Key benefits of playing online games

Gaming as an industry has evolved in every aspect in this digital world. The overall concept and the graphics quality keeps on upgrading correlating more to real life. Online games have come a long way with the launch of very famous PUBG and other gaming genres like fantasy cricket. These online games have a social factor to it which can benefit you in many ways. Gaming is considered more of a skill-based activity wherein you need utmost concentration and dedication to progress to a different level. So let us see what are the benefits related to playing online games.

Key benefits of playing online games:

We will discuss various gaming genres that actually involves real-life involvement too which makes the overall concept of fantasy cricket more interesting. If you remember, Pokemon Go wherein you have to roam in real word to find different pokemon. One such trending gaming concept going on is fantasy cricket which you can play here. The basic funda of fantasy cricket involves creating a virtual team but of real-life players and then scoring points on how they perform in real life matches. These things benefit you in some or the other way. So let us dig into the benefits one-by-one.

Skill development:

Games which involves complex map layout requires you to remember the whole thing without which you will be lost in the game. Understanding the navigation based on the directions helps you to learn a lot of real life things too. Strategy games require you to plan the whole thing out before even attempting the action. The best thing about games is you can fail and restart but after a few tries your skills keep on improving. As explained above, fantasy gaming also involves watching and analyzing the player playing patterns and then creating a team which will perform as planned. This requires some analyzing and observational skills which can be improved by playing such types of games. Online gaming adds difficulty factor as you are playing against a person.


Almost all gaming genres require you to concentrate while playing. You might often see gamers too emerged in the game as they need to concentrate to make progress. The level of concentration required might keep on increasing as the level and complexity of games increases. Racing games have a really tight time frame, so even 1-2 seconds of deflection might lose you the game. Also when we consider online gaming, the other person might win because he has better concentration on the game so to win you will eventually have to increase your level of concentration.


Online games have a social factor as you will interact with a lot of gamers all around the globe. Good gamers generally become friends quickly as they have a common topic to share. You might create a team and eventually become friends no matter the distance. Some online gamers have meetups where they share a lot about their gaming careers and experiences. Also, people at work discuss the game levels they played together last night.

Stress release:

Gaming releases a lot of stress if you really enjoy the game you are playing. Since there are many genres of offline and online games to choose from. One can easily identify theirs and just find the joy of playing. Plus online gaming lets you interact with real people which helps to release a lot of stress. As you concentrate on playing games, eventually you forget the thing which was causing all the stress.

It is a very well established fact that online games can really help you benefit in real life. One thing to be very careful about is the addiction that you might get after playing too many games. But if you keep things in the limit, then you can really benefit from online gaming. Plus playing fantasy cricket or any other real-life gaming genre really helps you to connect and improve skills in the real world too.

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