product line for all types of consumers. We got our hands on one such amazing A3+ Inktank multifunction printer called by the name Epson L8180. It is a printer especially designed to print photos and supports upto A3 size paper. Let us see the main features of the printer and how it performs

Epson L8180 Printer review – A3+ Inktank multifunctional


Epson L8180 is built with a very reliable plastic material and is quite sturdy. The printer has a touch LCD panel(10.9cm) which is very useful while operating the printer. There are multiple ways one can feed paper to the printer. The output tray has a motorised mechanism using which it can be ejected or reinserted. Due to this the printer can maintain its compact form factor. There are total 6 ink levels visible (2 for black, 1 grey and 3 colors – cyan, magenta, yellow). It has one USB type B port to connect it with a PC, one USB 2.0 port to connect usb drives and print directly, one ethernet port for network connection, and one memory card slot for direct printing. The printer supports scan, copy, and printing along with duplex printing- all the functions. Overall the design of the print is quite well built and easy to use.


Epson L8180 is an amazing performer when it comes to printing pictures. The print quality is one of the best I have seen in the market. The colors are so accurate and deep especially the blacks – when you use good quality glossy papers. I tried the 4×6, A4 and A3 printing(all borderless) and the output was really good. All thanks to the 6 color Epson claria ET premium ink combination that the printer uses to define each detail correctly. Apart from this you can print on compatible CD/DVD too, directly print card/craft papers from this printer. It supports 1.3mm thick paper and upto 2m long which is helpful. One thing I noticed that Epson has this heat-free technology in place due to which its efficient and prints at good speed as well by saving power. The WiFi connectivity along with the Epson Smart panel app is a great combination for wireless printing. One can manage the full printer by just using a simple smartphone app – its really handy feature. The speed of normal printing of documents is amazing and it supports auto duplex(both sides) printing as well. Coming to the inputs – you have cassette 1 for the glossy papers, cassette 2 for the A4 printing and rear-feeder for printing upto A3 documents. You can choose the type of input after inserting documents, CD, glossy paper etc – it automatically gives you a prompt on the LCD panel. I would like to call Epson L8180 a “Real Smart Printer” for this digital age.

The maintenance of the printer like nozzle check, head cleaning, firmware upgrade are simple as well and can be done via PC, mobile or even the touch screen LCD too. I never faced any issue with the connectivity from any device. Its just that one needs to remember the cassette 2 to load A4 size paper is the front-bottom cover itself – you pull the flap after opening. The cassette 1 to load glossy papers is visible after opening the front-bottom cover. And the rear feeder is present in the top-back flap. While printing make sure that you select correct input feeder option so that it chooses correctly. I faced little difficulty understanding it by myself – but was easy after referring the user guide provided with the printer.

You can check out the complete technical details here in the brochure

Speaking about the software available of Epson+ printing on PC – you can even choose from the template library for printing multiple pictures on one glossy paper. Like I did a test of printing 3 pictures borderless in a particular layout on one single A4 paper. This is really helpful when you want to gift it to someone or want small pictures in a layout. The printer is meant to be directly used by professional photographers as you can start printing from memory card and USB drive as well. All these features provide good convenience to any and all type of users. The photo prints dry out instantly so there are no wait time as well. If you give high quality prints the printer might take more time per pixel but will deliver amazing outputs for those high-resolution shots. As the printer has separate black and grey inks – the outputs for photo are real good as compared to the traditional CMYK printers. Due to this the monochrome prints are real good as well. The power consumption of the printer is less as well operating at 17W.

Coming to the cost aspect, the printer ink bottles sell officially at Rs.989/- per bottle. When you calculate the printing cost for 4×6 photo it comes to Rs. 6-8/- per print. The printer sells officially at Rs. 54,999. I found the printer really useful with all the features, good picture print quality, and affordable printing. Let me know if you have any doubts in the comment section below.

