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How to recover lost data after fixing error 3194

Updating your iDevices can be a tedious task if one encounters any errors while the process is going on. One such famous error is the 3194 which may be encountered while updating iPhone using iTunes. There are many things responsible due to which this error is thrown by iTunes. But sometimes one may need to factory reset the iPhone which causes data loss. So we present you the method to recover lost data after fixing error 3194.

What is error 3194 in iTunes/iPhone?

Error 3194 is thrown when iTunes is unable to contact the update server while updating iPhone. The cause for this error can be different depending on your issue. One of the most common issue is using old version of iTunes because of which you may encounter this error. Other causes include restoring to an older iOS version which is not signed by Apple. So just try to analyze the root cause and then see how to fix error 3194 in iPhone.

So in case you were able to fix the error 3194 without data loses then it is a great news. Or else in some cases people lose their data while solving this issue. This may be due to the fact that the update or restoration process deleted the data along with it. So you need to be careful while solving the error and also try not to lose the data. In some cases even if you lost the data then we know how to recover data like iMessages from iPhone after solving 3194 error.

How to recover data from iOS device?

  1. Download and install Dr.Fone on your computer. Launch it and connect the iPhone/iPad to your computer.
  2. Don’t forget to install latest version of iTunes before this and keep the auto-sync feature off so that it doesn’t sync the data and overwrite it automatically.
  3. Press the Start scan button to initiate the scanning process. You will see preview of the lost data and you can pause the process if you found the data you were looking for or else let it continue.
  4. After the scanning process is complete you will see all your data in front of you. It will show both lost and existing data so you can select to show only deleted/lost data. One can also search for specific data using the search option.
  5. As for the recovery you have the option to recover data to computer or iOS device itself.

Using this process you can recover any type of data like iMessages, contacts, notes, media files etc. Hope this will help you to solve the 3194 error and recover the lost data on iOS device. If you face any issue then do let me know using the comment section below.


How to Convert Purchased iTunes Songs to Mp3?

Brief Introduction to iTunes Songs

iTunes Store is serving millions of users by a large collection of songs in various formats including AAC, MPEG-4, M4A, etc. All are protected by the DRM (Digital Rights Management) to restrict unauthorized use or duplication of the music files. Various restrictions like streaming to five computers every 24 hours, unlimited CDs (seven with an unchanged playlist), unlimited iPods and iPhones are implemented to each music file you download from the iTunes store. Even it’s a good feature to protect the music files, it is irritating to have such a restriction on a file that we have paid for.

Best Solution to Convert Purchased iTunes Songs to MP3

Converting the iTunes songs to MP3 format using a DRM converter can solve the problem and make the music file accessible in any devices without any restrictions. So, we need a good DRM removal tool that can do the job effectively.

AppleMacSoft DRM Converter for Mac is such a good software that helps to remove the DRM protection by converting the iTunes songs to MP3 format. The software power packs some good features that can convert the purchased iTunes songs to MP3 format effortlessly. Fast processing speed, various output formats, user-friendly interface, complete iTunes integration, all made it the best solution to convert iTunes songs to MP3 format.

How to Convert Purchased iTunes Songs to MP3 using AppleMacSoft DRM Converter?

To convert the iTunes songs to non-protected .mp3 format, download and install the AppleMacSoft DRM Converter on your Mac. Then, follow the simple steps given below.

1. Import the Purchased iTunes Songs

convert purchased itunes songs to mp3

AppleMacSoft DRM Converter

By default, iTunes will automatically add the downloaded iTunes songs to the library. If not, you have to import the purchased iTunes songs to your iTunes library. Then, open the AppleMacSoft DRM Converter. The software will now fetch the iTunes and import the songs automatically. If the music files are not listed there, just click the Refresh icon on the upper left corner of the window. Then, the software will fetch the music files.

2. Select Songs that you want to Convert to MP3 format


AppleMacSoft DRM Converter

Now, select the songs from the list that you want to convert into the non-protected MP3 format. All details regarding the songs will be listed next to each song that makes it easier to find out the correct ones to convert.

3. Choose Output Format as MP3 and Set Configurations


AppleMacSoft DRM Converter

Now, select the Output format of the songs as MP3. All other settings will be automatically configured by the software. If you wish, you can also tweak them.
Then, select the output folder by clicking on the Browse button in Folder section. You could also tweak the configurations like Codec, Bitrate, SampleRate, Channels, etc.

Note: We do not recommend tweaking these settings unless you are aware of what you are going to do.

4. Start Converting iTunes Songs to MP3 format



After configuring the settings, start converting the iTunes songs to non-protected MP3 format by clicking on the Start Convert button on the upper bar.

How to convert purchased itunes songs to mp3

AppleMacSoft DRM Converter

The AppleMacSoft DRM Converter will now start converting the music files to the MP3 format by removing the DRM protection. You can see the progress of the process in a window. After the process completed, check the output folder for the MP3 files. The DRM protection of the purchased iTunes songs removed now, and you can enjoy it on any devices as you like without any restrictions.