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How to Prevent Computer Viruses: 7 Tips to Live By

You use your computer every day. You even store vital information on it. And if it got compromised, you’d be in trouble. Yet, you can’t say you have much of an idea how it works. You just know it does, until it doesn’t. Learning how to prevent computer viruses is essential. Nowadays, viruses are so widespread that you can’t afford to leave your computer unprotected.

There are signs that let you know your computer might be infected. If your system slows down to a crawl, its available memory suddenly becomes nonexistent, important files are corrupted, or your computer behaves erratically, you could have a virus on your machine. Viruses can range from relatively harmless to extremely damaging. But at any rate, you don’t want to take chances with your computer’s security. Better safe than sorry!

This article’s here to give you seven essential tips to make sure your computer doesn’t get infected. Read on!

how to prevent computer viruses

How to Prevent Computer Viruses: 7 Tips

1. Get Antivirus Software

It might go without saying, but the first step in learning how to prevent viruses is to install antivirus software on your computer. Antivirus software is a computer program that’s meant to protect you against, and remove, malware. What is malware, you ask? Malware is a portmanteau for malicious software. In short, malware refers to any software whose purpose is to damage your computer.If you’ve been using your computer a while but haven’t installed any antivirus program yet, don’t panic! It doesn’t mean you’re infected with a virus. Whether you’re using Windows or Mac, you probably have a built-in free antivirus program. Since Windows 8, Windows has included an antivirus program called Windows Defender. Mac has its own antivirus called XProtect. If you’re not satisfied with those options, there are several popular antivirus programs that you can download for free, including AVG, Avast, or Avira.

2. Perform Computer Scans Regularly

You’ve got your antivirus program, and its role is to identify and eliminate threats. But it can also be used to scan your computer for viruses and remove them. You can program your software to run at regular intervals. The interval’s up to you, but you may not want to wait too long in between scans. For example, performing a computer scan once a week is a good way to ensure your device remains virus-free. However, working on your computer while your antivirus software is running can be a hassle as you might find it functions significantly more slowly. An efficient workaround for this is to run your scan at night, or whenever you know you won’t be using it for some time. Don’t forget to make sure your computer won’t go to sleep due to prolonged inactivity.

3. Keep Your Antivirus Program Updated

Just as computers get more and more potent, viruses and malware in general also evolve to adapt to newer systems. In short, if you have an antivirus program but never update it, it will soon be virtually useless. It just won’t be able to detect new threats, which are the most dangerous. Most antivirus programs will regularly run updates by themselves or will display alert messages if they are out of date. Make sure to open your program and check the settings. Updating it should be as easy as clicking on the “update” button.

4. Beware of Email Attachments

Don’t just open any attachment or link that gets sent to you in an email. If you receive an email from an unknown source, don’t even open it. And most of all, don’t open the attachment! Just mark it as spam and delete it. Chances are, this email meant nothing good for you or your computer. Even if you do know the sender, make sure the email isn’t suspicious. Sometimes, one of your acquaintance’s email might get hacked and automatically send emails to everyone in their contact list. So, if you receive an unexpected email with an attachment from one of your contacts, check with them to see if they actually meant to write you. If this isn’t the case, simply delete the email. And of course, don’t open the attachment!

5. Beware of Phishing

While we’re on the topic of sketchy emails, another threat to be wary of is phishing. What’s phishing? It means someone’s trying to get their hands on your sensitive information, whether it be passwords, credit card details, social security number, etc. Emails are a common means of phishing. Usually, you receive an email with a fake story and promises of money should you do the sender a small favor. Just ignore them, their only purpose is to steal from you. Another way they can try to get you is by passing off as a trustworthy entity, such as the IRS. Such an email might look somewhat official and either threaten you or entice you with money. Check the sender’s email address and see if it looks strange. Look out for typos and unusual language or communication. If you’re unsure, Google search this email for scams, and contact said entity directly via phone. Naturally, don’t communicate any sensitive information or make any payments without checking for their legitimacy first!

6. Make Backups

No matter how much you protect your computer, you’re never 100% immune against either viruses or technical problems. If you encounter a serious issue, important data could end up deleted, or you might have to re-install your operating system altogether. This is why it’s vital to regularly make backups of your sensitive or essential information. Windows allows you to create system restore points, meant to restore your computer at an earlier date if you run into problems. You can also backup your data on an external hard drive or in the cloud.

7. Use Several Passwords

You don’t want to use the same password for everything. If you do and it gets compromised, you’re in trouble! When it comes to important passwords, such as your main email address or bank account, you should use different passwords and make sure they are strong enough. Passwords that are longer contain capital letters and numbers are stronger (which means harder to hack) than lowercase shorter passwords. There are also programs that allow you to store your passwords along with your usernames. This means you won’t even have to remember them all!

