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Use six desktops in Windows

Hello friends.. Today we will learn to customize our boring desktop. Also we will make the task of multitasking even better. We will use six desktop in windows simultaneously. You can set different icons and wallpapers on each desktop. This works with XP, windows vista,

F.lux protects eyes while using pc or surfing internet

Nowadays computer has became one of the primary need of human. Everybody uses computer to surf the net, watch movies, to complete the office work blah blah. So you may also be knowing that, due to prolonged exposure of eyes to the computer screen affects your eyes

Gangnam style smiley for facebook chat

Gangnam style smiley for Facebook chat

Gangnam style is a single by south Korean rapper PSY. Its video has got rank 3rd on Youtube as the most watched video. It got more Famous after the T-20 tournament because of West Indies player Chris Gayle. Now everyone is a Fan of this

Lock computer using USB flash drive

Do you leave your PC or laptop logged in for a short period and go somewhere else? Someone may just steal some important information from your machine. Want a security for your PC, when you leave it? You can lock computer using usb flash drive.

Shutdown pc from mobile using twitter

Do you download a lot of things from internet?? After completion of download, does your Pc/laptop remains ON for hours?? Is guarding your pc/laptop till the completion of download or any work boring?? So here’s the solution. Even if you are not at your home,

Recover system after virus attack with re-enable

Have your computer/laptop met with a virus attack recently? Have you got some of the services stopped due to it?? Want to recover them???Our Antivirus successfully deletes virus, but it fails to restore many of the services like cmd, task manager.. etc. So why not become independent, and do it

List of run commands for windows

Run commands can be used  to boost your working speed. Typing just few words will do your work. Like if you wanna open calculator than you have to go to start->programs->accessories->calc. But if you go by run command then you have to open run->type calc and press

Use Gmail as external hard drive

In today’s world, there are many methods to store data online. These all methods are based on cloud concept. Today i am gonna discuss one of the method in which you can use Gmail as an external Hard drive. The space which Gmail provides to store data, will

Buffer youtube videos faster

We all watch videos on youtube mostly. You may have experienced buffering/loading of videos, which is sometimes a bit irritating. You can’t increase your internet speed. So even if you have a slow internet connection, you can buffer youtube videos faster. Below are the two

Download torrent through IDM, DAP

Do you download movies, software’s through torrent?? Have to wait for enough seeds??? Is your downloading slow?? Today I will teach you how to download torrent through IDM, DAP. So get ready to download movies at 150-200kb/s and more. Follow the step by step tutorial.