Vu 2019 Range

Vu launches 3 TV range with VOD Upscaler Technology

There is a new competition running around in the digital segment, this time its not smartphones but smart TVs. One such company which is one of the largest selling TV brands across e-commerce platforms is Vu. They have launched some good TVs in the past. This time we are speaking of the 3 new range of TVs which Vu has brought in with a new technology which they are calling Vu VOD Upscaler. Let us check out, what exactly is Vu VOD Upscaler and if the new range of TV is something which you can buy.

Vu launches 3 TV range with Vu VOD Upscaler Technology:

Let us first clear the basics about the new technology, what it is, whether it is really required, and how it affects the quality of pictures.

Vu VOD Upscaler – Explained

All the VOD(Video On Demand) content provided by Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc is shot using the latest cameras using high-end VFX technology. There is a difference in the content which we watch on our television and the one which is shot using the high-end camera during production. This might be because of the internet connection speed and quality constraints. So the brand has worked on Vu VOD Upscaler technology which enhances both audio and video of the content using multiple machine learning algorithms which runs parallel to the DSP (Digital Signal Processor). This enhances the picture quality. One can imagine that the original video which consumes large storage memory is compressed and a lot of pixels are eliminated to make it small in size and easy to transmit. Vu VOD Upscaler uses algorithms to recreate those pixels from the compressed pixel which makes the video quality close to what was original. In terms of audio, it identifies the vocals and music and provides an option to user to emphasize on whatever is preferred.

My experience of watching Vu VOD Upscaler was quite good and the difference in audio/video quality was noticeable. Vu stealth launched this technology in the premium Android range of TVs, so the customers who bought this might have experience better audio/video quality, all thanks to Vu VOD Upscaler.

 Vu VOD Upscaler technology currently comes in 3 range of Vu TVs:

1. Vu Pixelight TV

Vu Pixelight 4K TV uses the Vu VOD Upscaler technology to enhance the video and audio quality. It runs on the linux operating system and has 4 hotkeys to instantly access apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, & apps menu with lot of Indian apps like Eros Now, Hungama play etc.

Available in: 43” (Rs. 30000), 50” (Rs39000), 55” (Rs. 42000), 65” (Rs. 66000)

2. Vu Ultrasmart TV

Vu Ultrasmart full HD TV comes with Netflix, Amazon Prime & Youtube Apps all accessible via hotkeys on the remote. The high bright panel, and built-in Dolby and DBX-TV audio deliver good video and audio content. This TV has a nice sleek piano design body. This for someone who will use TV set-top box and cable for entertainment mostly.

Available in: 32” (Rs. 14,500), 40” (Rs. 21,000), 49” (Rs. 31,000)

3. Vu Premium Android

Vu premium Android is a 4K TV which uses the Vu VOD Upscaler along with built-in Dolby MS12 Audio & DBx-tv to deliver wider soundstage audio quality & cinema quality video. It comes with Android 8.0 Oreo and the playstore has a lot of apps for entertainment. The remote of Vu Premium Android supports Vu ActiVoice feature for voice commands.

Available in:  43” (Rs. 35,000), 50” (Rs.41,000), 55” (Rs.47,000), 65” (Rs.72,000)

Let me know if you are interested to buy the new range of Vu televisions with the latest Vu VOD Upscaler technology. Do share your feedback about the article in the comments section below.

TCL P1 FHD curved TV TCL 562

TCL launches D3200 P1 FHD UHD TVs & TCL 562 smartphone

TCL has now entered the Indian Market with its new UHD and FHD TVs with some great innovative features. TCL is the third largest manufacturer of TV across the globe and they also manufacture Panel, Backlit module etc. Previously they launched TCL 560 and now they have come up with another smartphone model i.e. TCL 562. In 2015, they produced 80 million handsets and are positioned on the 5th number for the largest mobile brand globally in terms of shipments. Now let us check out all the TV models, TCL 562 smartphone along with their features.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Praveen Valecha, Regional Director – TCL India, said, “Our entry into the smartphones and television category in India is a strategic move that reinforces our commitment to lead technology and innovation. The number of consumers adopting smarter, wireless technology in the country is on the rise and we anticipate a huge increase in smartphone users. TCL TV range starts at Rs.13990/- and Mobile range starts atRs.7499/- ”

Talking on its association, Mr. Arun Srinivasan, Category Leader – CE, Amazon India said, “We are excited to be the launch partner for TCL’s Television range that debuts in India today. We have been witnessing strong growth in customer demand in this category with customers shopping across the full product range. With festive shopping commencing soon, customers on will now have an easy and convenient access to the new feature-rich and attractively priced TVs from TCL, a globally renowned brand in electronics.”