Jabra Elite 2 with case

Jabra Elite 2: Good Sound Quality TWS earbuds

A lot of people have now shifted to TWS earbuds due to their small form factor. But most of the low-budget under 5000 INR earbuds fail to deliver good sound. But a company like Jabra has developed affordable Elite 2 earbuds. Let us check out the complete review of Jabra Elite 2.


Talking about the design, the Jabra Elite 2 has a plastic body with rubber earplugs. The plastic body doesn’t feel that premium but is lightweight and in matt finish. The case is also developed using the same plastic. The good thing about the matte finish is it doesn’t attract scratches. The earphones with the case are quite light in weight. The case is magnetic and the earbuds fits in well. The case comes with a LED indicator and USB Type-C port. Earbuds have physical press buttons on them – a bit inconvenient to press while wearing the earbuds – but some people prefer the physical press. The earbuds fit in very well in the ears and are very comfortable for long hours of usage. One of the best TWS earphones when it comes to fit and comfort.


The earbuds have a great sound quality and good audio level. I enjoyed listening to music, taking up calls using the earbuds. They have microphones in each earbud – so you can use them one at a time for longer usage on calls. The noise cancellation due to the fit is amazing while using the earphones. But there is no active noise cancellation feature available on them. The earbuds sport 6mm speakers with Qualcomm Aptx support. They are rainproof with an IP55 rating and come with 2 years of warranty on registration with their Jabra plus app. Users can use the Jabra Plus app to modify the settings and tweak them according to their needs. The bass on the earbuds is decent and a bit on the rounded end.


The earphones give you an amazing 6-7 hours of music playback on a single charge and it extends when charged using the case. This is quite good as compared to other TWS earbuds in this range. Also, they have kind of a quick charge with 10 mins charging – 1 hours playback. I tried using them one at a time for calling for extended usage. This trick works great with a lot of TWS earbuds. The full charge time is 2-3 hours approx. So as for the battery life – I would say Jabra Elite 2 is a good choice.

The Jabra Elite 2 are priced at 5,999 INR but are available at 4,499 INR only at Amazon, Flipkart etc.


Though the earbuds may not give you a premium touch feel due to the matte plastic – but they really perform well with sound quality and battery life. The bass could have been slightly better but considering the price range and TWS style – it still performs decently. I would say for sound quality, comfort fit and good battery life with decent bass – you could go for this product of Jabra Elite 2. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below.


ASUS Vivobook 14 X409FA-EK502T full review

Gone are the days when bulky laptops were still in the trends, people now tend to use light-weight ultrabooks which they can carry around. ASUS is in the market of making slim ultrabook laptops and is doing a pretty good job. The best thing about these laptops is they come with both performance and portability combo. When I say performance, I don’t mean gaming – but something that would let you do your office work easily. Ultrabooks also have good battery life. So today we will be talking about ASUS Vivobook 14 X409FA-EK502T – how it performs in daily life.

ASUS Vivobook 14 X409FA-EK502T full review:


ASUS Vivobook 14 X409FA just weighs at around 1.6 k.g. which makes it portable to easily carry around with you. It has a plastic matte finish body and comes in 2 colors – transparent silver & slate grey. In terms of ports on the left are the – DC power jack, type C- USB 3.1, HDMI, USB 3.1 & on the right are – 2 USB 2.0 slots, 3.5mm audio/mic jack, microSD slot, with some power/battery indicator lights. This covers a lot of connectivity options. You also have the fingerprint sensor on the trackpad of the Vivobook 14 X409FA. In terms of design, the laptop does a decent job and gives a finish for business use.


ASUS Vivobook X409FA has a nano-edge 14-inch FHD 60Hz display. What more to expect if you have a full HD bright display on an ultrabook. Plus the thin bezels on the sides make you feel that the screen size is larger. There is an anti-glare coating on the screen to help you focus even if there is a reflection of some light source on the screen. I would say the brightness of the screen is decent for you to work even in some external light too.