Now you know how to prevent computer viruses. Make sure your antivirus software is up to date and runs regular computer scans. Then backup your most important data and stay alert to spot fraudulent emails or websites.

Buy antivirus at discounted price

How to buy original antivirus at a discounted price

The world is moving towards a digital age and with that, all the data is stored digitally. Online records are very easy to find and update. But with all this digital data comes the great risk of data corruption/stealing via a virus, worms, & malware. The very first protocol is to install a good antivirus. But people refrain from buying original antivirus due to its cost. But today we will show you how to buy original antivirus at a discounted price. This will reduce piracy, and everyone will start buying original antivirus at a low price.

PC Security scan antivirus

Before telling you the trick of buying original antivirus at a discounted price, let me solve some of the FAQs that you might have.


Q: Are the antivirus original?

A: The sources which we provide have original antivirus keys.

Q: Will they delivery a CD/DVD with antivirus?

A: Mostly no. Its better not to opt for a CD/DVD option as it might be costlier and with the fast internet speeds, it is better to download it from the official stores and use the keys which you purchased.

Q: Which antivirus should you choose?

A: It is best to first check the antivirus features on their official website and choose the best one which suits your needs. There might be different versions like a local antivirus which works better to protect local files. Another one may be an internet security version which will work in providing online security. And lastly, there will be an all-in-one pack which will work in every scenario in the best possible way. Depending on your needs, just opt for the best choice or leave a comment and we will guide you.

So these were some of the answers you might be looking for before you go ahead and buy original antivirus at a discounted price. Now let us see how to buy original antivirus at affordable price.

How to buy original antivirus at a discounted price?

How to buy original antivirus at discounted price

There are multiple sources from where you can purchase original antivirus at a discounted price. Please note that these are not pirated or torrent sources but legitimate websites which sell anitivirus at low cost. You can double check by contacting the website operators and then proceeding with the purchase.

Sources to buy original antivirus at a discounted price:

  1. BuyAntivirusKey (Global website) – I have used this
  2. BuyAntivriusKey (Indian website)
  3. DigitalCodes
  4. PaytmMall

Once you have selected the source from where you will buy the antivirus, next is to choose the number of PC you want to install the antivirus to & tenure. Its better to go with 3 years as the price will further reduce.

Next is to make the purchase and the key will mostly be delivered via email immediately or within 1 day. Please make sure you read the instructions carefully before making the purchase.

The email will contain the key along with instructions on where to download the antivirus setup file. Mostly you can go to the official website of the antivirus company and download the trial version of the setup. Install the trial version on your laptop/pc and just enter the key which you received over email. Your antivirus will get activated successfully, and you will be able to use all the features seamlessly.

Make sure you save the key somewhere safe incase you need to reinstall the antivirus. If you face any issues while activation, please contact the website source where you purchased the key and they will help you out.

So this is how to purchase original antivirus at a discounted price. Hope you enjoyed the article and will start using original antivirus by stopping piracy! Let me know if you have any doubts or need suggestions on which antivirus to go for.


It’s Time for a Social Media Security Checkup

It’s Monday morning. Do you know what’s happening on your social media accounts?

Social media has become on the leading sources of cyberattacks in the world. It has the magic combination of widespread use (billions of people log in to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. every day), personal information, and trust that gives hackers everything they need to either launch attacks within the platforms themselves, or gather enough information to launch more targeted attacks against individuals, including you.

Even if you think you are safe and have your social media locked down, there is a good chance that you’ve left something vulnerable somewhere. That’s why you need to conduct regular social media security checkups. Double checking that you are using every tool you can to keep your information safe takes only a few minutes, but can save you a lot of headaches.

Check Your Antivirus

A strong antivirus and security program on your devices is your first line of defense against attacks from any source. Be sure that your antivirus software is up-to-date, and that you’re making the most of your premium services bundle by running security checks and looking for vulnerabilities. Social media attacks often look for vulnerabilities on your computer or devices to exploit, so use your security tools to close those loopholes.

Install Updates

Are you running the latest versions of all of your apps? Are your devices up-to-date? Even if you have your device set to automatically download and install updates as they become available, double check every few months to ensure that all of the most recent updates have been installed. Often, app updates include bug fixes and security enhancements that protect your account and data, so you want to install them as soon as possible.

Change Your Passwords

Yes, it can be a pain to come up with new passwords and remember them every few months. However, regularly changing your passwords, and choosing strong passwords, is important to maintaining your security. Keep it simple by using a password manager, and setting a reminder in your calendar to handle this chore.

Set Up Two Factor Authentication

If you haven’t already done so, you need to set up two factor authentication for your social media accounts. It only takes a few minutes, and gives you peace of mind that your accounts are less likely to be accessed without your permission.

