Coolpad Cool 5

Coolpad Cool 5 Review

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. There are various smartphones available in the market in various price ranges starting from 1500. Coolpad has launched a new smartphone at a lower price with some good features. This Coolpad Cool 5 model is a good phone to get good basic features worth the pricing. Let us look at some of the features of the mobile.

Coolpad Cool 5 Review



The phone is 76mm wide and 157mm height. It has a thickness of 8mm. It weighs 145 grams. Therefore it is easy to handle and also the grip is good. The color is gradient Blue which is too shiny. It is a dual sim phone having a nano sim size. It has a rear fingerprint sensor. The headphone jack is on the top, USB port and speaker grill are on the bottom, the volume buttons and power buttons are to the left. Hence, the overall design of the phone is good.


Coolpad Cool 5

The screen size of the phone is 6.22 inches. It has an HD display with a resolution of 1520 x 720. Also, there is a dewdrop notch for the front camera. And the touch operation is moderate. The overall display features of this phone are decent according to the price.

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Coolpad Cool 5 has a dual camera. It has a 16MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera with 2MP FF. Also, It has LED flash, HDR and panorama features but the quality of the rear camera is moderate. The pictures from the rear camera are decent. However, the quality of pictures captured from the front camera is amazing.


This device uses the Android 9.0 (Pie) operating system. Also, it has an Octa-core processor clocked at 2.0 GHz. Hence the speed is quite good. The battery is 4000mAh and it is non-removable. It provides fast battery charging. Hence the battery backup is sufficient. The phone has 4 GB of RAM. It has 64 GB of internal storage. It also has a micro SD card slot. The storage also functions well. The speakers of the device give a clear and decent sound. Hence the basic overall performance of the mobile is good.


Overall the Coolpad Cool 5 is good as per its price range. It provides all the basic features at an affordable price.


Top 5 Best discount app for restaurant table booking in 2019

In this new generation of trying new food dishes, going out with the family for dinner or lunch. Also Celebrating a birthday, going on a date, taking a break from cooking at home. And many more reasons which will make you go out in the restaurant, bar or cafe. For all this occasion which everyone does now and many times, it happens hard to find a new restaurant, bar or cafe with a free table reservation. With a discount on the food bill. To make your work easier we have found out the top 5 best discount app for a restaurant table booking.

Best discount app for a restaurant table booking


Best discount app for restaurant table booking easzydiner


Easydiner offers you a free discount app for restaurant table booking. Also, a discount on the food which you have there. It also has a food trends option where one can discover the best place, best food dishes, best offers and many more. You also get easypoints which one can use to pay their bills at the restaurant. We can discover a new restaurant, bar or cafe easily because it ever time notifies you for the new restaurant open near your locality.


Best discount app for restaurant table booking zomato


The zomato also offers you a free restaurant, bar or cafe table reservation also added to that there is a privilege to all the zomato gold member 1+1 on food and 2+2 on drinks. It is so user-friendly that one can check the menu items, the specialty of that restaurant, ambiance, top dishes. Average cost, and also their outlets, ratings on all parameters, reviews can be seen. It also gives you the option of food delivery and also self pick up.


dineout explore for dineout app


This offers you a free restaurant, bar or cafe table reservation. While reserving there are offers which you need to select while reserving a table for you and if you have any special request you can also add up that and they also have jet privilege facility for all jet privilege members. Paying bills through dineout pay will give you cashback and also additional my cash in your dineout account.

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eatigo app



This also offers you with free restaurant, bar or cafe table reservation. The unique future is while selecting there are offers applied on the time duration and below that menu card is provided with before price and after price which is a discounted price after applying offer. Here and now this tab works like a map which will show all the restaurants nearby you. Which you easily can select and visit there. Easy to use just login in search for a restaurant nearby you select a time which your comfortable with and confirm your reservation. 

nearbuy Best discount app for restaurant table booking

nearbuy comes with plenty of options it’s all in one app where you can find restaurants, a spa, fitness center, movies, salon, events, etc. For table reservations, you just need to select eat out and choose the category which you prefer for going. And while your booking gets confirmed we can select for offers. You can pay with nbpay. Paying through nbpay will give you cashback in your nbpay. Which you can use it for any other services on

This was all about the top 5 Best discount app for restaurant table booking in 2019. Comment down below if you have any questions and we will surely help.

Nokia 9 pureview secret behind 5 lens

Secret behind 5 camera lenses in Nokia 9

The beauty of life is in the shots we capture in detail. The Camera shots that shape and defines the world around us that seems to be truly captured until now. Nokia 9 PureView features a 5.99” edge to edge poled QHD display with 2K resolution with a pure display technology and improved sunlight readability. It has 4K HDR video with a spatial audio capture for immersion of an extra layer and Qualcomm aptX for high audio playback quality over audio output devices like Bluetooth, speakers and earphones. The new Nokia 9 has 5 cameras with size optics also captures the deepest of shadows and the brightest of lights, even the hidden details a picture should contain. It measures more depth than any other android cameras we focus after a shot and discover extraordinary pictures. What to know what’s the secret behind 5 camera lenses in Nokia 9? How does it help the phone to get the best picture possible? What are the different functions of each camera lens? Let us jump into the article to find out.

Secret behind 5 camera lenses in Nokia 9

It captures and merges 5 simultaneous shots for breathtaking HDR photos. Through Nokia 9 camera you can explore each and every day.

Secret behind 5 camera lenses in Nokia 9

How 5 camera lens come together to capture a perfect image?

