Send Whatsapp message without saving number

Whatsapp is one of the most preferred app when it comes to messaging. One of the main reason being that it works with phone number as the identity and most of the people are found on the same platform. One can send various types of media file like photo, video & documents too. But you need to save the number if you want to message somebody. This is one of the drawbacks if you are running a business and do not wish to save the number everytime. So today I will share how to send whatsapp message without saving number. This involves two methods – one is through third party Android app and second one is through a browser link(works for both Android & iPhone).

How to send whatsapp message without saving number?

how to send whatsapp message without saving number

Method 1 – Through 3rd party app(Only for Android | iPhone users scroll down)

  1. Go to playstore and download “Direct Open for whatsapp chat“.
  2. Install and give the contacts access permission.
  3. Once you provide the permission, this app will be able to see your call logs and then you can directly choose an unsaved contact to send Whatsapp message.
  4. You also have a field where you can enter the unsaved number to message them directly on Whatsapp without saving it on phonebook.
  5. After you provide the number or choose it from call log, the app launches official Whatsapp messenger. It is totally safe to use this app as the messages are going through original Whatsapp app.

Method 2 – Using Browser Link :

For iPhone:

  1. Open this LINK on safari browser.
  2. It has the option to enter mobile number and send message. This also opens the official Whatsapp app with the unsaved contact.
  3. You can use this as an app by clicking the share button and then tapping on “Add to home screen” option.

For Android:

  1. Open this LINK on Chrome browser.
  2. Again it has the same option to enter mobile number and send message. This opens up the official Whatsapp app with unsaved contact.
  3. You can use this as an app by clicking on three dots option button and then choosing “Add to home screen” option.

Both the methods mentioned are quite similar, but I prefer using Android app. The benefit is that it can access my call log and I can directly send Whatsapp message without having to type the number. You can share the trick to send whatsapp message without saving number with your friends if this proved helpful to you. Any doubts can be posted in the comment section and will be addressed as soon as possible.

Wireless charging featured

How to do wireless charging on any smartphone

Today’s smartphones with big screens and high performing hardware consume a lot of juice from the battery. Despite the big battery pack, most of the smartphones out there won’t even last for a day with moderate usage. Though some of them come with fast charging which is a relief but making time for charging is difficult as we cannot leave our phones even for a single minute. Here is the place where the concept of wireless charging comes to rescue. You just have to place it on the charging pad without connecting it with any sort of cable and your smartphone starts charging. There are few brands like Samsung, Apple, LG and others offering wireless charging in few of its smartphones. But what about the other smartphones that don’t have the required hardware? Don’t worry, today I will share how to do wireless charging on any smartphone. Please read the whole article before proceeding with the process.

How does wireless charging work?

Before we actually go ahead with wireless charging let us clear a few concepts. So wireless charging basically works using two coils which transfer current using a magnetic field. Wireless charger involves a base which has the first coil which is connected to our charger. This coil creates the magnetic field which is intercepted the phones coil that is the second one. Current is induced in the second coil using the magnetic field produced by the first coil. This whole concept is called magnetic induction. But as the range of the magnetic field produced is very less, you have to nearly touch the phone and the base station for the charging to begin.

I hope you got the concept cleared now. Next thing you need to know that smartphones that come with wireless charging already has the second coil inside them. So you just need a wireless charging station to put your phone and boom your charging will initiate. But for the phones without wireless charging feature, you need to attach the second coil to the smartphone externally. So that is called the wireless charging receiver. The standard which is followed by all the wireless chargers and smartphone manufacturers is the famous Qi standard.

How to do wireless charging on any smartphone?

  1. Check if your phone supports wireless charging. If not then first purchase suitable Qi wireless charging receiver adapter. Here is what it looks like. Please make sure that you verify the type of pin before actually making the purchase. For iPhone users, you have a different adapter than Android as the pins are different.
  2. Note that for android micro-USB port there are two types available in the market – Type A and Type B. It all depends on the orientation of the micro-USB pin on the smartphone. The Below mentioned diagram shows the orientation of Type A and the other inverted will be type B.

