Sony launches new high speed SD card – UZ Series

New Delhi, 19th August: Sony India today announced the launch of its new Ultra High Speed SD card UZ series, with fast data transfer speed and 4K compatibility for smartphones and cameras. The new card is ideal for professional or semi-professional photographers and videographers as with the enhanced speed, transfer time will be minimized and workflow speed and efficiency will be improved.


Available in storage capacity of 32GB and 64GB, the new memory card comes with data transfer speeds of 95MB/s (read) and 90MB/s (write) to guarantee fast and efficient transfers. It also features an Ultra-High Speed (UHS Speed Class 3) rating so that speed and quality will not be compromised in the images captured, resulting in smooth 4K recordings as well as minimal buffering when capturing still images in Burst, multi-frame or panoramic modes.

  • SD Card UZ Series – reads up to 95 MB/s speed & writes up to 90 MB/S
  • Supports 4K and full HD video recording
  • Water-proof, Temperature-proof,  X-ray-proof and Dust-proof

Akin to the previous version, the new memory card continues to feature the Sony File Rescue software, the first in the world to support 3D movies and photos. This software allows users to recover accidentally deleted precious photos and movies.

The newly launched SD cards are equipped with high reliability and protected with molded resin, the memory card is remarkably durable, shockproof and resilient to extreme temperatures.

UZ SD series is available across all Sony Center and major electronic stores across India.





Rs. 5,339

Already available


Rs. 9,942

Already available

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