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Convert online videos to mp3 online

We all watch video songs online. And if i ask which site we prefer, than the reply will be youtube. Suppose we need only the audio i.e. mp3, then we have to search again on the internet. But no need to do this from now. Today

Control mouse pointer using gestures

This is one of the amazing tricks till now which i have found. Just imagine if you could control mouse pointer using gestures. Just move your hands and the pointer will move. It’s really similar to the technology used in today’s smart TV’s. Also Kinect

Use Facebook without internet on mobile

Most of us use Facebook everyday as a social networking. So basically you need to have a internet connection to login to your Facebook account. So what about those people who don’t have a internet connection?? or those who have stone age phones like Nokia

Get free IPL score updates on mobile

Get free IPL score updates on mobile

IPL is now on a boom, and specially for the cricket lovers, IPL is like a festival of fun and loads of entertainment. Everybody is busy choosing their favorite teams, and cheering up for them. There is no age for watching cricket, everybody just loves

Windows Blue Build 9364 leaked Online

Microsoft launched Windows 8 on OCT 26 2012, and now there were rumors of new version of Windows. The news is confirmed now, Windows Blue Build 9364 leaked online recently. It appears to be a updated version of windows 8. The main change you can