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The world moves fast – and ever faster, it seems, for many people – so if you don’t look around you on a daily basis, you never know what you might be missing.

If the modern world sometimes gets you down, it’s worth considering whether you’re really taking in your surroundings; many people exist in a kind of bubble, shut off from the hustle and bustle around them, but that might not be the healthiest way for you to live.

For example, if you’re the kind of person who walks down a busy city street with headphones on, it can be easy to begin to feel isolated, without recognizing that you are the one sealing yourself off from the rest of the world.

Try taking the headphones off, and just listening to the music of the city; it’s not all just noise, there are the voices of friends chattering, the laughter of passers-by sharing a joke, and people everywhere making plans for the rest of the day, and the rest of their lives.

Give it a fresh chance, and the noisiest of streets can be transformed into a thing of beauty, all for the small effort of taking your earphones out.

You might find a new found love of city ‘noise’ and decide to sell your now-unwanted iPod completely, or you might decide to hang on to it and just switch between your own little world, and the big world around you, whenever you need or want to.

It’s not just about what you can hear, though – there are things every day that you walk right by without even seeing, especially if you’re an eyes-front or stare-at-the-ground kind of person.

Lift your chin a little and allow yourself to look beyond the person immediately in front of you; this could be difficult if you’re not too tall, but there are always less busy side streets if you need to escape the crowds for a moment.

Focus your gaze as far ahead as you as you can see without your view being uninterrupted, and let your peripheral vision take in the rest; the buildings, the bars, the multitude of windows overlooking the street.

If you really need inspiration, find a road that’s been there for a long time – ideally well over a hundred years – and take a moment to admire the architecture.

Most city streets will have a mixture of early architecture, potentially several hundreds of years old, alongside more modern buildings that have been created either through refurbishment of old structures’ frontage, or by rebuilding premises that had become unstable.

It’s the history of the city in built form, in brick and concrete and stone, and it helps to put things into perspective if you’re having a tough day.

Recognizing the beauty around you can help to take the edge off of working in the city – and, combined with weekend escapes to the country when you get the chance, could help to give you a new, more positive outlook on life.


Is High Speed Internet Coming to Public Transportation?

Is High Speed Internet Coming to Public Transportation?

High-Speed-InternetHigh-speed internet has completely encapsulated our lives. We use daily to get weather and traffic reports, and again to keep with daily events. The ability to access high-speed internet has surpassed being considered a luxury and is a staple in our quality of life. There are, however, few times throughout the day when our accessibility is compromised. One example is during our daily commute, whether we taxi, subway, train or drive. It can mean sometimes up to an hour of “unplugging” from our connection. The Metra in Chicago is looking to change this.
The Metra has taken upon itself the difficult task of finding a way to provide passengers with access to quality, high-speed internet access. This is challenging for more than one reason, the most obvious being the fact that the trains themselves are constructed of internet debilitating materials.
Metra staff has begun surveying and contacting current passengers, asking them their feelings in regards to high-speed internet access and what they would feel comfortable paying to receive such a service. One idea they are pitching is the ability to issue AirCards.
AirCards make sense for a few reasons, one of them being their ease of use. In a flash, you can plug in via your USB port, sync with your mobile phone or tablet and boom, you’re connected. The Metra is strongly considering such an option to provide to riders as an upgrade to the standard ticketing options that they are currently purchasing. The AirCard would of course come at a premium.
It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though, as many riders simply just don’t see the benefit of the service. A few thoughts against that AirCards range from simply enjoying the fact that they can disconnect for a small amount of time, to others who do not think that the AirCards will prove to be adequate enough to be a solution. Others also assume that The Metra would gain substantial amounts of advertising dollars through the program and that they may not reflect that profit in the premium each rider would have to pay to receive the service.
Another argument against the AirCard to be considered is that we’re seeing more and more people who already have access to AirCards of their own through their mobile service provider. Along with wireless providers, it is thought that cable conglomerates may also be able to offer their customers a similar service at a much more affordable price. Once again, The Metra would have to evaluate the amount of interested customers, and what each customer would be willing to pay.
As of right now, no decision has been made. A pilot program is expected to roll out soon for their Rock Island line that is intended to take a deeper look at AirCards versus an alternative solution, WiFi hotspots. They’ll again try and gauge the customer response to see what they are willing to pay for.
The advantages of high speed internet are too numerous to count, with the accessibility and speeds that are being offered these days. It’s quite possible that The Metra in Chicago is simply tapping in to what is going to become the norm in public transportation.


Get BBM for Android and iOS before anyone

Get BBM for Android and iOSBBM(Blackberry messenger) was the only unique feature left in Blackberry mobile phones. It was one of the main reason Blackberry was still having its users. We had never expected that BBM would be available to other mobile platforms too. But now the time has came that BBM gets introduced in some bigger and better platforms, like Android and iOS. We will come to our main topic, how to get BBM for Android and iOS in few moments. Till then let us see some news update about it.

Initially we heard from Blackberry that, BBM will come to Android Play Store and Apple App store on June 27. This news was updated by T-Mobile in a tweet, but recently they have deleted the tweet.