    Wireless charging receiver type for Android

  3. Next, you need to purchase a wireless charger that is the base station which will be connected to your charger and will be charging the smartphone. Remember to check the current rating of both the charger and receiver which will decide the speed with which your smartphone will charge. I bought the PTron Wireless charger which is available for Rs. 499.
  4. Additionally, you can also purchase the phone case so that the Qi wireless charging receiver adapter is properly attached with your smartphone.
  5. Now just go ahead and connect the wireless charger to your mobile charger.
  6. Try placing the device on the wireless charger and you will see that it is charging.

Note: The phone or the wireless receiver adapter may get heated up during wireless charging which is totally normal. If the temperature goes beyond a certain limit then please contact the manufacturer to get it fixed.

One major disadvantage of wireless charging that still exists is the time it takes to charge your device. The charger and receiver that I purchased were rated at 5V 1A which is almost half the power rating as my regular charger. It is way lesser than the fast chargers out there in the market. But the advantage comes with convenience so that you don’t have to connect it to the charger with a wire. Just place the wireless charger on your work desk and let it charge when it is resting on the wireless charger.

I feel that wireless charging is surely the future and with this method, you can charge any smartphone wirelessly. Additionally, it looks so cool to charge your device wirelessly. So now you know how to do wireless charging on any smartphone. I hope you liked the tutorial, if you have any doubts please post them in the comment section below.


All you need to know about Root Explorer

Android is one of the most famous operating system found in most of the phones these days. Have you ever wondered why is it loved by so many people? Or why are people crazy about getting a good android phone? The main reason being the level of customizations it offers. If you don’t like anything, you can always go ahead and remove it or replace it with a better alternative. But for doing high-level changes you might need root access. Also you will need an application more like a file manager – Root Explorer. Some people might not be aware of what rooting a device really means.  So let us just start with that and then move on to all you need to know about root explorer.

All you need to know about Root Explorer

What is rooting?

Normally while manufacturing smartphones, mobile companies lock certain amount of access to prevent accidental damage that may be done by user while using the device. But if you really want to customize your Android device, you need to unlock the God Mode by rooting the device and gaining access. So in simple terms rooting a device actually means taking full control of your device. Once you are a root user, you are allowed to do any change that you wish to do. It has its pros and cons but we will not go too deep into that. So if you know what you are doing and are willing to take the risk then go ahead and root your device. You will find different methods on the Internet.

Why Root?

Well the first reason being the number of changes that you can do once your phone is rooted is limitless. You can change the overall looks of the software. You can always tinker with the hardware as you possess the access to change the operating system. One can tinker in the game files to score some benefits. Changing the system parameters will always need full root access.

Disclaimer: Any changes you make are your responsibility – valid even if your phones get corrupted/bricked or stop working due to some faults.

What is the role of Root Explorer?

So basically if you need to change something, you will need to browse through all the system files and folders. Some of the ready made apps might do specific changes for you, but if you want to DIY then you will need a file explorer. But choosing any file explorer won’t do justice as you will need to access the system files after rooting. This can be done from an app that can make good use of root access and make the necessary changes. One such very famous application is the root explorer. As the name suggest that the root explorer will help you to edit system files once you have the root access. This doesn’t mean that you cannot use the root explorer without a rooted phone. On an unrooted device, root explorer will perform just like a normal file explorer showing you different folders and files that might be created by user or the device for storing app related information. But the real fun of using root explorer will only be when you have the root access.

You are reading: All you need to know about Root Explorer

Where can you get Root Explorer?

You can always download the software from this link – Root Explorer Download. This is like the premium version of the app which is available on Playstore for a small fee. But from this link you can actually download the root explorer for free. After downloading the app, you will need to give permissions. If you are using a rooted phone then provide the normal permissions along with the root access. The SuperUser app might open up while assigning the permission to root explorer. Give all the required permissions to the root explorer. Also remember to check the unknown sources option from the settings menu before you go ahead and install the APK file.