The new TCL TV series includes D2900, P1(Ultra HD), & P1(HD) with different size options available.

Speaking at the Launch event Mr. Bobbie Zhang, General Manager of Strategic Markets Sales Center, commented “Our new UHD and FHD TV series represent our singular focus on innovation that matters most to consumers, by providing the very best picture quality for the home entertainment experience. We highly value the Indian market and expect to bring our premium products and services to the Indian consumers. In order to guarantee the best product quality, TCL will export complete TV sets to India even though it means higher cost compared with local assembly.”

TCL D2900 Series

The TCL D2900 series includes two models one with 40-inch and the other with 32-inch screen size. Both the models have ASIC processor that supports 1080p HDMI video format. For the connectivity, you have got 2 USB and 3 HDMI ports with good audio quality support. Some other features include running dynamic skin color to enhance the skin tone, blue color control, black level stretch to enhance the contrast, 3D adaptive De-interfacing to reduce De-Mosaic noise and 3-D chrome filter. I personally experienced the difference and yeah all the mentioned features does help in giving a superior display quality. For the audio, the speakers are integrated with Dolby surround sound feature and Dolby decoder. Keeping in mind the Indian TV broadcasting, they have a special feature of smart volume where the TV will adjust the volume to decrease the audio spikes in some channels. They also have added the best MEMC chip to increase the display quality for sports and action channels with fast moving objects. TCL is analyzing the small issues and smartly presenting a solution in their TV sets. The price for D2900 32″ is Rs.13,990 and D2900 40″ is Rs.20,990 on Amazon.

TCL P1 FHD curved TV

TCL P1 FHD and UHD series

TCL P1 series has 2 models the one with 48″ inch curved Full HD display and the other with 43″ inch flat Ultra HD display. P1 FHD TV has an overall thickness of 69.6mm and it has the latest generation of TCL’s LED backlight technology. The P1 series is a smart TV series with features like screen mirroring, built in Wifi, Wifi Direct support, its own app store with forked Android. You can surf content across one or multiple devices. They have their own TCL nScreen app which will make your smartphone as the remote control for the TV. You also don’t need to connect to your home router to use the screen mirroring, media sharing feature as you can use built in Wifi hotspot. The mirroring feature worked like a charm and was super responsive except for some heavy games. The resolution is decreased by default to solve the frame lag issue. You do need a separate game controller to play games on this TV. For the audio support, they have Dolby Digital AC3, and Dolby Prologic sound processor. The P1 Series also has the smart volume feature to decrease the sudden audio spikes in some channels. You can download various apps from the App store 3.3 to watch video-on-demand, social apps, gaming, and music. Along with that, you have the option of recording the shows to playback later. The recording can be done by attaching external hard drive to USB 3.0 port using the PVR record feature. Of course they have digital rights management so you cannot playback the recordings on any other device. The viewing angles are just great on both the models and the display quality is good too. Apart from the HDMI and USB ports, all the TV models have component input, DVD input support. The video formats supported by this TV are MPEG2, MPEG4(H.264) while the audio formats supported are MP3, WMA, and Dolby AC3. The price for P1 43″ Flat UHD TV is Rs. 31,990 and for the P1 48″ curved Full HD is Rs.37,990 only on Amazon. All the TV sets are priced at an amazing price point.

TCL 562 smartphone review

TCL 562

TCL 562 is the successor of the previous model T60 which is available for Rs.7,999 on Amazon. TCL562 comes with a 5.5 inch full HD IPS display. The body has a metallic diamond cut finish with hair-line brush design on the back and curved edges. The sides have this metal rim which gives the phone a premium look. The build is good while the display is average. TCL 562 is powered by Helio P10 MT6755M chipset octa-core(4×1.8GHz+4×1.0GHz) processor. It has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory which can be expanded up to 64GB via micro SD card. The rear camera is of 13MP with dual LED flash while the front camera is of 5MP also with LED support. The battery capacity on this device is 2960mAh. It has dual SIM support with one Nano SIM(4G LTE) and other micro SIM(3G). It runs on latest Android 6.0 marshmallow stock version. The phone has fingerprint sensor on the physical home button which works pretty fast. The smartphone is priced at Rs. 10,999 and is exclusively available on Amazon.

