Traffic camera

How to report traffic violation pay vehicle fines E-Challan

Everyone is moving towards a digital world where things would be more accessible to common people. Good thing is that the government is also adopting digital methods to help people. One such new method deals with Traffic violation, reporting & payment of fines through E-Challans. So how to report traffic violation, pay vehicle fines through an app. It all started with some apps developed for cities like Bangalore, Kolkata & now Mumbai(probably Delhi will join in) too. You can check if your city also has an app to check for vehicle fines & report traffic violation. How amazing it would be when you can do something about others breaking traffic rules & report it to the authorities. For example, people parking in no-parking zones & creating traffic situations.

Vehicle traffic violation signal camera

Which are the apps for different cities?

As of now, we will just check out the new app for Mumbai. For other cities scroll down the article to see the links for apps.

How to report traffic violation, pay vehicle fines E-Challan?

Let us split this into different features & explain each feature individually.

How to check & pay for E-Challans/Fines for your vehicle[Mumbai only – other cities scroll down]?

  1. Download MumTrafficapp for Android & MumTrafficapp for iOS.
  2. After you have downloaded the app, launch it. The first information you have to enter is your mobile number & the OTP which you receive on it.
  3. Next, you need to enter your vehicle number which you want to associate with your mobile number. Keep your chassis number or engine number handy in case the app requires additional verification. You can find this on your official vehicle documents.
    How to report traffic violation pay vehicle fines E-Challan
  4. Now you will be able to see the home screen which has multiple options like My Vehicles, My E-Challans, Civilian Report, E-Challan Payment, Information, & Contact Us.
  5. Just tap on My E-Challans to check for any fines against your vehicle. It will show which rules were violated under the section with the respective amount. It also shows image proof with your vehicle number to justify the violation.
  6. Payment of E-Challan can be done via debit/credit cards/net banking or wallets too.

This is just amazing where you can check for E-Challans against your vehicle directly via MumTrafficapp.

How to report incident or traffic violations against any vehicle through MumTrafficapp?

  1. Just open the app which you downloaded in the previous step.
  2. On the home screen go to the Civilian report option.
  3. You will see two option Violation report & Incident report. In violation report there are multiple options like Tripple seat, no helmet, no seat belt, stop line, while driving, parking violation, fancy plate & other. In the incident option, you can report accident, construction, oil spill, break down, waterlogging, tree fall, road rage & others.
  4. For every report, you need to send/upload images as proof for the violation or incident & describe it. Make sure while taking the images that the vehicle number plate is captured properly along with the violation scenario.

This is how you can report incident or traffic violations against any vehicle through MumTrafficapp.

Other features of MumTrafficapp:

  • Traffic Education feature
  • Check fine rates for different types of traffic violations
  • Check the meaning of different traffic signs
  • Road safety tips
  • Contact the Traffic Police Department

Apps for Traffic Information, paying fines, report violations for different cities:

Similarly, you can search for your city or state traffic police app to check fines/E-Challans, report violations and be a responsible citizen of India. Now is the time where you can report traffic violations & change the bad situation into a somewhat better world. I am not sure how fast you will get a reply to the violations reported, but I am sure traffic departments are working hard to improve the situation by bringing digital assistance to their traditional systems. So this is how to report traffic violation, pay fines E-Challan through an app. Let me know if you have any doubts through the comment section below.



Top 5 Best discount app for restaurant table booking in 2019

In this new generation of trying new food dishes, going out with the family for dinner or lunch. Also Celebrating a birthday, going on a date, taking a break from cooking at home. And many more reasons which will make you go out in the restaurant, bar or cafe. For all this occasion which everyone does now and many times, it happens hard to find a new restaurant, bar or cafe with a free table reservation. With a discount on the food bill. To make your work easier we have found out the top 5 best discount app for a restaurant table booking.

Best discount app for a restaurant table booking


Best discount app for restaurant table booking easzydiner


Easydiner offers you a free discount app for restaurant table booking. Also, a discount on the food which you have there. It also has a food trends option where one can discover the best place, best food dishes, best offers and many more. You also get easypoints which one can use to pay their bills at the restaurant. We can discover a new restaurant, bar or cafe easily because it ever time notifies you for the new restaurant open near your locality.


