LCD Monitor Repair and disassemble : Samsung Syncmaster 943NWX

The Problem Statement: Suddenly one day my Samsung LCD Monitor stopped showing anything when I powered on my PC. There was no check signal cable dialog box when I removed the VGA cable, only the blue power LED blinking. So I planned to disassemble the monitor and check for issues. There were 3 capacitors which were swollen up so I suspected that they were fused. I replaced them with new ones and boom my LCD monitor repair is done. I can see the check signal dialogue box rolling all over the screen. You can buy the capacitors in any nearest electronic component shop, just check the value of capacitor and the polarity.

What may have happened: Due to power fluctuation the capacitors got fused which basically does the job of holding charge. Many times this can be only a temporary solution, main cause being different. But in my case this worked fine and it is still working great. So check out the video on how to disassemble and repair any monitor in the step-by-step tutorial below.

LCD Monitor Repair and disassemble : Samsung Syncmaster 943NWX

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