When you press the shutter, all the five cameras shoot with different exposures at that particular time and then get merged together into a single ultra-detailed shot with a clear specified picture image. Also, the individual camera can shoot multiple exposures on their own with adjustment just to make the picture shot more clear and specific with data to the final output image. These camera specifications add more details and colour to the image. As this is the first android cell phone camera company is contributed to by Nokia makers of the 16-camera L16.

Nokia 9 camera: Technology Explained

Nokia is actually making use of the Light’s Lux Capacitor camera control chip here which manages the five cameras which uses the same type of key specs for all five cameras. Each one has a 12-megapixel camera with ZEISS optics and an f/1.8 lens. From those 5 cameras, only 2 shoot in colour and the other three are monochrome.  It shoots and edits RAW DNG photos on the phone itself. The five cameras create an accurate depth map of your image. The camera makes real-time adjustments in the Pro Camera UI with control and exposure time up to 10 seconds which has a front-facing camera of 20-megapixel display flash.

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Secret behind 5 camera lenses in Nokia 9


The Nokia 9 PureView has a “classic Nokia” design unlike most of the smartphones the Nokia 9 PureView features a glass sandwich design made up of machined aluminium sits between two Gorilla Glass 5 glass panels. Accordingly, it supports wireless charging which is out of the box, in contradistinction to the other competitors in the industry, the phone does not have a notch at the top. The Bezels which are on the top and bottom are noticeable, especially if you compare the phone with other handsets discovered in the recent time period, including the new LG cell phones, the Sony Xperia and the Galaxy S10 series respectively.

The Nokia 9 will get you everything that other phones have like wide 2K display, 6GB of RAM, 128 GB storage space, great sound, 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 and support for CAT.16 LTE. However, the processor is a similar Snapdragon 845 that powered all the flagships of 2018. As per HMD, there’s no 855 version of the phone in the works, but claimed that Snapdragon has never been used to that extent till now, Qualcomm tried their level best about what it can do in terms of camera execution and performance.

So this was the secret behind 5 camera lenses in Nokia 9. Now you know how a phone with 5 camera lens can get better pictures at different exposures. Let us know if you have any doubts in the comment section below.


Edelweiss mobile trader app : Personal Financial Advisor

Stock trading is becoming common to people even the young generation as the information is quite easier to access nowadays. People who have just started to earn are looking for investment options that can give them quick and high-interest rates. Normal investments of fixed deposits or PPF have a longer waiting period and the interest rates are also low. This is where the share market comes in where one can easily buy stocks of companies having high potential. But the stock market has its own share of risks, and this is where you need a financial advisor who can help you out to get better returns.  Unlike old times when people use to rely only on desktop websites for trading, now they are shifting to mobile apps for the same. One of the highest rated trading apps in the app stores is the Edelweiss Mobile Trader (EMT). It is available for both Android and iOS users and one can access the information even without registration.

There are a lot of companies/firms providing information on the website as well as on apps. But one thing that I realized when I entered trading was, it is best if you can do it via mobile app. We can access the information and trade even while we are on the move which is much faster than opening a laptop and doing it. This is where the Edelweiss Mobile Trader is one of the preferred choices as it is based on 3 factors:

  • Speed
  • Stability
  • Simplicity

If you have ever opened a trading website, you will see that there is a lot of information displayed on the page. When you are on a much smaller screen of the mobile device, the key is to organize the information properly. So the app focuses on the crucial things first like showing the Sensex and Nifty on the homepage. They also have this cool “Pull the Bull” feature available across the app to access Sensex, Nifty, USD, and SGX Nifty rates quickly. Along with that, you have the option to search for quote of different companies listed on the market. Lastly, there are three action buttons for market, trade, and watchlist available on the homepage. So the homepage is very clean and has the most crucial things to get you started. Because of the simplicity, any new user who wants to join trading can grasp the basics quite easily and is not bombarded with a lot of information at the start.

You have two side-menus on the app, the left one focusing on free information for anyone who wishes to access it even without registration. And the right one focuses on the registered users and their portfolio. The left menu has options like Market(Equity, Derivatives, and Commodities), research calls, news, charting etc. while the right menu has user dashboard, trade option, funds transfer, order status, portfolio etc. So accessing information is totally free even for unregistered users.

The app has no ads displayed in any section of the application which makes it a preferred choice among users. The data is updated real-time within seconds and has no lags whatsoever even when there is high usage. Edelweiss claims that they have enough server resources available to handle 4 times the regular traffic as they believe that trading is all about speed and timing. Little bit of latency can cause some real financial loss, so it is made to overcome those even in difficult times like when the market opens high or low. The developers have done a great job in showcasing the data in a very organized and structured manner. No matter on which page you are, you always have option of trade available so you don’t miss any deals. Also, trading is just a 3 tap process with minimal crucial options to fill in which makes it a quick task. They have simplified the login too with one step process which takes the identity of your smartphone as the second step without compromising security.

Research Calls

Research calls is one of the excellent features where this app becomes your personal financial advisor and gives you options for making investments or exiting any current trade. So periodically you will have advice from their team regarding short, mid, and long-term investments. Someone who doesn’t know much about trading can use this option to narrow down his research and kick off trading.


One of the best features and the USP of Edelweiss Mobile Trader is charting, where they have shown some excellently detailed charts with loads of information. One can do technical studies with SMA, EMA, volume, super trend etc and draw lines such as trend line, horizontal, vertical and even a Fibonacci Retracement along with marking events such as Bonus, Dividends, Rights, and Splits. You can also save your own template and load it anytime you want to do your enhanced study quickly. This gives anyone great options to study a particular stock and make decisions based on it and also share the charts with others. The charts load quickly and are very smooth to operate and customize. This is one of the best features which you don’t get easily on other apps and that too for free on a mobile app.