ASUS Vivobook 14X409FA has an i5-8th Gen(8265U) processor clocked at 1.6 GHz. This is enough for doing office work. My model came with 8GB of RAM which is expandable up to 12 GB SDRAM. I feel that 8GB of RAM can easily handle multi-tasking but just in case you can still increase if need be. The ultrabook comes with 512GB PCIe SSD which makes it so much faster. The boot time on this ultrabook is so less which is excellent for business meets. You can always keep the ultrabook on sleep mode as the wake speed of SSD is faster too, but even if you shut down the boot-up is quick. Plus 512GB is enough storage for handling all the work. Just in case you want to increase the storage, you can go for an HDD. ASUS Vivobook 14 X409FA has an EAR HDD protection which is excellent to absorb any shocks that might damage the HDD while you are on the move. As for the software part – the ultrabook comes preinstalled with Windows 10.


It has a 2-cell 32 Wh polymer battery which can last around 5-7 hours depending on your usage. They have fast-charging enabled in this ultrabook which can charge to 60 percent in 49 minutes approx which is really good for an ultrabook. The laptop has 1-year international warranty.

Price: INR 44,780 (Amazon | Flipkart)


At this price point, you are getting an i5 8th gen ultrabook with 512GB SSD. I guess this is a pretty decent deal for an ultrabook. Anybody who is looking out for general work laptop with portability can definitely go for this one.

BOSCH GSR-120Li Professional cordless drill driver featured

BOSCH GSR-120Li Professional Cordless drill review

Generally, we do reviews of electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops, etc, but today we are going to review a hardware tool. This thing we are talking about is the BOSCH GSR-120Li professional cordless drill. It is not the traditional one with the wire which needs a constant power supply. These are generally too messy with the long wire and the need for a plug point. But with a cordless drill, this hassle can be avoided. Also, this kind of drill is quite handy too use. So let us review BOSCH Professional GSR 120-Li cordless drill and see how it performs.


BOSCH GSR-120Li Professional Cordless drill review:


BOSCH GSR-120Li comes in a sturdy small suitcase type box. The box contains the BOSCH GSR-120Li drill, 1 Lithium battery, one charger, user guide, warranty card and service center list. The drill has a very compact and sturdy design. It weighs around 1.2 kg and is very handy to use and easy to hold with one hand. It has a dark blue body with grips at the holding bar. The buttons and switches are painted red so that they can be spotted easily. It has one dial to adjust the torque of the drill up to 20 different levels. On top there is a switch for high torque or high speed. There is direction forward/reverse toggle switch present just above the trigger. One can change the speed by varying the pressure applied to the trigger. There is an led light to help assist drilling in the dark. One can easily remove the battery by pressing the locks and pulling the battery out. Overall the designa and build quality of BOSCH GSR-120Li is top notch.


Very first feature of BOSCH GSR-120Li is the cordless working feature. This can be really helpful at times where you don’t have a plug point, or you don’t want to get entangled with the wire. Secondly, the battery here snaps is quite easily like a magazine of a gun. Thought he drill is a compact and handy one, BOSCH has not compromised on the control here. On the top there is a button to change gears according to high speed or high torque. This will give you better performance as there would be different materials that you would drill into. Second feature is the 20 levels torque adjustment dial on the front. You can rotate this dial to change the torque settings further. The drill bits can be put into without the need of the key. Just open the front nozzle part of the drill, simply by rotating it. Another great feature with no key requirements to insert or remove drill bits. As other drills, it also has the forward/reverse direction toggle switch just above the main trigger. This can be helpful while inserting or removing screws, or the case where the bit is stuck into the material/wall/wood etc. The trigger comes with speed control, so the more you squeeze the trigger, the greater the speed of the motor. Now diving into the technicalities, the drill has a maximum rpm of 1300, with 30 Nm torque. The drilling diameters are 20mm in wood & 8mm in steel. The performance is really great considering its a cordless drill which makes it handy to use.


