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5 features to look for in spy apps

Spying was not at all an easy job in the old days when it was not all digital. With the smartphone era and so much of online social presence, one can find all the information easily. Everyone is relying so much on a smartphone these days that it has become one single point of information – let it be banking, social life, or simple communication. If you are planning to use some apps for the same purpose, then here are top 5 features to look for in spy apps. All the information provided in the article is just for educational purpose only.

These features must be present in the best android spy apps or iOS for that matter as these are the two widely used platforms for any smartphone.

Top 5 features to look for in spy apps:

Stealth/Hidden mode:

If the app you are looking for is going to spy for you, then that app should be able to go in stealth mode and hide. If the app is discovered then the person you are spying on will come to know and the cover will be blown. This is one of the most important features that must be present in any good spy app. The spy app might camouflage itself as some other app or stay hidden completely – not even reflected in the app drawer. The most important thing is, it should not be reflected with a name that is suspicious in the list of running services/apps.

Always running:

The second feature that a good spy app must have is it should always be able to run in the background. Notifications, msgs, location are something which keeps going on in the background, so the spy app must monitor everything. For this, it is essential that the spy app is running continuously in the background. As stated before, while running in the background, it should be able to hide from the user.

Capture Location:

Location is one important piece of information that you might want to know when it comes to spying. This will tell you where the user is, and based on that you can deduce the activities the user is doing throughout the day. The user might not turn on the location every time, so last known location can be helpful in this case. Tracking location is a key feature that a spy app must be capable of doing.

You are reading: Top 5 features to look for in spy apps.

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Information gathering:

Location is just a single parameter, the spy app must be able to capture as much information as possible. This includes call logs, messages, banking SMS, contact list, Whatsapp/snapchat messages, photos/videos etc. Notice one thing that everything new that comes in, pops up as a notification, and the spy apps target notifications first. Based on the notifications, it can filter which app it belongs too. Whatsapp is one messaging app widely used by any user. Also call logs and normal information can tell a lot about the user – frequently contacted people or services subscribed through SMS. Last but not the least are photos/videos which will be one of the most important information. Any good spy app will give you maximum information possible.

Cloud sync:

This is a crucial feature when it comes to spying through mobile apps. Even though the spy app has gathered the information you need, it should be able to relay all that through the internet without needing to access the smartphone of the victim. So all the collected data must be sent to the cloud through which you will be able to spy remotely.

These were some of the top 5 features you should look for in spy apps. If you are planning to spy, then without these features it would be very difficult task. Let it be Android or iOS, any good smartphone spying app will have the features listed above. If you know any feature that must be left out, then do let us know through the comment section below.

Windows 10

Fix Windows 10 right click loading problem [solved]

Recently I got a new gaming laptop ASUS FX504 for review. As soon as it booted, my first action was right-click, and it showed me the loading symbol on the pointer which never disappeared. Basically, the desktop screen froze, but the taskbar was working. Does that mean that a gaming laptop hardware can’t handle a simple right click? Well, the answer is obviously no as this is a software issue. So today we will see how to fix Windows 10 right click loading problem. This issue occurs mostly in Windows 10 with some faulty third-party services.

How to Fix Windows 10 right click loading problem?

Windows 10 can still have some issues based on the compatibility with other software. To fix this, I tried disabling startup apps and that didn’t work for me.

The problem:

The exact problem is, whenever I right click on the desktop, it keeps loading. After a few minutes, it shows me the right click options. This causes the desktop and the icons to freeze. So today we will fix windows 10 right click freezing problem.

This solution worked for pretty well, and it should for you too. If your right click is not working properly then this solution will help you too.


  1. Download a software called as ShellExView for Windows 10 based on your OS. If you don’t know whether your OS is 32 bit or 64 bit, just right click on “This PC” and click properties.
    ShellExView 32-bit
    ShellExView 64-bit
  2. Unzip the zip file to a folder. You will find the application ShellExView, just right-click on it and choose “Run as Administrator”. Press yes on the next prompt.
    Fix Windows 10 right click loading problem
  3. Click on options -> Filter by extensions.
    Fix Windows 10 right click loading problem
  4. Select only the “context menu” option from the list and press ok.
    Fix Windows 10 right click loading problem
  5. You will see a list of services with a pink background. Those are the third-party services that might cause the issue.
  6. Disable all the third party services by clicking on them and selecting the red dot option.
    Fix Windows 10 right click loading problem
  7. After you are done, go to options and choose restart explorer option. This is a mandatory step or the changes won’t reflect. Or else you can just simply restart the PC/Laptop too.
  8. This will solve the issue.

