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Sell Your Blu-Rays And Get Cash

Are your Blu-Rays being stashed and dusted up consuming more space? Do you think that those disks are no more needed for you? How about getting some cash by selling your Blu-Ray disks online? Perhaps, it might appear as an exciting deal for you. There

Casio unveils new innovative classroom products

At Infocomm 2013 where casio launched it’s amazing range of projectors, they also unveiled some innovative classroom products that may change the future of teaching and presentation. The products includes a interactive white board, electronic dictionary, and graphics scientific calculator. The amazing Read more […]

Casio launches Eco-Friendly Projectors at Infocomm 2013

Casio recently introduced a new range of Eco-friendly Mercury Free projectors at Infocomm 2013 Event. These projectors are built to give high quality projections,and are eco-friendly. Casio has launched first Lamp-Free projectors. The conventional projectors have Mercury Lamp which are not eco-Friendly. Read more […]

Hacking – the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Hacking might be a plague or a blessing in disguise, leading to better code and an ultimately safer Internet experience. But, especially with regular users thinking themselves inconsequential to hackers and being unaware they should even care enough to opt into a two-factor authentication system

Are these gadgets worth it? Take a look around you!

The world moves fast – and ever faster, it seems, for many people – so if you don’t look around you on a daily basis, you never know what you might be missing. If the modern world sometimes gets you down, it’s worth considering whether

Is High Speed Internet Coming to Public Transportation?

Is High Speed Internet Coming to Public Transportation? High-speed internet has completely encapsulated our lives. We use daily to get weather and traffic reports, and again to keep with daily events. The ability to access high-speed internet has surpassed being considered a luxury and is

Get BBM for Android and iOS before anyone

BBM(Blackberry messenger) was the only unique feature left in Blackberry mobile phones. It was one of the main reason Blackberry was still having its users. We had never expected that BBM would be available to other mobile platforms too. But now the time has came

Viber Desktop – Transfer ongoing calls to mobile

Viber is a mobile app that allows you to make free calls, and send free messages,pictures to your friends and family. Both the parties must have viber installed on their phone, with a internet connection enabled. Viber is available for android, iphone, windows and other

Top 5 hardware features your new smartphone must have

Smartphones are now a new trend among people and specially youngsters. Having a best smartphone is now a wish of everyone. A smartphone have many features that include software as well as hardware. Leaving the software and the processor part behind, today we will discuss