E-learning explored

Kobybo – Digital Education Platform explored

Now that the digital platform is dominating all other sectors, E-learning is something which is getting a lot of attention too. The traditional method of learning by physically going to attend a class consumes a lot of time of both the student and the teacher. This method also tends to exhaust a lot of resources. Today’s parents are not able to spend enough time teaching academics to their kids because of which the concepts are not clear. Not every student present in a class is of the same caliber and so is the grasping power. All this contributes to poor education quality and promotes loss of interest. On the other hand, e-learning can solve all these problems easily. Digital Education platforms like Kobybo are working on ‘Knowledge Beyond Boundaries’ concept wherein anybody can learn without the physical boundaries.

What is Kobybo?

Kobybo is basically a digital e-learning platform wherein anybody from a toddler to someone appearing for competitive exams can gain knowledge without any restrictions. The core members include Himanshu Chauhan(CEO), Himansu Sekhar Kisan(CTO) and Vijendra Chauhan(CSO). They have a team of highly trained and skilled teachers who can impart knowledge to students in a very effective manner. They focus only on e-learning so that people living in any geographic area can get proper resources for education.

How is E-Learning a better option?

According to various International research, e-learning increases information retention by 60% and 69% people prefer the learning process to be online. Plus, it is a scalable solution that can be built in detailed given a short time span. Making changes or updating process is also fast. Along with that, it saves a lot of traveling time and infrastructure cost making the course comparatively affordable to all.

Using solutions of Kobybo, students can learn at their own pace and at their own convenience. People are allowed to go through the content n number of times till they don’t understand the logic behind it. Everybody can maintain their own pace without disturbing others. A standard course can be provided to students without having to miss out on crucial points. Here in e-learning with Kobybo people can actually overcome their fear of failure and be more curious about new things that they are about to learn. The basic architecture is totally dynamic as the teachers can update new content anytime and students always have access to it.

Products and Services from Kobybo:

  • Sharing LIVE Classroom
    LIVE classroom through the internet can provide real-time communication between teacher and students. Though it is present online, LIVE classroom will still give the student an old-school experience.
  • Replay LIVE Sessions
    Once the LIVE session is completed, there will be many people who didn’t understand the logic or are slow learners. So, Kobybo provides the same LIVE session recording to students even after it is completed.
  • Learning Management tools
    There are many tools present for both students and teachers which can be used to create, edit & share content.
  • Sharing Content
    Teachers can share their assignments online in the form of audio-video. Students can take notes and need to complete the given assignment when the session ends.
  • Highly qualified teachers
    Teachers availability is no more an issue as the course is online and can be watched even after the live sessions are over.

So now you know why people are moving towards e-learning platform like Kobybo to remove the boundaries and promote learning.

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Benefits of Internet in Education sector

The invention of Internet has brought various advantages in almost every field. The main motive of Internet is sharing of information especially in the Education sector. Internet has proved to be a boon in the field of Education as it provides fast access of information anywhere in the world. You get tons and tons of information just by pressing few buttons and browsing across the web. Let us see some major advantages of Internet in the field of Education.

Easy Access

Nowadays people don’t have to search in books to get information, which was a very time-consuming method. Now you can just search the web directly and easily access all the information. Information for various Engineering entrance exams in India like IIT-JEE, AIEEE etc are available online. No need to attend any career counseling as all the information is easily accessible over the Internet. Even the post graduation exams like Gate exam, GRE and other’s have online Form filling facility which saves a lot of time and efforts. Gate online application has helped a lot of Engineering students to avoid the long queues. Apart from engineering, other fields are also making maximum use of Internet to share information.

Online Exams

Students are already in stress while appearing for examination and the environment of classroom doesn’t help it in any way. But now people have started giving Online exams that helps in reducing travel time and minimize the unnecessary efforts. Generally online exams have MCQ type question which tests the knowledge of students in a better way. Time management is the biggest challenge while appearing for Online exams. One more benefit of giving exams online is, most of the time you get to know the results immediately.

More Information

Books can only provide limited amount of knowledge given that you don’t have access to a nearby library. But Internet has tons of webpages throwing information right at you. You just have to open a search engine, type what you want and you have access to all the info. Most of the information available is free, that is another benefit of using internet. You can also save this information easily with the press of a few buttons. Search engines like Google have made the information easily available by applying advance data mining algorithms which digs through all the data and returns only the important info. Books could only give you information in the form of Text and images, but with the use of Internet you also have access to audio and video.



With the enhanced use of Internet, a new form of learning began to evolve called as E-Learning. Using E-learning is like sitting at home and attending your classes. Digitally completing your homework and learning from video tutorials comes under E-learning. Computers can more efficiently understand the progress and weak points of a student by using complex algorithms. The major benefit of E-learning is you don’t have to go anywhere to complete your education. You can even get a degree online by completing E-learning courses. Many famous education institutes are focusing on E-learning in this Digital age due to its benefits.

So these were some of the advantages of using Internet in the field of Education sector. If you have ever tried E-learning, let us know your experience in the comment section below.