Best discount app for restaurant table booking zomato


The zomato also offers you a free restaurant, bar or cafe table reservation also added to that there is a privilege to all the zomato gold member 1+1 on food and 2+2 on drinks. It is so user-friendly that one can check the menu items, the specialty of that restaurant, ambiance, top dishes. Average cost, and also their outlets, ratings on all parameters, reviews can be seen. It also gives you the option of food delivery and also self pick up.


dineout explore for dineout app


This offers you a free restaurant, bar or cafe table reservation. While reserving there are offers which you need to select while reserving a table for you and if you have any special request you can also add up that and they also have jet privilege facility for all jet privilege members. Paying bills through dineout pay will give you cashback and also additional my cash in your dineout account.

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eatigo app



This also offers you with free restaurant, bar or cafe table reservation. The unique future is while selecting there are offers applied on the time duration and below that menu card is provided with before price and after price which is a discounted price after applying offer. Here and now this tab works like a map which will show all the restaurants nearby you. Which you easily can select and visit there. Easy to use just login in search for a restaurant nearby you select a time which your comfortable with and confirm your reservation. 

nearbuy Best discount app for restaurant table booking

nearbuy comes with plenty of options it’s all in one app where you can find restaurants, a spa, fitness center, movies, salon, events, etc. For table reservations, you just need to select eat out and choose the category which you prefer for going. And while your booking gets confirmed we can select for offers. You can pay with nbpay. Paying through nbpay will give you cashback in your nbpay. Which you can use it for any other services on

This was all about the top 5 Best discount app for restaurant table booking in 2019. Comment down below if you have any questions and we will surely help.

Credit card CRED rewards earn

How to earn rewards by paying credit card bills

Everyone loves using credit cards and especially those who love to shop now and then. But credit card dues is something you don’t want to keep. Managing multiple cards can be a hassle sometimes. But in this digital world, almost all the problems can be solved using an app. One such app that we are talking about is CRED. You can easily manage all the cards, their timely payments and also get some benefits for the same. Let us check out how to earn rewards by paying credit card bills? Please read the whole thing, before proceeding and use our link to download the genuine app.

How to earn rewards by paying credit card bills?

I have been using this app for long now and had some great experience which I want to share it all with you.

  1. Download the CRED app from this link only just to make sure you get the original thing. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.
  2. Install the app. After installing give the permissions so that the app can remind you whenever the bill is generated and dues are pending.
  3. After you make the profile and activate your account, add your credit cards. You can add multiple cards as much as you want. It might take some time to activate CRED profile based on your credit scores.
  4. Pay the bill whenever it is generated using this app only.
  5. For eg., if you pay the bill for 10,000 INR, you will get 10,000 CRED coins. These coins can be used to redeem various offers in the rewards section from different brands.
  6. You can also refer this app to your friends to earn gems and get more rewards.

You are reading: How to earn rewards by paying credit card bills?

It is as simple as it gets. CRED will help you manage payments related to your credit card. It might take some days for the bank to approve the payment from CRED. For me, it was very quick like the same day or the next day itself. They have various payment options through which you can process the payment. Recently they have introduced UPI as a payment method too.

What are the types of rewards that you can earn through CRED?

One can earn some discount coupons for shopping, food, or travel. All the details can be found in the app itself. Apart from that, you can earn some passes for events going around you.

I think it is really useful to pay credit card bills and get rewards. There is no fee involved to become a CRED member. Just add the card and pay bills. You can always wait for the right rewards and redeem it whenever you feel right. Do let me know if you have any doubts. So this is all about how to earn rewards by paying credit card bills.

spy apps

5 features to look for in spy apps

Spying was not at all an easy job in the old days when it was not all digital. With the smartphone era and so much of online social presence, one can find all the information easily. Everyone is relying so much on a smartphone these days that it has become one single point of information – let it be banking, social life, or simple communication. If you are planning to use some apps for the same purpose, then here are top 5 features to look for in spy apps. All the information provided in the article is just for educational purpose only.

