Get free IPL score updates on mobile

Get free IPL score updates on mobile

Get free IPL score updates on mobile

IPL is now on a boom, and specially for the cricket lovers, IPL is like a festival of fun and loads of entertainment. Everybody is busy choosing their favorite teams, and cheering up for them. There is no age for watching cricket, everybody just loves it. So now i have a good news in regards to IPL and technology. You can now get free IPL score updates on mobile. No matter where you are, don’t miss IPL, just be connected to it via technology. This trick is dedicated to all the Cricket Lovers.

So lets see how to do it. We will discuss two methods. First method will involve giving a call to a number, and then you will receive sms of score update. The second method works by sending a message to a number, and then receive reply as cricket score. Now in second method you should have a sms pack.

How to get free IPL score updates on mobile??

METHOD 1: Using Call

The trick here is to get free IPL score updates. Now this trick is officially provided by IPL members. It is supported by, so you wont be charged for using it.

  1.  Using your mobile dial 18002081021
  2. After the call is connected you will hear 2-3 rings, and the call will get disconnected.
    Note: If you receive engaged tone at the start, then try again.
  3. After making call, you will receive a message with cricket score updates.
  4. Now if you want to opt out or unsubscribe to this service, then sms ‘STOP‘ to 9266592665. (without quotes)

You will neither be charged for sms, nor the call, so its totally free and quick service.


Note: In this method you should have a sms pack, or you will be charged for the sms as per standard rates.

Here we are going to use google sms channel number, and using it, we will receive score updates.

  1. Go in msg and type ‘cri‘ (without quotes)
  2. Send this message to 09773300000.
  3. After few minutes, you will receive sms with score updates.

Now using this method you will get a summary of scores, including previous day matches and also current ones. But sometimes the reply comes late. So if you want quick reply, then it is preferable to use first method.

If you have any doubts regarding this methods, do post them in the comment section below.


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