Check Your Apps

Speaking of permissions, which apps have access to your social media accounts? And what permissions have you granted? Every few months, check on the apps that have access to your social profiles (find them by looking in the privacy settings on your account) and delete those that don’t need access anymore. Be selective in which apps get access to your profiles and what you allow them to see. In many cases, you may wish to just create an account with a username and password instead to keep your social profiles secure.

Check Your Info

If you’re sharing too much personal information on social media, you could be setting yourself up for trouble. Chances are, the people who need to know your exact birthday, address, phone number, etc. already have that information, so be as vague as possible. Avoid sharing information that can be used to steal your identity – and this goes for responding to friends’ posts as well. Remember that the answers to common security questions are often things like your mother’s maiden name, the color of your first car, where your first job was, where you were born, etc. It might be fun to see your friends’ answers to these questions, but hackers are also on the lookout for this information.

Clean Your Friends List

If you don’t know everyone on your friends’ list, or can’t pinpoint how you know people on your list, it’s time to hit the unfriend button. At least once a year, go through your friend’s list and delete people you don’t know, or don’t really have any contact with. Consider setting all of your profiles to private so that you need to approve followers, or so only people who know your friends can request to connect with you. This way, you control who sees your stuff, and reduce the chances of it falling into the wrong hands.

Keeping your social media secure is an important step toward preventing a cyberattack. If you perform this checkup on a regular basis, you’ll be in good shape to ward off the hackers.


How to wipe Mac clean with SafeWiper

Nowadays, people are often changing their computers and laptops with the latest configurations to keep everything up to date on their lives. Moreover, to support the latest software and apps, you must upgrade your computer newest specifications in order to use those cool features. So, it is quite understandable if you decide to sell your old MacBook to get the latest version of it.

And the best thing to do with the old MacBook computers is to sell them or donate them to the next person. But it is not that easy as you think because deleting the files and folders from the computer may be easy but a simple deletion won’t really get your data and information deleted permanently from your system. That’s correct, using any data recovery software available on the internet can restore your files back on the computer and it will be a huge threat to your personal life if those files and data such as bank statements, medical records, private pictures and emails, etc. falls on some wrong hands. So, to resolve this issue, we have come up with few solutions that we will discuss on this tutorial on how to wipe mac clean.

How to Wipe Mac Clean with SafeWiper?

Part 1. Deleting all files and folder manually.

This part works for those who has very smaller data collection on their MacBook. In that case you can use the following steps to remove the files from your computer.

Step 1. Turn on your Mac and head on to the main hard drive of your computer.

Step 2. Select the files using your mouse and simply delete them from your computer.

Step 3. In order to select all files, you can press Command + A key together and press delete to remove those files.

Cons –

  1. Most unsure way to delete files.
  2. Time consuming method if you have huge data collection your computer.

Part 2. Format your Mac Computer.

Formatting is the best way to delete all files, folders, software and other private data from your computer. It will completely wipe your system and will make your computer totally fresh as new. Learn how to do that –

Step 1. Start the Finder menu and from the left side panel, choose Applications.

Step 2. From the right side panel, select “Utilities” followed by Utilities again.

Step 3. Now select the hard drive name that you wish to format and click on “Erase” to start the process.

Step 4. Select the format type such as MS-DOS and give your hard drive a new name followed by clicking “Erase”.

Done! You may restart the computer after the operation is finished and you will find your hard drive empty.

Cons –

  1. Deleted files are easily recoverable using any free data recovery software.
  2. Not a safe method if you have secret files stored in your computer.

Part 3. Wipe Mac computer clean using Data Wiper

To overcome the cons discussed in other methods, you should use a professional data erasing tool. In this part, we will be using SafeWiper Mac Data Wiper which a marvelous little program that can erase all the files and folders from your computer beyond recovery. It is 100% guaranteed that the files deleted using Data Wiper program cannot be recovered using any professional data recovery software at all. To make sure all the files are deleted permanently, this program overwrites the erased data over seven times making the deletion process absolutely everlasting. It is the safest way to erase data from your computer before selling or giving away your Mac to anyone.

Let’s see how this program works efficiently

Step 1. Install the software on your Mac computer and launch it to start the deletion process.

Step 2. This program offers to choose whether to delete individual files and folders or wipe an entire hard drive which is one of the handiest feature provided in this tool. So, if you are selling your Mac then it is recommended to choose “Wipe Volume/Device”.

Step 3. Now choose the hard drive name that you wish to wipe forever and click on “Wipe now”.

Step 4. This program provides four types of data deletion techniques but if you are not sure which option to choose then select the third option and click on “Confirm”.

Step 5. The software will start wiping your entire hard drive automatically and you should wait patiently until the process is finished.

Success! You may now restart your computer and you will find totally empty hard drives.


Taking precautions while selling or donating your Mac computer should be always a top priority in order to protect your identity and information stored on your Mac. The first two methods are only recommended if you are using a personal Mac for yourself but if you are giving away your computer to a total stranger then make sure to permanently delete all the files and folders from your computer by using Data wiper program.