These features must be present in the best android spy apps or iOS for that matter as these are the two widely used platforms for any smartphone.

Top 5 features to look for in spy apps:

Stealth/Hidden mode:

If the app you are looking for is going to spy for you, then that app should be able to go in stealth mode and hide. If the app is discovered then the person you are spying on will come to know and the cover will be blown. This is one of the most important features that must be present in any good spy app. The spy app might camouflage itself as some other app or stay hidden completely – not even reflected in the app drawer. The most important thing is, it should not be reflected with a name that is suspicious in the list of running services/apps.

Always running:

The second feature that a good spy app must have is it should always be able to run in the background. Notifications, msgs, location are something which keeps going on in the background, so the spy app must monitor everything. For this, it is essential that the spy app is running continuously in the background. As stated before, while running in the background, it should be able to hide from the user.

Capture Location:

Location is one important piece of information that you might want to know when it comes to spying. This will tell you where the user is, and based on that you can deduce the activities the user is doing throughout the day. The user might not turn on the location every time, so last known location can be helpful in this case. Tracking location is a key feature that a spy app must be capable of doing.

You are reading: Top 5 features to look for in spy apps.

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Information gathering:

Location is just a single parameter, the spy app must be able to capture as much information as possible. This includes call logs, messages, banking SMS, contact list, Whatsapp/snapchat messages, photos/videos etc. Notice one thing that everything new that comes in, pops up as a notification, and the spy apps target notifications first. Based on the notifications, it can filter which app it belongs too. Whatsapp is one messaging app widely used by any user. Also call logs and normal information can tell a lot about the user – frequently contacted people or services subscribed through SMS. Last but not the least are photos/videos which will be one of the most important information. Any good spy app will give you maximum information possible.

Cloud sync:

This is a crucial feature when it comes to spying through mobile apps. Even though the spy app has gathered the information you need, it should be able to relay all that through the internet without needing to access the smartphone of the victim. So all the collected data must be sent to the cloud through which you will be able to spy remotely.

These were some of the top 5 features you should look for in spy apps. If you are planning to spy, then without these features it would be very difficult task. Let it be Android or iOS, any good smartphone spying app will have the features listed above. If you know any feature that must be left out, then do let us know through the comment section below.

Oneplus 6t ambient display notification

Loop ambient display notifications in OnePlus 6T

Android smartphones have evolved a lot with loads of features and customizations. Still, many phones lag many features out of the box. Like other phones, OnePlus 6T doesn’t come with a notification LED. It has a better option of getting notifications using ambient display. But in case you missed to check out the notification while it popped, it’s gone and you have to pick up the device to check it. This can be a tedious job while you are busy working, or in a meeting and don’t want to miss out what’s happening. So today we will tell you how to loop ambient display notifications in OnePlus 6T. This will solve problems for many OnePlus 6T users and even others having ambient display feature.

Loop ambient display notifications in OnePlus 6T:

One thing to love about Android is, even if the phone manufacturer misses out features in the OS, there are apps available for rescue. This time also, we have an awesome app which solves this problem in OnePlus 6T.

  1. First, make sure that you have enabled the option “Wake screen for new notifications” by going to Settings->Display->Ambient Display.
  2. Next, download Pulse Beat app from the Google Play store.
    Loop ambient display notifications in OnePlus 6T
  3. You will see all the instructions and options laid out in the app.
  4. For this app to work properly, you will have to remove it from battery optimization options.
  5. You can set a time interval for notifications, and they will keep on looping one by one until you check them.
  6. Also, you can set different colors for different app notifications, and enable stealth mode to hide the content.

You can handpick the apps whose notifications you don’t want to miss. This will avoid unnecessary notifications from every app. This is how easily you can loop ambient display notifications in OnePlus 6T and stop missing the notification LED.


Will this consume a lot of battery?

Well, the ambient display is made up in such a way that only a few pixels light up to show the notifications. So this will not consume a lot of battery too!

