Stellar Data Recovery Lab Process review

We have talked a lot about data recovery in the past which involved a software to recover the data from storage device. But one of the major problems that people face is data recovery from a physically damaged hard drive. This happens because a hard drive has moving parts which get damaged due to physical impact may be due to falling or other reason. We got a chance to visit Stellar Data Recovery Lab and we saw how they recover data from physically damaged hard drive. So here is Stellar Data Recovery Lab Process review where we will walk through the whole process they follow in recovering complete data from any damaged storage media.

Stellar Data Recovery Lab Process Review:

Most of the data recovery cases are related to the Hard Drive as I mentioned before hard drive is a very fragile device that has a lot of moving parts.  Data recovery professionals/experts at Stellar are able to recover the data as they have specialized tools, spare parts, and a special room called Class 100 clean room which is prerequisite in recovering data from hard drive. The important thing is one needs to identify the problem to solve it properly in a minimum span of time. Apart from hard drive recovery, Stellar also offers its professional data recovery services for SD card recovery, SSD recovery, Raid Recovery, Smartphone data recovery, Server data recovery etc. 

Here is the complete data recovery process: 

1. Submitting storage media device

The very first step is you will have to submit the storage media device which can be a hard drive, SSD, micro SD card, smartphone etc. to them so that they can perform analysis test on it. Now you might have faced a logical problem that means the data was erased/formatted accidentally or affected by virus or ransomware. This is a case of logical recovery which is also done by Stellar Data Recovery. One of the other common cases is physical damage to the device or storage media because of which one is unable to read the data. The third case can be of Logical cum Physical recovery which is again covered by them. You can walk into one of their 15 centers spread across India to submit the device or avail for their pickup service too. The pickup service also has an option to go for safety box (in-case of the hard drive) which is provided by Stellar, and it prevents any further damage to the storage media while shipping. 

2. Analysis

The second step is performing analysis to see the condition of storage media and check how much data can be recovered. This is all part of an assessment report which covers the state of media, how much data can be recovered, the time required to recover data, and lastly, the charges involved. So this analysis gives the customer a complete summary of data recovery process, charges and chances of data recovery. 

3. Data Recovery

After getting the approval from the customer, they perform data recovery. The customer needs to specify any important data that is required which may be a folder, file related to work. Stellar Data Recovery has a policy of No Recovery No Charge and if they will not able to recover desired data, there are no recovery charges… So this gives the customer a confidence in trusting the company for their services. After this, the data recovery experts start the data recovery process. If it is a case of logical recovery then they will use various software to recover the data. In case of physical recovery, they repair the hard drive or other storage devices temporarily then make a clone image out of it. This image is then used to recover the complete data of the customer. The data recovery takes place in ISO certified class 100 clean room which provides a highly controlled environment with a preset temperature, humidity, and dust particle level. It has only 100 dust particles per cubic foot of air which is the standard they have to maintain in class 100 clean room. These rooms are required if a hard disk is to be disassembled and maximum data is expected from the storage device. They have a lot of spare parts too to temporarily repair the hard drive or any other storage device. The company maintains a high level of security in each lab with fingerprint sensors and only authorized personnel gets access to the data recovery lab. This is required to maintain data privacy across different people in the company.

4. Data verification

As the data is recovered, the customer is informed and is asked to review & verify the recovered data. This can be done by walking in the centers or one can also verify the data using TeamViewer.

5. Data delivery and privacy

Lastly, the data is delivered to the customer in the external storage media device provided by the customer. Additionally, the company also provides external storage media with data care pack at a discounted price. It is up to the customer how they want their data back. After the whole process Stellar wipes the complete data backup from their servers after 7 working days ensuring complete data privacy and protection.