What can you do with Root Explorer?

As discussed root explorer will help you edit system files. Here is a list of features that root explorer can offer you:

  • Browse files
  • Editing System Files
  • Editing build.prop
  • Modify/Delete system apps – good riddance
  • Move apps to system folder
  • Edit general functions
  • Change gaming files and parameters
  • Changing read/write permissions for a file/folder

Screenshots from the Root Explorer App:

Overall all these features make the root explorer one of the best file manager there is to enjoy the root browser access to the fullest. One major change you can do after rooting is now you can actually completely delete/uninstall system apps. People suffering problem from bloatware will surely understand the happiness. By rooting you are one step closer to the hardware and software present in your smartphone. By rooting you can also change the values of your processor to overclock or underclock it. Underclocking processor which actually save your battery life while overclocking will increase the performance. Again tampering with the game files will earn you some major benefit in the digital gaming world. One of the other famous thing that is famous in the rooting world is the Exposed Framework. You can read all about it on the Internet.

So overall rooting might be a risky task – some people actually manage to hard brick their devices. Rooting is a talent just like other things. But many times the risk is really worth taking. It all depends on your curiosity level. So this was almost all you need to know about Root Explorer. Let me know if you have any doubts regarding anything in the comment section below.

Pokemon Go With Joystick

How to play Pokemon GO from home without walking [No Root Required]

Pokemon GO is a location based game wherein you have to move around different places to catch Pokemons. The game requires you to walk around various locations to catch different variety of Pokemon which are available at only certain places. But there are few lazy people who tried playing it while sitting in the car, bus, train etc. Now in the new update the game prompts you not to play it while driving. But for lazy people like me who don’t like to walk for enjoying this game, there is a new hack where you can fake the GPS location and move around with a joystick. This method doesn’t even require for you to root the phone.


  • Android Phone with Marshmallow 6.0
    How to play Pokemon GO from home without walking [No Root Required]

    Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 Le 2

If you have lower Android version then you cannot use the joystick feature, but you can use the Fixed Fake GPS location feature.

  • Pokemon GO game installed

Video Tutorial:

How to play Pokemon GO from your Home/Office without walking?

  1. Go ahead and download Fake GPS/Fly GPS app from Playstore (While searching directly on the Playstore type ‘Fly GPS’).
    How to play Pokemon GO from home without walking [No Root Required]

    FLY GPS – Fake GPS location Playstore

  2. Install the App in your android device.
  3.  Go to settings and check if developer options is enabled in your phone. If not then, go in about and tap on build number 7 times until it shows ‘congratulations you are a developer‘.
    How to play Pokemon GO from home/office without walking [No Root Required]

    Mock Location App – FlyGPS

  4. Now launch the Fake/Fly GPS app. After that it will prompt you to allow mock location. Just tap on Settings -> Select Mock location app. After that choose Fly GPS as the app for Mock location.
  5. Next you can choose the desired starting location. This will be your starting location when you launch the game. Now click on Please select the menu. 
    How to play Pokemon GO from home without walking [No Root Required]

    FLY GPS enable joystick mode – Fake location

  6. From the shown three options, select GPS Service Run. After that choose JoyStick Location Mode – (Pokemon). For the people not having Android Marshmallow should opt for the first option -> Fixed location mode.
  7. If you completed all the above steps then the app will minimize and show you a message “Service was started“. you will also see a compass icon and Joystick on the display. 
    How to play Pokemon GO from home without walking [No Root Required]

    Fly GPS Started

  8. Time to launch the Pokemon GO game. As soon as the game starts you will see that, the starting location is the desired location you chose.
  9. You can move around using the joystick with respect to the game’s north heading. Voila!You can play Pokemon Go from your home/office without walking a single step using a joystick.
    How to play Pokemon GO from home without walking [No Root Required]

    Pokemon Go with Fly GPS

  10. For people using older Android version can play by continuously changing your fixed GPS location. Or maybe you can try other apps to fake GPS that may or may not require root.