Norton Security Featured

Norton Security Premium: Is it worth it?

Security software are used by people to protect their devices from the various malicious threats out there in the digital world. The threats come in different forms like virus, worms, trojans, rats, ransomware etc. These malicious files can affect your system in different ways. Some of the programs like the virus can actually corrupt your files and make the system crash. Others like trojans, rats can actually give access of your system to the intruders. Some new type of threats like ransomware will actually lock down all your data and ask for ransom(money) to unlock the data. But everybody is living in with this assumption that nobody will target their system or harm their data. So people are just waiting for the attacks to happen. And then when their systems actually are affected, they are ready to pay to recover their files or system which may or may not be possible. So it is better to stay protected. One such very famous company that is Norton has a program called Norton Security which can work across all your devices. So today we are reviewing Norton Security Premium to find out if it is worth buying.

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In the past, people considered security programs of Norton to be very effective but at the same time to be resource hungry too. Their antivirus programs actually slowed down the system in the past. As these programs establish their own layer of security on the operating system level, it may slow down the system. But now this is not the case anymore. Norton security is now a light-weight program that can actually work in the background without letting you know. I am not saying it is not eating up any resources, but the consumption is quite low. They don’t have different products for different types of devices. It all comes up bundled in one license depending on the devices you want to use let it be laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet etc. The product that we are reviewing today is Norton Security Premium which is the topmost and has every feature. Though I will also tell you about their other plans so you can choose wisely according to your needs. First let us start off with the basic requirements needed to install Norton Security.


Operating System:

  • Windows XP SP3 and above (Edge Browser not supported)
  • Mac OS X current version and previous two versions (Some premiere features not supported)
  • Android 4.0.3 or above. Google play must be installed
  • iPhone iOS 8 & later

So these are the basic operating system requirements to install Norton Security. It will work across all your devices depending on the package you choose. You can download the free 30-days trial from this link – Norton Security

After installing the software in your PC, the first window you will see is of Security. It includes Scans, LiveUpdate, scan history and advanced settings. In the Scans menu you can perform actions like quick scan, full scan, custom scan, determining which files to scan, uncovering hard to find problem, and check information about your device.


The LiveUpdate option is to update the software from Norton servers. The history has all the logs of update, scans, and any detection that happened during the scan reports. There are many options in advanced settings like Auto-Protect, SONAR(Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response), Smart Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Email Protection, Identity Safe, Browser Protection, Safe Surfing, and Download Intelligence. The SONAR protection actually detects the behavior of applications running on your machine to detect suspicious actions and take proper measures. The next item on the list is Identity and has everything to do with your online security. The first option is the identity safe which is a vault to store your passwords, form data, notes and credit/debit card details safely. So this can also be used directly in the browser when the vault is open. You need to install browser extension for that. ID settings include Anti-phishing, Norton Safe web, blocking malicious page, site rating icon in search result, and scam insight. Apart from that it also has option to create strong passwords online that will help you to secure your online accounts.

Apart from being an Antivirus program, Norton Security Premium also offers you up to 25 GB of cloud space for storing important backups. In this option you can run backup, or restore one. You can also form backup sets and buy more storage if you wish to.

You are Reading: Norton Security Premium: Is it worth it?

The next option is the performance tab which has everything to do with the performance of your machine. The first option is to optimize your disk and defragment it to help speed it up. So if you have an old laptop, then you probably must run this optimize feature and experience the difference in booting times, search times etc. Next option is to do file cleanup which basically deletes all unnecessary temporary files that are taking up space on your disk. Startup Manager is the third option on the list. This will open up a list of programs that launch once you boot in your operating system. Too many startup programs may lead to longer boot time. So you can manually disable the programs which you don’t require on startup. The last option is the graph of the performance and the resource usage by the system and Norton based on the time. It will give you a rough idea of the programs that are using the resources too much.


Apart from all this, you have option to open up the Norton Web portal where you can manage all your devices at one place. They also have a Family Premiere feature where in you can keep an eye out for your kids activity on the internet and you can restrict the time too. So Norton Security provides an all in one solution in an all in one pack. Other packs apart from Premium are the Standard and Deluxe packs. Below is a comparison table based on the features and number of devices each pack supports.

The price for the standard, deluxe and premium is Rs. 849, Rs. 1,399 and Rs. 2,999 for the first year. As of for the mobile and other devices, Norton Security App provides some features like Anti-Theft, locking other apps, and scans for the suspicious permissions taken by various apps. It also trace backs the location to which the data is sent to, which is a very cool feature. So if there are some apps that don’t require some sensitive information like location then Norton will inform you.


