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How to get OnePlus 2 invites via Airtel Stores

OnePlus is continuing with its invite system for the new device OnePlus 2. But getting an invites is again a tedious and annoying task. So how to get OnePlus 2 invites? Either you can get an invite via someone who has already purchased OnePlus 2, or you can participate in various invite giveaways organized by OnePlus. But now OnePlus has tied up with Airtel Stores to showcase their phones, and you also stand a chance to get OnePlus 2 invites. So let us see how to get OnePlus 2 invites via Airtel Store.

How to get OnePlus 2 invites via Airtel Stores?

Currently only specific cities are chosen to showcase OnePlus 2 device. The cities include Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. If you live in other city, you will have to wait for sometime. So first visit this LINK and check if the Airtel store near you is having this offer or not.

Airtel Store OnePlus 2 invites
Airtel stores list OnePlus 2 invites

Next you need to visit this store and get a hands-on experience with the device. Customers who upgrade their existing SIM for an Airtel 4G SIM, or opt for a new Airtel 4G connection at the store will stand a chance to receive a OnePlus 2 invite which they can use to buy the phone. The invites will be handed out on a first-come-first-serve basis to customers with an Airtel 4G connection.

So hurry up and visit the nearest Airtel Store to Win a Oneplus 2 invite. If you are successful in wining a invite do share your experience in the comment section below.

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