4 Apps That Can Help You Track and Manage Your Money

Not a lot of Indians know how to attain financial freedom, despite recognizing its importance. A survey by Scripbox reveals that 72% of respondents don’t know how to invest or save their money in order to achieve financial security. The same survey also notes that 56% admitted that they lacked the right knowledge when it comes to effectively handling their personal finances.

Thankfully, there are a variety of tools that are designed to help individuals understand and stay on top of their finances. Such tools include financial management apps that you can download on your phone. In this post, we list four of them.


If you’re a fan of the envelope system when building a budget, you’re going to like Goodbudget. In the envelope system, an individual physically divides their cash into different envelopes for expenses such as your utility bills or groceries. Goodbudget imitates this system by allowing you to create virtual envelopes after you manually input your cash amounts, debts, balances, and income. Aside from that, the app also has basic money management features such as real-time financial tracking.


Everyone who has a roommate knows how laborious it is to split the rent, expenses, and bills at the end of the month. With Splitwise, you can save yourself the headache of manually computing how much you owe your roommate or vice versa thanks to its easy-to-use expense splitting calculator. The app also has a debt simplification feature, allowing you to avoid awkward scenarios where everyone asks each other how much they owe. It is important to remember that you can’t link your accounts to the app. So, you’ll still need to manually pay people you owe via bank transfer, cash, or PayPal, after you use the app.

Petal Card

Credit scores are an important financial concept that everyone should know inside out. Without a good credit score, you will find it hard to access financial services such as loans, mortgages, and credit cards. Petal Card is an app that’s designed to help individuals better understand their credit score, as well as their finances. Aside from having helpful features such as a payments calculator, expense tracker, and subscription manager, Petal Card also has an in-app program called “Leap” that allows users to make credit building a more rewarding process. The “Leap” tab inside the app helps users track their credit score and even offers practical steps that can improve one’s personal credit standing.


Knowing how much money you have is key to successfully managing your finances. MyUniverse can help you improve your personal finances by giving you a comprehensive overview of all your assets, including cash, gold, investments, and credit cards. You can also connect your netbanking accounts to the app to track any changes to your finances such as ATM withdrawals or credit card charges. The app can also pull all of your banking information to create insightful and detailed reports, making it perfect for anyone who wants to take serious steps to advance their financial health.

The road to achieving financial stability is so much easier when you use the apps we’ve listed above. For more smartphone tips and tricks, be sure to check our posts here on TechnoFall.


Boom Audio Unveils Boom Shell – Perfect Gift for Your Valentine

As we all know that Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we are sure you want to indulge your partner with something they will love! and HD sound TWS Earbuds are a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Boom Audio launched its ergonomic flawlessly designed earbuds that will look simply stunning after we wear them.

Boom Audio HD Sound TWS Earbuds are available on Flipkart and Amazon for Rs 1499 INR only, in the colors pink, green, white, and black for millennials.

TWS Earbuds are the most trending new earphone pattern. They give amazing solace and comfort, because of their remote activity. Boom Shell gives premium looks to customers at a great price point, type c fast charging, Bluetooth 5.0.

It is well said that love is not what you are expecting to get, but it is about what you are willing to give, that is everything. Express your feeling of love in the form of music. Let your inmost emotions flow free, and passionately you express your desire to be with your loved one forever and ever.

Share your love with your Valentine in the form of Boom Audio Earbuds.



Boom Audio Shell Earbuds are truly wireless earbuds that are ergonomically lightweight designed. It has a beautiful premium design case. These buds have a great fit as they are extremely comfortable. They stay comfortably with you for long sessions. These are IPX5 rated and supply protection against sweat. One of the key challenges of the earbuds is sweat, and imbibing the dirt and germs into them. This challenge is well accepted by the company, and they have the device – Boom Audio Shell Earbuds which are perfect for your workout session. The design and fit give an edge to the gym-goers. Wear them comfortably during your workout and gym sessions.


