4 Apps That Can Help You Track and Manage Your Money

Not a lot of Indians know how to attain financial freedom, despite recognizing its importance. A survey by Scripbox reveals that 72% of respondents don’t know how to invest or save their money in order to achieve financial security. The same survey also notes that 56% admitted that they lacked the right knowledge when it comes to effectively handling their personal finances.

Thankfully, there are a variety of tools that are designed to help individuals understand and stay on top of their finances. Such tools include financial management apps that you can download on your phone. In this post, we list four of them.


If you’re a fan of the envelope system when building a budget, you’re going to like Goodbudget. In the envelope system, an individual physically divides their cash into different envelopes for expenses such as your utility bills or groceries. Goodbudget imitates this system by allowing you to create virtual envelopes after you manually input your cash amounts, debts, balances, and income. Aside from that, the app also has basic money management features such as real-time financial tracking.


Everyone who has a roommate knows how laborious it is to split the rent, expenses, and bills at the end of the month. With Splitwise, you can save yourself the headache of manually computing how much you owe your roommate or vice versa thanks to its easy-to-use expense splitting calculator. The app also has a debt simplification feature, allowing you to avoid awkward scenarios where everyone asks each other how much they owe. It is important to remember that you can’t link your accounts to the app. So, you’ll still need to manually pay people you owe via bank transfer, cash, or PayPal, after you use the app.

Petal Card

Credit scores are an important financial concept that everyone should know inside out. Without a good credit score, you will find it hard to access financial services such as loans, mortgages, and credit cards. Petal Card is an app that’s designed to help individuals better understand their credit score, as well as their finances. Aside from having helpful features such as a payments calculator, expense tracker, and subscription manager, Petal Card also has an in-app program called “Leap” that allows users to make credit building a more rewarding process. The “Leap” tab inside the app helps users track their credit score and even offers practical steps that can improve one’s personal credit standing.


Knowing how much money you have is key to successfully managing your finances. MyUniverse can help you improve your personal finances by giving you a comprehensive overview of all your assets, including cash, gold, investments, and credit cards. You can also connect your netbanking accounts to the app to track any changes to your finances such as ATM withdrawals or credit card charges. The app can also pull all of your banking information to create insightful and detailed reports, making it perfect for anyone who wants to take serious steps to advance their financial health.

The road to achieving financial stability is so much easier when you use the apps we’ve listed above. For more smartphone tips and tricks, be sure to check our posts here on TechnoFall.

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