The beauty is, all these customizations come for free. This app solves the issue of not having a notification LED in OnePlus 6T and still not missing the notifications. Just be lazy and still catch all the notifications without even lifting your device. I hope the trick to loop ambient display notifications in OnePlus6T helped you all. Do try this feature on other devices with ambient display and let me know if it works for you through the comment section below.


Send Whatsapp message without saving number

Whatsapp is one of the most preferred app when it comes to messaging. One of the main reason being that it works with phone number as the identity and most of the people are found on the same platform. One can send various types of media file like photo, video & documents too. But you need to save the number if you want to message somebody. This is one of the drawbacks if you are running a business and do not wish to save the number everytime. So today I will share how to send whatsapp message without saving number. This involves two methods – one is through third party Android app and second one is through a browser link(works for both Android & iPhone).

How to send whatsapp message without saving number?

how to send whatsapp message without saving number

Method 1 – Through 3rd party app(Only for Android | iPhone users scroll down)

  1. Go to playstore and download “Direct Open for whatsapp chat“.
  2. Install and give the contacts access permission.
  3. Once you provide the permission, this app will be able to see your call logs and then you can directly choose an unsaved contact to send Whatsapp message.
  4. You also have a field where you can enter the unsaved number to message them directly on Whatsapp without saving it on phonebook.
  5. After you provide the number or choose it from call log, the app launches official Whatsapp messenger. It is totally safe to use this app as the messages are going through original Whatsapp app.

Method 2 – Using Browser Link :

For iPhone:

  1. Open this LINK on safari browser.
  2. It has the option to enter mobile number and send message. This also opens the official Whatsapp app with the unsaved contact.
  3. You can use this as an app by clicking the share button and then tapping on “Add to home screen” option.

For Android:

  1. Open this LINK on Chrome browser.
  2. Again it has the same option to enter mobile number and send message. This opens up the official Whatsapp app with unsaved contact.
  3. You can use this as an app by clicking on three dots option button and then choosing “Add to home screen” option.

Both the methods mentioned are quite similar, but I prefer using Android app. The benefit is that it can access my call log and I can directly send Whatsapp message without having to type the number. You can share the trick to send whatsapp message without saving number with your friends if this proved helpful to you. Any doubts can be posted in the comment section and will be addressed as soon as possible.

X1 NOTE_Royal Blue

COMIO launches their flagship smartphone- X1 Note

COMIO Smartphone, India’s emerging mid-segment brand, recognised as ‘The Most Promising Brand’ by The Economic Times is all set to conquer the market with the launch of its flagship smartphone, the COMIO X1 Note. Competitively priced at INR 9,999/-, the X1 Note boasts of flawless slim ID design with a stylish mirror finish back cover in two colour variants- royal blue and sunrise gold. With the launch of the COMIO X1 Note, the brand will be available Pan-India.

The device has a dual rear camera with 13MP + 5MP AF with Flash and front camera with 8MP. A photographer’s delight, the handset comes bundled with a set of camera modes like portrait/ bokeh, beauty, panorama, social and night mode. Designed to enjoy high definition to the fullest, the smartphone comes with a 6-inch full view FHD+ 2.5D curved display. The 4G-VoLTE dual SIM smartphone is powered by a 1.45GHz quad-core processor and has a 2,900 mAh battery.

Mr. Sanjay Kalirona, CEO & Director, COMIO Smartphone,We are excited to announce the launch of COMIO X1 Note as it marks our expansion into a pan-India brand. The response we have received from our consumers, retailers and distributors has been tremendous, encouraging us to deliver a product such as COMIO X1 Note, which is one of the best offerings from the brand in the sub-10,000 price segment.”

He further added, “The COMIO X1 Note provides an integrated solution comprising of advanced camera quality, better speed, security features, stylish design and value-added services all-in-one, ensuring an enhanced user experience.” 

