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How Mobile Apps Are Changing Classrooms and Education

Mobile devices and apps as teaching tools are becoming more and more a common part of the educational experience in classrooms. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to using mobile apps in education. In these changing times, students are more driven towards using educational apps and mobile phones for their studies.

Within the classroom, using mobile applications can help students to a higher degree of efficiency and precisions. It also makes students learn in a fun way. The increased involvements of educational apps like NCERT apps, Mathematical apps, etc. and virtual learning is changing the classrooms and the learning process.

Well-developed mobile apps provide students with various learning platform and offer them with audio lessons, video lessons, examples, and demonstration to help students understand basic concepts and principles. With the help of educational apps, students can learn a lesson in their class and then at home, they can review the concepts in the mobile application and can practice problems with instant feedback. They can also engage themselves with various lessons with the help of educational games and participate in chats or forums, and read about higher education to start planning for their future.

Educational apps like Byju’s- The Learning App provide analytics that can track students’ progress and help them to improve their weak sections. The mobile app also allows parents and students receive up to date notifications and different exam details. The various benefits of educational apps are discussed below.

Range of options

With the wide acceptance of educational apps around the world, numerous varieties of options are opening for students in the digital sector. Students have the access to learn each and every subject from their mobile phones itself.

Learning without boundaries

Educational apps provide different courses that students can learn easily. With the help of these apps, students can do any course at any speed at any time.

Improved engagement in students

The mobile apps help students to learn from audio-visual lessons and 3D animations which create a long-lasting memory of the concept in the student’s mind. Learning from video lessons help students retain the concepts better than textbooks. For example, a student will remember concepts like Newton’s Law of Motion or Projectile Motion better if they learn it through video lectures and 3D animations.

Instant updates

These educational apps not only provide lessons but also provide all exam related details. Students can check the latest competitive exams and their dates with the help of these educational apps.

In this generation, it is the schools that recognize the potential in mobile application technology that will improve a student’s curriculum. Let us know what do you think of learning things via the mobile apps.

The Vault

The Vault – new Investment Platform launched in India

If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur or think you have a unique business proposition that could make a difference, look no further, for The Vault is now open! Giving the spirit of entrepreneurship in the country a major shot in the arm, the one-of-its-kind Indian reality show is now offering aspiring entrepreneurs a massive opportunity to fund their business dreams. But how is The Vault different from anything else in the country? 

The Vault

Open to SMEs, the student community, household & rural ventures, and start-ups at an incubation stage, The Vault is a televised series that gives a platform for entrepreneurs-in-the-making to pitch their innovative business ideas in front of a panel of investors and secure on-the-spot funding. With each episode running for approximately 30 minutes, every emotion will be captured on camera as participating entrepreneurs use highly imaginative and even absurd pitches to showcase their ‘I wish I had thought of that’ business ideas and convince investors to fund their ventures.

The final say, however, remains with the investors, who have already proven their mettle in fields as diverse as finance, real-estate, retail, advertising and tech. They will evaluate each pitch on aspects such as innovation, novelty, growth prospects and viability of the idea before deciding on whether they want to invest in a given venture.

Jatin Goel, Creator, The Vault, said: “The Indian entrepreneurial landscape is currently at its peak. While India has the third-largest and the fastest-growing start-up ecosystem in the world, the growth witnessed by SMEs and household & rural businesses also indicates that there are many more milestones yet to be achieved. The Vault is a first-of-its-kind initiative towards developing a robust environment that fosters innovation and drives growth for promising business ideas irrespective of the sector they operate in. It is a platform which will not only provide the capital, but also the right mentorship to ensure that innovative business ideas are able to take root and reach their real potential.”

With a televised launch scheduled for September, the introduction of a novel concept such as The Vault within the country will definitely delight upcoming entrepreneurs. The Vault also recently staged a successful tri-city concept launch in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Talking about The Vault, its Executive Producer, Ajar Upadhyay, said: “Indian entrepreneurs need support, guidance and mentorship, and that is what The Vault aims to bring to each one of them. There is an urgent need for an entrepreneurial ecosystem that plays an active role in nurturing even more entrepreneurs. The objective of The Vault is to give exposure to business ventures on television, highlighting what goes on behind closed doors during an entrepreneur-investor pitch.”

The road to The Vault begins with this Registration Link. A total of 50 ideas will be shortlisted and the entrepreneurs behind them will be given the chance to make a pitch to investors on television. So what are you waiting for? Register now and get a chance to make your business dream a tangible reality!