For me, the only service that was causing the issue was “NVIDIA CPL Context menu extension“. For you, it might be different. You can find that out by disabling one pink service at a time and restarting explorer each time. I hope this solves the issue of right-click freezing on windows 10. If the trick to fix Windows 10 right click loading problem worked for you then do share it with people in need. For any doubts please comment in the section below.

Oneplus 6t ambient display notification

Loop ambient display notifications in OnePlus 6T

Android smartphones have evolved a lot with loads of features and customizations. Still, many phones lag many features out of the box. Like other phones, OnePlus 6T doesn’t come with a notification LED. It has a better option of getting notifications using ambient display. But in case you missed to check out the notification while it popped, it’s gone and you have to pick up the device to check it. This can be a tedious job while you are busy working, or in a meeting and don’t want to miss out what’s happening. So today we will tell you how to loop ambient display notifications in OnePlus 6T. This will solve problems for many OnePlus 6T users and even others having ambient display feature.

Loop ambient display notifications in OnePlus 6T:

One thing to love about Android is, even if the phone manufacturer misses out features in the OS, there are apps available for rescue. This time also, we have an awesome app which solves this problem in OnePlus 6T.

  1. First, make sure that you have enabled the option “Wake screen for new notifications” by going to Settings->Display->Ambient Display.
  2. Next, download Pulse Beat app from the Google Play store.
    Loop ambient display notifications in OnePlus 6T
  3. You will see all the instructions and options laid out in the app.
  4. For this app to work properly, you will have to remove it from battery optimization options.
  5. You can set a time interval for notifications, and they will keep on looping one by one until you check them.
  6. Also, you can set different colors for different app notifications, and enable stealth mode to hide the content.

You can handpick the apps whose notifications you don’t want to miss. This will avoid unnecessary notifications from every app. This is how easily you can loop ambient display notifications in OnePlus 6T and stop missing the notification LED.


Will this consume a lot of battery?

Well, the ambient display is made up in such a way that only a few pixels light up to show the notifications. So this will not consume a lot of battery too!

The beauty is, all these customizations come for free. This app solves the issue of not having a notification LED in OnePlus 6T and still not missing the notifications. Just be lazy and still catch all the notifications without even lifting your device. I hope the trick to loop ambient display notifications in OnePlus6T helped you all. Do try this feature on other devices with ambient display and let me know if it works for you through the comment section below.

Whatsapp UPI Payment featured

Get Whatsapp UPI payment feature

Whatsapp is one of the leading messaging apps which is used worldwide by people of various countries. One of the best methods to send a message to somebody is by adding their contact numbers in the phonebook. Whatsapp has introduced a new payment method called UPI(Unified Payment Interface) which is being used by many different apps like Google Pay(previously known as TEZ), PhonePe, BHIM etc. But this feature is invite-only and not available to all the Whatsapp users. So today I will tell how to get Whatsapp UPI payment feature.

What is UPI?

UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface. It is a method to transfer money instantly from one bank account to another using UPI ID. You don’t need the account number, IFSC or any other details of the recipient. The UPI transfer happens instantly without any working day restriction. Also, it is totally free and there is no fee to make transfers using UPI. One just needs to choose the bank and enter the mobile number to add bank account to the UPI account of any app like Whatsapp, BHIM, Google Pay, PhonePe or PayTM.

How to get Whatsapp UPI Payment feature?

  1. Update Whatsapp to the latest version.
  2. Drop me a Whatsapp message here and I will activate the feature for you. People who already have the payment feature can activate this feature for others.
  3. One needs to open chat with the person who wants Whatsapp UPI payment feature. Then he/she needs to press the attach button and tap on “Payment” option. You will get a popup saying that the other person has not setup payment, you can ‘Notify them’.
  4. Once you press Notify, the other person will also start seeing the Payment feature inside the attach option.


How to setup Whatsapp UPI Payment?

  1. To setup go to ‘Settings’ in Whatsapp->Payment’.
  2. Press ‘Add new account’ option.
  3. Choose your Bank from the list.
  4. Then choose the SIM card(phone number) which is linked to your bank account.
  5. If the SIM card(phone number) was linked, it will send SMS and show you the bank details.
  6. Once done, the bank account will be added to the list.