Some of the other features include:

  • Android O: Android Oreo picture-in-picture (multiple apps), smarter battery, 2x faster interface, over 60 new emojis
  • A smarter way to unlock your smartphone with Face Unlock feature
  • Secure your smartphone the smartest way with the Intruder Selfie feature
  • Explore magic with the Finger Print sensor: pick calls, unlock device in 0.15 seconds, click pictures, access apps
  • More memory, more space, more fun: 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM, expandable upto 128GB
  • Never miss a buzz with a Notification LED, nor your favourite conversations with Auto Call Recording feature and Auto Call Back Reminder
  • Personalise your smartphone your way with the Dual Account app
  • Font Application feature with access different stylish fonts and supported with 22 regional languages
  • Pop-up touch feature allows user to use the apps with less number of clicks
  • WPS Office app to view all kind of documents with ease

Further to this, Mr. Sumit Sehgal, Chief Marketing Officer, COMIO Smartphone said on the launch, “After capturing the hearts of the youth in North & West India, we are excited to widen our reach to South & East market. We will multiply our efforts in these regions and engage with the youth to make Comio a preferred brand through our philosophy of ‘Don’t Listen Kar Daal.’

COMIO support: Specially designed after-sales support comprising of 1 year + 100 days warranty, one-time screen breakage warranty, 30-day replacement, a special buy back and upgrade offer allowing you to upgrade your old smartphone. The COMIO upgrade offer allows you an assured 40% return on your old COMIO phone (not more than 12 months old) which will be given if you want to upgrade you existing COMIO phone.

Reliance Jio offer: Customers can now enjoy unlimited data and talk time offers using a COMIO smartphone. Jio customers to get INR 2200 cashback (44*50 Rs vouchers) at the time of 1st successful recharge of INR 198/299 monthly plans. The offer can be redeemed from the 2nd recharge onwards.

Availability: The COMIO X1 Note will available at all key retail stores Pan-India and online platforms- Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, ShopClues and Paytm.


Edelweiss mobile trader app : Personal Financial Advisor

Stock trading is becoming common to people even the young generation as the information is quite easier to access nowadays. People who have just started to earn are looking for investment options that can give them quick and high-interest rates. Normal investments of fixed deposits or PPF have a longer waiting period and the interest rates are also low. This is where the share market comes in where one can easily buy stocks of companies having high potential. But the stock market has its own share of risks, and this is where you need a financial advisor who can help you out to get better returns.  Unlike old times when people use to rely only on desktop websites for trading, now they are shifting to mobile apps for the same. One of the highest rated trading apps in the app stores is the Edelweiss Mobile Trader (EMT). It is available for both Android and iOS users and one can access the information even without registration.

There are a lot of companies/firms providing information on the website as well as on apps. But one thing that I realized when I entered trading was, it is best if you can do it via mobile app. We can access the information and trade even while we are on the move which is much faster than opening a laptop and doing it. This is where the Edelweiss Mobile Trader is one of the preferred choices as it is based on 3 factors:

  • Speed
  • Stability
  • Simplicity

If you have ever opened a trading website, you will see that there is a lot of information displayed on the page. When you are on a much smaller screen of the mobile device, the key is to organize the information properly. So the app focuses on the crucial things first like showing the Sensex and Nifty on the homepage. They also have this cool “Pull the Bull” feature available across the app to access Sensex, Nifty, USD, and SGX Nifty rates quickly. Along with that, you have the option to search for quote of different companies listed on the market. Lastly, there are three action buttons for market, trade, and watchlist available on the homepage. So the homepage is very clean and has the most crucial things to get you started. Because of the simplicity, any new user who wants to join trading can grasp the basics quite easily and is not bombarded with a lot of information at the start.

You have two side-menus on the app, the left one focusing on free information for anyone who wishes to access it even without registration. And the right one focuses on the registered users and their portfolio. The left menu has options like Market(Equity, Derivatives, and Commodities), research calls, news, charting etc. while the right menu has user dashboard, trade option, funds transfer, order status, portfolio etc. So accessing information is totally free even for unregistered users.

