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How to protect your visual privacy

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 3M for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Privacy means secluding information that is private and not meant to share with others. In this digital age, we all try to protect our privacy and stop others from looking into our personal information. But at certain times this is not possible and some how people see sensitive data, which results in a problem. Today we will talk about visual privacy protection in particular, as this is one of the most common methods of data leakage. Preventing people who try to eavesdrop on your computer screen can normally be a difficult job. Using the 3M visual privacy protection methods, the job is much simpler and much more efficiently done. Let’s check out how to protect your visual privacy using two different methods.


Method 1 : 3M Privacy Filter

3M has introduced a privacy filter which is like a screen guard but it decreases the viewing angles of the screen. So you just attach that on your device screen and others will not be able to peak from the sides. It also has a anti-glare effect which reduces the reflection and gives better viewing to the user. You can attach the Privacy filter to the screen using the adhesive, and remove it easily without leaving any marks behind. Privacy filter is available for laptop, desktop screens and mobile screens. Using this filter you can protect your self from people peeking at an acute angle from the screen, but those standing near you or behind you would be able to see the screen. To protect you from this issue, we have next method which will solve the previous problem.

Method 2: 3M ePrivacy Filter

As the name suggests its an ePrivacy filter, so its a software that helps you to protect your visual privacy. The working is quite simple, if an intruder tries to sneak upon your screen from behind, the software will blur the screen and show the face of intruder. This way you can always know if some one is trying to eavesdrop and prevent the person from seeing any sensitive data.

The software first registers authorized users face into the system using the webcam. It records the face in different light conditions to ensure proper verification. For comparison it uses facial recognition feature which compares the users picture with pre-recorded images. The screen gets blurred if the authorized user is not looking at the screen, or if someone tries to sneak up from behind. One more exciting feature of this software is the intruder face notification. Let’s check how to install this software on your system and run to protect your visual privacy.


  • Desktop/Laptop running Windows Xp or Higher Windows version
  • Webcam

How to protect your visual privacy using 3M ePrivacy Filter?

  1. Download a 30-day free trial of 3M™ ePrivacy Filter Software
  2. Enter the code to activate 1 month trial.Code- VX7J-3CVJ-AyW2-X4PQ
  3. Register your face with the software so that you are the authorised user.
  4. Next after installing, the software will be running in notification area. You can tweak the settings from there.
  5. I recommend to increase the webcam resolution and setting the security to high. This settings will make the system more secure.

If you are in a low light condition, you can also type the windows password to unlock. Adjust the settings as per your requirements and make the most out of this software. I am definitely sure you are going to purchase this amazing software after using the trial. The software is currently available on Windows OS and we soon expect it to be available on other platforms too. You can also visit this page to learn more about 3M™ ePrivacy Filter Software.

You can use the combination of both 3M privacy filter and 3M ePrivacy filter to get a full 180 deg visual privacy protection. By using the above stated methods, you can stop worrying about someone sneaking and protect your privacy. If you have any doubts or suggestion do let us know in the comment section below.

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safe from hackers

How to be safe from Hackers

Hackers more precisely Blackhat hackers are dangerous as they can steal important data or can hack Bank accounts, email accounts and other important information. So today i will teach you how to be safe from hackers. Meanwhile you can check amazing Free India Classifieds and then take a step to protect yourself by following methods given below.

Hackers can enter your PC via Trojans, Backdoors or various other malicious software. They can steal your important credentials using Key-loggers or Phishing attacks. So you need to stay away from these things. Below are various methods that you can use to be safe from Hackers.

Install Good Antivirus


Antivirus will keep your PC free from Viruses, Trojans and Malware’s. So choosing a good antivirus and installing it, is a crucial step to be safe from hackers. You can choose from various available brands of antiviruses. Run a scan frequently to ensure your pc is safe. Also whenever you insert a removable media, first scan it and then open. Keep the antivirus updated with latest security updates.

Install a Firewall


As antivirus protects us from harmful software’s, Firewall will block the intrusions over the Internet. In simple terms it will block the Hacker from entering into your pc via the internet. In windows OS, we have windows firewall, but it is not enough to block the intrusions. Also some antivirus comes along with a Firewall, so you can use that also.

Strong password

Using a strong password everywhere is very important. Your password must be long, having numbers and symbols along with characters. Also try not to have your name or other info in the password as it becomes predictable. Password will be more stronger if it is meaningless. Don’t share your password with anyone, also avoid writing down the password near your desk or some place else.

Beware of Phishing Attack

Phishing is a attack in which hacker makes a same looking webpage, and only the link is different. Whenever you login into a phishing page, your ID and password are forwarded to the hacker. So you must avoid clicking on unknown links. Sign in by first checking the URL or manually enter it. In Online Banking specially, see the URL, and also ensure that there is HTTPS marked with green that ensures secured login. Also some sites provide online virtual keyboard to enter password, use that only.

Use 2 Step Verification

In 2 step verification you get an additional layer of security. Other then Username and password, you receive a one time use security code on mobile to Log in to your online email and bank accounts. Some Bank accounts and email account offer this feature, so enable it and use it to attain more security.


Always ensure that every software of your computer should be updated. Do Windows Updates as it may include security updates and patches. A old version software can compromise your security and a hacker can use that vulnerability to enter your computer. Keep the Antivirus updated and ensure maximum security.

So these were the important methods that you can implement and be safe from hackers. If you have any doubts then you can post them in comment section below. I would be happy to help you with your queries.

wordpress security

Enable 2 factor authentication on wordpress website or blog

Enable 2 factor authentication on wordpressWordPress is one of the biggest tool and CMS (content managing system) to make a website or start a blog. Also it is open source, so many people prefer to use it. But now, many wordpress websites/blogs are falling prey to attacks by hackers. Attacks include brute-forcing, stealing password by hacking pc and many more. So bloggers have to take some protective measures to prevent these attacks. We can enable 2 factor authentication on wordpress website and protect our websites/blogs.

What is 2 Factor Authentication??

2FA or 2 step verification is a system in which, 2 factors are used to authenticate particular account. That means you will need something more than username and password to login to your wordpress account. You will need a code, which is generated randomly after 30 seconds and can be used only 1 time.

Many famous website like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and many internet banking sites have this 2 step verification already. This increases your security.

For wordpress we will generate the code using a app named Google Authenticator. For wordpress blog, there is a option to get codes via sms i.e. similar to Gmail verification.

Download Google Authenticator:




INSTALL the application on your mobile and configure it. If you need any support, then visit this LINK. After installing the app you can move to the next step.

How to enable 2 factor authentication on wordpress??

A person can have a WordPress Blog, or a Self-Hosted WordPress Website. There are different method to add 2FA (2 factor authentication) to both. We will see for both one by one. We will first see for blog, and then for self hosted wordpress website.

For WordPress Blog

WordPress blog means the one which is hosted on wordpress. For example

  1. Go to and sign with your username and password.
  2. Go to this LINK. Select your smartphone.
    Enable 2 factor authentication on wordpress

    Select smartphone

  3. If you have already downloaded the app, then click ‘next step’ or download the application (Google authenticator).
  4. Launch the app. Go to options-> set up account -> Scan a barcode. Then scan the barcode you see on the screen.
    Enable 2 factor authentication on wordpress

    Choose scan a barcode

  5. Now your app will start generating codes. Enter the code you see to verify. After that click Finish.
  6. From now onwards whenever you sign in to wordpress account or your blog, you will be asked the code that your app generates along with normal Username and password.

Note: If you don’t have a android,iphone or windows phone you can use verification via SMS.

  1. SIgn in to wordpress account and goto this LINK. Now click use two step verification via sms. (Refer image below). 
    Enable 2 factor authentication on wordpress

    2-step verification via sms (Only for wordpress blog)

  2. Now enter country code, your mobile number, and then click on send sms. You will receive code via sms. Enter it and click verify.
  3. Now you are done with 2-step verification via sms.

You can generate Back-Up Codes in case your phone gets lost. Print the backup codes and keep it safe.

For Self-Hosted WordPress Website

Self-hosted wordpress sites are those which are hosted by us on some

  1. First download the google authenticator app for your mobile. (As stated at the beginning)
  2. You will need a plugin named google authenticator.
    Install it on your wordpress website.
  3. Login to your wordpress dashboard, and go to User-> Your profile.

    Enable 2 factor authentication on wordpress

    User-> Your profile

  4. In that enable Google authenticator settings by clicking the checkbox in front of active.
    Enable 2 factor authentication on wordpress

    Enable google authenticator settings

  5. Now in front of secret, you will see a button ‘show/hide QR code‘. Click on that and a barcode will appear.
  6. Launch authenticator app on mobile, go in options-> set up account -> Scan a QR code. And scan the code.
    Enable 2 factor authentication on wordpress

    Scan a Barcode

  7. After completing scanning click ‘update profile‘ at the bottom of the page.
  8. Log out of your account, and try to login in again. Now you will be asked for Google authentication code, along with username and password.
    Enable 2 factor authentication on wordpress

    2-step authentication enabled

This was the method to enable 2-factor authentication on wordpress blog or website.

If you lost your Mobile Phone

What to do if you lost your mobile phone?? The solutions will be :

  • For Blog you can generate backup codes and keep it with you. So whenever you lost your mobile, you can use the backup codes.
  • For self-hosted wordpress website, go to your hosting account-> File manager-> delete the plugin from the plugins folder. Now you will be able to access your wordpress website without codes.

For Multi-User

According to the plugin developer it supports multi-user. So you can scan the same barcode from your friends mobile and he will also be able to access the website using 2-step authentication.

If you have any doubts or question regarding above tutorial, feel FREE to post them in the comment section below.

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Which is the best firewall ??

Hello friends. Nowadays hacking is on a boom. Many popular websites and companies got hacked recently by some hackers. Though we are not big as a company, but still we also need to pay attention towards some security. So for getting rid of viruses we have antivirus installed. But do you know about firewall. And if yes, then which is the best firewall. So lets discuss this in some steps.

What is a Firewall?

Which is the best firewall ??

firewall can either be software-based or hardware-based and is used to help keep a network secure. Its primary objective is to control the incoming and outgoing network traffic by analyzing the data packets and determining whether it should be allowed through or not, based on a predetermined rule set.

So in general it means that, its a wall between our computer and the Internet (outside world) and it filters the connections established.

Most of us are using windows as our operating system. So it has its own firewall. But i would like to inform you that its of NO USE. So the question still remains, which is the best firewall to use in our machine.

Which is the best firewall ???

Which is the best firewall ??


Comodo Firewall is one of the best firewall which can  be used to protect your computer. It is available for free. It protects your pc,laptop from intruders from outside world. Hackers try to enter your pc using gates which are called PORTS. They may use trojan or rats to enter your pc. There are many open ports in your pc which are not secure. Now Comodo firewall just closes this ports automatically, thus securing your pc from hackers.


Click here to download Comodo Firewall

How to use it??

Just install it in your pc,laptop and leave your security in the hands of comodo firewall. Now whenever a software tries to establish connection over internet, the firewall prompts you for permission whether to allow it or not. Now if you trust the software you have installed, then allow it. Like for example, when you open a browser, comodo will ask for permission once, then you can allow it.

If a trojan or other malicious program try to establish connection it will block it.

Some more Features

  • First is you get a Firewall.
  • Secondly it has a comodo browser,which is upto you, whether you want to use or not. Also it has a virtual browser, which doesn’t save any history or passwords.
  • Next is geekbuddy, where you get online assistance for any problem you have in your machine.
  • Anti-terror, a tool where it identifies pc issues and gives you solution to fix it.
  • And at last some shared space.

So just install this firewall and be protected from hackers and intruders. You don’t have to everytime sit and check your system whether its secure or not. Just leave it over the firewall.

If you have any doubts regarding this, do post in the comment section below. I will be happy to help.

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Remove write protection from USB drive

Once i visited one of my friend’s house. He had some pics of school time in his laptop. So i inserted my usb drive in his laptop, and tried to copy those photos into my usb. Whops! I see a error message. It says “The disk is write-protected”. So now what to do? Will that be permanent? Obviously not. You can remove write protection from USB drive by using some commands. We will use windows cmd console for typing these commands. So lets start.

How To Remove Write Protection From USB drive??

  • First open cmd by pressing WIN+R(Run) and then type cmd and press enter.
    Remove write protection from USB drive
  • Now you will see something like below (CMD console). Type diskpart and press enter. Like i have done.
    Remove write protection from USB drive
  • Diskpart will start now. Now type list disk and press enter. Refer image below.
    Remove write protection from USB drive
  • Now it will list the disks connected. You have to select disk 1.
    Type select disk 1 and press enter.
    Remove write protection from USB drive
  • Now we will remove write protection from usb drive.
    type attributes disk clear readonly and press enter.
    Remove write protection from USB drive
  • Sometimes after you have executed the command, you have to remove and reinsert the usb, to remove write protection successfully.
  • Now you have full access over your usb drive. You can copy,delete and modify all of its content,

In this way you have successfully remove write protection from USB drive. So its basically few commands. If you do it in the right way as mentioned above, then this method will definitely work out for you.

If you have any doubts regarding this method, then do post in the comment section below. I will be happy to help.