Overall the app is just great in terms of features, speed, and UI. One of the main reasons being that the company focuses on user requirements and feedbacks and that is how the app was polished to become one of the #bestTradingApp in the market. Not many apps have high ratings on both Android and iOS, but this app has managed it by giving an equally amazing experience for iOS users too. So don’t wait any longer, give it a shot and start trading now.


Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 review: Specs, Price and More

A smartphone is not only a phone to us now but it has evolved far beyond that. With the eternal demand of the new from the customers and fierce competition in the market have forced the manufacturers to keep innovating. This resulted in a revolution in this industry and now you can expect the top-end smartphones to pack more punch than your mid-range laptop despite the vast difference in size. The brand new Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is an ideal example of this. Read along as we are going to analyze this amazing device in detail and after reading this if you wanna buy it, do not forget to check out these amazing flipkart offers to get a hefty discount.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 

Roll the clock back a few years and you will find Xiaomi, a very new name struggling to make its mark in Indian smartphone heavily dominated by the likes of Tech giants such as Samsung, Asus, Lenovo etc. But it did not take them long to snatch the top crown with the huge success of its Redmi Note 4 and Note 5. The Redmi Note 4 last year became the most sold device ever in India last year.

Xiaomi is known for packing great specs without breaking and there is everything to be excited about the new Mi Mix 2. Its predecessor, The Mi Mix was one of the very first flagships of Xiaomi and yet it was priced way lower than other phones with similar specs.

The brilliant display is something you must look out for in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Also, the powerful camera set up and the processing muscle it has is something that is surely gonna bowl you over.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 display

The display is the arguably the most beautiful display you will find in this range. In the original Mi Mix, Xiaomi had made their intention to keep the design minimal and you can see the trend continued in the Mi Mix 2. The front panel is almost all screen and nothing else. There is a stripe of bezel at the bottom but there is no annoying notch at the top like the iPhone X which many people find super annoying.

The display comes with a 2160X1080 pixel resolution and an aspect ratio of 18:9. The absence of a QHD display at this range is a bit surprising but the display still looks gorgeous at Full HD resolution. Colours are represented almost accurately, though a hint of saturation can be noticed. The screen has a pixel density of about 403 ppi and for a 5.99-inch device, it is pretty decent.

Operating the Mi MIx 2 outdoors is not an issue. The maximum brightness range is pretty high and the ambient light sensor works so well that it will instantly adjust to the conditions as soon as you bring it out in the daylight. 

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 camera

We could not think of a single valid reason why the Xiaomi did not put dual cameras at the rear end of the Mi Mix 2. Dual cameras and Bokeh effect are in trend nowadays and when even Xiaomi’s budget phones such as the Note 5 has a decent camera set up, it could not get any weirder.

The rear camera is nothing greater than mediocre. You get a 12 mp sensor ( yes, not even 13!). The sensor is made by Sony but still, it is no way impressive. Under broad daylight though, you can take some good looking snaps. The camera also has a 4 axis optical stabilization system and it worked pretty well while taking a picture on the go.

When it comes to taking a picture in a dark environment, the Mi Mix 2 suffers terribly. There are tons of noises in the images and they tend to look a lot darker than they are in reality. The flash also tends to burn the images and as a result, not of much help in low light conditions. The optical stabilization and HDR improves the situation a bit but with these many adversaries, even their effort goes in vain.

The front camera has an ability to shoot 4K videos at 30 fps. This is the only category where the rear camera excelled. Videos looked crisp and once again the stabilization worked like a charm. There is also an option to take slow motion videos but unfortunately, that is limited only to a mere 720p resolution. The maximum frame rate available for the slow-motion mode is 120 frames per second.

The Mi Mix 2 also features a 5 MP front shooter. The camera looked good enough and is able to take some decent selfies. There is also an option to beautify your images with as much as 36 profiles available. The front shooter is also capable of recording videos at 1080p to help with your video calling needs.

The big issue is, however, the positioning of the camera. While trying to keep the bezel minimum at the top, Xiaomi was forced to place the camera at the bottom of the camera and it is a huge hit and miss. You are most likely to smudge or cover the camera when using the phone with your right hand and also be prepared for a strange video call experience thanks to the awkward positioning. 

Build quality, body and design of the Mi Mix 2

The best thing that has changed in the Mi Mix 2 is the size and aspect ratio. By changing the aspect ratio, Xiaomi has made the device a little taller but way slimmer in width. That makes this device easy to hold and operate in one hand.

The look of the device is absolutely premium and there is no way that you wouldn’t stop and say wow when you see this device for the first time. The whole body is built with aerospace industry standard ceramic giving it a unmatched strength and reliability. You would expect a total ceramic body to slip easily but surprisingly this not the case with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.

The use of ceramic, however, makes this device a little heavy and it may take a day or two before you get habituated with it. The phone has also introduced a curved design which looks inspired by the latest iPhones but it does its job wonderfully by increasing the grip of the surface of the device.

A big miss about this device is no water or dust protection. You will see robust dust and water protection even at devices priced as low as 20k and not having it in a 32k device can be very frustrating.

The operating system of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

As it is the case with most of the mobile vendors, Xiaomi also uses their own custom built skin over the stock Android. And for many of the Xiaomi fans, this is what played the pivotal role in the sudden rise of the Chinese company. The MIUI 9 which is the latest version of the OS can be downloaded over the air in the Mi Mix 2 which ships with an older version ( MIUI 8.5 ).

The MIUI is easy to use and there are tons of theme and icon packs available at your disposal. But what you will definitely miss if you have used other Android devices before is the app drawer. Also, there are a few bloatware installed here and there. 

