ASUS ZenPower review

ASUS Zenpower 10050 full review

Low battery backup is the biggest issue in today’s smartphone. We have built Octa-core processors, but most smartphone batteries don’t even last a day with some normal usage. Companies have introduced an option to use power banks to charge your smartphone on the go. ASUS recently announced its power bank called as ZenPower having capacity of 10050 mAh. Lets do a full review and check out all the specifications in detail. At last we will also compare it with other power banks from OnePlus and Xiaomi.

Asus Zenpower 10050 full review :

Box Contents :

  • 1 x ZenPower
  • 1 x small USB cable
  • Multi-lang User guide


ZenPower has a brushed metal finish texture body with aluminium alloy coating. The dimensions are 90.5 x 59 x 22 mm, which is approximately same as of a credit card in terms of length and breadth. It will be available in multi color such as black, silver, gold, blue, and hot pink. The black one has concentric circles on the power button giving it a premium Zen look. It only weighs 215 g which is lighter than other power banks from Xiaomi and OnePlus. The metal casing can withstand 60 KG of weight at max. On the top it has 1 USB port for charging your smartphone, 1 micro USB port for charging ZenPower, 1 power button with 4 led battery indicator lights. The USB can be plugged in-out 5000 times as per the tests performed.

Technical specifications

ZenPower contains 3 high-density 18650/3350 mAh lithium-ion battery cell to deliver 10050 mAh of total power. It gives output voltage of 5.1 V with 2.4 A current while consuming 5 V and 2 A as input. Your smartphone can draw maximum current out of Zen Power thus charging itself quickly. You can also charge your tablet with Zen Power as the output current is high. It can fully charge a ZenFone 2 (3000 mAh) more than 2 times, iPhone 6 (1810 mAh) for than 3 times, iPhone 6 Plus (2915 mAh) for more than 2 times and a Nexus 7 (4325 mAh) more than once. So you can get a rough estimate of the full charges for your smartphone. Lastly, it takes 6 hrs to fully charge a Zen Power with a 5 V 2 A standard charger at a temperature range of 0-40℃.


Zen Power can automatically detect when you connect/disconnect your smartphone, and turn itself on/off respectively. It will also stop charging your phone, when its fully charged avoiding over charging problem. The Zen Power is capable of working in temperature range of -40℃ to 70℃, which gives you the freedom to use it in any climate. It has 11 safety features which are mentioned below.

1. Temperature Protection
2. Short circuit Protection
3. Reset Protection
4. Input over Voltage Protection
5. Output over Voltage Protection
6. Input reverse direction protection
7. Over charge/over discharge protection
8. Output Over Current Protection
9. Cell PTC (Positive temperature coefficient) Protection
10. Adapter protection
11. JEITA Protection (Adjusting charging current according to surrounding temperature to improve battery life by 1.8 times)

Apart from these safety features, Zen Power is certified with 6 international Safety Certification that includes CE, UL, CB, BSMI, EAC and TISI ensuring more safety.

ASUS ZenPower is priced at Rs.1499 for all the colors except black which is priced at Rs.1599. You can buy it from the below given links.

You can also buy silicone bumper sleeve for ZenPower to protect it from scratches, dust and external damage. It is available in 4 colors light red, yellow, aqua and black. The price for bumper sleeve is Rs. 299.


In terms of charging current (2.4 A) ASUS ZenPower leads as compared to MI and OnePlus power bank. The OnePlus power bank has dual USB to charge two smartphones at the same time which is not present in ZenPower. The capacity of Mi Power bank is the highest among all the three with 10400mAh of total power. In terms of safety features, the ZenPower again leads by a few points. ZenPower is lightest among the three brands with 215 g of weight. But in pricing the ZenPower is higher than the other two. So overall if you can raise your budget, you can get faster charging and more safety features with Zen Power.

Let us know what all features do you expect to be in a power bank that you would love to use. Also if you have any doubts regarding ZenPower do mention them in the comment section below.

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