Overall Norton Security does offer a whole lot of features both online and offline. Almost all the new latest threats are covered by Norton including ransomware which is the latest trending of all. I had no issues using the software and the interface is quite simple with a light-weight security package. If we compare it with other security programs, Norton comes on the higher budget end. Though it is one of the most renowned security company. So it all depends on how much you want to spend on the security. If you have some seriously important data to protect then no compromises on the security end. But if you are a normal user with not much data then you can go for some cheaper alternatives. So I hope now you know the answer to the question if Norton Security is worth buying or not. Though I believe that Security is just a myth, and no solution is foolproof. You can always take necessary measures to ensure maximum protection and avoid attacks as much as possible. But when it is your turn, then nobody can save you except the backup which is kept offline locked up somewhere safe. Post all your doubts and queries in the comment section below.


Norton Security Solution – All in one subscription

With the increase in the usage of digital media, security is something which is not supposed to be ignored. But unfortunately, the consumers tend to provide less importance to secure their data or make regular backups that leads to a digital crisis. Norton a leading brand in the security space has come up with an all in one solution for the consumers. With the launch of its new Norton Security Solution which works on a subscription basis and is priced according to the number of devices, they plan to make the things much simpler. One of the most recent trending threats amongst the consumer is Ransomware – which is a malware that locks down all your files by encrypting it and the only workaround is to pay the ransom in exchange for the key.

norton security solution multiplatform

Norton Security Solution – All in one subscription

According to Symantec’s latest Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec discovered more than 430 million new unique pieces of malware in 2015, up 36 percent from the year before and in August 2016 alone, there were 45 million new malware variants, the highest level seen since August 2015. The exponential growth in the number of new malware is an alarming thing.

Speaking about the new Norton Security Solution, it works on multiple platforms viz. Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. You just need to have one common subscription which will work on every platform. There are three different plans available Standard, Deluxe and Premium.

  • Standard – 1 PC or Mac
  • Deluxe – Up to 5 PCs/Macs/Android Smartphones or tablets
  • Premium – Up to 10 PCs/Macs/Android Smartphone or tablets (Cloud backup available)
norton security solution

norton security solution product subscription

You can always shift from one machine to another with the same license according to your subscription plan. Making everything standard and available in one package makes Norton Security much simpler. No more confusions between Antivirus, Internet security or any other product variation.

“Norton by Symantec has the world’s largest civilian network of security experts who are constantly analyzing new threats and devising new ways to protect consumers and their devices,” said Ritesh Chopra, Country Manager, India, Norton by Symantec. “With the growing frequency of cyber attacks on all platforms, consumers need the comprehensive multi-platform protection offered by Norton Security.”

Features of Norton Security Solution

Proactive Exploit Prevention

Zero-day attacks are the ones which even the software vendors are unaware of. Patching such loopholes in the software can take months. With the proactive exploit prevention, Norton recognizes the standard behavior of the Zero-day attacks to prevent losses till the software patch arrives.

Emulation Technology

Malware, viruses are often hidden inside innocuous looking files that will affect your system when you run them. But with Norton Security these files are first tested in a virtual emulated environment for any threats to prevent the attack from spreading into the operating system.

Predictive Machine Learning Engine

Learning is a process that never stops or rather it should not. Once the signatures of the existing malware are detected, the new malware will have something different. With machine learning, Norton Security anticipates the new signatures of unknown malware to detect and block them.

Faster Mac Protection

There are certain vulnerabilities in the MAC OS too which surfaced recently and Norton is also providing security for it. With the new update, the resource utilization for the scanning will be low which will not affect the working of regular applications.

My Norton

My Norton is an all-in-one web portal to manage accounts, subscriptions, parental controls etc. One can manage multiple devices on the same portal and they also have smart alert system for new threats that are discovered continuously.

Pricing and Availability

The pricing of Norton Security starts at Rs. 1,399 with periodic offers. Currently, you can buy the Standard pack of Norton Security for Rs. 749 for the first year. All the packs and pricing information is available at and the pricing information includes credit/debit cards, Net banking for 40+ national and regional banks.

Consumers should really start focusing on their security as the dependency on digital media is increasing and the data is now the most important thing to any person. Keeping your software updated with a good antivirus solution is currently the best preventive measure for you to avoid getting hit by attacks. Norton Security solution is something that I can surely recommend using. Which antivirus program you prefer, mention it in the comment section below.


Things to check before making online transaction

Making an online transaction is like the one of the best things that we can thank the internet for. But with the speed and all the benefits comes certain risks that are involved too. Sending the information with a few clicks and trusting the digital age blindly is surely not one of things you want to do. Enjoying the benefits of the Internet and practicing certain security measures seems to be a smarter and safer choice. So today we will discuss some things to check before making online transaction. These tips will help the people who are still afraid of making online payments and avoid doing the same under the fear of getting hacked.