There are a few features you get when you use MIUI. There is a feature named Dual app which lets you run two instances of the same app in two windows. There is also an option to use the phone in a split-screen mode which is very useful. There is also an option to use two accounts in the same app which gives you a similar experience like the multiple window feature in Windows 10.

Xiaomi is pretty slow in updating the Android version and the Mi Mix 2 still runs in an outdated Android 7.1 Nougat. But it is rumored that an Android Oreo update is on its way and you can expect it around Q3 2018. However, updates of the MIUI is very much regular and you can expect new features or bug fixes every other week.

Touch and sensitivity of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

The touchscreen works like a breeze in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. The fingerprint sensor is placed at the back and it recognizes you almost instantly. The other sensors also worked pretty well and we did not notice any lag or delay. All in all, using this device is a pleasing experience. 

Performance of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is a powerhouse when it comes about computing. The device uses a Snapdragon 835 soc which is arguably the best chipset available in the market. It has a total 8 cores and 4 of them are clocked at 2.45 GHz and the other cores are clocked at 1.9 GHz. All cores use a Kryo engine and top-notch performance is assured. The phone also packs an industry standard Adreno 540 GPU which can run most of your games smoothly.

The phone comes with an LPDDR4x Dual channel 6 GB or 8 GB RAM. This amount of RAM is ideal for heavy multitasking and you can expect to run almost 2 apps instantaneously in a multi-window mode. With this heavy specification, you can expect to run anything without a hiccup.

Other specs of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

The battery of the Xiaomi is a disappointment given the price range. You only get a mere 3400 mAh battery which is okay for a casual user but for a heavy user, this phone is not going to run all day. However, you get a USB C port which ensures lightning-fast charging.

As it is common with Mi phones you get a hybrid sim slot. Both the sims are nano sim and you can either use two sims or a single sim and a micro-SD card.

The phone has a mammoth storage capacity of 256 GB which can be extended further using the Micro-SD card.

The price range of the Mi Mix 2

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is sold exclusively on Flipkart and you can get the 128 GB variant for Rs.32000. The phone is also available in the Mi India store and the pricing is similar.

Pros of using the Mi Mix 2

Check out what we loved the most about the new Mi Mix 2.

  • Amazing display with minimum bezel.
  • Good daylight camera performance.
  • Brilliant design and premium look.
  • Sturdy aluminum body.
  • Regular update of the operating system.
  • Huge specs for ultimate performance.

Cons of using the Mi Mix 2

There are a few things that did not meet our expectations in the new Mi Mix 2.

  • Poor camera performance in low light conditions.
  • The Absence of a dual camera set up.
  • The latest version of the Android is not available.
  • The absence of the QHD panel.
  • Poor placement of the front camera.

Expert critic review of the Mi Mix 2

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has seen a rather mixed review. Most of the critics have expressed their disappointment in the lack of dual camera set up and the awkward placement of the front camera. But it has received some appreciation for its brilliant design and amazing display. TechRadar has gone as far as hailing it as “You can’t unsee it”.

How to buy the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Follow these simple steps to buy the Xioami Mi Mix 2.

  • Open Flipkart website or mobile app.
  • Log in or sign up.
  • Search for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.
  • Choose your favorite variant and color.
  • Select your delivery address.
  • Proceed to payment.
  • Select your favored payment method.
  • If payment is successful, you will receive an SMS and email confirming your order.


The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is not certainly the perfect phone available out there but it has its own strengths. The brilliant design, amazing display philosophy and the fact that it is way cheaper than other flagships out there, makes it a serious choice for every potential buyer in this range. 

Dual Lens camera

Dual Lens Camera in Smartphone: Explained

Having a camera in a phone was also a big deal when we used to have old Nokia devices. But now the quality of pictures taken from a smartphone camera has increased significantly. Apple has always been the company which sets the bar of the camera quality they offer in their smartphones. When the single lens was not enough, companies started rolling out smartphones with Dual Lens. Companies like Oppo took it one step further by announcing Oppo F3 smartphone with Dual Lens Selfie camera. Now, these brands offer good quality camera at comparatively lower budget than Apple iPhone. But the one thing that we need to understand is how this dual lens camera in smartphone affects the overall picture quality.

Dual Lens Camera in Smartphone: Explained

Dual Lens Camera

Dual Lens Camera in Smartphone: Explained

To start with, there are some phones having an identical specification on both the lenses. But this was the case before, now the smartphones come with different type of lens. So the first lens captures a normal photo, and the second lens will assist the first one in improving the picture quality. Both these lenses work individually at first and then combine the output to improve the quality of the image. Following are the three major features or advantages that you get by using dual lens camera smartphone. Note that you might not get all the three features together in one smartphone.

Bokeh Effect

So this was the fancy term introduced by Apple with the iPhone 7 Plus. Bokeh effect focuses on one particular area and blurs the rest of it. So, the first lens will actually focus on one specific area where the user is trying to focus and the second lens will capture the details of the background. Here the second lens is actually capturing the depth of the image to create the Bokeh effect. One particular advantage of clicking a Bokeh effect image is, you can re-focus the image even after clicking it.

Dual Lens Camera in Smartphone: Explained

Bokeh effect

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Low Light Performance

Sometimes smartphones having dual lens have a combination of RGB and Monochrome lens. So the first lens will capture a normal RGB image while the other lens will capture the monochrome image. This monochrome image is able to capture more light per pixel which is then combined with the normal RGB image to enhance the image quality. This improves the low light performance significantly.