According to sources, Blackberry had conformed that the news of launching BBM on Android and iOS on 27 is inaccurate. The official statement from Blackberry is

On May 14th, BlackBerry announced plans to make its ground-breaking mobile social network, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), available to iOS and Android users this summer, subject to approval by the Apple App Store and Google Play. While there have been reports that BBM will be available to iOS and Android on June 27th, this is not accurate. We will communicate an update as soon as we have an availability date to share.

Now we don’t have any perfect launch dates. But nothing to worry about. You can be the first to know and download BBM as soon as it is available for Android and iOS. Lets see how.

How to get BBM for Android and iOS before anyone does??

Get BBM for Android and iOS

Get BBM for Android and iOS

Blackberry has started a invitation process in which they will notify you, when BBM is available for Android and iOS.

Head over to this LINK and signup using your email address. So as soon as it is available for Android and iOS, an email will be sent to you. You can be the first one to try it out, so Hurry.


  • For Android users, its 4.0(ICS) or higher
  • For iOS users, they must have iOS 6

Some New Features in BBM

With the existing text and voice features, BBM also announced a new social networking feature called Channels. Using channels you can follow various brands, people etc and get notification when they update something new. You can also start your own channel and publish things you like. Feature is still in Beta mode. Blackberry will be launching this new feature in summer for Z10, Q10 and Q5, and android, ios users will still have to wait for the update.

With Whatsapp and other famous messengers already rocking Android and iOS platforms, will BBM survive??? Would you prefer BBM over whatsapp or other messaging apps?? Do let us know in the comments section below.



Viber Desktop – Transfer ongoing calls to mobile

Viber desktopViber is a mobile app that allows you to make free calls, and send free messages,pictures to your friends and family. Both the parties must have viber installed on their phone, with a internet connection enabled. Viber is available for android, iphone, windows and other major mobile platforms. At the start of this month, viber launched its app for PC supporting Windows and Mac OS. One of the major feature of ‘Viber Desktop’ is that, you can transfer ongoing calls from pc to mobile.

Introducing Viber Desktop

Initially we used to operate viber from mobile, but now after the launch of its Desktop version, we can directly use it from pc too. When you are at office or home use it from PC, and while travelling you can switch to Mobile. Typing from the mobile keyboard is not convenient every-time, so now have the comfort to use it from pc.

Download viber desktop:




  • Make Free video as well as audio calls.
  • Send free messages from viber-viber.
  • Start a group conversation.
  • Send stickers,emoticons.
  • Share pictures.

These are some common features of Viber. Apart from these, let us see some other good features that the app offers.


Viber desktopContacts and messages are automatically synced between desktop app and mobile app unlike apple messages. Whenever you install Viber Desktop you will find all your contacts and messages So you can easily switch devices and continue your conversations where you left off.


Transfer Ongoing Calls

Suppose you made a call from Viber Desktop, and you are talking to your friend. Suddenly you have to go out and want to continue the call from mobile. So you can just press the transfer button, and the call will be transferred to mobile app.

Viber desktop- transfer ongoing calls to mobile

Transfer call from pc to mobile


Using this feature you are never restricted to one device. Have the freedom to move whenever you want using Viber desktop.

So these are some amazing feature that viber has introduced with its Desktop version.

Now the question is would you prefer VIBER over SKYPE?? Tell us your view about it in the comment section below.

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Top 5 hardware features your new smartphone must have

Smartphones are now a new trend among people and specially youngsters. Having a best smartphone is now a wish of everyone. A smartphone have many features that include software as well as hardware. Leaving the software and the processor part behind, today we will discuss some top hardware features that your smartphone must have.


Top hardware Features for your new smartphone:

1.Protective Screen:

Having a big screen is not the only necessity, along with it the screen should be protective too. Today’s new smartphones have Gorilla Glass (v.1,2,3) which is really tough. So forget cracks and use your phone in a rough and tough way. Also now smartphones come with scratch resistant screens, which prevent screen from getting any scratches. So no need to apply scratch guards. While buying a new smartphone you must ensure that your screen is protective and hard enough.

2.Nice Camera :

Smartphone camera’s are now giving a head-on to digital cameras. Your new smartphone must have a nice camera. Look out for the megapixels and pixel density to check quality. Also led-flash support would make the pictures better even in the dark. Having a secondary camera would benefit in video calling. So look out for it too along with other features.

3.HDMI port :

HDMI stands for ‘High Definition Multimedia Interface’. HDMI port enables you to connect your device to Television, projector etc using HDMI cable. So you can share video and audio from phone to Television at high speed and good quality. You can watch pictures taken from phone on a big screen. This feature is new and available in some smartphones. It is a important feature that your new phone must have, as Smartphones are replacing work of laptops.

4.Long lasting Battery :

As the new phones comes with lots of multimedia, larger and brighter displays, and high tech processors, your phone must have long lasting battery. To check for battery life, you can look out for the power(mAh) of the battery. The more mAh’s is the battery, the more it will last. Also people now have a craze for android phone which consumes a lot of power. So while buying a new smartphone, battery life must be taken into consideration.