So this is how the process of data recovery happens at Stellar Data Recovery Labs. The clean 100 room is USP of the company as it is mandatory for the physically damaged hard drive and other media storage. Also, data privacy is one of the major factors in Stellar Data Recovery. Only people with authorized access has entry to specific labs and the engineers working inside only know the Job ID and no such information about the customers. This protocol is followed so that customer’s data privacy is maintained at each and every step. Data authentication is also a step which is kept completely transparent with the customer so that the customer can make sure that all the data recovered is correct. After handing over the data, they use a software to automatically wipe out every single bit of data from their servers for customer data privacy. During my visit, I saw the company has a number of spare parts (because they receive old hard drives, many manufacturers may have discontinued old models and so for recovering data they require spare parts) and a variety of tools that are required to recover the data. Here is something that I experienced after my visit to Stellar Data Recovery labs that this whole process is not a simple task and needs a lot of efforts along with tools, class 100 clean room, and trained experts. All this is present at Stellar Data Recovery Labs which is why I am pretty sure that they can recover complete data out of any damaged storage media such as hard drive, raid, server, mobile phones etc. If you really are thinking of getting the data back, then local vendors are something you should avoid. Because they might damage the storage media and you won’t get the complete data out of it. So it is always better to seek professional help and go with a market leader like Stellar Data recovery. Let me know if you have any doubts regarding the process in the comment section below.

Group of technicians repair hard drive

How to recover lost data after fixing error 3194

Updating your iDevices can be a tedious task if one encounters any errors while the process is going on. One such famous error is the 3194 which may be encountered while updating iPhone using iTunes. There are many things responsible due to which this error is thrown by iTunes. But sometimes one may need to factory reset the iPhone which causes data loss. So we present you the method to recover lost data after fixing error 3194.

What is error 3194 in iTunes/iPhone?

Error 3194 is thrown when iTunes is unable to contact the update server while updating iPhone. The cause for this error can be different depending on your issue. One of the most common issue is using old version of iTunes because of which you may encounter this error. Other causes include restoring to an older iOS version which is not signed by Apple. So just try to analyze the root cause and then see how to fix error 3194 in iPhone.

So in case you were able to fix the error 3194 without data loses then it is a great news. Or else in some cases people lose their data while solving this issue. This may be due to the fact that the update or restoration process deleted the data along with it. So you need to be careful while solving the error and also try not to lose the data. In some cases even if you lost the data then we know how to recover data like iMessages from iPhone after solving 3194 error.

How to recover data from iOS device?

  1. Download and install Dr.Fone on your computer. Launch it and connect the iPhone/iPad to your computer.
  2. Don’t forget to install latest version of iTunes before this and keep the auto-sync feature off so that it doesn’t sync the data and overwrite it automatically.
  3. Press the Start scan button to initiate the scanning process. You will see preview of the lost data and you can pause the process if you found the data you were looking for or else let it continue.
  4. After the scanning process is complete you will see all your data in front of you. It will show both lost and existing data so you can select to show only deleted/lost data. One can also search for specific data using the search option.
  5. As for the recovery you have the option to recover data to computer or iOS device itself.

Using this process you can recover any type of data like iMessages, contacts, notes, media files etc. Hope this will help you to solve the 3194 error and recover the lost data on iOS device. If you face any issue then do let me know using the comment section below.


Data recovery with EaseUS data recovery wizard

Take a moment and picture this scenario. For many, you won’t have to imagine it, but rather relive it. You want to clean up your computer or memory drive in order to recover some storage. Unfortunately, as you select and delete files, you accidentally delete files that you did not intend to. Also, because you were deleting files in order to save space, you were not deleting them to the recycle bin, but you decided to ‘permanently’ delete them. These files could be documents, photos, music or even videos. What do you do now? How can an individual recover deleted files?

One solution is to contact a data recovery company to help recover the lost data. However, this will mean some time without your computer and also, it will cost a considerable amount of money. If you don’t want to have to do all this and still recover your data, there is an easier way. There currently exists free data recovery software that will allow anyone to recover deleted files. One of the best free data recovery software is EaseUS data recovery wizard.

Why Should you get EaseUS data recovery wizard?

First of all, EaseUSoffers the user a lifetime free trial. This means that you can get to use the product without having to pay for it up to a certain limit. You can use the product for free up until you recover 500MB of data. After that, you will have to pay for the software, but the rates are very reasonable and certainly cheaper than having to go to a professional data recovery center.

Second, the software is very easy to use. You will not need any special knowledge in code or computer science for you to use the software. The interface is generally the same as your regular program window with clear instructions on what you are to do. Anyone can use it immediately after they install it.

Third, EaseUS can recover deleted files of different types. The user can choose to recover all file types or specific file types. This means that if you deleted a folder and all you wanted was the documents that were in the folder, you can specify that what you want the software to do is to recover documents alone. The same goes for other file types. This sort of versatility and flexibility are crucial to the user because it helps them prioritize what they really need back.