Dual Lens Camera in Smartphone: Explained

Optical Zoom

Now the smartphones are focusing on combining a wide-angle lens with a zoom lens to capture a high-quality image even at 2X Zoom. So even if you decide to zoom in some view, the picture quality won’t be reduced. This will allow smartphones to click good quality images at multiple zoom levels. The wide-angle lens actually helps in capturing more area, so the phones with dual lens selfie camera will accommodate more people in a selfie.

Having a dual lens camera smartphone is always a boon if you are someone who clicks a lot of pictures. We have tried a lot of devices with Dual-lens camera and each one of them had some distinct improvements. I hope the concept of the dual lens camera in smartphone is all clear to you, doubts can be posted in the comment section below.

Norton Security Featured

Norton Security Premium: Is it worth it?

Security software are used by people to protect their devices from the various malicious threats out there in the digital world. The threats come in different forms like virus, worms, trojans, rats, ransomware etc. These malicious files can affect your system in different ways. Some of the programs like the virus can actually corrupt your files and make the system crash. Others like trojans, rats can actually give access of your system to the intruders. Some new type of threats like ransomware will actually lock down all your data and ask for ransom(money) to unlock the data. But everybody is living in with this assumption that nobody will target their system or harm their data. So people are just waiting for the attacks to happen. And then when their systems actually are affected, they are ready to pay to recover their files or system which may or may not be possible. So it is better to stay protected. One such very famous company that is Norton has a program called Norton Security which can work across all your devices. So today we are reviewing Norton Security Premium to find out if it is worth buying.

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In the past, people considered security programs of Norton to be very effective but at the same time to be resource hungry too. Their antivirus programs actually slowed down the system in the past. As these programs establish their own layer of security on the operating system level, it may slow down the system. But now this is not the case anymore. Norton security is now a light-weight program that can actually work in the background without letting you know. I am not saying it is not eating up any resources, but the consumption is quite low. They don’t have different products for different types of devices. It all comes up bundled in one license depending on the devices you want to use let it be laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet etc. The product that we are reviewing today is Norton Security Premium which is the topmost and has every feature. Though I will also tell you about their other plans so you can choose wisely according to your needs. First let us start off with the basic requirements needed to install Norton Security.


Operating System:

  • Windows XP SP3 and above (Edge Browser not supported)
  • Mac OS X current version and previous two versions (Some premiere features not supported)
  • Android 4.0.3 or above. Google play must be installed
  • iPhone iOS 8 & later

So these are the basic operating system requirements to install Norton Security. It will work across all your devices depending on the package you choose. You can download the free 30-days trial from this link – Norton Security

After installing the software in your PC, the first window you will see is of Security. It includes Scans, LiveUpdate, scan history and advanced settings. In the Scans menu you can perform actions like quick scan, full scan, custom scan, determining which files to scan, uncovering hard to find problem, and check information about your device.


The LiveUpdate option is to update the software from Norton servers. The history has all the logs of update, scans, and any detection that happened during the scan reports. There are many options in advanced settings like Auto-Protect, SONAR(Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response), Smart Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Email Protection, Identity Safe, Browser Protection, Safe Surfing, and Download Intelligence. The SONAR protection actually detects the behavior of applications running on your machine to detect suspicious actions and take proper measures. The next item on the list is Identity and has everything to do with your online security. The first option is the identity safe which is a vault to store your passwords, form data, notes and credit/debit card details safely. So this can also be used directly in the browser when the vault is open. You need to install browser extension for that. ID settings include Anti-phishing, Norton Safe web, blocking malicious page, site rating icon in search result, and scam insight. Apart from that it also has option to create strong passwords online that will help you to secure your online accounts.

Apart from being an Antivirus program, Norton Security Premium also offers you up to 25 GB of cloud space for storing important backups. In this option you can run backup, or restore one. You can also form backup sets and buy more storage if you wish to.

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The next option is the performance tab which has everything to do with the performance of your machine. The first option is to optimize your disk and defragment it to help speed it up. So if you have an old laptop, then you probably must run this optimize feature and experience the difference in booting times, search times etc. Next option is to do file cleanup which basically deletes all unnecessary temporary files that are taking up space on your disk. Startup Manager is the third option on the list. This will open up a list of programs that launch once you boot in your operating system. Too many startup programs may lead to longer boot time. So you can manually disable the programs which you don’t require on startup. The last option is the graph of the performance and the resource usage by the system and Norton based on the time. It will give you a rough idea of the programs that are using the resources too much.


Apart from all this, you have option to open up the Norton Web portal where you can manage all your devices at one place. They also have a Family Premiere feature where in you can keep an eye out for your kids activity on the internet and you can restrict the time too. So Norton Security provides an all in one solution in an all in one pack. Other packs apart from Premium are the Standard and Deluxe packs. Below is a comparison table based on the features and number of devices each pack supports.

The price for the standard, deluxe and premium is Rs. 849, Rs. 1,399 and Rs. 2,999 for the first year. As of for the mobile and other devices, Norton Security App provides some features like Anti-Theft, locking other apps, and scans for the suspicious permissions taken by various apps. It also trace backs the location to which the data is sent to, which is a very cool feature. So if there are some apps that don’t require some sensitive information like location then Norton will inform you.


Overall Norton Security does offer a whole lot of features both online and offline. Almost all the new latest threats are covered by Norton including ransomware which is the latest trending of all. I had no issues using the software and the interface is quite simple with a light-weight security package. If we compare it with other security programs, Norton comes on the higher budget end. Though it is one of the most renowned security company. So it all depends on how much you want to spend on the security. If you have some seriously important data to protect then no compromises on the security end. But if you are a normal user with not much data then you can go for some cheaper alternatives. So I hope now you know the answer to the question if Norton Security is worth buying or not. Though I believe that Security is just a myth, and no solution is foolproof. You can always take necessary measures to ensure maximum protection and avoid attacks as much as possible. But when it is your turn, then nobody can save you except the backup which is kept offline locked up somewhere safe. Post all your doubts and queries in the comment section below.