The earphones house 10mm drivers with deep bass on focus. The earbuds accompany complete touch controls. There’s complete one tap finger control on it to function supply functionality like volume control, answer/ reject calls, and access voice assistant. They’re compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


Free yourself from the hassles of charging your audio earbuds again and again. With one charge, you’ll enjoy music for up to four hours and therefore the charging case gives you extra 12 hours which takes up the entire tally to 16 hours. Boom Audio Earbuds come with a shell look premium case to stay the buds secure when not in use.  It takes about 40-50 minutes to finish charging them. There’s a Type-C port for fast charging and therefore the earphones come bundled with a Type-C cable within the box.

Stay connected the whole day and night with Boom Audio earbuds. In terms of connectivity, Boom Audio earbuds also support quick pairing, which comes in very handy.

Make this Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one by gifting HD Sound Earbuds to your loved one.

3D Printing printer HD

Introduction to 3D Printing Technology

Pressing a button to produce just about any object that springs to mind seems like the stuff of science fiction. But thanks to 3D printing, this is no longer a futuristic idea — it’s cutting edge technology that is transforming many industries, from manufacturing all the way to healthcare.

What is 3D printing?

British chemist David E.H. Jones was the first to theorize the possibility of using monomers to build solid objects in 1974. However, it wasn’t until a decade later that American inventor Chuck Hull came up with the first working commercial 3D printer. Building on that earlier idea, Hull used ultraviolet light to fashion an object out of photopolymers, until each layer solidified.

Hull’s original invention is not too dissimilar to modern 3D printers. Also called additive manufacturing, 3D printing is the process of making 3D objects with a specialized 3D printer. But just like an average printer, input from a user is needed — in this case, a digital design uploaded to a modeling software — to create an output.

Other than the digital file and the 3D printer itself, you also need raw materials or “ink” for your printer. The list of filaments that can be used for 3D printing is growing, and tech journalist Richard Baguley notes that there are of course pros and cons to each of them. For instance, one of the cheaper options, polylactic acid (PLA), is easy to print with and eco-friendly, but the final products are known to deteriorate over time. On the other hand, carbon fiber filaments are ideal for creating sturdy yet lightweight products. This, however, requires carbon fiber 3D printers, as well as specialized experience in manufacturing.

After preparing all of the above, all that’s needed is to press a button and wait. The 3D printer will extrude (or squeeze out) the filaments to add one layer on top of another — hence the term additive manufacturing — until your desired product is finished.

How is it used today?

From mass-producing automotive parts to creating packaging for beauty products, senior technology analyst Dr. Bryony Core points out how 3D printing is making manufacturing processes more cost-effective. Given that the process is cheaper and less time-intensive, 3D printing leaves room for mass customization, meaning consumers’ wants and needs are taken into consideration without sacrificing economies of scale.

This is crucial for industries like healthcare, as it ventures into the fabrication of cells and tissues — a technology known as bioprinting. This application is being used to create artificial organs, which can be the key to solving problems such as the distinct lack of organs available for transplants. Its other uses include tissue regeneration and cosmetic surgery, both of which require high levels of personalization.

The world may also be one step closer to solving global homelessness with 3D printing. Just last year, housing non-profits New Story and Echale partnered with 3D printing company ICON to develop a neighborhood for homeless families in Mexico. The project, already underway, will have 50 families living in their own 3D printed homes. This goes to show that 3D printing is capable of large-scale projects, like the construction of houses that can bring new hope to families in need.

But 3D printing can also impact even the tiniest and most intricate manufacturing processes that shape our lives on a daily basis. Altium explains how making a PCB with a 3D printer has changed this particular process for the better. PCBs are the little green circuit boards that make all of our electronics work. The 3D printing process can reduce costs, speed up production times, and standardize different designs — benefits that industries working with increasingly intricate electronics can enjoy.

Whether it’s for manufacturing vital electronic parts, organs, or villages, it’s undeniable that 3D printing is a major game-changer for various sectors. It will be exciting to see the tech make waves in bigger and more ambitious projects in the future. And for more stories on the latest in the tech space, be sure to check out other Tech Newz articles.

top 5 creative and innovative alarm clocks

Top 5 innovative and creative alarm clocks

So let us talk about the top 5 innovative and creative alarm clocks. Most of us love to sleep, sleep is a luxury, to others, it may even be a hobby or a favorite pastime. A common problem for almost everyone in this generation would probably be to wake up in time! Be it for work, class, meetings, or the day’s activities, the alarm clock is a must-have item in the bedroom. But if you’re bored with the mundane ringing, hand-sized clocks that you can easily throw out the window to shut up because of its irritating sounds, then you are going to love the list of top 5 innovative and creative alarms.