The app has no ads displayed in any section of the application which makes it a preferred choice among users. The data is updated real-time within seconds and has no lags whatsoever even when there is high usage. Edelweiss claims that they have enough server resources available to handle 4 times the regular traffic as they believe that trading is all about speed and timing. Little bit of latency can cause some real financial loss, so it is made to overcome those even in difficult times like when the market opens high or low. The developers have done a great job in showcasing the data in a very organized and structured manner. No matter on which page you are, you always have option of trade available so you don’t miss any deals. Also, trading is just a 3 tap process with minimal crucial options to fill in which makes it a quick task. They have simplified the login too with one step process which takes the identity of your smartphone as the second step without compromising security.

Research Calls

Research calls is one of the excellent features where this app becomes your personal financial advisor and gives you options for making investments or exiting any current trade. So periodically you will have advice from their team regarding short, mid, and long-term investments. Someone who doesn’t know much about trading can use this option to narrow down his research and kick off trading.


One of the best features and the USP of Edelweiss Mobile Trader is charting, where they have shown some excellently detailed charts with loads of information. One can do technical studies with SMA, EMA, volume, super trend etc and draw lines such as trend line, horizontal, vertical and even a Fibonacci Retracement along with marking events such as Bonus, Dividends, Rights, and Splits. You can also save your own template and load it anytime you want to do your enhanced study quickly. This gives anyone great options to study a particular stock and make decisions based on it and also share the charts with others. The charts load quickly and are very smooth to operate and customize. This is one of the best features which you don’t get easily on other apps and that too for free on a mobile app.

Overall the app is just great in terms of features, speed, and UI. One of the main reasons being that the company focuses on user requirements and feedbacks and that is how the app was polished to become one of the #bestTradingApp in the market. Not many apps have high ratings on both Android and iOS, but this app has managed it by giving an equally amazing experience for iOS users too. So don’t wait any longer, give it a shot and start trading now.


Top 7 Android Apps to Help Enhance IBPS PO Preparation

IBPS PO 2018 is scheduled to be held tentatively from October 13 to 21, 2018. You may think that there are several months left for its preparation but you must have to start preparing very hard, beginning from now to be a part of the competition.

The notification of the exam will be announced in August, along with the application forms. IBPS PO call letters are then released for the candidates who successfully apply for the examination, along with the payment of fee.

The competition level of IBPS PO exam is very high evident by the fact that about 17 lakhs applicants appeared in IBPS PO 2017 for just 3562 positions. This makes the success ratio nearly 0.002 and that for each seat, around 500 applicants attempted the exam.

It’s true that every aspirant would have marked their preferred preparation sources to ace the exam. Most of you might be learning through the basic reference books for the preparation. Only a few might be aware of the online study material such as mobile apps that you may use to prepare for the banking exam.

You can use these apps for grabbing information on the exam, guidance, tips, list of important books, videos and other important topics relevant to you. Additionally, you may use these to download PDFs of the important expensive books, previous years’ question papers and lots more without paying even a single penny.

These apps give you the liberty of reading the course articles pertaining to the exam’s preparation, simply using your smartphone or tablet. Remember that learning the complex concepts from the books is not always the best or entertaining way.

This article takes you through the top seven android mobile apps that you may use to prepare for the exam. Stay tuned.

Top Seven Android Mobile Apps for IBPS PO Preparation

Refer to the following list of seven reliable mobile apps, which are very popular and beneficial from the perspective of IBPS PO 2018 preparation.

1- IBPS & SBI Bank Exams

You can use this educational android app to prepare for IBPS PO, SBI PO and IBPS Clerk exams. It details the concepts on General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning, English Comprehension, Banking Awareness and Computer Knowledge sections.
It also covers a wide range of questions related to these topics. Additionally, you may use this app to attempt quizzes related to IBPO PO exam topics.

Key Features of This App

  • Includes multiple online test quizzes for your practice.
  • The quizzes are mainly based on the pattern of the IBPS PO exam.
  • All material is available in English.
  • You can also go through the General Knowledge section when your net is not working.
  • The app is updated on daily basis with addition of topics and questions.