REOS Lite LED smart bulb

REOS lite LED smart bulb full review

Internet of things is the new topic which is trending a lot nowadays. It basically means connecting everything to the grid i.e Internet so that we can monitor or control things without any restriction. So a company named Cube26 has launched their new smart bulb under the branding REOS which was previously called IOTA. REOS lite LED smart bulb can be controlled directly from your smartphone and has millions of color options to choose from. So let us do REOS lite LED smart bulb full review to find out if it is really that smart.

REOS lite LED smart bulb full review

REOS lite LED smart bulb

REOS lite LED smart bulb full review


The new design of the REOS smart bulb is quite different from the previous IOTA bulb. It is now much wider at the top and slim as we move towards the bottom. With all the added smart features, it is heavier than your traditional bulb at home. You may need a connector if you live in India, which comes free with the bulb. The build quality is good and it is available in only white color.

How to connect to REOS lite LED smart bulb?

REOS smart bulb uses bluetooth(4.0+) for the connection. Currently, the app for REOS smart bulb is available on Android and iOS platforms only. Download links are given below.

  1. Connect and switch ON the bulb from your switchboard. Turn ON the bluetooth and GPS. You will need to enable GPS for the bluetooth pairing as it is now mandatory after the Android 6.0 update.This is the reply that I got from Cube26 regarding the GPS issue: From Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), Android SDK makes it mandatory for all BLE connections to have location access. It has nothing to do with Reos Lite App. Anyone using any BLE device with Android 6.0 or higher will have to give location permission. He will have to do the same thing with fitbit or any other wearable.
  2. Launch the app Reos lite and then search for the bulb. After you find it, you can rename it. Also, set it to auto-connect so that every time controlling the bulb is much easier.
  3.  Now you can try changing the color, intensity and the modes of the bulb.

If you face any problem, then restart the bulb from the switchboard and do the same thing with the app too.

Features of the REOS lite LED smart bulb:

You must be wondering only the connectivity with smartphone is the smart feature we were referring to, but no. There are other features that make this bulb smart.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Color options

You can almost choose any shade of any color from the two default palettes. Out of the two, one palette has multi-colors and the other just has two shades of white that are orange(warm) and blue(cool). Apart from that you can also pick up color from your background by taking a picture and making your own palette. Apart from this you can also set your favorite color using Voice commands. There is an option to change the intensity/brightness(Max – 1100 Lumes) using the slider.

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Music Synchronization

This is a very nice feature with ready made music syncing option available that works just great. You will need the Reos Music app for the synchronization to work smoothly. Using this mode you can make the bulb dance with multi-colors on the beats. The intensity of light increases and decreases according to the music volume. Default music can be replaced by using the audio input from microphone.


There are various default modes like Kaleidoscope, Strobe, Candle, Christmas, Reading, Party and Movie. All the modes have different color options and light intensity depending on the ambience you want. If you are not satisfied with the default mode, you can also create your own custom mode.


Now this is a very cool feature which was totally unexpected when I got the bulb for review. Reos lite LED smart bulb is also capable to notify you of any incoming calls,SMS or notifications from Whatsapp, Facebook(you can define it for specific person or action). It also tells you if your pizza or your cab has arrived. The apps supported in the current version of Reos are Youtube, Weather, Whatsapp, Hike, Ola, Uber, Facebook, Tinder, Domino’s, bigbasket, Grofers, and Swiggy. We are expecting more apps in the future. The notification methods include Fade In, Fade out, Candle Flicker, Strobe, & Kaleidoscope.


Reos lite smart bulb can also be scheduled to turn ON or OFF between certain time period. You can also set a timer for the same action. For example, if you wish to turn On the bulb every day at 7PM-11PM in the evening  after the sunset.

Virtual Mode

Want to try out the app features before you buy the bulb? You can do this using the virtual mode. Just download their app and visit this website. Scan the code and then try out the various features of the bulb on a web page.

Pricing and availability

The REOS lite LED smart bulb is available for Rs.1699 on Flipkart. You get 1 year warranty for this smart bulb.

So this was the REOS lite LED smart bulb full review. There are still a few bugs in the app which are constantly being fixed by the company with the new updates. Many features will be pushed in the coming future. This is something that I would recommend getting as your first Internet of things product. There are other companies like Syska making smart bulbs but currenty REOS is the clear winner. Let us know what you think about these new smart products in the comment section below, doubts/feedbacks are welcome too.


Is ASUS Zenfone 3 worth buying? Full Review

ASUS has launched some new phones in the Zenfone 3 series which are priced quite higher than the previous ones. The Zenfone 3 comes with an all new design, some camera improvements along with other things. One thing I can tell you that they have made some real improvements in all the aspects. Though the sudden increase in the price will surely confuse the users. So today we will find out, is ASUS Zenfone 3 worth buying or not by doing its full review.


Is ASUS Zenfone 3 worth buying? Full Review

There are actually 2 variants of the Zenfone 3 viz. ZE520KL and ZE552KL with different specifications. The one which we received for the review was the ZE552KL with 5.5 inch screen and higher specs.

 Is ASUS Zenfone 3 worth buying?



