BOSCH GSR-120Li Professional Cordless drill review

Generally, we do reviews of electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops, etc, but today we are going to review a hardware tool. This thing we are talking about is the BOSCH GSR-120Li professional cordless drill. It is not the traditional one with the wire which needs a constant power supply. These are generally too messy with the long wire and the need for a plug point. But with a cordless drill, this hassle can be avoided. Also, this kind of drill is quite handy too use. So let us review BOSCH Professional GSR 120-Li cordless drill and see how it performs.


BOSCH GSR-120Li Professional Cordless drill review:


BOSCH GSR-120Li comes in a sturdy small suitcase type box. The box contains the BOSCH GSR-120Li drill, 1 Lithium battery, one charger, user guide, warranty card and service center list. The drill has a very compact and sturdy design. It weighs around 1.2 kg and is very handy to use and easy to hold with one hand. It has a dark blue body with grips at the holding bar. The buttons and switches are painted red so that they can be spotted easily. It has one dial to adjust the torque of the drill up to 20 different levels. On top there is a switch for high torque or high speed. There is direction forward/reverse toggle switch present just above the trigger. One can change the speed by varying the pressure applied to the trigger. There is an led light to help assist drilling in the dark. One can easily remove the battery by pressing the locks and pulling the battery out. Overall the designa and build quality of BOSCH GSR-120Li is top notch.


Very first feature of BOSCH GSR-120Li is the cordless working feature. This can be really helpful at times where you don’t have a plug point, or you don’t want to get entangled with the wire. Secondly, the battery here snaps is quite easily like a magazine of a gun. Thought he drill is a compact and handy one, BOSCH has not compromised on the control here. On the top there is a button to change gears according to high speed or high torque. This will give you better performance as there would be different materials that you would drill into. Second feature is the 20 levels torque adjustment dial on the front. You can rotate this dial to change the torque settings further. The drill bits can be put into without the need of the key. Just open the front nozzle part of the drill, simply by rotating it. Another great feature with no key requirements to insert or remove drill bits. As other drills, it also has the forward/reverse direction toggle switch just above the main trigger. This can be helpful while inserting or removing screws, or the case where the bit is stuck into the material/wall/wood etc. The trigger comes with speed control, so the more you squeeze the trigger, the greater the speed of the motor. Now diving into the technicalities, the drill has a maximum rpm of 1300, with 30 Nm torque. The drilling diameters are 20mm in wood & 8mm in steel. The performance is really great considering its a cordless drill which makes it handy to use.


The BOSCH GSR-120Li drill comes with a 12V – 2Ah battery. This battery snaps in the drill quite easily. You can just press locks and pull the battery out for charging. The charger is a 10.8-12V 1A charger. The drill is also compatible with 10.8V batteries. The charger comes with overcharging protection so the batteries don’t get overcharger incase you forget to switch off the supply. This improves the battery life of the drill. Also the batteries and the motor are protected by Electronic Cell Protection. This means that the batteries and motor can go all haywire incase of overload. The drill will shut off the power incase of overload protecting the batteries and the motor.


The BOSCH GSR-120Li drill with single battery is priced at Rs.3982 on Amazon.


BOSCH GSR-120Li was designed carefully by keeping all the features in the mind. The drills is really compact with nice grip and excellent torque and speed controls. Plus it is cordless which is one of the best features to easily work out those holes far away from the plug point. You can definitely go for the BOSCH GSR-120Li drill for quality, performance, and design.

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