Finally, the software, while smart, does not take control from the user. One way is shown above with the ability to select the files. The software allows the user to also not only select the location where to search (e.g. the original location of the files), it also allows you to choose what to recover after the scan of the location is completed. The user can choose to focus on one location and on particular files rather than having the software operate indiscriminately.

So, if you have lost your data, don’t fret. Get a free data recovery software. Get the best. Get EaseUSdata recovery wizard.

windows 7 password reset

4 Ways to Reset Your Windows 7 Password without Re-installing System

Things being what they are, you overlooked your Windows 7 secret word? Hello, it happens. Should make extremely entangled passwords so they’re hard to figure yet at times we make them so confused that we overlook them ourselves. 

Fortunately, there are a few approaches to discover a Windows 7 secret word that you overlooked. If there are other individuals that have accounts on your PC, one of them might be setup with executive level get to. Since those with manager benefits can deal with the passwords of the considerable number of clients in Windows 7, this individual would have the capacity to change your Windows 7 secret word for you from inside his or her record. 

Part 1. Attempt to Guess the Windows 7 Password You Forgot 

Try not to snicker! You’d be shocked how frequently this function. Before we bounce into some cutting-edge secret word recuperation strategy, make instructed surmises in the matter of what your Windows 7 watchword may have been. Since most passwords, even profoundly convoluted ones, are frequently propelled by the spots, individuals and things in our own and expert lives, you may have the capacity to goad your memory with a little exertion. 

Could your Windows 7 secret key have had anything to do with: 

1. a most loved nourishment? 

2. your home or office address? 

3. as much of the time dialed phone number? 

4. something from your adolescence? 

5. a most loved number or set of numbers? 

6. your name? 

7. the name of a companion, relative, or pet? 

8. a friend or family member’s birthday? 

9. a mix of any of the above? 

Trust it or not, there’s an approach to reset your Windows 7 secret word with only the devices and programming you as of now have available to you. This is a clever little trap that anybody can pull off. The most noticeably bad you’ll need to do is boot from a circle or glimmer drive and utilize Command Prompt a couple of times. 

Perceive How to Reset a Windows 7 Password for an entire instructional exercise. Considering the way that you likely don’t generally have a secret word reset plate or a moment executive on you PC, and you presumably as of now have a cerebral pain attempting to recall what you set your watchword as, this trap will be the answer for the clear majority of you 

Part 2. Reset Windows 7 Password with iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro 

iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery is an utilitarian utility utilized for recuperating your lost Windows 7 secret word and include new client. It was developed by iSeepassword company. With this product, you can break your framework login secret word rapidly and effortlessly with a few snaps, regardless of which form your Windows 7 operational framework is. With it, you can: 

Key features: iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery

* Remove Windows 7 secret word without information misfortune. 

* Add new record to Windows 7 without logon. 

* Reset Windows secret word for all Windows 7 PCs including desktop and tablet.

* Work Perfectly with CD/DVD and USB Flash Drive/Pen Drive 

* Upheld OS: Windows 2000/2003/2008/2012/2016/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10(32 bit and 64 bit) 

* Any issues about Windows 7 secret word recuperation programming can be explained auspicious and professionally. 

Steps on How to Reset Windows 7 Login Password with iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro

Step 1. First of all, you need to download and install the iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery pro on another working computer. Then insert a blank CD or a USB flash drive with a capacity of at least 1GB into your computer, it will take seconds to burn a USB or DVD password reset disk.

Step 2. Insert the bootable CD or USB flash drive you just burned into your your locked computer, then turn on or reboot your computer. And set your computer BIOS to let the computer boot from USB drive or DVD. Then once the program loaded, it will detect all accounts in your computer, just select the one you need and click Reset password button.

After resetting password, reboot your computer, then this time, you can directly enter your Windows system without typing password. If users didn’t clear the steps here, of course you can go to the office site to learn how to bypass Windows 7/8/10 password.

Part 3. Using a different User to Reset Your Windows 7 Password

You can use any administrator user to reset a password for other users (even other directors). First, you should make sure your user is the administrator. Therefore click on start -> type “CMD” -> right click on CMD and press “a” on your keyboard. This will try to run the program as an administrator. If the Windows opened up a new Window with “yes” or “no” options, click on “yes”. If you were denied access to this task, please follow the second option.

Now type the following:

· “Net user”: Shows you the list of users.

· “Net user [targeted username] *”: This command will allow you to change the targeted username password. Remember that the capitalization of the usernames matter. Also do not, include the brackets.