The BOSCH GSR-120Li drill comes with a 12V – 2Ah battery. This battery snaps in the drill quite easily. You can just press locks and pull the battery out for charging. The charger is a 10.8-12V 1A charger. The drill is also compatible with 10.8V batteries. The charger comes with overcharging protection so the batteries don’t get overcharger incase you forget to switch off the supply. This improves the battery life of the drill. Also the batteries and the motor are protected by Electronic Cell Protection. This means that the batteries and motor can go all haywire incase of overload. The drill will shut off the power incase of overload protecting the batteries and the motor.


The BOSCH GSR-120Li drill with single battery is priced at Rs.3982 on Amazon.


BOSCH GSR-120Li was designed carefully by keeping all the features in the mind. The drills is really compact with nice grip and excellent torque and speed controls. Plus it is cordless which is one of the best features to easily work out those holes far away from the plug point. You can definitely go for the BOSCH GSR-120Li drill for quality, performance, and design.

Tiitan intelligent charger

TIITAN Intelligent Charger and Power Bank Full Review

Tiitan is an emerging company in today’s technological field. This company is trying to make a revolutionary change by combining different technologies in a single space and making it a multi-functional device. In this process, they have come up with a device named as Tiitan Intelligent Charger. This device is itself a package of different devices making it possible for switching over for simplicity. This device is compatible with any other type of device. The specifications for this look quite promising along with the appearance.

TIITAN Intelligent Charger with Portable Power Bank Full Review:

Tiitan intelligent charger


Tiitan Intelligent Charger has a fine finished body with a sturdy design. The circuitry and power bank is perfectly enclosed in a strong fiber body along with a smooth finish across the curves. It has with 3 USB ports out of which 2 are normal USB ports and the third one is a c-type port. It has an additional digital display which indicates the battery percentage of the power bank inside it. There is an LED in it that goes blinking red and green. The red one shows that wireless charging is on and the green indicates the standby mode.

This charger can be used globally since it has Indian, American as well as European jacks. Which gives the output voltage of 90-240 v. It has a smart feature that protects the phone from over-discharging and charging and gives an additional feature of automatic protection from high temperatures. The recovery protection feature associated with the switch given on the charger allows battery power to be restored. It also has the smart feature of automatic protection against short circuit and overload of current by breaking the internal circuit. The product has a weight of about 250 grams which is a bit heavy. It is also provided with a feature of wireless charging with an output power of 5W.


Tiitan Intelligent Charger comes with a 6700 mAh and 10000 mAh power battery to support as a backup power bank.  This charger is powered by a Lithium Polymer battery which requires around about 4 hrs of charging time. The input power of this charger is 5V/2.4A. USB 1 and USB 2 has an output of  5V/2.4A while the c-type port has an input of 5V/3A and output is 5V/2.4A. The smart integrated chip inside the circuitry provides the additional feature of short circuit prevention, better temperature control, overheating, overloading prevention, surge protection and safer Qi wireless charging than other wireless chargers.

The friendly operable case for wireless charging can identify the phone sensitively and support phone charging case within 5mm  while 4mm is the best operable distance for wireless charging. The Qi wireless charger supports most of the phones supporting Qi wireless charging iPhone X 10 8 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S6 S6 Edge S6 Edge+ S7 S7 Edge S8 S8 Plus S9 Note 8 and other Qi-enabled devices.


The battery is again a good point in this travel charger. Also, Tiitan intelligent charger consists of direct charging as well as battery for power bank. The battery has a capacity of 6700 mAh which is less than normal then to it is good for a multi-purpose charger with a power bank. Multiple devices can be charged. For eg:- two 4000mah mobile phones van be easily be charged with the help of this power bank. Also, It has a lithium polymer battery which is used in most of the batteries nowadays. As it has a LiPo it is very lightweight and weighs up to just 250gms. The wireless charging power of this power bank is 5W which is the optimum output of any device which is used to charge a phone.


Tiitan intelligent charger


Tiitan intelligent charge is available on Amazon for INR 2499(6700 mAh) and INR 2999(10000 mAh). It is available in black and white color. The charger with 6700 mAh power is SC-01 and the one with 10000 mAh is SC-02. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months.


