Tips on fast charging smartphones and other gadgets

Charging devices is a thing that every gadget user will hate but unfortunately it is necessary. You need to juice up your device after some interval depending on your battery life. One thing that we ignore is all the factors that decide the charging time. If your device takes much longer to charge, then follow our tips on fast charging smartphones or other gadgets. This will increase the charging speed and reduce the time it takes to charge battery. All the tips mentioned below will focus on smartphone, though some may apply on other gadgets like tablet, portable chargers too.

Tips on Fast charging smartphone and other gadgets

Tips on fast charging smartphones and other gadgets

Choose a Proper Wall charger

First thing, a wall charger will be the fastest source of charging as compared to Laptop USB port. You need to check the power rating of your charger. To do that, pick up your charger and search for the word OUTPUT then check the voltage (5V), current (mA or A) or may be power(Watts) where Power=(Volt*Current). So for fast charging I recommend you at least get a 5V 2A rating charger. If you experience slow charging then mostly your charger’s output current rating would be 1A or less. Most of the normal charger will have 5V constant voltage but the current will vary. Note your device will only consume the amount of current it needs irrespective of the input current you provide. So don’t worry you will not blow up your device with a high current charger. I recommend the Sony CycleEnergy Wall adapter which has a rating of 5V 2.1A. It also includes 1.5m good quality USB cable. Note you can charge all your smartphones/tablets/Portable Chargers with this device irrespective of the brand.

Nowadays most smartphones comes with a Quick charge feature introduced by Qualcomm which allows your device to consume more power and reduce the charging time substantially. To check if your smartphone is Quick Charge 2.0 enabled, download this LIST. If so then you can use the Qualcomm certified chargers like the Aukey 18W adapter given below which is costly.

If we see the list of portable chargers, ASUS Zenpower has the highest current rating of 2.4A followed by OnePlus and Xiaomi power banks.

Check your USB cable

Oh yes, the USB cable can also affect the charging time as it is the medium through which current flows. So if you have bought a USB cable from a local store, chances are, that it may limit the current flow. Try using another good quality USB cable which you can buy online. Remember USB cable more than 1.5m may slow down charging depending on the quality. Strictly avoid using USB cable extensions.

Avoid Laptop’s or PC’s USB port (Use USB 3.0 if needed)

Tips on fast charging smartphones and other gadgets
Laptop USB 3.0 Port

You should generally use Wall chargers instead of Laptop’s or PC’s USB port due to the current limitation. A normal USB 2.0 has a max current output of 500mA(2.5W) whereas the new USB 3.0(Blue color) supports upto 900mA current(4.5W). The dedicated USB charging ports supports upto 1.5A(6.5W) output current. So if need arises go for USB 3.0 or a dedicated USB charging port available in some laptops.

Perform these tasks before charging

Close all the running process/background apps on your smartphone or tablet. Turn off Wifi or Data if there is no need. You can also power down your device or switch on Airplane Mode to enable fast charging.

Let your device cool down

Never put a device on charging in direct sunlight or at high temperature. High temperatures may result in slow charging. You can additionally remove the case if the device is a bit hot. Always charge your devices at normal room temperature.

Proper Battery maintenance

There are some tips that you can follow to enhance the battery life of any gadget. Firstly perform a full charge cycle(0% to 100%) every month to ensure good battery life. Next tip never overcharge your device, or put it to charging full night. This is surely going to affect the battery in long run. Next try to keep your smartphone’s battery level between 40-80%. These all tips will surely add some more days to the overall battery life.

So these were the tips on fast charging smartphones and other gadgets. Let me know if I missed any point through the comment section below. Also if these tips helped you, do share it with your friends using the sharing buttons below.

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