· Now type your password. Remember everything you type will be inputted but nothing is visible. Do not worry about it.

· Retype password and then you are done. You can login into the targeted user with new password.

Part 4. Hack Your Windows 7 Account with a Password Recovery Program 

If you’ve taken a stab at speculating, there are no different clients on your PC, the last trap didn’t work for reasons unknown, and you are certain you don’t have a Windows 7 watchword reset plate lying around, at that point it’s an ideal opportunity to take a stab at something more confounded. 

Windows watchword recuperation programs are programming apparatuses intended to recoup or reset/erase your Windows 7 secret word. They can in some cases be hard to utilize however if you genuinely have overlooked your Windows 7 watchword and you can likewise take after some straightforward headings, there’s a fantastic possibility that one of these projects will get you once again into Windows. 

Still Can’t Find Your Windows 7 Password? 

On the off chance that you’ve taken a stab at everything above, and that overlooked Windows 7 watchword is away for good, at that point you should play out a clean introduce of Windows 7 – a procedure which will wipe everything on your PC. It’s extraordinary and clearly dangerous yet in the event that you need your PC back, you’ll have to consider this choice.

USB Flash drive data recovery

How to Recover Lost Data from USB Flash Drive

Everybody in this digital age is busy in collecting, storing and sharing data. It happens a lot of times that you might accidentally delete something important from your storage device. Portable storage devices with less memory like USB Flash drive are often used for transferring small files. But using them frequently will result in accidents which involve data loss. But is the data really gone forever when deleted? Well, the answer is no if it is not overwritten by some other set of data. So today we will see how to recover lost data from USB Flash Drive.

Before we move ahead with data recovery part, let us see what happens when you delete data from USB flash drive. Even if you press “Shift+Del” which is the command for permanently deleting data in Windows operating system, it is not shown anywhere on the system. But the data still remains in the memory of the storage device. If you copy paste some other data on that USB drive, then the old data is replaced with the new one. Only then it would be difficult to recover it. So the first thing you need to do when the data gets deleted is, do not copy any other data in that storage device. There are many software available for flash drive data recovery out of which we will be using Wondershare Data Recovery. This software is a paid one but you can surely try it for free(up to 300MB data recovery).

Wondershare Data Recovery features:

It has some excellent features and modes that will help you recover data in different conditions. The software is available for two operating system now Windows and Mac. The system requirements for running Wondershare Data Recovery is very low, that means it can be used across any kind of hardware. Data loss due to deletion, formatting, inaccessibility, corrupt partition, unexpected power off, factory reset without backup etc. can be recovered using this software. Almost any kind of data let it be documents, image, video, audio, email, archive etc. are supported. Apart from that data from computer/laptop, memory card, digital camcorder, hard drive and Flash drives can be retrieved.

Recovery modes of Wondershare Data Recovery:
  • Wizard Mode: For all those who are trying out the data recovery process for the first time can choose this mode. Wizard mode will ask you some questions that will help you recover data faster. This mode works efficiently for a layman with less technical knowledge.
  • Lost File Recovery: Using this mode one can recover data with original file names and path which is a feature that you might not get in every data recovery software. This helps to restore things back to their original state.
  • Partition Recovery: This mode will help you to recover data from deleted, lost, damaged, formatted, and resized partitions. Doing experiments with partition can sometimes cost you loss of huge amount of data depending on the size of the partition.
  • Raw Recovery: This mode can help in situations of virus/trojan attack wherein the file system is all corrupted. So you can run a scan on raw hard drive which will provide you with preview of all the files that can be recovered with one-click.
  • Resume Recovery: Resume recovery can be extremely helpful when the size of the storage device getting scanned is huge and takes a lot of time. So you can perform scan and recover process in parts by saving the scan results and then resuming the search from where you left off.

So let us check the steps on how to recover data from USB flash drive. The steps will make the whole data recovery process very easy.

How to recover lost data from USB flash drive?

  1. Download the software from the aforementioned link with respect to the operating system you are running.
  2. Install it on the system and then run it. After you first launch the software, it will ask you to enter license code so you can skip that and try the software for free.
  3. The Wizard mode is the default mode that is launched, so you can switch to standard mode.How to recover lost data from USB Flash drive
  4. In that choose Lost File Recovery mode to recover data from USB flash drive.
  5. Make sure that you have connected the USB flash drive from which the data is to be recovered.How to recover lost data from USB Flash drive
  6. Choose the proper location and check the deep scan option.
  7.  After the scan is completed, it will show all the files that can be recovered.How to recover lost data from USB Flash drive
  8. You can choose the files and press recover.