You can always move the joystick by long pressing on the sides and moving it. Sometimes long pressing may close the joystick option, in that case you can relaunch the fly GPS and follow the instruction from step 4. Just start from the last used location. You can also bookmark certain locations where you often find Pokemon easily using the FlyGPS app.

What is the RISK involved in using FLY GPS to fake location?

Your account may get soft banned for a few hours if you jump on to different locations(changing countries)

How to avoid getting banned while using Fly GPS?

Always change the location according to the flight time. Like if you started playing the game choosing Mumbai as your fake location. Then next time if you plan to choose Delhi as your fake location then at least have a gap of 2 hrs(As Mumbai to Delhi flight time is around 2hrs). Till then close your game and the Fly GPS app. So accordingly maintaining the gap of playing with respect to the flight time.

Note:This is just a theory and it worked for me till now. So I will not be responsible if your account gets banned.

So this was all about how to play Pokemon GO from your home/office without walking a single step. I hope you have fun playing the game without actually walking and just sitting on your couch. Share your experience with us in the comment section below. If you have any doubts then do post them below .


How to get Prisma APK for Android

Update: Prisma is now officially available on the playstore for Android. If you cannot find it in playstore then here is the Prisma Playstore Download Link.

Prisma an app that can convert any photo into an art form is now available for Android in its Beta Version. It was only launched for iOS till now, but today a Beta version APK is available for download. It is not on the official website of Prisma but we have it for you to download it. So let us see how to get Prisma APK for Android.

How to get Prisma APK for Android


  • Android Phone
  • Prisma APK (Link given below)
  • Internet Connection
  • Check Unknown Sources in Settings

Prisma app takes more time to apply the filters because it uses unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence to transform your photo into a unique form of artwork. On the official website it is mentioned that the art piece made of your photo will kind of imitate the work of some famous artist like Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. So when you apply any filters and wait for it to get applied, a whole lot of processing is going on in the back end. Various filters includes Femme, Udnie, Curtain, Bobbie, Flame flower etc. Each and every filter is different from the other and what you might have seen in other commonly used apps. The main unique quality of Prisma are the art forms it creates. You will find that not every photo will do good with all the filters. It is like matchmaking process and you will need to experiment a lot before you get the perfect output to upload on social networks. Note that you need an active internet connection for all the art filters to be processed as it is done at the server end. As soon as they launch it officially on Android, you might face issues because of their server overloading.

How to get Prisma APK for Android?

How to get Prisma APK for Android

Note: This is a BETA version so the app may suddenly stop working or throw some errors at you. Just don’t worry and restart the app. We will let you know about the official release soon.

  1. Download the Prisma APK from HERE (Google Drive Link).
  2. Go in settings -> Security and make sure that install from Unknown Sources is ON or checked.
  3. Next tap on the download .APK file to install.
  4. After installation just open the Prisma app.
  5. Choose a photo and crop it to the ratio 1:1(App will do it for you)
  6. Now here comes the part to apply different art filters and you have a lot of options to play with.
  7. Next after applying the filter you can slide your finger right or left over the photo to increase or reduce the filter effect.
  8. In the next step you are ready to upload it to Facebook, instagram or share it via any other app.

How to Sign up for official BETA invitation from Prisma?

  1. Visit the Official website of Prisma.
  2. Scroll down and sign up for the news for Android
  3. You must get the invitation in few days to try out the official BETA release from Prisma.

This is how to get the Prisma APK for Android and install the app on your android phone. Some new features like Prisma video and 360 deg images are coming soon on Prisma. The reason people are spending a lot of time using Prisma app is the different art filters available to experiment with. So just get Prisma app on your phone and start sharing your artwork on social media platforms. Do remember that there is a watermark of Prisma on every pic you process it using the app. Plus the images created using Prisma are free to be used anywhere and are royalty free. So let us know about your experience of using Prisma on Android through the comment section below.