Things to check before making online transaction:

  1. Secure your PC/Laptop

    hardware keylogger for keyboard

It all starts from the machine i.e. your PC/Laptop which you will be using to connect to the internet. Start by looking for a good antivirus software and invest some bucks in this instead of losing all at the end. This will keep your machine away from all the malicious software like trojans, software keyloggers, RATS(Remote Access Tools) which can steal sensitive information. Look for any hardware keyloggers which will be like a small extension to your keyboard USB attachment. Use a trusted browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer/Edge for making online transaction. Also, you should avoid using public computers and public wifi while making online transactions as they may be already compromised.

2. Check for HTTPS


Imagine the flow of unencrypted data as liquid flowing through a transparent pipe. Everyone can see the information flowing in our case it will be the type and color of the liquid. So this is the case when you browse using a normal HTTP connection. Data sent over HTTP can be intercepted by hackers somewhere between the source and destination. But if the pipe is opaque we cannot determine even if the pipe is empty or full. So this is where SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) comes into play. SSL encrypts the data when it is traversing the path from source to the destination so the hackers cannot understand any of it. To ensure that the website uses SSL while making payment, always make sure that the site URL starts with HTTPS with a sign of lock on it. You can also check the for the security certificate information to ensure the website is secured for making online transactions. Even the login page of a bank or payment gateway will have an HTTPS connection.

3. Use common gateways


People are spending money to make purchases while playing online games. That may be to buy some coins, gems, or maybe chips. Even most of the online casino sites have some standard gateways like Paypal, Entropay, Skrill etc which should be used to ensure safety. These standard gateways will take the responsibility of securing your transaction so that you can transact without any worries. Even these websites use HTTPS on a mandatory basis. Online gaming industry is totally based on the digital world coming together to play and transact using Internet. So make sure you don’t compromise your safety while having fun on the Internet.

4. OTP – Mobile Security


Smartphones have now replaced PC/Laptop for most of the work you do, including online transactions. One key factor that comes into play apart from the strong password is OTP(One Time Password). This code can make all the difference in the world to make sure that nobody can steal anything from you. But the OTP will be sent to you via SMS on your smartphone which makes mobile security an important factor. You need to keep your smartphone locked all the time and especially with you. Even if the hacker gets access to your unsecured smartphone for a minute, he can get the OTP or maybe install a malicious software in it. So always make sure that your smartphone is secured as much as your PC/laptop to make transactions without any risk.

5. Email offer links

things to check before making online transaction

Offers sent over email or any other digital medium can be exciting plus a scam too. Intruders can actually copy the format of a normal Paypal Email or your bank email to make you think that it is legit. The most dangerous thing will be clicking on a phishing page link and submitting your credentials without even knowing that you have been hacked. First tip is to never use the links mentioned in the email and going to the official website directly to check for the offers. Secondly, check the sender’s email address to confirm if it has a legit domain name. This is also risky as hackers can spoof source email address to make you think it is from a legitimate person. So I would suggest you never to use the offer links from the email without confirming it from the official website first.

Making your passwords strong by using the combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters goes without saying. These were some things to check before making online transaction to ensure safety. Don’t refrain yourselves from paying money online but stay aware and be smart. I hope these tips will help you to secure your digital life while enjoying its benefits. If you have any doubts or any other tips, share them using the comments section below.

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3 Important Takeaways from the RBI’s Cyber Security Framework in Banks

In June 2016, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) sent to CEOs of Indian banks an important circular, the Cyber Security Framework in Banks. The document states that banks have an urgent need to put in place a robust cybersecurity/resilience framework and ensure adequate cybersecurity preparedness on a continual basis. Issuing cybersecurity guidance is not new for RBI, which issued a similar document in 2011. However, this particular document is timely and essential. Information technology (IT) is now part of banks’ operational strategies, essential for both them and their customers. At the same time, as RBI points out, the number, frequency, and impact of cyber incidents on Indian banks has increased substantially. Like their peers globally, Indian banks are committed to maintaining customer trust, protecting financial assets, and preserving their own brand and reputation as the industry will remain a top target of cybercriminals using increasingly sophisticated methods. Thus, it is urgent that banks continue to improve their cyber defenses.

3 Important Takeaways from the RBI's Cyber Security Framework in Banks

The RBI guidance consists of the overall/introductory framework and guidance and three annexes:

1) An indicative set of baseline cyber security and resilience requirements.
2) Information on setting up and operationalising a cyber security operation centre (C-SOC).
3) A template for reporting cyber incidents to the RBI.

Within the range of instructions and recommendations in the guidance, three things rise to the top as notable.