How to send money with Whatsapp UPI payment feature?

  1. Just go to the person chat whom you want to send money through Whatsapp UPI payment feature.
  2. Tap the attach button, and choose the payment option.
  3. Enter the amount and a note in the field options. Make sure the bank account mentioned on the top is correct.
  4. Next enter the UPI pin on the next screen.
  5. Once you do that, the other person will receive the amount instantly.

This is how you get Whatsapp UPI Payment feature. You can set it up to send payments to friends/family members instantly. It involves no charge and works even on holidays. I would say that this is one of the best features introduced by India to transfer money instantly. Plus you don’t need to remember the account details or register people as a beneficiary to send payments across. Plus it is bank to bank and there are no wallets involved in between. I hope you understood how to get Whatsapp UPI payment feature. If you still have any doubts, then please mention them in the comment section below.


Recover deleted data on Mac

The digital age has actually helped in converting the physical documents to digital files which are easier to store and manage. They take up very less space and we can store everything on our laptop or any other storage media devices. But again, any electronic device has a risk of getting corrupted due to one or the other reason. So what if you lose some important data by accidentally deleting it from your laptop/mac? Is it permanently gone from the hard disk or SSD? Well there are software available to help you out in this case. But as you might be knowing that companies tend to develop more software for Windows operating system, and you don’t have much options for Mac most of the times. Today is all about Mac data recovery using EaseUS data recovery wizard software.


Reasons of data getting lost:

  • Accidentally deleted data even from the trash
  • Hard disk getting corrupted
  • Power failure
  • Virus/malware/worm attack
  • Partition lost
  • Physical damage to the machine

There can be other reasons too. But unless it is a physical damage, the software can come to your rescue and get your data back.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

So there is this company called EaseUS who excel in data recovery solutions and luckily they have a software available for Mac too. We have done reviews in the past for their software on Windows and it worked amazingly for Mac OS too. It is a simple easy to use recovery software that can be used by anyone. Also it is free to use, so one can give it a try anytime for certain GB of data.

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

  • Restore lost or deleted document, photo, video, audio, email and other types of files
  • Save files from Mac notebook, Mac desktop, hard drive, SSD, USB drive, memory card, SD card, CF card, digital camera, iPod, MP3/MP4 player, etc.

One can recover all types of files using EaseUS data recovery wizard. They have a Free version and paid version available for the software with different features. Here is the feature comparison for all the versions.

Steps to recover data using EaseUS Data recovery Wizard:

  1. Install and launch the software.
  2. Start the scanning by specifying the location of deleted files. Quick scan or a deep scan based on the type of scanning you want to do in the system.
  3. You will have a list of files which the software will be able to recover. Start recovering the files in some new location and not where the files where lost.

This is how easy it is to recover data using EaseUS data recovery wizard. It will mostly find all the files that were lost due to one or the other reasons mentioned above. Let me know how the software worked out for you, also post any doubts if you have in the comment section.


Send Whatsapp message without saving number

Whatsapp is one of the most preferred app when it comes to messaging. One of the main reason being that it works with phone number as the identity and most of the people are found on the same platform. One can send various types of media file like photo, video & documents too. But you need to save the number if you want to message somebody. This is one of the drawbacks if you are running a business and do not wish to save the number everytime. So today I will share how to send whatsapp message without saving number. This involves two methods – one is through third party Android app and second one is through a browser link(works for both Android & iPhone).

How to send whatsapp message without saving number?

how to send whatsapp message without saving number

Method 1 – Through 3rd party app(Only for Android | iPhone users scroll down)

  1. Go to playstore and download “Direct Open for whatsapp chat“.
  2. Install and give the contacts access permission.
  3. Once you provide the permission, this app will be able to see your call logs and then you can directly choose an unsaved contact to send Whatsapp message.
  4. You also have a field where you can enter the unsaved number to message them directly on Whatsapp without saving it on phonebook.
  5. After you provide the number or choose it from call log, the app launches official Whatsapp messenger. It is totally safe to use this app as the messages are going through original Whatsapp app.

Method 2 – Using Browser Link :

For iPhone:

  1. Open this LINK on safari browser.
  2. It has the option to enter mobile number and send message. This also opens the official Whatsapp app with the unsaved contact.
  3. You can use this as an app by clicking the share button and then tapping on “Add to home screen” option.