The one thing that changed for good is the design. ASUS phones are finally sleek with gorilla glass 3 on both the sides. Now remember this, the phone is very slippery because of the glass back and it is not recommended that you keep the phone on the lap. On the rear side, the phone has the concentric circle design with aluminium alloy frame on the edges. The power button and volume rockers are on the right with sim card tray on the left. On the bottom there is the USB type C port with speaker and primary microphone, while the 3.5 mm audio jack is on the top. The most worrying thing that you might think in the design is the protruding 6 element camera at the back. It may look like the camera lens might break while accidentally dropping the phone. But it has metal edges with sapphire glass coating to protect the camera lens. ASUS has gone differently when it comes to the traditional circle or square design of fingerprint sensor. Zenfone 3 has an elongated rectangle-shaped fingerprint sensor which works just great. Overall I am very happy with the new design of Zenfone 3.


 Is ASUS Zenfone 3 worth buying?


The ZE520KL comes with 5.2 inch full HD IPS+ display and the ZE552KL has a larger screen size of 5.5 inch with same specs. The phone is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 as stated before. The quality of display is improved if we compare it to the previous Zenfone and it looks quite elegant now. The only issues is that, Zenfone 3 still doesn’t have backlight on the three touch capacitive buttons.


Zenfone 3 comes with Snapdragon 625 octa-core A53 processor clocked at 2 GHz. Due to the 14nm technology the processor consumes lot less power and I have tested it to find that its true. The ZE520KL has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM while the ZE552KL has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM. Both the devices have hybrid slots for expandable storage that goes up to 2 TB but you will have to sacrifice SIM 2 to expand storage. This is I guess the first time ASUS has kept a hybrid slot for SIM or Memory card. Coming to the graphics, Zenfone 3 comes with Adreno 506 GPU. I tried playing most of the heavy games like Mortal Kombat X, Asphalt 8, N.O.V.A. 3 etc and the phone did ran them well. The only issue I faced was with Assassins Creed Unity where there were some frame drops. The AnTuTu benchmark score came out to be 62447. Now the best thing about Zenfone 3 is that the phone didn’t heat up even after doing half n hour of gaming despite the fact that it has glass back. If you use 4G+GPS+Heavy Game+Sunlight then it might get heat up, but that is totally bearable. I was very pleased with the hardware and software optimization that ASUS has done excellently with Zenfone 3. For the software part, Zenfone 3 comes with Android 6.0 with Zen UI 3.0 on the top. It has many preinstalled apps that you can uninstall or disable if not in use. Only one thing to remember is disable apps from auto-start manager to avoid background data usage and increase the battery life significantly.



This is one of the key feature of the phone in which the improvement is the most. Zenfone 3 comes with 16MP Sony Exmor RS IMX298 6-element largan lens shooter with dual-tone LED flash.  It has ‘tritech’ autofocus which uses 2nd generation laser, phase detection and conventional contrast detection that only takes 0.03 seconds to focus. Well I can confirm that the autofocusing works great on this device. The next key feature is OIS(optical image stabilization) for image and EIS(Electronic Image Stabilization) for video which helps a lot to shoot videos while moving. Due to 4-axis OIS the images are quite steady even with shaky hands. The depth of field effect is added to almost every pic you capture using Zenfone 3 and you can notice that easily when you try to focus on a particular object or take a macro shot. The noise in the picture in a low light environment is reduced significantly. Zenfone 3’s camera is capable of recording 4K(3840×2160) videos. Just above the LED flash, there is a color correction sensor. The manual mode is also great for passionate photographers to experiment with the device. The front shooter is of 8MP which works fine to take selfies. Overall the camera of Zenfone 3 is something that will surely impress you.

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Connectivity and Sound

Zenfone 3 has hybrid dual SIM(Micro SIM + Nano SIM/Memory card) 4G VoLTE support along with Wifi(2.4GHz and 5GHz), Bluetooth 4.2, and GPS. The type C port will support USB OTG. For the audio, it has 5 magnet speaker along with NXP smart amplifier which manages to produce decent clear sound output.


ZE520KL has a 2650mAh battery while the ZE552KL comes with a 3000mAh battery. I have tested battery performance for ZE552KL and it did amaze me. On 4G and heavy usage I could more than half a day, and with moderate usage I still had some juice left at the end of the day. The optimization done did work to extend the battery life of Zenfone 3.

Pricing and Availability

ZE520KL is priced at 21,999 INR and ZE552KL is available for Rs.27,999. There are 3 color variants for Zenfone 3 viz. shimmer gold, sapphire black and moonlight white. Shimmer gold doesn’t looks good at all at least to me. The phone is available officially on Flipkart.


So to answer the final question i.e. is ASUS Zenfone 3 worth buying? It is placed in a whole another higher price segment this time. If we speak about the improvements, then yes the device has improved in almost all features. But still I feel that the price is not at all competitive and ASUS should have priced it smartly. If you ask me that whether you should go for the Zenfone 3 or not, then I would say you can go for ZE520KL for 21,999 INR but instead of buying ZE550KL for 27,999 you can go with OnePlus 3 anytime. Though Zenfone 3 has come a lot closer to its competitors, the initial mindset of budget pricing will take some time to adapt in the market.


New Zenfone Max 2016 full review

ASUS recently launched the new Zenfone Max ZC550KL with some upgraded specifications that boosts the performance. We also reviewed the previous model and found that the 5000mAh battery was amazing but the performance was very low. In this new model ZC550KL they have especially focused on the performance. So today we will be doing the New Zenfone Max 2016 full review with all the unboxing, benchmarking and gaming tests.

Get to know about the previous Zenfone Max

Before we proceed with the review, I would like to tell you that ASUS got all creative and performed a stunt where in they sent us the devices packed in a box with 3 digit lock code. Now the daring was to keep the phone ‘on‘ when it got off from their headquarters. Check out the video below to see the box and its content.