Heavy sleepers and late-night gamer’s, pick your challenge from the alarm clocks below. No matter what has been keeping you up late at night, we have for you the top 5 innovative and creative alarm clocks that will help you out of dreamland in a very unorthodox way. Some of these clocks can be found online while others are merely concepts at this point. You will find out loads of evilness after the jump! So lets go through the top 5 innovative and creative alarm clocks

Top 5 innovative and creative alarm clocks:

1. Clock on wheels:-

  • Runs away beeping an R2D2-like robotic sound.
  •  Jumps from 3 feet high.
  • Option to snooze once or disable snooze and to turn off wheels and use like a conventional alarm clock.
  • Flashing backlight indicator as it runs.
  • Demonstrable with ‘demo’ mode.s
  • Uses 4 AAA Lithium Batteries.
top 5 creative and innovative alarm clocks

clocky that runs away beeping, to get you out of bed.


Don’t you think the objects we use daily should be different? The proud parent of Nanda Home and the company’s main snooze offender. They made it for Gauri, an over sleeper who was routinely late for classes as a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab, waking up would take some ingenuity. Fusing her love for aesthetic with her passion for fixing things.

WHAT IS IT? The alarm clocky that runs away beeping, to get you out of bed. Can’t wake up? You are not the only one, so don’t worry. According to stats, 40% of people are regretting the snooze. Typical alarm clocks just don’t work very well. The clocky on wheels never lets you sleep again and if you snooze, Clocky will jump off your nightstand, and run around beeping, absolutely determined to get you out of bed on time. Clocky is really innovative, creative and charming.


2. Sonic bomb with super shaker:-

  • Great for heavy sleepers and individuals with hearing challenges.
  • Wireless connection to your smartphone.
  • Set multiple alarms.
  • Wakes up without disturbing others.
  • Alert during calls and messages.
  • Adjustable vibration strength.
Top 5 innovative and creative alarm clocks

With the aid of a bed shaker it gives you a jolt in the morning to get you out and on your feet.


Sonic Bomb is an alarm clock designed for deaf people. With the aid of a bed shaker it gives you a jolt in the morning to get you out and on your feet. Coupled with an adjustable pitch alarm sound and flashing lights it is all the entertainment you require as per your waking uptime. It is a powerful vibrating alarm controlled by your smartphone. Its vibrations are guaranteed to wake up even in the heaviest of sleepers!

BUY Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock here on AMAZON

3. Alarm clock by pedro gome:-

  • On and off alarm switch
  • One-click edits alarm time
  • Two click edits clock time
  • Left and right change time backward and forward
Spoodle alarm clock

Spin the spoodle and it allows you to sleep for a wee bit longer.


Portugal – based designer pedro gomes is an interactive alarm clock that functions on kinetic triggers such as twirling and rocking. Some designers want you to stand up to wake up, others want you to stretch but Pedro gomes wants you to play with the toy-like Sleepy Alarm Clock! Spin the spoodle and it allows you to sleep for a wee bit longer. Overall a cute design that will fit perfectly in the children’s room. What I dig the most is the fun, interactive way we can change the time by simply moving the ball back and forth. The time can be set by leaning the device from one side to the other while snoozing is activated by spinning the clock on the nightstand, until it inevitably comes to a rest when the buzzer will go off again. A playful experience with a strong interactive bond.


4. Rocket launcher alarm clock:

  • Wake up to NASA style countdown and rocket launch!
  • You MUST find the rocket and put it back on the stand to make the alarm clock stop ringing
  • Easy to use clock and alarm functions, countdown and flashing light effects, rocket launch, snooze function, and back-light.

NASA style countdown before launching a rocket somewhere across your bedroom.


3 – 2 – 1 – Get set and GO!

The cool new rocket launcher alarm clock is the latest in seriously irritating and frustrating alarm clocks. This one wakes you up with a NASA style countdown before launching a rocket somewhere across your bedroom. Rocket launcher alarm clock is basically for the heavy sleepers who literally need a rocket to wake up, this digital alarm clock is the perfect combination of alarm clock and rocket. It may get annoying in the morning, but the Alarm Clock is sure to get its job done. From my perception, it’s an excellent alarm clock for kids and adults. Also, an innovative and creative alarm to look forward to.