One can definitely go for this device, as of now this is one of the best devices under 3000 INR that you can consider buying. This will be the best travel charger of all as it is the combination of a portable charger and power bank.

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Coolpad Cool 5

Coolpad Cool 5 Review

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. There are various smartphones available in the market in various price ranges starting from 1500. Coolpad has launched a new smartphone at a lower price with some good features. This Coolpad Cool 5 model is a good phone to get good basic features worth the pricing. Let us look at some of the features of the mobile.

Coolpad Cool 5 Review



The phone is 76mm wide and 157mm height. It has a thickness of 8mm. It weighs 145 grams. Therefore it is easy to handle and also the grip is good. The color is gradient Blue which is too shiny. It is a dual sim phone having a nano sim size. It has a rear fingerprint sensor. The headphone jack is on the top, USB port and speaker grill are on the bottom, the volume buttons and power buttons are to the left. Hence, the overall design of the phone is good.


Coolpad Cool 5

The screen size of the phone is 6.22 inches. It has an HD display with a resolution of 1520 x 720. Also, there is a dewdrop notch for the front camera. And the touch operation is moderate. The overall display features of this phone are decent according to the price.

How to Find the Right Printer for Your Workplace


Coolpad Cool 5 has a dual camera. It has a 16MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera with 2MP FF. Also, It has LED flash, HDR and panorama features but the quality of the rear camera is moderate. The pictures from the rear camera are decent. However, the quality of pictures captured from the front camera is amazing.


This device uses the Android 9.0 (Pie) operating system. Also, it has an Octa-core processor clocked at 2.0 GHz. Hence the speed is quite good. The battery is 4000mAh and it is non-removable. It provides fast battery charging. Hence the battery backup is sufficient. The phone has 4 GB of RAM. It has 64 GB of internal storage. It also has a micro SD card slot. The storage also functions well. The speakers of the device give a clear and decent sound. Hence the basic overall performance of the mobile is good.


Overall the Coolpad Cool 5 is good as per its price range. It provides all the basic features at an affordable price.

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-05 at 11.16.13 AM

FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto Wireless Earphones Full Review

FINGERS India’s new and innovative digital accessories brand is started with the launch of various digital accessories equipped with the latest technology and has started competing with other brands. FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto wireless neckband Bluetooth earphone is such a device launched in the market and it was competitively priced. The device is compatible with any operating system and any type of device. The specification of the device looks quite promising along with the appearance.

FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto wireless earphones full review:

Fingers 2B Music-Addicto neckband


FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto has fine finish with a lightweight and sturdy design, a bit of finely finished smooth metal casing for the batteries. It is equipped with a microphone in a separate case provided with 3 buttons of volume control and play/pause. The play/pause button is provided with additional features of connectivity of a new device and answering/ending call. It is powered by 10mm Neodymium drivers.

The magnetic interlocking of earbuds is provided to avoid the entanglement of wires but the magnet is not much powerful and usually, it is always misaligned. The earbuds are not provided with sensors so it does not automatically turn off when the earbuds are joined. It is designed in such a way by adding the additional feature of sweat resistance. In accordance with comfort premium angular earbuds to fit every ear adds to its stylish design. The flexibility of this band allows u to wrap easily and tuck into your bag or pocket or purse without any issue.

Fingers 2B Music-Addicto Design

Sound and Connectivity

The sound of FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto is average compared to other brands. The speakers are used with a powerful amplifier giving them a boost of loud music. It is provided with a Bluetooth version of 5.0 incorporated with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), making it the latest technology. Though it lags in connectivity with the devices having older Bluetooth versions. The microphone when used while calling catches more external noise than the focused voice making it a bit difficult for the user while calling. It has a decent range of connectivity of approx 10m making it quite the exception to carrying the device.

This device has been featured with the leading multi-point technology, making it ready for multiple connectivities hence it gets connected to two devices at the same time simultaneously. But due to this technology sometimes the user might experience a lack of comfort managing both the devices. It has a sensitivity of 93 dB +-3dB.