Magic runner studio dream

Magic Runner comes to Android Playstore

After the tremendous success of ‘Rama Force’, Studio Dream Games has launched an all new horizontal runner game, Magic Runner. With real times run physics, parallax background and intuitive sound Fx, Magic Runner is available for free download on Android phones. A class apart in terms of clarity, fluidity of movement, total immersion and levels of difficulty, Magic Runner is a must play for those who love to challenge themselves. This exhilarating game follows in the footsteps of Rama Force in a manner that it leaves a positive impact on the players and emphasize the victory of good over evil.

With 16 achievements to unlock and several coins to leverage his performance, Magic Runner — by the virtue of being an endless, complex challenge — is one of the most challenging runner games to hit the market. Magic Runner does not include death or physical violence. Instead the game uses the agility, intuitiveness and quick reflexes of the hero to add to the thrill and sense of adventure. One unique feature of the game is that whenever you retry after dying, you will be reborn from the same place so that you can explore further parts of the game. This will give you new challenges even after you experience death.


Magic Runner is the classic battle between Evil vs. Virtue which founder Umang Mathur holds close to his heart. He said, “After creating a strategy-based game like Rama Force, we wanted to develop a casual game this time. We focused on the didactic value of Magic Runner as we want the players to learn beyond the game. King Elex cannot kill anybody in the game, which eventually percolates to the players, who can be children too.” 

Magic Runner is a journey of a hero trying his best to win a battle against malevolent forces and save planet Earth. It has been specially designed and developed as a hard-to-put-down, casual game. The game’s plot centres on King Elex from Earth trying to prevent the malicious Lord of Broy, Bazooka and his army from destroying the beautiful planet he calls home. It is situated in the fictional world of Broy. As they help King Elex on his journey to defeat Bazooka, gamers have to reach deep within for strategic and instinctive manoeuvres to keep the hero on track for his mission.

Download Magic Runner from Android PlayStore: http://bit.ly/1JeOloR

Do give it a try and let us know your feedback of the game in the comment section below.


Hide last seen in whatsapp

Latest update allows to hide last seen in Whatsapp[Android]

Whatsapp a messaging app which grew faster than any other competitor’s, has now launched its first update after Facebook collaboration. The new update includes some very important features which were missing previously. The only vulnerability of any whatsapp user was, anybody could see the last seen time of the person. So it kind of disturbed the privacy. There were many third party apps developed to hide last seen, but now its official setting in whatsapp. Also some new features can be seen in the latest update which are discussed below. So we will see how to hide last seen in whatsapp.

This update is still only for Android, and that to you can’t find it in playstore yet. So the question is how to update the app.

UPDATE : This feature is now OFFICIALLY integrated in the latest whatsapp version.

How to Hide Last Seen in whatsapp by updating??

  1. Go to whatsapp.com/android (FROM PC BROWSER) and download the app in your PC/Laptop.
  2. Transfer whatsapp.apk file in your mobile.
  3. No need to uninstall the previous version, just install this new version over it.
    Note: Make sure unknown sources is checked in settings->security->Unknown Sources
  4. After installing, you can launch whatsapp and everything will be as it is (No need to configure it again).
  5. Go to Settings->Account->Privacy.
    Hide Last seen in whatsapp

    Privacy Settings in whatsapp

  6. Here you can find settings to hide Last Seen, Profile Photo, & Status.
  7. There are three options for visibility everyone, My contacts, Nobody. Select according to your choice.
    Note: If you choose to hide last seen from everyone, then you would also not be able to see other’s last seen status.

There is also a new feature called ‘Pay For a Friend’, which allows you to pay the annual fee for someone else. So you can just give a small gift to any of your friends and family. So just UPDATE the app using the above feature and enjoy the feature of Privacy before anyone. The update will soon be rolled out for other platforms too. But for the technofall visitors, its before anybody.

If you have any doubts, do comment in the section below.