5. Stand up to wake up alarm clock:

  • Modern Look – Suits any room despite the function
  • Touch Sensor – Effectively getting you out of bed (must stand for at least 3 seconds to stop alarm)
  • High-Density Memory Foam – Incredible comfort
  • Customized alarm & Post Alarm Sounds – Daily Motivation to start the day
  • Minimalistic Design – Efficient and clears room space
  • Battery Life – well over 1 year – running on 3 AAA Batteries
innovative and creative

Here is something for you so meet Ruggie, this revolutionary clock will not only get you out of bed on time. It will also reward you with daily motivation to keep you out of bed, and start your days off right!


Tired of sleeping through your alarms? Do you hit the snooze button over and over? Modern clocks just make it way too easy for us to snooze! Here is something for you so meet Ruggie, this revolutionary clock will not only get you out of bed on time. It will also reward you with daily motivation to keep you out of bed, and start your days off right! This is great to start the day with someone reminding you why you’re awesome. It makes you happier, increases your outlook on life, and gives you that boost and confidence in achieving your goal. This is what Ruggie does. It’s like your personal cheerleader! keeps you out of your negative funk.

You can upload affirmations, empowering quotes, or your own personal life goals for Ruggie to greet you with every morning. The bright LED Display doubles up as a nightlight and you can even kick start your day with your favorite motivational quote.


So this was all about the top 5 innovative and creative alarm clocks. Let us know if you have any doubts in the comment section below.

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FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto Wireless Earphones Full Review

FINGERS India’s new and innovative digital accessories brand is started with the launch of various digital accessories equipped with the latest technology and has started competing with other brands. FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto wireless neckband Bluetooth earphone is such a device launched in the market and it was competitively priced. The device is compatible with any operating system and any type of device. The specification of the device looks quite promising along with the appearance.

FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto wireless earphones full review:

Fingers 2B Music-Addicto neckband


FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto has fine finish with a lightweight and sturdy design, a bit of finely finished smooth metal casing for the batteries. It is equipped with a microphone in a separate case provided with 3 buttons of volume control and play/pause. The play/pause button is provided with additional features of connectivity of a new device and answering/ending call. It is powered by 10mm Neodymium drivers.

The magnetic interlocking of earbuds is provided to avoid the entanglement of wires but the magnet is not much powerful and usually, it is always misaligned. The earbuds are not provided with sensors so it does not automatically turn off when the earbuds are joined. It is designed in such a way by adding the additional feature of sweat resistance. In accordance with comfort premium angular earbuds to fit every ear adds to its stylish design. The flexibility of this band allows u to wrap easily and tuck into your bag or pocket or purse without any issue.

Fingers 2B Music-Addicto Design

Sound and Connectivity

The sound of FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto is average compared to other brands. The speakers are used with a powerful amplifier giving them a boost of loud music. It is provided with a Bluetooth version of 5.0 incorporated with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), making it the latest technology. Though it lags in connectivity with the devices having older Bluetooth versions. The microphone when used while calling catches more external noise than the focused voice making it a bit difficult for the user while calling. It has a decent range of connectivity of approx 10m making it quite the exception to carrying the device.

This device has been featured with the leading multi-point technology, making it ready for multiple connectivities hence it gets connected to two devices at the same time simultaneously. But due to this technology sometimes the user might experience a lack of comfort managing both the devices. It has a sensitivity of 93 dB +-3dB.

Fingers 2B Music-Addicto sound


The battery of this device is a strong point to be considered, as it is powered by 10mm Neodymium drivers. It is situated with an additional battery which provides a playback time of up to 20 hrs and a standby time of up to 300 hrs. It has a battery backup of 240 mAh which takes 3 hrs of charging time. The finely finished body of a metallic case protects the battery. It automatically turns off when not connected to any device making it a smart battery saver. The charger has a standard rating of 5V 1A charger.

Fingers 2B Music-Addicto earphones


FINGERS 2B hasn’t yet hit the e-commerce market but on its official website, the price is INR 2199. It is available in a color combination of black+grey. One needs to buy this device when it hits the e-commerce market.