First, the guidance instructs banks to involve their boards of directors and other senior management in cybersecurity. Boards must approve their banks’ cybersecurity policies and strategies and, more generally, they need to be brought up to speed on potential cybersecurity impacts, including their banks’ preparedness, and the need to manage cyber risks. At the same time, the guidance notes that managing cyber risk requires awareness and commitment among staff at all levels. We agree wholeheartedly. Executives can no longer delegate the whole cybersecurity agenda to the IT division. Because the value of a bank’s brand can be directly affected by security incidents, security needs to become an integral part of the company strategy at the highest possible level, actionable at every branch and corporate site and supported by greater employee awareness. Through our recent book, Navigating the Digital Age, and our online community,, Palo Alto Networks seeks to share best practices, use cases and expert advice to guide executives on managing cybersecurity risks.

Second, the guidance directs Indian banks to take a risk management approach to cybersecurity. RBI notes that the size, IT systems, technological complexity, stakeholders, and other factors vary from bank to bank, and thus banks must identify their own inherent risks and needed controls to adopt an appropriate cybersecurity approach. We agree. No “one size” cybersecurity solution will fit all banks. However, there are some best practices that will improve overall cybersecurity hygiene.

Third, the guidance emphasises prevention. For example, the guidance says that banks should not allow unauthorised access to networks and databases, should take necessary preventive and corrective measures, and should endeavor to stay ahead of the adversary. We agree. Given that banks everywhere are constantly under siege from cyber attackers, a prevention-minded philosophy to cybersecurity is needed. Detection and remediation are too little and far too late to properly protect the financial assets and information of banks’ clients. This is where the SOCs called for by RBI will be extremely helpful. Per the guidance, a bank’s SOC should “keep itself regularly updated on the latest nature of emerging cyber threats” and be “well-prepared to face emerging cyber threats such as zero-day attacks”. However, SOCs are just part of the solution. Including cybersecurity in the overall network or enterprise architecture will also contribute to a preventive posture. Palo Alto Networks is focused on preventing successful cyberattacks and can be part of such a layered defense approach.

The guidance’s baseline cybersecurity and resilience requirements are helpful. They include recommendations to meet many of the goals laid out above, such as a requirement to have advanced real-time threat defense and management. However, as RBI notes, the list is indicative and not exhaustive. As they seek to manage their ever-evolving risks, it is critical that banks retain the flexibility to ascertain and deploy the most advanced technologies and processes to ensure the best possible protection of client data and financial assets.

Today’s digital way of life puts immense pressure on the financial services industry. Individuals, institutions, and governments demand an unprecedented level of access to their financial assets and information. Clients must trust that their financial assets and information are safe yet also readily available. This trust is best built and maintained with a breach prevention-based mindset for cybersecurity.

ASUS RT-AC88U router

ASUS RT-AC88U router specifications and review

High-speed internet mainly via Wifi is what people nowadays thrive on. All the apps are just feeding on Internet choking all the bandwidth. May it be office or home there is a huge amount of data flowing through the router. Now the main problem is faced by the network engineer who’s sole job is to keep the network running. A good router is what he needs in this kind of situation which will make his task easier. ASUS has got a router that will be great to handle this kind of traffic. So today I will tell you about ASUS RT-AC88U router specifications and review it in detail. Let me tell you that it is a dual band gigabit router. Let us find out what it means.

ASUS RT-AC88U router specifications and review


What is Dual Band Router?

Dual band is the new feature that was introduced with new ‘ac‘ standard. The normal home router only has 2.4GHz Wifi channel on which most of your devices work. Dual band means having a 5GHz channel along with 2.4Ghz. The new channel has got more bandwidth and it creates a data stream with the devices. In simple terms good bandwidth distribution and high speed of data exchange. You will get good speed on all devices no matter how many devices you connect. Previous I had like 12 devices connected on my triple antenna tplink router. Most of the time the router would like just hang and stopped working. But with this router it can easily handle 12+ devices.

So enough with the theory of dual band, let’s go ahead and unbox this monstrous router and check out the specifications. You can watch the video of unboxing, do like and comment your thoughts on it.

Unboxing of ASUS RT-AC88U/ AC3100 dualband gigabit router:

ASUS RT-AC88U router specifications and review


ASUS RT-AC88U router specifications and review

Back view

The router comes with this amazing monstrous looking design. It has 4 antennas which looks just great with those red notches. The two antennas are attached on the back and the other two on left and right. The size of router is almost the double or triple if we compare it with the normal home router. On the top we have some LED indicators for power, Wifi, WAN, ethernet, WPS and Internet. On the front-left there is the USB 3.0 slot inside a small compartment. On the front-right there are two buttons one to toggle Wifi and the other one is to toggle the top LEDs. Moving on to the back we have the power push button, 12V DC-In jack, WAN input port, the 8 gigabit high speed ethernet ports, the WPS button and lastly the reset button. The router design lacks in only one thing i.e. some red LEDs. It would have been just great if there was like a red light coming out from the top and side air vents. I really expected that when I first saw the router box.