Make sure that you choose a different location for recovering the data and not the same one from where the data was deleted. The software works in the best possible way and shows promising outputs. The process is quite easy and fast even for a person from a non-technical background. So now you know how to recover lost data from USB flash drive. If you have any doubts then please post them in the comment section below.

formatted harddrive

How to recover data from formatted hard drive?

Keeping all your data offline is one of the best things to do when security is the concern. But offline data has location access restriction. Plus if the only copy of data gets corrupted or deleted then you are in some serious trouble. Many times it may happen that your most trusted personal machine might fail you. Because of some reason the data might get deleted or corrupted. Accidentally you may format the whole hard drive or a single partition. In such case, the data is not really gone. So today we will see how to recover data from formatted hard drive using EaseUS Data recovery wizard software. Before that let us understand a few basic.

What happens when you format hard drive?

Now this seems like a crazy thought that someone would actually format his/her hard drive accidentally. But trust me, for people doing some real experiments like dual booting, they might end up with formatted hard drive or a partition. I once deleted a partition accidentally and they didn’t even ask for confirmation before deleting every inch of data. So when you actually delete partition or format hard drive, the data is present but the address pointer is removed. So we cannot see the data. Unless and until you replace the old data with new one, hard drive recovery is very much possible. You can use various tools and software but in this tutorial we will use  EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard which is a free software and works great.

Quick tip: As soon as you lose some data, don’t paste any data in the same location. There is a chance that you might replace the old data making it unrecoverable. 

How to recover data from formatted hard drive?

  1.  Download data recovery software free from this link. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is available for free.
  2. Next install the software depending on the operating system you have – windows or mac.
  3. The steps to install it are pretty much simple and won’t take much time.
  4.  After successfully installing the software, launch EaseUS data recovery wizard.
  5. When you first open the software, you will find a screen asking you to choose a location to recover data from.
    How to recover data from formatted hard drive?
  6. If you have formatted the whole hard drive, then connect it to some other PC and install the software in that PC.
  7. You can recover data from formatted partition or USB drives or SD cards too.
  8. After choosing the location of data to search in, click ‘Scan’.
    How to recover data from formatted hard drive?
  9. Depending on the size of partition it will take some time. After scan is complete, results will be shown with files that can be recovered.
  10. If the results are according to what you were expecting then you can go ahead and recover the data.
    How to recover data from formatted hard drive?
  11. Remember one thing that the destination of recovery files should be different from where it was lost. If you recover the data in the same location then you might overwrite the remaining lost data and create a big mess.
  12. Many times you may not get expected results with quick scan. So this time you can use the ‘Deep Scan’ option to search in depth. This will surely take much more time than quick scan.
  13. Deep scan will actually perform good and recover almost all your data. The time is worth the wait.
  14. After that remember to press recover and choose different location to recover files.

So in this way you can recover data from formatted hard drive. If the process of scanning took much time then you can save the results and recover everything any other time. But it is not wise to wait too much to recover the lost data.

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

  • Easy Installation
  • Recover data from multiple sources hard drive, USB drives, memory card, digital devices etc
  • Recovering is possible even if the files were formatted, accidentally deleted, hard drive failed, system crashed, virus attack, partition loss etc
  • Support for Windows and Mac
  • Import export scan results to recover data later
  • Bootable media with Pro+ WinPE version

EaseUS Data recovery wizard has a very clean interface and the software knows what it is mean to do. It has one main goal of recovering which it does very well. Though the deep scan took some time but worked great. You can always go for paid version if you want to recover unlimited data. So this is how to recover data from formatted hard drive. If you have any doubts then post them in the comment section below.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Pro review

Data is something that has become the most important asset in this digital age. Data is being relayed across huge network connection across the globe that is what we call the Internet. We the advent of IOT (Internet of things), everything is connected to the grid to send and receive data. But what if some of the important data on your machine gets lost or deleted? Is it gone forever? You can always recover it back using some software like Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery.

Amazing Fact: Data loss statistics over the years reveal that 46% of data is lost due to hardware and software malfunction, 29% due to human error, 11% is lost due to software failure, 6 % due to virus attacks, 5% due to theft or power cuts and 3% due to natural disasters

What happens when you delete data?

