Lock computer using USB flash drive

Do you leave your PC or laptop logged in for a short period and go somewhere else? Someone may just steal some important information from your machine. Want a security for your PC, when you leave it? You can lock computer using usb flash drive. This Flash drive will be like a key to UNLOCK your machine.

How to lock computer using USB flash drive:

For VIDEO TUTORIAL scroll to the bottom of the post.

  1. You will first need a software named Predator.Given below are the links for download.
    For 32 bit click here
    For 64 bit click here
  2. After downloading the software, extract and then install it.
  3. After you have successfully installed the software, run it from desktop. You will get a dialogue box like below.
    Lock computer using USB
  4. Now when you see this dialogue box insert your flash drive and then click ok.
  5. Now you will come across a window like the one given below.
    Lock computer using USB
  6. First enter a password so that you can unlock PC, if your flashdrive gets lost (Counter Measure).
  7. Check the drive letter for your flashdrive is correct or not.
  8. Press the create key button.
  9. Now Click on OK.
  10. After clicking on OK, your software will exit displaying a dialogue box.
    Lock computer using USB
  11. Now restart it from desktop. It will take some time to initialize. Then you will see a green ball flashing in your system tray.
    Lock computer using USB
  12. Now whenever you pull out your flash drive, wait for the screen to black out. Whenever your screen blackouts, your system is protected. To unlock your system just plug in your flash drive.

NOTE: Installing predator will not affect any of your data present in your flash drive.

Also you can reduce the read interval time so that your system gets blackout faster.

Video Tutorial:


So this is a amazing way to use your USB flash drive as a key to your pc or laptop. If you have any doubts regarding this FEEL free to comment below.




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