5. Stylish body

In this modern world, Smartphones have now became a status symbol. So along with all the performance of smartphone, it should be stylish too. So for choosing a stylish phone you can consider features like compact and sleek body, light weight, metallic finish etc. Also choose the color that suits your personality.

So these are the various hardware features, that you must consider while buying a new smartphone. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding choosing a smartphone, please post it in the comment section below.

Windows Blue featured

Windows Blue Build 9364 leaked Online

Windows Blue Build 9364 leaked OnlineMicrosoft launched Windows 8 on OCT 26 2012, and now there were rumors of new version of Windows. The news is confirmed now, Windows Blue Build 9364 leaked online recently. It appears to be a updated version of windows 8. The main change you can say is in UI with other few changes. Some more features are added in the build. There is more deep skydrive integration this time, which will help to improve cloud computing.

Windows Blue Build 9364 screenshots and features :

Windows Blue Build 9364 leaked Online

Tiles appear to be available in more sizes, means you can make live tiles even more smaller or larger. Also now there is more control over color personalization option, with more shades available. You can see in the screenshot below.

Windows Blue Build 9364 leaked Online

We saw Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8, now we will see IE 11 in Windows Blue as promised.

Windows Blue Build 9364 leaked Online

Talking about multitasking, previously we had snapping as 3/4th and 1/4th in windows 8. But now we will also have 50-50 screensharing, giving both apps equal share.

Windows Blue Build 9364 leaked Online

There are more options added in Charms, like there is a play button introduced below devices. Also share charm will be having a screenshot option to take a quick snap.

Windows Blue Build 9364 leaked Online


Windows Blue Build 9364 leaked Online

Windows Blue Build 9364 leaked Online

Skydrive integration in Windows Blue

According to sources, Windows 8 Preview will be soon made public and the actual launch is expected to be at the end of the year.

Windows Blue Build 9364 leaked Online

Hope we will see significant changes in Windows Blue, covering up all loop holes of windows 8.

Also checkout the VIdeo Walkthrough below:

SOURCE: iTooleTech

make free calls with skype

Make free calls with skype for a month

make free calls with skypeSkype is a software that is mostly used for free calling between computers. It is famous for free Pc to Pc calling. But when you try to connect call from PC to mobile or some landline number, it will Cost you as per the country. But this season, skype has come up with a offer declared in a TWEET. Now you can make free calls with skype for a month to specific countries. In addition to calls, you can also try video calling with a group of maximum 10 friends, 5 recommended.

List of countries to which you can make Free calls

Make free calls with skype for a month

NOTE: This not a illegal trick or Rumour. The offer is clearly announced by skype in this link.

How to make free calls with skype for a month??

  1. First go to this LINK and click on the option ‘Claim your free month’.
  2. Then sign in if you already have a skype account or sign up for a new one.
  3. Now enter your credit/debit card or paypal detail (You will not be charged). You can see the billing details are INR Rs0.00 while making payment.
  4. Once your premium services are activated by skype(Check your email). You will receive a email that your trial is started.
    Make free calls with skype for a month
  5. Now CANCEL the recurring Subscription immediately(Recommended) or else you can cancel it within 27 DAYS of your subscription. If you don’t cancel within 27 days then you will be Charged.
  6. After you cancel the subscription, you should receive a email regarding it, like in the image below.
    Make free calls with skype for a month
  7. Once you cancel the subscription, you can still use the premium services i.e. calling free for 30 days.
  8. So in this way you can call FREE for 1 MONTH, and even do VIDEO calling with max 10 people.
  9. You can also check SKYPE fair usage policy for VIDEO calling on this LINK

If you have any doubts regarding this tutorial, then do post it in the comment section below. I would be happy to help you.

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How OLX can help you to take your business online

From the seller’s perspective, olx indiais dream come true due to the exposure to a large number of buyers looking to buy new as well as old products. In hindsight, an individual might want to buy mobile or other items at reduced prices, however on conventional ecommerce sites it’s easier said than done. Sometimes discounts are not according to the liking of the potential buyers or the requisite brand name is available.  Therefore, OLX is a natural choice where people can sell their articles without any hiccups whilst buyer could select products as per their desires and preferences.


Online classified service of OLX continues to enthrall people because it provides a perfect platform to the seller as well as the buyers to interact and haggle over the prices, helping them to arrive at a common mutually acceptable figure. One can create an account on the OLX and design own theme by uploading the items to be sold. Many of the products could be shared with the social networking websites in the form of advertisement enhancing the global reach among the masses.

It is quite easy to expand the business by OLX since the buyer could talk to the seller directly through the mobile phone and arrive at acceptable agreements. Due to its multinational reach the customer service at the website is available in different languages helping people throughout the world. People can find great deals which also help in enhancing the business prospects of the local businesses. They can witness a quantum jump in their profits over a period of time.

In comparison to the other classified ads, OLX is absolutely free and does not incur charges on the users. Posting add does not require registration of the accounts, nevertheless if one is a regular user, it is important to register because user gets complete control over the position of the advertisement, profile and the dashboard management. Besides, the search utility enables the people to locate the required items from the maze of products quickly and effectively. The items are divided into categories and subcategories for the facilities of the visitors.

OLX TV commercial: