How to be safe from Hackers

Hackers more precisely Blackhat hackers are dangerous as they can steal important data or can hack Bank accounts, email accounts and other important information. So today i will teach you how to be safe from hackers. Meanwhile you can check amazing Free India Classifieds and then take a step to protect yourself by following methods given below.

Hackers can enter your PC via Trojans, Backdoors or various other malicious software. They can steal your important credentials using Key-loggers or Phishing attacks. So you need to stay away from these things. Below are various methods that you can use to be safe from Hackers.

Install Good Antivirus


Antivirus will keep your PC free from Viruses, Trojans and Malware’s. So choosing a good antivirus and installing it, is a crucial step to be safe from hackers. You can choose from various available brands of antiviruses. Run a scan frequently to ensure your pc is safe. Also whenever you insert a removable media, first scan it and then open. Keep the antivirus updated with latest security updates.

Install a Firewall


As antivirus protects us from harmful software’s, Firewall will block the intrusions over the Internet. In simple terms it will block the Hacker from entering into your pc via the internet. In windows OS, we have windows firewall, but it is not enough to block the intrusions. Also some antivirus comes along with a Firewall, so you can use that also.

Strong password

Using a strong password everywhere is very important. Your password must be long, having numbers and symbols along with characters. Also try not to have your name or other info in the password as it becomes predictable. Password will be more stronger if it is meaningless. Don’t share your password with anyone, also avoid writing down the password near your desk or some place else.

Beware of Phishing Attack

Phishing is a attack in which hacker makes a same looking webpage, and only the link is different. Whenever you login into a phishing page, your ID and password are forwarded to the hacker. So you must avoid clicking on unknown links. Sign in by first checking the URL or manually enter it. In Online Banking specially, see the URL, and also ensure that there is HTTPS marked with green that ensures secured login. Also some sites provide online virtual keyboard to enter password, use that only.

Use 2 Step Verification

In 2 step verification you get an additional layer of security. Other then Username and password, you receive a one time use security code on mobile to Log in to your online email and bank accounts. Some Bank accounts and email account offer this feature, so enable it and use it to attain more security.


Always ensure that every software of your computer should be updated. Do Windows Updates as it may include security updates and patches. A old version software can compromise your security and a hacker can use that vulnerability to enter your computer. Keep the Antivirus updated and ensure maximum security.

So these were the important methods that you can implement and be safe from hackers. If you have any doubts then you can post them in comment section below. I would be happy to help you with your queries.

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