Fingers 2B Music-Addicto sound


The battery of this device is a strong point to be considered, as it is powered by 10mm Neodymium drivers. It is situated with an additional battery which provides a playback time of up to 20 hrs and a standby time of up to 300 hrs. It has a battery backup of 240 mAh which takes 3 hrs of charging time. The finely finished body of a metallic case protects the battery. It automatically turns off when not connected to any device making it a smart battery saver. The charger has a standard rating of 5V 1A charger.

Fingers 2B Music-Addicto earphones


FINGERS 2B hasn’t yet hit the e-commerce market but on its official website, the price is INR 2199. It is available in a color combination of black+grey. One needs to buy this device when it hits the e-commerce market.


One can definitely go for this device if the price is about 1500. For someone going for better quality, they can switch for standard brands. FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto. It will not disappoint you in terms of battery backup. I have used this device personally.


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Epson Expression photo xp 15000

How to Find the Right Printer for Your Workplace

Whether you work at home or in an office, finding the right printer can seem like a daunting challenge with all the available choices on the market. Printers are an indispensable piece of office equipment, but how do you find one that is best suited for your business?

There are a few factors to consider, like the type of business you have, the size of your office and the estimated print volume and speed you’ll require, among others. Technical considerations, such as how it will work with your existing wired or Wi-Fi router and network is another thing to take into account. Below we’ve listed a few models and which will best suit a variety of professionals.

For Small Businesses

Small business owners need a printer that is hassle-free, affordable and cost-effective to run, with security and added convenience features like Wi-Fi connectivity and duplexing. With its ability to churn out 22 high-quality colour or black and white prints per minute, the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw is designed for small business owner. This ENERGY STAR® certified printer meets the demand for black-and-white and colour prints for most small businesses. Featuring a 250-sheet capacity tray, and a 50-page automatic document feeder. With both wired and wireless connection support and a variety of mobile printing options, there are a myriad ways to connect the M281fdw. And with built-in security features like an embedded web server with secure browsing to maintain the printer remotely or locally, it gives you full control for all your office needs.

For Photographers

Professionals who work with photographs and require high-quality prints need a printer that not only handles document printing but also produces very high-quality photo reproductions. In this sense, the Canon PIXMA Pro-1000 Wireless Colour Professional Inkjet printer is a valuable addition to any photographer, graphic designer or journalist’s arsenal of tools. With a maximum resolution of 4,800 x 2,400 dpi to bring out fine details and a dye-based ink, three of which are reserved for black-and-white prints, photos can be reproduced in amazing detail. Additionally, with Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile printing, you can print from anywhere in the home or office from any computer or mobile device.

For Engineers and Architectural Designers

For engineers and architects that need to print large-sized technical schematics, drawings and other documents, having a large format printer right in the office means saving time and money, instead of having to send out for them. While there are a few entry-level models targeted at larger printing, the Epson Expression Photo XP-15000 is one of the best among the budget options. With a wider range of ink colours for high definition printing, including a range of red and grey, it can handle borderless prints up to 13” x 19” at an incredible 5,760 x 1,440 dpi resolution, as well as black-and-white schematics and drawings. Wi-Fi connectivity and Epson’s iPrint also allow you to print from anywhere, even when you’re on the road.


HyperX fury SSD Review

RGB is the new cool these days if you are a ‘True Gamer’ you have to have a complete RGB setup from RGB RAM and RGB GPU to RGB mice and keyboard. Companies are also capitalizing on this so-called trend and making big bucks by having every possible hardware in RGB. It was about time for the RGB tread to finally catch the SSD market.

Here we have the HyperX fury 240 GB SSD for review

The most noteworthy thing about the HyperX Fury out of the box is its weight. The HyperX fury has a chunky metal design weighing in at about 165g, which to be honest seems really unnecessary and over the top, as SSDs don’t have any moving parts and don’t this sturdy design. Just to give it a tough look HyperX has put on extra effort over design too.

