Disable whatsapp blue ticks

How to disable whatsapp blue ticks officially [Only Android Users]

Whatsapp keeps integrating some new features which are helpful sometimes, but may invade your privacy. First we saw the last seen feature which was added when Facebook bought whatsapp. That feature was quite useful when we applied it on others to see their last seen, but when it comes to us we may want to disable it. So whatsapp introduced an update letting its users to disable that feature. Now whatsapp recently introduced similar feature where you can see if some one really read your message by turning two grey ticks to blue. Many people tried to disable whatsapp blue ticks by using certain tricks. But today we will see an official method to disable the whatsapp blue ticks.

This new feature is called “Read Receipts” and you may feel this as violation of your privacy. So for those who want to disable this officially, whatsapp will be rolling out an update soon via playstore. But what if you want to do it right now. So whatsapp has already updated their website with the new version 2.11.444 (Only for android users).

How to Disable whatsapp blue ticks (Read Receipts) officially??

Let me tell you, this will only work if you are an android mobile user. For other platforms you can either wait till its official on your store, or you can use the tricks mentioned on the internet.

  1. First you need to download the latest whatsapp (version 2.11.444) app from this LINK. (From PC/LAPTOP). For those having issues you can use this Dropbox Link.
  2. Now install the latest version application without uninstalling the previous version( You can take backup of your conversations for safety). This way you don’t need to re-activate whatsapp. (Check ‘Install from Unknown sources’ if you face issues)
  3. After installing launch whatsapp -> go to settings -> Account -> Privacy -> uncheck ‘Read receipts’.
    Disable whatsapp read receipt screenshot

    Uncheck Read receipts to disable blue ticks

  4. Now you have disabled the whatsapp blue ticks (Read receipts).

As you know whatsapp believes in equality, so if you disable this feature you will also not be able to see when others read your message. I know you will not be happy after reading this, but this is how karma works. So think which is more important, your friends knowing when you read their message or you knowing when your friends read your message. Also let us know what are your views regarding this new feature or how would you want this feature to work via the comments below.

Hide last seen in whatsapp

Latest update allows to hide last seen in Whatsapp[Android]

Whatsapp a messaging app which grew faster than any other competitor’s, has now launched its first update after Facebook collaboration. The new update includes some very important features which were missing previously. The only vulnerability of any whatsapp user was, anybody could see the last seen time of the person. So it kind of disturbed the privacy. There were many third party apps developed to hide last seen, but now its official setting in whatsapp. Also some new features can be seen in the latest update which are discussed below. So we will see how to hide last seen in whatsapp.

This update is still only for Android, and that to you can’t find it in playstore yet. So the question is how to update the app.

UPDATE : This feature is now OFFICIALLY integrated in the latest whatsapp version.

How to Hide Last Seen in whatsapp by updating??

  1. Go to whatsapp.com/android (FROM PC BROWSER) and download the app in your PC/Laptop.
  2. Transfer whatsapp.apk file in your mobile.
  3. No need to uninstall the previous version, just install this new version over it.
    Note: Make sure unknown sources is checked in settings->security->Unknown Sources
  4. After installing, you can launch whatsapp and everything will be as it is (No need to configure it again).
  5. Go to Settings->Account->Privacy.
    Hide Last seen in whatsapp

    Privacy Settings in whatsapp

  6. Here you can find settings to hide Last Seen, Profile Photo, & Status.
  7. There are three options for visibility everyone, My contacts, Nobody. Select according to your choice.
    Note: If you choose to hide last seen from everyone, then you would also not be able to see other’s last seen status.

There is also a new feature called ‘Pay For a Friend’, which allows you to pay the annual fee for someone else. So you can just give a small gift to any of your friends and family. So just UPDATE the app using the above feature and enjoy the feature of Privacy before anyone. The update will soon be rolled out for other platforms too. But for the technofall visitors, its before anybody.

If you have any doubts, do comment in the section below.

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