How to buy original antivirus at a discounted price

The world is moving towards a digital age and with that, all the data is stored digitally. Online records are very easy to find and update. But with all this digital data comes the great risk of data corruption/stealing via a virus, worms, & malware. The very first protocol is to install a good antivirus. But people refrain from buying original antivirus due to its cost. But today we will show you how to buy original antivirus at a discounted price. This will reduce piracy, and everyone will start buying original antivirus at a low price.

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Before telling you the trick of buying original antivirus at a discounted price, let me solve some of the FAQs that you might have.


Q: Are the antivirus original?

A: The sources which we provide have original antivirus keys.

Q: Will they delivery a CD/DVD with antivirus?

A: Mostly no. Its better not to opt for a CD/DVD option as it might be costlier and with the fast internet speeds, it is better to download it from the official stores and use the keys which you purchased.

Q: Which antivirus should you choose?

A: It is best to first check the antivirus features on their official website and choose the best one which suits your needs. There might be different versions like a local antivirus which works better to protect local files. Another one may be an internet security version which will work in providing online security. And lastly, there will be an all-in-one pack which will work in every scenario in the best possible way. Depending on your needs, just opt for the best choice or leave a comment and we will guide you.

So these were some of the answers you might be looking for before you go ahead and buy original antivirus at a discounted price. Now let us see how to buy original antivirus at affordable price.

How to buy original antivirus at a discounted price?

How to buy original antivirus at discounted price

There are multiple sources from where you can purchase original antivirus at a discounted price. Please note that these are not pirated or torrent sources but legitimate websites which sell anitivirus at low cost. You can double check by contacting the website operators and then proceeding with the purchase.

Sources to buy original antivirus at a discounted price:

  1. BuyAntivirusKey (Global website) – I have used this
  2. BuyAntivriusKey (Indian website)
  3. DigitalCodes
  4. PaytmMall

Once you have selected the source from where you will buy the antivirus, next is to choose the number of PC you want to install the antivirus to & tenure. Its better to go with 3 years as the price will further reduce.

Next is to make the purchase and the key will mostly be delivered via email immediately or within 1 day. Please make sure you read the instructions carefully before making the purchase.

The email will contain the key along with instructions on where to download the antivirus setup file. Mostly you can go to the official website of the antivirus company and download the trial version of the setup. Install the trial version on your laptop/pc and just enter the key which you received over email. Your antivirus will get activated successfully, and you will be able to use all the features seamlessly.

Make sure you save the key somewhere safe incase you need to reinstall the antivirus. If you face any issues while activation, please contact the website source where you purchased the key and they will help you out.

So this is how to purchase original antivirus at a discounted price. Hope you enjoyed the article and will start using original antivirus by stopping piracy! Let me know if you have any doubts or need suggestions on which antivirus to go for.

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  1. Article is Good but some information is wrong. and .in is totally different. even I am sure about and it is for India only. is registered years after and its a copycat website. noting to do with original website. its just someone taken advantage of variation of Brand name with difference .in rest not sure abt .in is original and me too using their services for last 3years.

  2. Very informative Article , good to know , its help full
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  3. Thanks Karan for Sharing such a Informative Article.

    we are using for last 4 years. we had Discovered this website within first 3 months of their launch. these people are inventors of this online digital keys distribution In India. inbetween they Started but pullback within couple of months. that too was good concept. but too ahead of its time. hope they will bring it back after 5G enabled in India.
    almost all the websites selling digital keys in India in todays date are concept copycats. you can Identify them by their registration date. is somewhere in Jan 2016. and you will find all others registration than after. anyways Gold is always Gold. according to my knoweledge in todays date only sends keys on whatsapp. rest are trying to figure it out, how to copy. hope to see many more copycats to follow the same in coming 2020-2021.

  4. thanks Karan Makharia for sharing about its just Awesome. never saw such fast delivery. purchased many keys from this website after discovered on your Article. every time received license key SMS / whatsaap before Bank msg of payment deduction. god know how they are doing this.
    its really supersizing to my knowledge that Indian Company can manage this high quality of service.
    all the best Wishes for future – Narayani Jain

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