Vu launches 3 TV range with VOD Upscaler Technology

There is a new competition running around in the digital segment, this time its not smartphones but smart TVs. One such company which is one of the largest selling TV brands across e-commerce platforms is Vu. They have launched some good TVs in the past. This time we are speaking of the 3 new range of TVs which Vu has brought in with a new technology which they are calling Vu VOD Upscaler. Let us check out, what exactly is Vu VOD Upscaler and if the new range of TV is something which you can buy.

Vu launches 3 TV range with Vu VOD Upscaler Technology:

Let us first clear the basics about the new technology, what it is, whether it is really required, and how it affects the quality of pictures.

Vu VOD Upscaler – Explained

All the VOD(Video On Demand) content provided by Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc is shot using the latest cameras using high-end VFX technology. There is a difference in the content which we watch on our television and the one which is shot using the high-end camera during production. This might be because of the internet connection speed and quality constraints. So the brand has worked on Vu VOD Upscaler technology which enhances both audio and video of the content using multiple machine learning algorithms which runs parallel to the DSP (Digital Signal Processor). This enhances the picture quality. One can imagine that the original video which consumes large storage memory is compressed and a lot of pixels are eliminated to make it small in size and easy to transmit. Vu VOD Upscaler uses algorithms to recreate those pixels from the compressed pixel which makes the video quality close to what was original. In terms of audio, it identifies the vocals and music and provides an option to user to emphasize on whatever is preferred.

My experience of watching Vu VOD Upscaler was quite good and the difference in audio/video quality was noticeable. Vu stealth launched this technology in the premium Android range of TVs, so the customers who bought this might have experience better audio/video quality, all thanks to Vu VOD Upscaler.

 Vu VOD Upscaler technology currently comes in 3 range of Vu TVs:

1. Vu Pixelight TV

Vu Pixelight 4K TV uses the Vu VOD Upscaler technology to enhance the video and audio quality. It runs on the linux operating system and has 4 hotkeys to instantly access apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, & apps menu with lot of Indian apps like Eros Now, Hungama play etc.

Available in: 43” (Rs. 30000), 50” (Rs39000), 55” (Rs. 42000), 65” (Rs. 66000)

2. Vu Ultrasmart TV

Vu Ultrasmart full HD TV comes with Netflix, Amazon Prime & Youtube Apps all accessible via hotkeys on the remote. The high bright panel, and built-in Dolby and DBX-TV audio deliver good video and audio content. This TV has a nice sleek piano design body. This for someone who will use TV set-top box and cable for entertainment mostly.

Available in: 32” (Rs. 14,500), 40” (Rs. 21,000), 49” (Rs. 31,000)

3. Vu Premium Android

Vu premium Android is a 4K TV which uses the Vu VOD Upscaler along with built-in Dolby MS12 Audio & DBx-tv to deliver wider soundstage audio quality & cinema quality video. It comes with Android 8.0 Oreo and the playstore has a lot of apps for entertainment. The remote of Vu Premium Android supports Vu ActiVoice feature for voice commands.

Available in:  43” (Rs. 35,000), 50” (Rs.41,000), 55” (Rs.47,000), 65” (Rs.72,000)

Let me know if you are interested to buy the new range of Vu televisions with the latest Vu VOD Upscaler technology. Do share your feedback about the article in the comments section below.

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