ShiftKarado an app for packing and moving

Moving to a new place may seem like a nice idea based on the fact that change is necessary in life. The only problem with relocating is moving stuff, only if someone would actually go ahead and move all your things to the new place . But that is too optimistic considering the fact that the traditional packers and movers will just concentrate on moving stuff from one location to another. They will not care much about any damage being done while transporting it. People have some horrible stories to tell when it comes to shifting stuff to a new household. A company called ShiftKarado has this new revamped app for all your packing and moving needs. If one can order food or call a cab through phone then why not move stuff using it.

What is ShiftKarado? What does it do?

Well the names says it all, ShiftKarado is a mobile app that will help you to conveniently pack and move stuff at your new place. One doesn’t need to worry about packing or moving or the safety of it. They have covered you in every aspect. They have this new revamped interface which makes this whole process very easy. With just a few taps you can select the stuff, tell them the address, and get your stuff moved. You can move your household items, office stuff, and also vehicles with ShiftKarado.


  • Get your stuff packed by professionals
  • Move it to your new place
  • Get it unpacked
  • Risk cover to ensure safety
  • Instant quotation(Insta price)!!
  • User-friendly UI
  • Template based selection

You might have got a basic gist of the app and its purpose. Now let us see how to actually use this app and get our stuff moved using their mobile app.

How to ShiftKarado?

  1. Download the App ShiftKarado from Playstore. Apple users might have to wait a bit longer for the app. Others can use their website too.
  2. Sign up and get your profile running.
  3. Next thing choose if you will manually select the items or you can choose from one of their predefined templates for home, office, or vehicles.
  4. Time to write the pickup and delivery address.
  5. Next select the items, I would suggest you to use the search option.
  6. You cannot enter any custom size of the item as most of the items are already defined based on the size and type.
  7. After selecting that, you will get an Insta Price estimate of the total charges without taxes. This is one amazing feature which actually lets you make decisions without any human intervention or bargaining.
  8. On the next step you have option to opt for premium packaging service and the tax will be included. Even if you don’t go for premium packaging, you will get standard packaging without paying extra.
  9. Done, you are good to go for the payment process. Either pay the booking amount or pay the full amount, choice is yours to make.
  10. After that is done, you can mention the cost of the items and opt for an insurance which is of two types – transit risk cover and comprehensive risk cover. 

You can move stuff to local address or else opt for an intercity service also. They have a very simple interface with basic important features in the left sidebar with no clutters. Overall packing and moving has become a hassle free task with ShiftKarado as the customer can get all kinds of estimates which will help him/her to make quick decisions. One thing which I noticed is, if you actually select very less amount of things like 1 or 2, then the cost may seem higher because of the minimum ticket size. But as the quantity increases the price seems worth paying for and availing their services which is quite natural. Hiring professionals with the help of App is convenient and hassle free process as you can focus on other important things & leave this tedious process to ShiftKarado. Do let me know your thoughts about this great idea and if you would go for such a service.

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