One can definitely go for this device if the price is about 1500. For someone going for better quality, they can switch for standard brands. FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto. It will not disappoint you in terms of battery backup. I have used this device personally.


To know about more revies click here

Vu 2019 Range

Vu launches 3 TV range with VOD Upscaler Technology

There is a new competition running around in the digital segment, this time its not smartphones but smart TVs. One such company which is one of the largest selling TV brands across e-commerce platforms is Vu. They have launched some good TVs in the past. This time we are speaking of the 3 new range of TVs which Vu has brought in with a new technology which they are calling Vu VOD Upscaler. Let us check out, what exactly is Vu VOD Upscaler and if the new range of TV is something which you can buy.

Vu launches 3 TV range with Vu VOD Upscaler Technology:

Let us first clear the basics about the new technology, what it is, whether it is really required, and how it affects the quality of pictures.

Vu VOD Upscaler – Explained

All the VOD(Video On Demand) content provided by Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc is shot using the latest cameras using high-end VFX technology. There is a difference in the content which we watch on our television and the one which is shot using the high-end camera during production. This might be because of the internet connection speed and quality constraints. So the brand has worked on Vu VOD Upscaler technology which enhances both audio and video of the content using multiple machine learning algorithms which runs parallel to the DSP (Digital Signal Processor). This enhances the picture quality. One can imagine that the original video which consumes large storage memory is compressed and a lot of pixels are eliminated to make it small in size and easy to transmit. Vu VOD Upscaler uses algorithms to recreate those pixels from the compressed pixel which makes the video quality close to what was original. In terms of audio, it identifies the vocals and music and provides an option to user to emphasize on whatever is preferred.

My experience of watching Vu VOD Upscaler was quite good and the difference in audio/video quality was noticeable. Vu stealth launched this technology in the premium Android range of TVs, so the customers who bought this might have experience better audio/video quality, all thanks to Vu VOD Upscaler.

 Vu VOD Upscaler technology currently comes in 3 range of Vu TVs:

1. Vu Pixelight TV

Vu Pixelight 4K TV uses the Vu VOD Upscaler technology to enhance the video and audio quality. It runs on the linux operating system and has 4 hotkeys to instantly access apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, & apps menu with lot of Indian apps like Eros Now, Hungama play etc.

Available in: 43” (Rs. 30000), 50” (Rs39000), 55” (Rs. 42000), 65” (Rs. 66000)

2. Vu Ultrasmart TV

Vu Ultrasmart full HD TV comes with Netflix, Amazon Prime & Youtube Apps all accessible via hotkeys on the remote. The high bright panel, and built-in Dolby and DBX-TV audio deliver good video and audio content. This TV has a nice sleek piano design body. This for someone who will use TV set-top box and cable for entertainment mostly.

Available in: 32” (Rs. 14,500), 40” (Rs. 21,000), 49” (Rs. 31,000)

3. Vu Premium Android

Vu premium Android is a 4K TV which uses the Vu VOD Upscaler along with built-in Dolby MS12 Audio & DBx-tv to deliver wider soundstage audio quality & cinema quality video. It comes with Android 8.0 Oreo and the playstore has a lot of apps for entertainment. The remote of Vu Premium Android supports Vu ActiVoice feature for voice commands.

Available in:  43” (Rs. 35,000), 50” (Rs.41,000), 55” (Rs.47,000), 65” (Rs.72,000)

Let me know if you are interested to buy the new range of Vu televisions with the latest Vu VOD Upscaler technology. Do share your feedback about the article in the comments section below.

Thermal camera car

Top Benefits of Using Thermal Cameras for Your Vehicle

The technology installed in vehicles for safety and convenience has been advancing rapidly. Innovators are developing new and improved options every day as witnessed in the new models on the road. However, most of the devices can be accessed as aftermarket options and installed on older models to make sure that they enjoy the benefits of the same technology. For today, we will discuss thermal cameras. They are the latest surveillance technology in vehicles, especially fleet vehicles. They have the following benefits.