TCL 562 front camera comparison with Mi4i

Announcing the launch of these devices in India, Mr. Nicolas Zibell, Vice President of TCL Corporation said, “At TCL we are conscious of the world getting faster and demanding more from life in every way. Users dependence on technology is growing and so we want to make their lives simpler and enriching. Therefore our products appeal to the elegant, beauty conscious and highly social user and are more suited to the youth who demands to remain connected round the clock. The TCL 562 is a smartphone suited to helps users to multi-task between work and entertainment.”


Vu launches new range of affordable Ultra HD TVs in the Indian market

Mr Amit Bansal-  -Business Unit Head - Flipkart & Ms Devita Saraf, CEO, VU Televisions


Mumbai, January 28, 2016: -Vu Technologies, the California-based luxury television company, has taken the lead over Sony, Samsung and LG in the competitive Ultra HD 4K segment by launching models from 40” to 65” at affordable prices, thus making 4K technology accessible to SEC A and SEC B customers. The brand announces the launch of seven new smart TV models in India in association with Flipkart. With this launch, the popular television brand brings to India the products showcased this year at CES 2016 Vegas. The devices’ pricing ranges from Rs 20,000 for Play smart models to Rs 37,000 for the Iconium smart models. In addition, the four smart 4K models under the Iconium series are Netflix enabled with an in-built app and a dedicated Netflix and YouTube button on the remote to offer compelling in-house entertainment.


The famous Iconium series will see the addition of five models – 65″ 4K Smart, 55″ 4K Smart, 50″ 4K Smart, 43″ 4K smart, 40″ 4K smart – offering high definition Ultra HD, digital dBX, smart features and social media connectivity.

Furthermore, Devita Saraf, who is also the CEO for the brand in India, has taken the lead to be the brand ambassador for Vu Televisions to enable customers to interact with the brand and build trust amongst its consumers, which is integral in the Consumer Durable industry.


Elaborating further on the launch, Ms. Devita commented, “Our partnership with Flipkart helps us optimize the e-commerce platform to tap the Indian shopper’s propensity to buy products online. It has given an immense boost to the distribution, customer service and affordability of Vu TVs. We are confident of maximizing our sales for these premium models going by the success achieved in the past.”

Adding to the reasons for its continued association with the brand Mr Amit Bansal-  ‎Business Unit Head – Flipkart, commented, “This exclusive launch of the latest Vu models on Flipkart greatly strengthens our partnership. Vu Luxury Televisions has been the undisputed leader in the 4K and smart television category and has witnessed 150% growth last year for its range on our platform. It is also in alignment with our objective of offering our patrons the best designs and highest level of technology at highly competitive pricing. We will be looking to augment this upcoming brand’s market share to 10% using our online clout in line with the aspirational demand of our customers across the country.”


Following the Iconium series is the Play series, which has models like 32” smart & 48” smart with ripple-free picture as a result of the in-built ADS panel technology & Android 4.4 OS, making social connectivity and browsing a natural part of the television experience.

Vu is now an entertainment appliance brand with integrations from Netflix, Youtube, Gesture gaming and launching Apple and other apps on its TV platform. It has witnessed CAGR of 170% with 200000 TVs sold this year and is set to double the volume to 400000 TVs by next year.


Vu owes this growth to enhancing product quality and adding more features to its customer service such as Whatsapp-based service, Smart TV hotline, expert chat and more.

The entire range is exclusively available to customers on Flipkart.

Listed below are the product details with their MRP:




24” – 24E6545

Full HD


32” – 32K160M Rev-D

HD Ready


32” – 32D6545

Full HD


32” – LED32S7545



40” – 40D6575

Full HD


43” – LED43D6535

Full HD


48” – 49D6545



50” – LED50K160GP

Full HD


55” – LED55K160GAU

Full HD



40” – LED40K16 UHD



43” – 43S6535



50” – LEDN50K310X3D



55” – LTDN55XT780XWAU3D



65” – LTDN65XT780XWAU3D