jabra panacast

Jabra PanaCast

Time has arrived to change the way of your video conference call to productive and intelligent conference call. Jabra is one of the leading brands in engineering communications. And the sound solution has launched with Jabra Panacast. It is the world’s first intelligent 180-degree  panoramic-4k plug-and-play video solution certified for Microsoft Teams. One just simply needs to plug and play with no software required. With only a single USB cable. The design is in such a way that there is full coverage of the people present in the meeting rooms. And also it covers the space with its vision processor in 180 degrees that there is no wastage of space.



jabra panacast
Jabra PanaCast

Specification of Jabra PanaCast

Video                             3 Camera each of 13 megapixels Panoramic 4k

Audio                             2 built-in microphones

Connectivity                   USB-C port(plug-and-play)

Power                             USB 3.0 Cable

System Required            Windows 7 or above, macOS X or above, Linux Ubuntu 16.x or above

Compatibility                 Zoom, Cisco Webex, Slack, Google hangouts and more.

Warranty                        2 years

Box contents                  Camera, USB-C to USB-A cable


Jabra Panacast comes with people detection technology which automatically detects people around it and increases its capturing range. Because it has built-in with a realtime intelligent processor. It can also count the number of people in the field view up to 12 meters. These features will be so useful for video conferencing. It is so versatile to work with everything and everywhere. It is so easy that one just needs to plug and play with very less setup. Like just plug it into your laptop or computer USB port and it will be ready to use.

Jabra Panacast

It has HDR build in so that there is no image disturbance. Also, the auto light control function controls the light like adjust the brightness level with a true image on another end. It is so lightweight and very compact its weight is around 100gm. And when it comes to the length it’s just 4 inches and width of 3 inches. It has not only impressed us with its height and weight.  But also with one of the unique future of this product is it can capture whiteboard automatically making the share of notes and meeting productive. And if there is something sharable contain we can manually select it and share it live. With parallel to the video.

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Jabra PanaCast will be available at all Jabra authorized resellers from September 2019 and it will be around about 895 USD. For more information, you can visit Jabra.in.


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