Enhances Vision in Bad Weather

Even if you turn your high beams and fog lights on, some weather can be too harsh to see clearly. This is where thermal cameras come in. If you are driving through a storm or rain or fog, these cameras can still pick out the images of objects as long as they emit warmth. Therefore, it is an additional safety feature for drivers. You can see these images on a dashboard screen in your car in order to see more clearly when driving.

Saves Time and Lowers Cost

Fleet owners can save a lot of money if they rely on this device amongst other technological solutions. The benefits are even greater for those vehicles that are operated where thermal cameras are needed most. For example, accidents can be avoided in arid regions that experience sandstorms and products can be delivered on time. Safety is also improved for those who live in areas that frequently experience fog, mist and heavy rains.

Driving in Darkness

As weird as it may sound, there are times when your fleet drivers might need to drive through the darkness. For instance, if the vehicle headlights fail while a driver is out in the middle of nowhere, the driver can still make it to the nearest safe destination using the thermal cameras. Also, the thermal cameras can become useful when a driver feels threatened and the headlights make the vehicle an easy target. This is why you should visit Eyerideonline to upgrade your fleet technology.

Improved Visual Accuracy

Most thermal cameras can detect the distance of the object ahead accurately. When used during the day or night, drivers can tell how far away a certain object is. This is helpful during vehicle parking or any other time when drivers must know this information. Since thermal cameras do not require any light to work, they become even more useful at night when the visibility on the road is poor despite the use of headlights.

Recording Activities

Ordinary cameras may miss some activities if there is no light at all. However, thermal cameras can record a theft or any other occurrence regardless of how much light is present. Although a face cannot be identified using thermal cameras, they will provide a clue of what happened instead of working with speculation alone. These cameras should be left on in fleet vehicles to record any attempted break-in.

From this information, it is evident that thermal cameras are worth installing both in fleet or private vehicles. They have many benefits including the most significant ones outlined above.



Is Amazon Echo worth buying?

Humans have evolved so fast, especially in the recent times. We have come a long way since the invention of the wheel. From building dams for electricity to internet for building a global village, humans are creating all types of equipment to make lives easier.

One such creation is Amazon Echo. Ever thought of how cool it would be to have a running speaker assistant wherever you are which can answer all your queries, do things and tasks for you like calling someone, set alarms, check weather and update you on news. It is like an assistant who will do as you ask.

You can check this review out to understand the device better, so as to buy it in future. There are some amazing amazon promocode that will not only make you want to order it right away but also help you in saving money without burning a hole in your pocket.


Amazon Echo is a smart speaker with a cylindrical shape, about 5.8-inch-tall and is approximately 2/3 the height of the original version. It has a black cover but also comes in various other colours like grey, walnut or oak finish, or metallic silver finish. On the top of Echo you will find physical buttons to start a voice command, control volume or mute a microphone. The body of Echo is surrounded by a removable fabric cover. You can find a light ring along the border of the upper surface to let users know about the status of Echo.

Amazon Echo is a hands-free smart speaker that works by the control of the person’s voice. On switching it on, it connects to Alexa – a cloud based voice service. Alexa is like your online assistant and you can ask it to do tasks like play music, videos and TV, make phone calls, check weather and news, set alarms, control smart home devices, and much more.


The most amazing feature about Amazon Echo are 360° omnidirectional Bluetooth speakers. With the immersive speaker quality and 7 internal microphones that are installed inside it, these speakers make Amazon Echo way better than any other smart speaker in the league. The sound quality is so brilliant that the room is filled with its amazing voice and will give anyone a feeling as if Alexa is sitting with you in the room and conversing.

Other than its powerful speakers, Echo also boasts of various other cool features. The Echo is getting smarter by the minute, learning and adapting from its environment, adding new set of skills and tricks, with the most amazing features that you won’t believe. Amazon has also recently expanded its ecosystem with the Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Echo Spot, and Echo Show.

Amazon has also added the Multi-Room Audio feature who was long demanded by customers to be added in Echo speakers. The Alexa App has various echo skills too to make lives easier for its owners. Amazon Echo is like a tech assistant that listens to all your commands and does as is told. It is a great addition for a family as you can set multiple timers and alarms on it. You can also control your smart home by installing echo-adaptive appliances like Philips lights, Nest and Sensi. One can also receive news, weather or traffic updates through Alexa. You can give your shopping list and to-do list and Alexa will check items off the list for you. The best part about Amazon Echo is its association with amazon, which helps make things so easy for its users to be connected with amazon, for online purchases, tracking orders or using Amazon Prime.

These incredible features make Amazon Echo one of the strongest contenders in the smart speakers’ competition. You can get yourself one through various online stores using amazon offers today that will help you save big on the purchase.


It is really easy to use Amazon Echo. You just have to install Amazon Alexa App on your phone and purchase your Amazon Echo. Then you head to settings, set up your device and follow the setup instructions.

First things first, the speaker quality. The sound quality of Amazon Echo is pretty good, as the audio sounds clear and crisp. Amazon has installed a 0.6-inch tweeter and 2.5-inch woofer into the device, which is powered by Dolby. It is this that makes the sound quality so detailed and clear. But at high volumes, you can experience a little distortion. But at this price, it’s a fantastic buy that one shouldn’t miss out on.

Then comes the App, Alexa. The Alexa app is wonderful and very easy to use. Its quick and responsive user interface makes working with Alexa very convenient. Amazon has invested a lot in smart home integration and this can be seen through Alexa as it works great with a number of smart devices than any other voice assistant around. At the skills level, it maintains the same level as other smart speakers. As a result, you can now control some devices directly from the app.

Amazon offers many other options like Echo with different price variations. Echo obviously stands out as it is the medium ranged speaker providing both basic voice assistant support or have a separate stereo and also gives you high-end features like more smart skills and better sound quality. It is a fantastic buy for anyone who is looking for a smart assistant for home control, plus well-amplified, crystal clear audio system. In this price range, it is really the best purchase.

Pros and Cons

There are a great number of pros and cons to Echo that are discussed here. First comes the pros or the good things about Echo. At the price given, it is of excellent value. It is very easy to set up, and has a wonderful voice assistant Alexa who has expandable range of skills that develop day by day. Its clean audio and simple voice control is a breeze to the ears and makes Echo a worthy buy.

One of the features that limits Echo is that the speaker quality could be better. Alexa is great but it is hardly a competition to Google home.


There are a number of mixed review for Amazon Echo that will surely help customers make the right choice. Techradar says that there are a variety of plus points to the latest Amazon Echo (2nd generation), like how the smart speaker is a refreshing update to the Amazon range, its price has dropped and the design has also become very elegant. Additionally, the voice assistant app Alexa gets better and learns new skills with each passing month.

IGN also states that although Amazon Echo’s audio quality isn’t as good as Google Home’s, but the Skills are what really sets it apart. Echo can work with so many devices and services that makes it more versatile for its uses.

TurboFuture also has similar views on Echo’s performance that in the price range given, Echo is one of the best smart speakers and definitely more versatile than other devices.


Today, speakers have long overthrown by smart-speakers. Now we have virtual assistants coming in in the form of small pods that not only help us in our daily tasks, but also keep us updated about news, weather and traffic. Amazon is known to be the best in its league for online shopping store, and now it has successfully expanded to tech sector as well. Echo is one of the best smart speakers in the market and with the audio system quality, and the virtual assistant features as good as that, it’s a hard to miss deal that one should definitely go for. At the price range given, it is a clear winner.

Dazen 6A

Lephone launches Dazen 6A with Face Unlock

Lephone, the Chinese Smartphone maker, today launched a new Smartphone brand Dazen with a new product Dazen 6A in the city with the initiative to offer a new affordable Smartphone to the Indian customers. The Dazen 6A is being priced at Rs. 7,999 with the device boasting of 5.7″ 18:9 HD+ (1440*720) LTPS display designed to offer high definition picture quality to the customers with 100 days screen replacement warranty.

Brand Dazen ,which is being launched for the first time in India, is being marketed & distributed by lephone Technology Private limited India.

The Smartphone is powered by 1.3GHz Quad core processor coupled with 3GB RAM and 32GB of inbuilt storage which can be further expanded up to 128GB using a microSD card. With 3,000 mAh Li-Po battery, the Dazen 6A allows you to talk with a single charge. Bringing word-class features in the affordable segment, the phone gives you a smarter way to unlock your Smartphone with Face Unlock feature. Additionally, the Dazen 6A allows you to explore magic with the Fingerprint sensor: pick calls, unlock device and click pictures.