When you intentionally or accidentally delete some important files from your hard disk or USB drives or any other storage device, the data is still present but it stops showing in the file explorer. This is true even if you delete some item from recycle bin. One chance of losing the data forever is if it is replaced or overwritten by some other data. So the first major step you need to take when you lose some data is, stop adding additional data on your storage device. Secondly, you can go ahead and use some software to scan for the lost data. Eventually when you find everything just recover it in some different location.

We will be reviewing a software called Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. This software is available in both free version and the paid version too. Let us first check out the steps to use this software.

Steps to recover data using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery:

  1. Visit this website to download the software – Free version. Check the respective operating system for the proper version.
  2. After downloading install the software on your machine. Launch it from the desktop icon or the start menu.
  3. The first thing that you will see is the section ‘Select What to Recover’. Here you can choose the type of data you wish to recover.
  4. Next you will see the connected drives that are the partitions and other drives. It all depends on the location of data from where it was lost. You can also recover data from USB drives or memory cards.
  5. Select the appropriate partition and click ‘Scan’. This will initiate the scan which can take time depending on the size of the drive.
  6. If the normal scan didn’t work for you then you can go for ‘Deep Scan’ which will take more time but give better outputs.
  7. Other than that you can recover lost partitions and choose which type of data you want to recover.
  8. After you found the things you were looking for, you can start the recovery process by choosing some different location as the source.

In these 8 easy steps one can recover any type of data from most of the locations. One amazing feature about this recovery software is that it can also recover deleted emails if you use outlook client.

Features of Stellar Phoenix windows data recovery:

  • Easy data recovery steps
  • Recover data from: Hard drives – Internal and External, USB drives, Memory cards, CD/DVD
  • Recover photos, videos, documents, files, folders, email
  • Choose specific file type to reduce scanning time
  • Create Image of partition to recover data
  • Recover lost partitions

You can recover 1 GB of data for Free with the Free version of this software. In my case, stellar phoenix recovery worked almost every time and is genuinely one of my best choice when it comes to data recovery. The new version V7 has added a lot more new features which are way more better than the previous one. Now you can actually specify a particular location for scanning which was not the case before. The interface of the software also looks mature now.

If you are actually planning to buy the full version then here are the plans:

The full version won’t be having any limitations on the amount of data you recover. You can always create image of a partition and then recover data from that partition. If you have any doubts related to recovering data then drop it in the comment section below. I hope this will truly be your savior in the times of despair. Share your experience of using this software in the comment section below.

Backup Computer Key In Blue For Archiving And Storage

EaseUS Todo Backup review

In this digital era, data is one of the most important asset to everyone. With something so important there comes a responsibility of keeping our assets safe. We can always make copies of data i.e. backups in case we lost the original copy due to some issue. But backing up data can be one of the most boring job without the proper tools and knowledge. So today we will do EaseUS Todo backup review which has many different backup options according to our needs. Do note that we are using EaseUS Todo backup Home edition which is a paid version.

EaseUS Todo Backup Review

To start with we will list all the features of EaseUS Todo Backup which is a free backup software. Then we will see how you can use these features for your benefit.


Along with these features it also has some tools like checking image integrity, create emergency disk, wipe data, mount/unmount disk etc.

ease us todo backup review

EaseUS Todo backup

Disk/Partition Backup

Now this will create the backup of the entire disk or the partition which you choose manually. There is more to it, you can also schedule backups to happen automatically at a certain period of time. After you select the drive/partition to backup and the destination, its time for the backup options. First backup option enables you to choose the compression ranging from none to high. Higher the compression rate slower the backup operations will be. You can also split the backup in different images either automatically or manually. The second option is encrypion which will let you to choose a password for the backup so that no one can misuse your data even if they have the file. The third option is performance which lets you decide how much system resource should the software use for these operations. If you choose high, the backup will be faster but your system will get slower and you can’t multi-task. You can also choose the network transfer speed if the destination or source is present in some other machine on the network. Email notifiaction is the next option which will notify you of the activities of this software. You can also set commands before or after the backup to happen automatically like to shut down the system after backing up all the data. Again the destination/source can be some server in which case you can turn on the FTP transfer which is the next feature. You can also exclude certain files that you don’t want to include in the backup. So these were some amazing backup options which gives you freedom of all sorts. I tried backing up around 8 GB of data and the backup image was of 5 GB that means 3GB compression even at normal compression rate. After that you can always do a incremental or differential backup that will save time.

ease us todo backup review

EaseUS Todo backup options

File backup

This option must be chosen when we have to backup certain files or folders periodically or once in a while. Suppose you have a work folder in you local machine which you need to backup in your USB drive everyday when you leave office. Then you can either schedule the backup or do it manually using this option. It also has the same backup options mentioned above.

System Backup

Now this is associated with the operating system installed on your machine like mine is running Windows 10 present in C drive. Normally if you copy all the C drive files and paste it in some other computer, it will not boot up like your normal PC would, because these system files need to be present in the proper sectors. This all is done easily with EaseUS Todo backup utility. You just need to choose this option and it will auto detect the type of system you are running and the rest is similar to the aforementioned steps.

Smart Backup

The next options is smart backup which will automatically backup any new files that you create while this service is already running. You can turn on monitoring for changes in certain locations and it will backup files only from the source that you mentioned earlier.

Mail Backup

Mail backup means backing up all the emails present in the email client that you use like Outlook. You can take backup of all the folders and then may be go ahead with deleting certain emails without the worry of losing them permanently. You have the option to choose which all emails accounts you want to backup. The mail backup option also saves the sync hassle that is performed when you sign in the outlook account after a fresh system install.


Cloning a hard drive involves copying data from one disk to another one creating a perfect clone of each other. This option can also be used on C drive where normally our system resides. If you plan to upgrade your hard drive you can clone the previous disk into the new one. You also have an option to optimize the backup for SSD and to copy the data sector by sector.

Other tools

ease us todo backup review

EaseUS backup tools

The first option is to check the integrity of a backup image which was previously created. This simply means we are checking the image for any data corruption that may be caused by some outside entity. Next tool enable us to create emergency disk which can be helpful if we are not able to boot in the system on any disk. You can take the emergency disk ISO file in any USB drive or CD/DVD. Next option enables us to completely wipe data from any partition so that it cannot be easily recovered. Consider a case where you are not able to boot into the system so how would you recover from any image. So the next option is to enable PreOS which will let you boot into an environment which will help you to restore the system from a backup image. So always keep this option enabled. The last option is to mount/unmount a backup image so that you can browse all the files that are present in the backup.

So this was EaseUS Todo backup review and all the things that you can do with this software. To restore data from any backup image you need to just browse for the backup and then restore to the desired location. If you have any doubts related to this utility drop them in the comment section below.


How to recover data from deleted partition

Once I accidentally deleted one Partition of my cousin’s PC. It contained a total Data of Around 120 Gb. So, is that all the Data from the partition gone permanently with just Few clicks?? The Answer is no. When we delete the partition or the Data, only the name assigned to it is deleted, while our data still exists on HardDrive. It gets permanently deleted only when you add another data, and the old one gets replaced. So today we will see, how to recover data from deleted partition.

How to recover data from deleted partition

First things first. I will recommend that, after deleting or formatting partition accidentally, don’t copy any another data in the partition and also don’t Format it. Next thing you have to do is, you will have to arrange space equivalent to that you have lost. You can either free up another partition or arrange a external hard disk. The reason behind this is that, you can’t recover data in the same space from where you lost it.

How to recover data from deleted partition??

  1. You will need a software named Active File Recovery.
    Download it from HERE
  2. Install it on your PC/laptop.
  3. Run the software. Now select the deleted Partition (it will show as unallocated space or u can check drive letter if you have formatted).
  4. Now select SUPER scan (Recommended) and not Quick. You will have to wait till it completes scanning. It may take some time.
  5. After the Scan is completed, it will show all the data that can be recovered.
  6. Just select the files you want to recover, then right click and select ‘recover’ option.
  7. Now give the location where you want to recover the data(Do not specify the same drive from where you have lost it)
    How to recover data from deleted partition
  8. This recovering will also take time depending on amount of the Data to be recovered.
  9. And that’s it. Your all data will be recovered.

You can Watch Video Tutorial HERE.

Believe me this Method really works. I myself have recovered 120Gb of Data as it is, otherwise my cousin would have killed me. You can rely on this software. So this method will definitely provide ans to the question, how to recover data from deleted partition. If you have any queries regarding  the above method, feel free to comment. Also share your experience with us.