Points You Need to Consider Before Opting for PG Accommodation


Paying guest is one of the most opted decisions taken by anyone while shifting to a new place. It ensures security on the first place along with affordability and meals. But few things you need to keep in mind while picking up your PG accommodation, be it you are relocating for pursuing academic or career goals

Locality and neighbourhood

The first and foremost lookout should be a safe and clean locality irrespective of you being a boy or a girl. The odd office timings or the late tuitions…coming home late at night should not make you feel insecure or unsafe


This is another issue to be taken into concern. Having like minded flatmates may make life enjoyable else it’s stressful. For example, if you belong from a Guajarati family and a hard core vegetarian, it would be quite stressful for you to bear the smell of non – vegetarian cuisines preparations

Walk the Talk

Many brokers or the landlords agree to lot of things to have you on – board, but landing up there shows a topsy – turvy scenario. This adds on to your stress level, since, you already have paid them; you need to bear with the situations. So, it’s always advisable to recheck while and reconfirm about the entitlements. For example, you may have been promised for the round the clock water service, but it may happen so, that only one tap may be used for availing that. If someone else is using the kitchen tap, you may need to wait with the lather on you, while taking your evening bath. Hence, it’s important to have an understanding of what you are actually entitled for instead of getting carried away by the brokers

Ensure the accommodation ratio is proper

Many a times the covetousness for making more money makes the landlord or broker accommodate more people as compared to the space available. This can turn out to be a real botheration if you are not used to too many people around you. This also gets in the way of the hygiene factor, as too many people using the same toilet and if it’s not been cleaned properly, you may get into stress very easily

Get sorted with

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