So this time we decided to go with Youtube and tried an Unboxing Video. You can watch it and submit your feedbacks for improvements in the comments section below.


Getting started with the review now which will tell you if it lives up to the specification or not.

New Zenfone Max 2016 full review

The previous model of Zenfone Max was a disappointing device with a huge battery. Because the phone had some performance issues and the OS was also not optimized.


There is no change in design as such the same leather finish back with more color options. The phone is available in Black, White, Orange and Blue color. You can watch the unboxing video to have a look at the design. I seriously think ASUS should make their phones Slim and change the design. The phone has a tough build and they claim that Max is the slimmest phone with this much amount of battery.  The phone weighs 202g which is not light at all and it does feel bulky with all that battery inside it. But the build quality is great like always.


New Zenfone Max 2016 full review


Max has a 5.5 inch HD screen with 267ppi pixel density. It supports 10 point multi touch with good viewing angles. I was never much amazed with the display quality of ASUS but yeah they have a decent screen. The concentrated circle design below the screen does give it a premium look all together. The screen does avoid most of the fingerprint marks but you can always choose a matte finish screen guard. The touch is smooth and responsive. For the protection part it has got corning Gorilla Glass 4 that will avoid the scratches and stuff.


This is the part where it gets interesting. The new Zenfone Max ZC550KL comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor clocked at 1.5 Ghz. The phone comes with 2 ram variants the one with 2GB model that we got and the other one with 3GB RAM. We also have an upgrade in terms of internal memory as it has 32GB out of which 24GB is user available. You can always increase the memory using external SD card up to 64GB.

Coming to the graphics, the phone has Adreno 405 GPU which performs quite well and finally we can play some real games on this device. It was able to run Dead Trigger 2, Asphalt 8 at full graphics while N.O.V.A. 3 did work on this device with some frame drops and minor lags. I was quite impressed with the improved performance. You can check out our Gaming and Benchmarking review below.

Benchmarking Review

Gaming Review


The phone comes with Android Marshmallow out of the box with the Zen UI theme running on top of it. Frankly speaking you will not find any changes in UI because the ASUS Zen UI theme is same as it was on lollipop which is again boring. There are some apps that comes installed with the device which you can always remove or disable. But this time the bloatware seems a bit less, instead they have a new way of marketing apps by suggesting similar apps in the app tray. The smart group option is still available and you can see the range of suggested apps when you tap into any of the folders. I did find that annoying at times.

Connectivity and Sound

The phone supports dual SIM GSM 4G LTE with mini-SIM card slot. Other connectivity options include Wifi, Bluetooth V4.0, GPS, & USB OTG. Talking about the sound quality, the audio level is medium and it is clear.


New Zenfone Max 2016 full review

Rear Camera with Dual LED Flash & Laser Auto-Focus

ASUS Zenfone Max 2016 comes with 13MP rear shooter and 5MP front shooter. It also has a Dual LED flash with Laser auto-focus. There is no upgrade in the camera quality and it is average overall. You can shoot some nice pics outdoors but while using it indoors there is some disturbance. Color reproduction is good and the macro shots with this phone are just great. The time of focusing is improved if we compare it with previous models that didn’t have laser auto-focus. The flash just works fine and is not the brightest I have seen. Zenfone Max is able of recording full HD videos. Though I felt that the whole camera preview thing lags when we move the phone fast. This happens with the front camera too which is again annoying. Below are some images taken using Zenfone Zoom.

Camera Samples:


One thing that ASUS can bet is the battery. The above stunt of keeping the phone ‘on’ and sending for review shows that they know what they are saying. If you see the graph then on 11th May the battery was at 55% and on 23rd May it was at 25%. That means a 30% drop in battery percentage after 12days. So the phone can last 38 days and even more on standby. Even with the heavy usage the phone can last for over 2-3 days depending on which type of power user are you. Now the sad part is the USB portable charger that comes with Max has a rating of 5.2V 1A which is like way down the line. So if you use this charger it will take 5+ hrs for you to fully charge the battery. If you use a charger with high current rating like 2A+ then it will take 4hrs approx. One more thing the phone doesn’t have a quick charge support so it will be of no use if you charge it with a fast charger having 18W rating. But I think that slow charging does help a device to hold the charge for a longer time. One more thing about the Zenfone Max is the reverse charging feature where in you can use Max as powerbank to charge your other devices. Now the question that arises is how can we do that? So ASUS does provide an OTG cable using which you can connect a USB cable to charge other devices.

Pricing and Availability

The older version of Zenfone Max is now priced at 8,999 INR while the newer model with 2GB RAM is available for 9,999 INR. Now here comes a confusing pricing of 3GB model that is for 12,999 INR. I mean one has to pay 3,000 INR for 1 GB of extra RAM which is totally unfair. The phone is available on Flipkart.


So this was the new Zenfone Max 2016 full review. For somebody who wants normal performance like the usual apps & playing some mid-range games, excellent battery, good durability and average camera then this phone is definitely for you. There is no denying it that this phone has an excellent battery with decent processing power which can turn out to be one of the choices. But people expecting higher performance, fingerprint sensor or may be a smart design then I suggest you choose other phones like Redmi Note 3, Coolpad Note 3, Le1S, Moto G4 plus etc. The most confusing thing about Zenfone Max is the pricing of 3GB RAM variant, I mean who is going to pay 3K more just to extend 1 GB RAM. I would suggest ASUS should think about this thing. If you have any doubts/confusions please let me know in the comment section below I would be happy to help.

New Zenfone Max 2016 full review