AQFIT M2 Smart Fitness Band Full Review

AQFIT is a fitness brand that has various products which can help you keep track of your fitness. One of the products that we got our hands on was the AQFIT M2 smart fitness band. It can be used instead of using a normal wristwatch. This AQFIT M2 smart fitness band will show you time, date, day along with other things like step count, distance, calories burnt and much more. These fitness bands take various parameters while quantifying your activities and fitness throughout the day. So let us check out all the features of this band and take it for a review to check if it is worth buying or not.

AQFIT M2 Smart Fitness Band Full Review

Let us start with the design aspect and then move on to the performance and features of the AQFIT M2 smart fitness band. I have used this band for 2 weeks now and I am sharing my opinion about the same.


The AQFIT M2 smart fitness band has a slim body with OLED display on the front. The touch is only supported at the bottom of the display, and you can tap it to navigate it through various options. On the back is the sensor to monitor various heart and blood-related parameters. The band has rubber straps which can be removed to expose the charging USB connection. You can directly plug this band to the USB wall charger or power bank without any need of charging cable. You also get an extra red colored strap which looks pretty cool as well. The band is IP67 waterproof so don’t hesitate to use it while doing heavy sports activity or in the rain as well. The current display is good, but they could have improved it a bit to match it with Honor band 3 but then they have a different product – B2 band that does the job well.


Here is the list of features provided by AQFIT M2 band:

  • Time – The M2 band provides time, date, day & battery level on the first screen. You can always change the look of the whole thing using the options menu in the band.
  • Steps count – The M2 band provides quite an accurate reading of steps you walked the whole day.
  • Distance covered – On the third screen you can check out how much distance did you cover throughout the day. It is a good parameter to check if you are concerned about health.
  • Calories Burned – Next is the measure of calories burned throughout the day doing various activities. Please note that you change the band mode according to the activity performed. This will help keep proper track of the calories burned.
  • Pulse rate and Blood Oxygen – As the band has a heart rate sensor, it will show you the pulse count per minute. Now the most interesting thing is, M2 band can show you the blood oxygen level in percentage. Anything above 95% is good for a normal person.
  • Blood Pressure – Again a feature which is not seen in many bands out in the market. M2 band shows you the current blood pressure – both systolic and diastolic.
  • Sleep – You can wear the band whole night to know your sleep pattern. It will show you how much time you were in deep sleep and light sleep. This helps you to check if you are enjoying a sound sleep or not. For this, you will need to connect the band with App to check sleep pattern. Also, the app needs to know your daily sleep schedule.
  • Alarm – One can set an alarm in the band with the help of the app. The band vibrates at the time set by user.
  • App notifications – One can get notifications from Whatsapp, Facebook or Call alerts too when connected with the smartphone. It shows some details about the notifications on the band screen itself.
  • Camera mode – When in camera mode in the app, you can just shake the wrist to take a picture.
  • Stopwatch – The band has a built-in feature for stopwatch if you want to measure any specific sports activity in terms of time.
  • Sport type – The band has sport type modes as running, cycling, & workout.
  • Battery life – 7 days depending on your usage. Takes about 1-1.5 hrs for a full charge.

One of the smart features about this band is, you can lift the wrist to activate the screen and check the time. Apart from this, you can also search for the phone by triggering a ring from the band or find the band by making it vibrate from the app. This is a very useful feature in case you are not able to find the smartphone or the band. But make sure the two are connected by Bluetooth. I guess this band has most features covered. I would say the band shows a quite accurate pulse rate and oxygen but about the blood pressure, it might not be 100% accurate. For pulse rate, I did check with other devices that doctors used and they were very close. Make sure you wear the band a bit tight to get the best results. The M2 band is priced at 2,499 INR but you can get it for 2,000 INR with offers going on Flipkart or Amazon. The band is well priced though I feel a bit of price drop will help it compete with other brands.

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