2- IBPS Bank PO Exam Preparation

This android app is known to be the best one for preparing the General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning, English Comprehension, Banking Awareness and Computer Knowledge sections. It covers plenty of questions for the various sections, question banks of previous papers and model questions.
These questions are suggested by the experts who are faculty at Bank PO coaching centers. It also contains news on the banking matters. You may also use it for the preparation of SBI PO exam.

Key Features of This App

  • Covers questions based on the pattern of IBPS PO exam.
  • Includes quizzes for your practice.
  • All material is available in English.
  • Works in offline mode also.

3- Banking and Computer Awareness

This android app focusses on the pattern of IBPS PO and SBI PO exams. You may use it for preparing the General Knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning, Verbal Ability, Banking and Computer Awareness sections.
Especially, the Computer Awareness section is covered very nicely in this app. There are lots of questions related to this section that you may practice well to master it.

Key Features of This App

  • The app is updated on regular basis with addition of new questions.
  • Got the 5-star rating in the banking preparation apps.
  • The Current Affairs section is updated on daily basis.
  • It covers lots of computer related abbreviations for enhancing your knowledge.
  • It covers questions for your practice for the IBPS PO exam preparation.

4- IBPS Question and Answers

This one is the best android app for preparing the questions related to IBPO PO exam. It contains lots of questions along with their detailed answers and analysis. Apart from IBPS PO, you may use this app for preparing SBI PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, RRB and other banking exams.

Key Features of This App

  • Contains lots of questions specific to IBPS PO.
  • Use it for preparing for other competitive exams.
  • You can also bookmark questions for revision and track your score.
  • The sections are updated on frequent basis.

5- Pocket Logical Reasoning

This is considered as the top android app for preparing the Logical Reasoning section related to the bank PO exams. It contains lots of questions related to Logical Reasoning and Aptitude. You may use it for preparing for UPSC CSAT, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, SSC, IBPS Clerk, CAT, MAT, RRB and lots other exams.

Key Features of This App

  • Contains separate quiz sets containing more than 1600 questions.
  • Sectional questions for various competitions.
  • It is helpful for preparing various competitive exams.
  • It has very user friendly and comprehensive interface.
  • Covers short tricks for you to attempt the questions very quickly.

6- Computer Awareness – IBPS PO – SSC

This android app emphasizes on Computer Fundamentals and Networking concepts for IBPS PO and other competitive exams. It also covers various computer keyboard short keys that are very beneficial.

Key Features of This App

  • This app currently covers 24 practice sets and more than 600 questions specific to the Computer Awareness section.
  • More questions are added on frequent basis.

7- Mahendras – IBPS – SBI Exam

This android app covers the General Awareness section very well. The topics such as Geography, Polity, Economics, Banking History, Quantitative Aptitude, Computer Knowledge, Banking Awareness, English Language and Vocabulary are explained very well in this app.

Key Features of This App

  • It contains lots of questions for your practice.
  • The app claims to improve your vocabulary to a great extent.
  • It is helpful for preparing for various competitive exams.

Get Rs. 50 cashback on downloading Paytm Mall App

Paytm Mall, owned by Paytm Ecommerce Pvt Ltd is running a limited period offer for every new customer downloading the Paytm Mall app. They can enter the promo code ‘PAYTMMALL50’ to get Rs. 50 cashback on recharges done using the Paytm app. This is how you get Rs. 50 cashback on downloading Paytm Mall App.

Paytm Mall is India’s most trusted online shopping destination that lets you shop for the best deals and top selling products. Now shop across various categories like Electronics, Mobiles, Women & Men Fashion, Home & Kitchen, Accessories, Jewelry, Home Appliances, Baby & Kids, Stationery, Sports, Value Store Bazaar & much more.

How to get Rs. 50 cashback on downloading Paytm Mall App?

  1. Download Paytm Mall app.
  2. Sign in using the same Paytm account details.
  3. Wait for 48 hours and then make a recharge using Paytm of minimum Rs.100.
  4. Enter the promo code ‘PAYTMMALL50′.
  5. You will get cashback of Rs.50 within a short span of time.

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