For Android:

  1. Open this LINK on Chrome browser.
  2. Again it has the same option to enter mobile number and send message. This opens up the official Whatsapp app with unsaved contact.
  3. You can use this as an app by clicking on three dots option button and then choosing “Add to home screen” option.

Both the methods mentioned are quite similar, but I prefer using Android app. The benefit is that it can access my call log and I can directly send Whatsapp message without having to type the number. You can share the trick to send whatsapp message without saving number with your friends if this proved helpful to you. Any doubts can be posted in the comment section and will be addressed as soon as possible.

See whatsapp deleted messages

How to read deleted Whatsapp messages

Whatsapp is one of the largest used messaging apps around the globe. They keep updating the app with new features which benefits the user in some or the other way. Recently Whatsapp introduced a feature where, if a user deletes a sent message within a particular time frame it gets deleted from the receiver end too. So if you have sent a message to your friend and you choose “delete for everyone” within that time frame, the message gets deleted from your friend’s device too. Your friend just sees the note saying “This message was deleted”. Now this feature is excellent for people who have sent some message by mistake. But if you want, you can still read deleted Whatsapp messages. People are very curious to know “why did the other person delete the message”. Don’t worry, we have got you covered with this trick.

How to read deleted Whatsapp messages?

Most of the people might have guessed that it has to do something with notifcations. Well you are correct as the notification stays until you swipe it and one can see the content of message in the notification panel. Well the problem is that notifcations get deleted once you swipe it or restart the device. So we need something to save the notifications and this can work only with Android.

  1. Go to playstore and download Notisave app. You can use other apps which saves notification history.
  2. Notisave categorizes the notifications based on the type of app. It groups the notifications of chat apps or shop apps. You can also create your own groups.
  3. This helps keep the notification panel clean and helps to manage them properly.
  4. After installing the app, you need to give notification access permissions to the app from settings. It will automatically take you to the section once you install the app. Just enable the options so that it has access to notifications.
  5. Now you can choose the apps whose notifications will be saved by Notisave. Other apps can be ignored to avoid unnecessary clutter.
  6. You can also have a passcode to check Notisave as it might contain sensitive information.
  7. Also deleting notifications is very easy with one click using notisave.

The notifications are saved even if you restart the device. You will need to go to options and delete the notifications if you want. Creating custom group might help to manage notifications in a proper manner. Photos and videos will not be saved using Notisave. Content above 100 words won’t be seen if you use Notisave. This has an added benefit of keeping notifications clutter free. Please make sure that you give permissions to access notifications to any 3rd party app on your own risk as it might save OTP and other important information from Bank. You can avoid saving such kind of notifications from the settings panel of Notisave. This was the trick to actually read deleted whatsapp messages without any problems. Even if you missed a message which got deleted, Notisave app will make sure to save it for you. If you have any doubts regarding this, please mention it in the comment section below.

X1 NOTE_Royal Blue

COMIO launches their flagship smartphone- X1 Note

COMIO Smartphone, India’s emerging mid-segment brand, recognised as ‘The Most Promising Brand’ by The Economic Times is all set to conquer the market with the launch of its flagship smartphone, the COMIO X1 Note. Competitively priced at INR 9,999/-, the X1 Note boasts of flawless slim ID design with a stylish mirror finish back cover in two colour variants- royal blue and sunrise gold. With the launch of the COMIO X1 Note, the brand will be available Pan-India.

The device has a dual rear camera with 13MP + 5MP AF with Flash and front camera with 8MP. A photographer’s delight, the handset comes bundled with a set of camera modes like portrait/ bokeh, beauty, panorama, social and night mode. Designed to enjoy high definition to the fullest, the smartphone comes with a 6-inch full view FHD+ 2.5D curved display. The 4G-VoLTE dual SIM smartphone is powered by a 1.45GHz quad-core processor and has a 2,900 mAh battery.

Mr. Sanjay Kalirona, CEO & Director, COMIO Smartphone,We are excited to announce the launch of COMIO X1 Note as it marks our expansion into a pan-India brand. The response we have received from our consumers, retailers and distributors has been tremendous, encouraging us to deliver a product such as COMIO X1 Note, which is one of the best offerings from the brand in the sub-10,000 price segment.”