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check if someone is using your wifi

Check if someone is using your wifi

Nowadays many of us are using Wifi router in our home, as it requires no wire connection and its a bit comfy to use. But have you ever imagined, that your neighbor or someone around you may also be using your wifi connection slowing down your speed. Ofcourse we secure it using a password. But by any means, anyone gets your password, he may use it. So if you want to check if someone is using your wifi, i have a amazing and very easy method to detect.

How to check if someone is using your wifi??

  • First we need a software named, who is on my wifi. DOWNLOAD it from HERE
  • Now install it. After you have successfully installed, press the SCAN NOW button. It will scan your network for devices that are currently connected to it.
  • After the scanning completes, you will hear a voice of lady saying “Unknown computer found”
  • Now it will display a list of devices, which are currently connected to your network. check if someone is using your wifi network
  • Those devices you recognize as harmless, you can change them to known from unknown (then press save changes) and also name them for further reference.
  • Now whenever any other device gets connected to your network, the software will automatically inform you.
  • If you find that the device is unwanted, and some other person whom you don’t want to allow is using the network, then there is option to block that device with reference to its mac address. Or simply you can change your password and increase security.
  • So using this software, you can check if someone is using your wifi and block unknown devices.

Once you have installed this software, then you can sit without any fear as it will be guarding your wifi network. If you have any doubts regarding the method, do post in the comment section below. Your queries are welcomed.




Unlock your pc

Unlock your PC in pattern style, same as in android

Android has really become one of the popular OS in mobile phones. It is still alive, because of amazing apps it has in playstore, and some of its eyecatching features. Now if you see the most used locking system in Android Phone, is Pattern locking. Today no one bother’s typing their passwords again and again, to unlock their phone’s. And remembering the passwords is also a headache. Instead today people just swipe their fingers on the screen and make a pattern to unlock. Its easy and also looks COOL. So if you really like that style, then here’s a good news for you. Now you can unlock your PC in pattern style, same as in android, just you have to move the mouse over those dots.


You need to have a Windows Operating System (any version xp,Vista,7,8)

Eusing maze lock screenshot

How to Unlock your PC in pattern style???

  • First we need a tool named EUSING MAZE lock.
    Download it from here (Note: Its Free, no need to register, but if you want you can donate)
  • Now install the tool and run it.
  • First time you need to fix a pattern for unlocking(Default pattern is Z). Also backup the pattern using the settings.
  • You can configure the software as per requirements. To do so, right click on the icon in the task bar.
  • Now click configure, draw the pattern for security check and see the settings box open.
  • Now you can adjust settings as per your requirements. Always lock keyboard in the settings.
  • Just click ok to save changes. And you are ready. Now whenever you want to unlock your PC, just draw the pattern.

So isn’t it cool??Just do this in front of your friends and see them surprised. Quickly grab the tool and make your security more tight with a cool unlocking trick.

If you have any doubts regarding this tutorial, please feel free to post them in the comment section below. I would be happy to Help out your queries.





Lock computer using USB flash drive

Do you leave your PC or laptop logged in for a short period and go somewhere else? Someone may just steal some important information from your machine. Want a security for your PC, when you leave it? You can lock computer using usb flash drive. This Flash drive will be like a key to UNLOCK your machine.

How to lock computer using USB flash drive:

For VIDEO TUTORIAL scroll to the bottom of the post.

  1. You will first need a software named Predator.Given below are the links for download.
    For 32 bit click here
    For 64 bit click here
  2. After downloading the software, extract and then install it.
  3. After you have successfully installed the software, run it from desktop. You will get a dialogue box like below.
    Lock computer using USB
  4. Now when you see this dialogue box insert your flash drive and then click ok.
  5. Now you will come across a window like the one given below.
    Lock computer using USB
  6. First enter a password so that you can unlock PC, if your flashdrive gets lost (Counter Measure).
  7. Check the drive letter for your flashdrive is correct or not.
  8. Press the create key button.
  9. Now Click on OK.
  10. After clicking on OK, your software will exit displaying a dialogue box.
    Lock computer using USB
  11. Now restart it from desktop. It will take some time to initialize. Then you will see a green ball flashing in your system tray.
    Lock computer using USB
  12. Now whenever you pull out your flash drive, wait for the screen to black out. Whenever your screen blackouts, your system is protected. To unlock your system just plug in your flash drive.

NOTE: Installing predator will not affect any of your data present in your flash drive.

Also you can reduce the read interval time so that your system gets blackout faster.

Video Tutorial:


So this is a amazing way to use your USB flash drive as a key to your pc or laptop. If you have any doubts regarding this FEEL free to comment below.