Control music using wave of your hand (on phone) galaxy S4 rolled out with many features that works on gestures. These features were called as air-gestures. One of its feature was to control music using wave of your hand. So without even touching the phone we could change the music, or play/pause. Just imagine how cool it would be to have a S4 with such features. But unfortunately we all can’t afford such an expensive mobile phone. So here i am presenting you the tutorial that will work on your budget phones too.


  • Android phone or iPhone

How it works??

Most of the android or iPhones have proximity sensors on our phone, whose main function is to lock screen while we are on a Call. But some of our developer friends used this sensor to develop a app which will help us to control music using hand gesture. So lets see how to do it.


How to Control Music using wave of your hand???

  1. Firstly download a app named Wave Control on your phone. (You can use link given below)
    For Android
    For iPhone
  2. Now Install the app on your phone and launch it. (Ads may load, wait for sometime)
  3. Tap on the ‘settings’ tab and choose your default Music app.
    Control music using wave of your hand
    Wave control settings

    Control music using wave of your hand
    choose the music app that you use
  4. You can turn ON and OFF wave control using the wave control on off button button.
  5. Now just press ‘Home’ button on your phone to minimize the app. You will see the app icon in notification panel.
  6. Just launch your music app that you choose previously. Play a song and wave your hand near phone. The song should change.
  7. To close the app, go to the app and press ‘back’ button on your phone Twice.¬†
  8. You can also control Calls using wave of your hand, just go to settings in the app, and turn on “call controls“.

Controls of the App

To control Music just use actions give below

  • To PLAY/PAUSEHover your hand over the phone.
  • To change the Song- Wave your hand once.
  • To play previous song- Wave Twice.

NOTE: The App may not work on some phones. Also you may need practice to control Music. And remember to turn off the App before putting the phone into pocket.

If you have any Doubts or Question regarding the tutorial, please feel free to post them in the comment section below.

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