Casio launches Eco-Friendly Projectors at Infocomm 2013

Casio recently introduced a new range of Eco-friendly Mercury Free projectors at Infocomm 2013 Event. These projectors are built to give high quality projections,and are eco-friendly. Casio has launched first Lamp-Free projectors.

The conventional projectors have Mercury Lamp which are not eco-Friendly. Moreover the quality of projections in the Mercury lamp projectors degrades by 50% after 2000 Hours of usage. But these Casio projectors are lamp free, hence its quality of projection is not affected. New projectors of Casio has Hybrid Light Source which is formed by a mixture of Laser’s and LED’s. It also gives a brightness of upto 6500 Lumens, unlike the only LED projector’s having brightness of only 500 Lumens. Casio’s Hybird light source last upto 10 times longer then the mercury lamp projectors.

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As these new projectors are Lamp-Free, they save the cost of replacing Mercury Bulbs. Due to the Hybrid light source, these projectors give a more brighter and sharp projections. Lifetime expectancy of the projectors is 20,000 hours, which makes it a long-run product. The start up time of Casio’s projector with full brightness is only 8 secs due to the technology used in light source. These projectors doesn’t requires cool down which will benefit the user. Projectors also have auto-brightness feature, which uses a sensor to detect the surrounding lights and adjust the brightness automatically. The projector consume 30% less power than the conventional mercury projectors.

dual system casio
Dual System having 2 projectors

The Dual Projection Feature uses two projectors simultaneously along with a Geometric Correction box which aligns both projection. Dual Projection gives a image of 6000 Lumens which is much brighter. Also the Geometric box can be used to give projection on an uneven or curved surface. You can see the geometric correction feature in the video at the end of the post.

Geometric correction box
Geometric correction box

DLP-3D function in the projectors help to project 3-D images, which can be viewed using Casio 3-D goggles. 3-D image can give a more detailed view of image enhancing the ability to understand things. Casio has also made a software that can convert 2-D images into 3-D.

Speaking about connectivity, Projectors can be connected to laptop using cables. Along with cables, it supports Wireless connectivity to Laptops and PC. Using the mobishow feature, slides and images can be directly shown and controlled from Smartphones. At a time projections from 4 devices can be shown simultaneously using 4 split screen. The projectors support upto 32 terminal connection at a time. The presentations can also be directly played from USB device instead of using Laptops.

Standard Series

standard series casio
Standard series

Standard series delivers brightness upto 3000 Lumens and weighs about 3.9 Kg. It targets the economic users in the market. The price range starts from Rs 77,995.

Pro Series

pro series casio
Pro series

Pro Series has brightness upto ANSI 4000 Lumens. These series is useful for large and clear projections. It has a built-in 10W speaker which eliminates the use for extra speakers in a small room. The price range starts from Rs 1,39,995.

Short Throw Series

shortthrow series casio
Short throw series

The Short throw series are made for short distance projections which is ideal for classroom teaching. It can project 60 inch screen from a distance of 80 cm. It gives brightness of ANSI 3000 Lumens. The short distance projection eliminates shadow and light shining problem in Viewer’s eye. The price range starts from Rs1,39,995

Slim Series

slim series casio
Slim series

The slim series projectors are highly compact and portable due to the weight and dimensions. The quality of the projection is not affected with decrease in size. It still gives a brightness of 3000 Lumens and weighs 2.3 Kg only. It has 2X power zoom and the price range starts from Rs. 89,995

Overall the new range of projectors are cost-effective, eco-friendly, portable, provide high performance, gives 3-D projection and have better connectivity options than the traditional mercury projectors.





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