Well you need to know this that the router is also kind of a small PC processing all our data and doing some geeky stuff. The ASUS RT-AC88U comes with a dual-core processor clocked at 1.4GHz and 512 MB of RAM, 128 MB of flash storage. It takes almost 2 mins for the router to boot up with all its Wifi and WAN running. There is also lot of heat produced so you need to make sure that you keep the router on a flat surface and not covering the air vent.


As I told you about the dual band and 4 antennas, that all helps the router to manage traffic in a better way which is its specialty. But remember if you have an ac router already, then you wont get like better speed and all. Before upgrading to this one, make sure that you really have a traffic issue or else it will be of not much use. Yes this router will help you for Gaming and 4K streaming. Time to check out all the features.


For setting up the router you can always use the quick setup option and the default IP is with username – admin and password – admin. The router has some excellent features and different software tool that comes with it. Listed below are the main features:

  • Dual band – 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Easy blocking of internet access, time scheduling, and Mac IP binding as per client
  • Guest network – For friends to access the internet and not the LAN network
  • AiProtection – Security against malicious websites, infected device prevention
  • Parental Control – Blocking access based on keywords, URL, time scheduling
  • Adaptive QoS – Bandwidth Monitor for each client, web history (catches everything that passes through)
  • Bandwidth limiter with priority scheduler
  • Game Boost – WTFast(Gamer private network) support to reduce the latency, Lan Boost
  • Traffic analyzer – Shows data consumption for each app for each client according to date. Amazing tool for analyzing the bandwidth usage but didn’t work at my place for some reason may be a bug in the firmware.
  • Traffic Monitor – Monitor the traffic on both Wifi Channels and ethernet ports
  • USB application – Yes we have USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 where you can connect external hard drives, USB drive, printer, USB dongle and even an Android phone for internet sharing. Share the disk online or on the network make media servers or share printer over the network.
    Though what I personally feel is the data transfer speed when you connect a device using USB is very slow. It needs a lot of work to make sure that the media files from USB device can be streamed on the network.
  • Smart remote access and smart sync are some other features to sync the data to ASUS webstorage.
  • DMZ can always redirect all the incoming traffic to one machine elimiating the need of port forwarding every time you want to access some application remotely.
  • Hardware Firewall has DoS protection which can again filter packets based on keywords or URL
  • Operation Mode – Wireless router mode, repeater mode, access point mode, and Media bridge
  • Dual WAN – This is a cool feature ensuring that your internet is working even if the primary WAN fails. Yes that means you can have two connections and in case the first one fails, second one will be used as the backup option.
  • Mobile APP available for Android and iOS

These are like all the features of the ASUS RT-AC88U gaming router. You can just head on to WTFast website and download their software to boost the online gaming speed and decrease latency.

Pricing and availability

Well I know you are all happy with features and device of this device. But here is the part where it may decrease the amount of happiness as this router is priced at 300$ approx. It is available on Amazon for 274$. Yeah the router is overpriced and you need to think before you upgrade.


Overall I liked the design and the performance of this router. On the software side the bugs like traffic analyzer and traffic limiter should be fixed as this was totally not expected with the latest firmware. If you have a high budget and you don’t already own a ‘ac‘ router then definitely go for this router as it will not disappoint you. The review device is gone and I am feeling the void from now on. So this were the ASUS RT-AC88U specifications and review in complete detail with unboxing. Let me know if you have any doubts about this router or may be its feature in the comments section below.


drive logo

Get 2GB Free Google Drive Storage today

Google is offering free storage for completing a small task associated to your account. Can you guess what the task will be? To increase the security of your Google account by updating your current details. Last year, Google gave 1 TB of free storage to the users who helped in improving the Google Maps and location services. This year you can get 2GB Free Google Drive storage.

What is the catch?

Well there is nothing suspicious about this offer as Google wants it’s Users to simply have a glance towards their account security option to check if everything is fine. Google is celebrating the Safer Internet Day 2016, and hence it is offering some free storage in exchange for upgraded security.

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How do I get 2GB Free Google Drive Storage?

  1. Well, first head on to the Security settings page of your Google Account.
  2.  You need to sign in using your Google Account.
  3. After that complete the various steps like Recovery option, recent security events, 2 step verification, Connected devices, Account permission, App Password. While you are at it, perform the steps sincerely and give it some time to review all the options.

Get 2GB Free Google Drive Storage today

  1. Next you will see a Confirmation message of free 2GB storage added in your Google Drive account.
  2. Do look out for such offers that involves some work and big rewards from Google.

2GB Google drive free storage

You can perform the above steps for your multiple account and do note that this offer is valid only for today i.e. 10th Feb 2016 (Tuesday). So share it with your Friends and Family members. This offer is like getting free petrol for wearing helmet or putting on seat belt while you drive. You get rewarded for improving your own account security. Never forget how Google account plays an important part in your life as almost everything is connected to it. Do let us know if you face any difficulties executing this method through the comment section below.