He further added, “The COMIO X1 Note provides an integrated solution comprising of advanced camera quality, better speed, security features, stylish design and value-added services all-in-one, ensuring an enhanced user experience.” 

Some of the other features include:

  • Android O: Android Oreo picture-in-picture (multiple apps), smarter battery, 2x faster interface, over 60 new emojis
  • A smarter way to unlock your smartphone with Face Unlock feature
  • Secure your smartphone the smartest way with the Intruder Selfie feature
  • Explore magic with the Finger Print sensor: pick calls, unlock device in 0.15 seconds, click pictures, access apps
  • More memory, more space, more fun: 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM, expandable upto 128GB
  • Never miss a buzz with a Notification LED, nor your favourite conversations with Auto Call Recording feature and Auto Call Back Reminder
  • Personalise your smartphone your way with the Dual Account app
  • Font Application feature with access different stylish fonts and supported with 22 regional languages
  • Pop-up touch feature allows user to use the apps with less number of clicks
  • WPS Office app to view all kind of documents with ease

Further to this, Mr. Sumit Sehgal, Chief Marketing Officer, COMIO Smartphone said on the launch, “After capturing the hearts of the youth in North & West India, we are excited to widen our reach to South & East market. We will multiply our efforts in these regions and engage with the youth to make Comio a preferred brand through our philosophy of ‘Don’t Listen Kar Daal.’

COMIO support: Specially designed after-sales support comprising of 1 year + 100 days warranty, one-time screen breakage warranty, 30-day replacement, a special buy back and upgrade offer allowing you to upgrade your old smartphone. The COMIO upgrade offer allows you an assured 40% return on your old COMIO phone (not more than 12 months old) which will be given if you want to upgrade you existing COMIO phone.

Reliance Jio offer: Customers can now enjoy unlimited data and talk time offers using a COMIO smartphone. Jio customers to get INR 2200 cashback (44*50 Rs vouchers) at the time of 1st successful recharge of INR 198/299 monthly plans. The offer can be redeemed from the 2nd recharge onwards.

Availability: The COMIO X1 Note will available at all key retail stores Pan-India and online platforms- Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, ShopClues and Paytm.


Edelweiss mobile trader app : Personal Financial Advisor

Stock trading is becoming common to people even the young generation as the information is quite easier to access nowadays. People who have just started to earn are looking for investment options that can give them quick and high-interest rates. Normal investments of fixed deposits or PPF have a longer waiting period and the interest rates are also low. This is where the share market comes in where one can easily buy stocks of companies having high potential. But the stock market has its own share of risks, and this is where you need a financial advisor who can help you out to get better returns.  Unlike old times when people use to rely only on desktop websites for trading, now they are shifting to mobile apps for the same. One of the highest rated trading apps in the app stores is the Edelweiss Mobile Trader (EMT). It is available for both Android and iOS users and one can access the information even without registration.

There are a lot of companies/firms providing information on the website as well as on apps. But one thing that I realized when I entered trading was, it is best if you can do it via mobile app. We can access the information and trade even while we are on the move which is much faster than opening a laptop and doing it. This is where the Edelweiss Mobile Trader is one of the preferred choices as it is based on 3 factors:

  • Speed
  • Stability
  • Simplicity

If you have ever opened a trading website, you will see that there is a lot of information displayed on the page. When you are on a much smaller screen of the mobile device, the key is to organize the information properly. So the app focuses on the crucial things first like showing the Sensex and Nifty on the homepage. They also have this cool “Pull the Bull” feature available across the app to access Sensex, Nifty, USD, and SGX Nifty rates quickly. Along with that, you have the option to search for quote of different companies listed on the market. Lastly, there are three action buttons for market, trade, and watchlist available on the homepage. So the homepage is very clean and has the most crucial things to get you started. Because of the simplicity, any new user who wants to join trading can grasp the basics quite easily and is not bombarded with a lot of information at the start.

You have two side-menus on the app, the left one focusing on free information for anyone who wishes to access it even without registration. And the right one focuses on the registered users and their portfolio. The left menu has options like Market(Equity, Derivatives, and Commodities), research calls, news, charting etc. while the right menu has user dashboard, trade option, funds transfer, order status, portfolio etc. So accessing information is totally free even for unregistered users.