Talking about the Dazen 6A at the launch, Mr. Vinod Pandit, Business Head India, lephone Technology Pvt ltd, said “We at lephone are excited to bring a new brand Dazen for the Indian customer. The Dazen 6A provides an integrated solution comprising of advanced camera quality, better speed, security features, stylish design and value-added services all-in-one, ensuring an enhanced user experience at a competitive price. The company has always believed in leveraging a platform with an affordable yet power packed device, as it offers the flexibility to address users’ increasingly varied demands.  Dazen 6A offers all the latest specifications available in the Android Smartphone market and is arguably the best model in its competitive price segment in the market.”

The Dazen 6A is equipped with a 13 MP+0.3 MP AF dual rear camera with dual tone flash which is another amazing Feature in the device as the primary lens does all the major lifting while the secondary lens works on capturing additional light, increasing the field of view or helps with a nice background. A photographer’s delight, the handset comes bundled with a set of camera modes like bokeh, beauty, FaceCute and panorama. Additionally, there is good news for selfie lovers as the device boasts of 5MP front snapper for selfies.

The phone is topped with connectivity options like Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and FM with a Type C USB. Another remarkable feature of the device is that it runs on AndroidTM 7.0, Nougat with some amazing Sensors like G/ P/L Including magnetometer and fingerprint sensors. As of now the phone will be available in offline stores which is kind of disappointing for all the online shopping enthusiasts.

identity theft

Identity Theft Scams of 2018

As we move into spring it is time to take stock and see what trends are shaping up for 2018 – specifically in the realm of identity theft. As businesses and governments get better at improving security and guarding against identity theft, fraudsters have to innovate as well to find a way around these security measures. It is an everlasting arms race, and it is critical that you stay on top of the most common scams emerging this year.

To that end, we’ve compiled several of the popular new identity theft scams to emerge in 2018 and provide ways that you can avoid becoming a victim – whether as a business or as a consumer.

Tax Scams

As we are moving into tax season, tax scams are naturally going to be on the rise. The most common scam to be on the lookout for is a fraudster using your information to file a fake return. They put in bogus income and deductions in order to trigger a refund. Afterward, you’ll be called by the fraudster with them claiming to be from the IRS who will then threaten you with jail time if you don’t send the money to an account they specify.

Other tax scams include the use of fake tax preparation sites to capture your personal information which can be used for other forms of identity theft. The best defense against tax scams is to file early using a trusted tax preparer so that you can be sure you are working with people who are who they say they are.

FTC Tech Support Scam

This is a variation on a classic scam, changed only in that the fraudster poses as a member of the Federal Trade Commission and promises you money. The scam in general works as follows – a fraudster will contact you claiming that you are owed money (in the FTC version) or that they need to connect to your computer in order to provide urgent technical support.

If you follow their instructions you will end up granting access to somebody who will then use that access to obtain personal information or hijack your computer entirely. This can take the form of installing malware, taking you to a site and asking you to put in your credit or debit card information, or other forms of fraud.

The Advanced Tech Support Refund scam is easily identified due to the fact the program has already been completed by the FTC. Other general tech support scams can be avoided by remembering that tech support companies will NEVER call you unsolicited and generally cannot detect if you are having computer issues.

Bitcoin Chain Referral Scam

This is the modern version of the chain letter scam. The way the scam works is that somebody sends you a message promising that if you pay into the scheme you can recruit others into it and collect from them. The scheme is perpetuated through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, though smaller and less valuable cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Jetcoin are also used (the latter having been shut down rendering the currency worthless).

The best defense against this scam or scams like it is to remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch and if it’s too good to be true it probably is. These scams promise massive returns for minimum work or investment. You’re not going to be a millionaire with only a few years of light effort and anybody promising this to you is probably lying.

Remember to Always be Vigilant

Ultimately, keeping safe is about being vigilant. Making use of services like Cognito can help businesses to protect consumers from identity theft, and consumers themselves merely need to remain vigilant and skeptical about anything that asks for their money. With any purchasing decision you make in life, you generally try to weigh the pros and cons and do not make hasty decisions anyway right? Be the same way if the promise is large returns on investment. Analyze the claim, do a little figuring, and find out if their claims match with reality.