HyperX fury rocks a Micro USB port next to the regular SATA power and data connector to control the RGB goodness of the drive. The HyperXFury Comes in 240GB, 480GB and 960Gb variants all of which are rather pricey but have the recent industry-standard RGB magic and an extremely well-built design to justify it.

Kingston claims the HyperX fury SSD boasts incredible speeds of 550 MB/s read and 480MB/s write. The smooth and stunning RGB lighting makes your system look more alive. The Fury can sync up with your other RGB hardware and give an overall feeling of complete customization.

We ran some games on the SSD, which include FIFA 19 and Fortnite. We could not see any noteworthy difference in performance, it almost felt at par with the Samsung Evo SSD that we have running on the test bench, which was surprising as the benchmark tests we ran showed that the Samsung Evo should be on top.

Samsung Evo


HyperX fury

So our verdict says that the HyperX fury RGB SSD is great in terms of the RGB color and the regular everyday performance. But when it comes to write speeds, it might score a little below other SSDs plus the pricing is a bit on the higher end.

Our Test System had the following specs:

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070
  • SSD: Samsung 850 Pro 128GB
  • SSD: Samsung 850 Pro 512GB
  • SSD: Kingston SHFR200240G 240GB
  • RAM: Kingston HyperX DDR4 2933 C15 (2x8GB)
  • Motherboard: Asus STRIX Z270E GAMING
  • PSU: Corsair RM 1000
Setting the ram in dual channel

HyperX Predator RGB 2x8GB RAM DDR4 Review

Today we have the HyperX Predator RGB RAM 2x8GB clocked at 2993Mhz, DDR4 memory, Tested in a dual-channel memory form. Ram is the most integral part of a system. Investing in the finest RAM your budget can afford is the way to go. Better ram ensures shorter boot times, providing a better web browsing experience and delivering a better gaming experience. In other words better the ram, better your system will run.

Setting the ram in dual channel

HyperX claims that the Predator series ram, Increases your frame rate, helps you broadcast your streams without any hiccups, and push through your highlight reel editing with unrivalled speeds. Which seemed to be true in our testing. We noticed the boot times to be significantly faster. The overall machine felt a lot faster from opening games to browsing the web everything seemed better. We did not notice any notable frame rate boosts in games, but the games sure did feel much smoother.

HyperX Predator RGB RAM 2x8GB clocked at 2993Mhz

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Apart from the performance boost, these HyperX Predator RGB RAM sticks also brought in an aesthetic enrichment to our system. The RGB Ram sticks lit up our rather mundane looking cabinet and added to the style points of the overall system. The HyperX Predator RGB 2x8GB RAM sticks do not provide an RGB controller but instead depends on compatibility with major motherboard software like the Gigabyte RGB Fusion, Asus Aura, MSI Mystic Light and ASRock Polychrome RGB. If your board doesn’t support any of those, you’re abandoned with the default rainbow pattern.

HyperX ram showcasing RGB

Apart from the normal usage we also ran some benchmarking tests to actually understand and verify the true potential of the HyperX Predator RGB 2x8GB RAM sticks.

CPU-Z tests to verify, the dual-channel form, memory size and speed.

CPUZ test

Novabench gave my system a Score of 2543. It rated the HyperX Predator RGB 2x8GB RAM sticks a whopping 284 and displaying the lighting fast RAM speed of a whopping 30642MB/s

Novabench test scores


HyperX Predator RGB RAM 2x8GB Ram sticks not only boost your system performance but also attribute to the beauty of your system. High speeds of the HyperX Predator RGB RAM matched with low latencies provide insane performance. These HyperX Predator RGB RAM modules are backed by a lifetime of warranty and are manufactured with over 30 years of experience.

Our Test System had the following specs:

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070
  • SSD: Samsung 850 Pro 128GB
  • SSD: Samsung 850 Pro 512GB
  • SSD: Kingston SHFR200240G 240GB
  • RAM: Kingston HyperX DDR4 2933 C15 (2x8GB)
  • Motherboard: Asus STRIX Z270E GAMING
  • PSU: Corsair RM 1000