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Wave Control app

Control music using wave of your hand (on phone)

http://technofall.com/control-music-using-wave-of-your-hand-on-phone/Samsung galaxy S4 rolled out with many features that works on gestures. These features were called as air-gestures. One of its feature was to control music using wave of your hand. So without even touching the phone we could change the music, or play/pause. Just imagine how cool it would be to have a S4 with such features. But unfortunately we all can’t afford such an expensive mobile phone. So here i am presenting you the tutorial that will work on your budget phones too.


  • Android phone or iPhone

How it works??

Most of the android or iPhones have proximity sensors on our phone, whose main function is to lock screen while we are on a Call. But some of our developer friends used this sensor to develop a app which will help us to control music using hand gesture. So lets see how to do it.


How to Control Music using wave of your hand???

  1. Firstly download a app named Wave Control on your phone. (You can use link given below)
    For Android
    For iPhone
  2. Now Install the app on your phone and launch it. (Ads may load, wait for sometime)
  3. Tap on the ‘settings’ tab and choose your default Music app.
    Control music using wave of your hand

    Wave control settings

    Control music using wave of your hand

    choose the music app that you use

  4. You can turn ON and OFF wave control using the wave control on off button button.
  5. Now just press ‘Home’ button on your phone to minimize the app. You will see the app icon in notification panel.
  6. Just launch your music app that you choose previously. Play a song and wave your hand near phone. The song should change.
  7. To close the app, go to the app and press ‘back’ button on your phone Twice. 
  8. You can also control Calls using wave of your hand, just go to settings in the app, and turn on “call controls“.

Controls of the App

To control Music just use actions give below

  • To PLAY/PAUSEHover your hand over the phone.
  • To change the Song- Wave your hand once.
  • To play previous song- Wave Twice.

NOTE: The App may not work on some phones. Also you may need practice to control Music. And remember to turn off the App before putting the phone into pocket.

If you have any Doubts or Question regarding the tutorial, please feel free to post them in the comment section below.

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Get BBM for Android and iOS before anyone

Get BBM for Android and iOSBBM(Blackberry messenger) was the only unique feature left in Blackberry mobile phones. It was one of the main reason Blackberry was still having its users. We had never expected that BBM would be available to other mobile platforms too. But now the time has came that BBM gets introduced in some bigger and better platforms, like Android and iOS. We will come to our main topic, how to get BBM for Android and iOS in few moments. Till then let us see some news update about it.

Initially we heard from Blackberry that, BBM will come to Android Play Store and Apple App store on June 27. This news was updated by T-Mobile in a tweet, but recently they have deleted the tweet.

According to sources, Blackberry had conformed that the news of launching BBM on Android and iOS on 27 is inaccurate. The official statement from Blackberry is

On May 14th, BlackBerry announced plans to make its ground-breaking mobile social network, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), available to iOS and Android users this summer, subject to approval by the Apple App Store and Google Play. While there have been reports that BBM will be available to iOS and Android on June 27th, this is not accurate. We will communicate an update as soon as we have an availability date to share.

Now we don’t have any perfect launch dates. But nothing to worry about. You can be the first to know and download BBM as soon as it is available for Android and iOS. Lets see how.

How to get BBM for Android and iOS before anyone does??

Get BBM for Android and iOS

Get BBM for Android and iOS

Blackberry has started a invitation process in which they will notify you, when BBM is available for Android and iOS.

Head over to this LINK and signup using your email address. So as soon as it is available for Android and iOS, an email will be sent to you. You can be the first one to try it out, so Hurry.


  • For Android users, its 4.0(ICS) or higher
  • For iOS users, they must have iOS 6

Some New Features in BBM

With the existing text and voice features, BBM also announced a new social networking feature called Channels. Using channels you can follow various brands, people etc and get notification when they update something new. You can also start your own channel and publish things you like. Feature is still in Beta mode. Blackberry will be launching this new feature in summer for Z10, Q10 and Q5, and android, ios users will still have to wait for the update.

With Whatsapp and other famous messengers already rocking Android and iOS platforms, will BBM survive??? Would you prefer BBM over whatsapp or other messaging apps?? Do let us know in the comments section below.