The app has no ads displayed in any section of the application which makes it a preferred choice among users. The data is updated real-time within seconds and has no lags whatsoever even when there is high usage. Edelweiss claims that they have enough server resources available to handle 4 times the regular traffic as they believe that trading is all about speed and timing. Little bit of latency can cause some real financial loss, so it is made to overcome those even in difficult times like when the market opens high or low. The developers have done a great job in showcasing the data in a very organized and structured manner. No matter on which page you are, you always have option of trade available so you don’t miss any deals. Also, trading is just a 3 tap process with minimal crucial options to fill in which makes it a quick task. They have simplified the login too with one step process which takes the identity of your smartphone as the second step without compromising security.

Research Calls

Research calls is one of the excellent features where this app becomes your personal financial advisor and gives you options for making investments or exiting any current trade. So periodically you will have advice from their team regarding short, mid, and long-term investments. Someone who doesn’t know much about trading can use this option to narrow down his research and kick off trading.


One of the best features and the USP of Edelweiss Mobile Trader is charting, where they have shown some excellently detailed charts with loads of information. One can do technical studies with SMA, EMA, volume, super trend etc and draw lines such as trend line, horizontal, vertical and even a Fibonacci Retracement along with marking events such as Bonus, Dividends, Rights, and Splits. You can also save your own template and load it anytime you want to do your enhanced study quickly. This gives anyone great options to study a particular stock and make decisions based on it and also share the charts with others. The charts load quickly and are very smooth to operate and customize. This is one of the best features which you don’t get easily on other apps and that too for free on a mobile app.

Overall the app is just great in terms of features, speed, and UI. One of the main reasons being that the company focuses on user requirements and feedbacks and that is how the app was polished to become one of the #bestTradingApp in the market. Not many apps have high ratings on both Android and iOS, but this app has managed it by giving an equally amazing experience for iOS users too. So don’t wait any longer, give it a shot and start trading now.

Jio Prime

Get Free 1 year Jio Prime Membership

After enabling an enriched Digital Life experience for over 175 million Jio Prime Members, Jio now brings another bonanza for its existing PRIME members.

All Jio PRIME members who have subscribed to the exclusive membership benefits till 31st March 2018 will get another year of complimentary PRIME benefits at NO additional fee (LIMITED PERIOD OFFER). Jio deeply values its loyal PRIME members and will continue to deliver additional benefits and superior value to these founding members.

For new Jio users, the Jio Prime Membership continues to be available at an annual membership fee of Rs 99.

The continued availability of the Jio Prime Membership to new subscribers reiterates Jio’scommitment to deliver a differentiated Digital Life experience to Indians and will propel this into the world’s largest loyalty programme.

In the past year, PRIME customers have experienced:

  • Highest quality service at the best rates in the industry
  • Everyday More Value (EDMV) promise to provide 20% – 50% more value to Jio PRIME users ALWAYS


  • 550+ Live TV Channels
  • 6,000+ movies
  • Lacs of Videos/TV shows
  • 1.4+ Cr Songs
  • 5,000+ magazines
  • 500+ newspapers and so on…


  • Single click access to 24*7 self-service and account management
  • Access to all Jio applications and other innovations
  • Access to the best deals and offers


  • Winter Olympics 2018 exclusively on JioTV
  • Nidahas Cricket Trophy 2018 exclusively on JioTV
  • Carabao Cup exclusively on JioTV (Arsenal vs Manchester City), to name a few


  • Jio KBC Play Along – Play KBC with Sh. Amitabh Bachchan
  • Meet and greet with celebrities & sports personalities
  • Platinum access to live shows and concerts – Filmfare, Justin Bieber Concert, Ed Sheeran Concert, Lakme Fashion Week, Jio MAMI Film Festival… and so on


  • 7 days Catch-Up of LiveTV
  • Interactivity on sports – 5 different camera views to choose from and commentary in 6
  • languages during Nidahas trophy


  1. EXISTING JIO PRIME MEMBERS (Joining date on or before 31st March 2018)

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Step 2: Express your interest to get a COMPLIMENTARY membership for next 12 months Step 3: Enjoy Jio Prime benefits

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Pay Rs 99 during onboarding, for Jio Prime membership for an annual subscription.

With the on-going augmentation of content offerings and consumer engagement programs, Jio is gearing up to bring new and superior experiences with the PRIME program and will ensure that PRIME members get substantially better benefits than the counterparts in the industry.