Nvidia introduces GTX Battlebox Gaming Rigs in Mumbai


Nvidia a leading company in GPU and Processor manufacturing has now made something exclusive called Battlebox gaming PC’s. They provide military grade gaming experience and are made for hardcore gamers. The performance and graphics of the Battlebox Rigs is amazing. Recently Nvidia introduced these Battlebox in Mumbai and we had a chance to get hands-on.

Nvidia has partnered with Asus and Cooler master for the hardware present in Battlebox. The look and feel of these machines is totally futuristic and they are easy to setup and customize. These devices are designed in such a way that they can be used for gaming as well as Entertainment purposes. They are powered by GeForce GTX-series GPUs and are designed to offer the best gaming experience: incredible speed, quiet performance – all in a stunningly crafted chassis.

Titan Nvidia

We have 5 Gaming machines viz. THE TYPHOON JUNIOR, THE TYPHOON SENIOR, THE ENIGMA, THE TITAN JUNIOR and THE TITAN SENIOR with different configurations and specifications which are given in the chart below. All lie in the price range of Rs.40,000 – Rs.1,50,000 which will fit the budget of all types of customers.


NVIDIA GeForce GTX cards also comes loaded with an arsenal of game-changing technologies like the GeForce Experience, ShadowPlay, Game streaming, PhysX®, GPU Boost 2.0, SLI, TXAA™ and 3D vision. This gives the players raw speed and performance to take on new technologies like 4K, and experience the fastest, smoothest and most advanced Battlebox gaming possible. 4K technology provides high definition graphics which makes the gaming experience seems real. See the difference of picture quality in normal HD display and 4K display in the image below.

HD vs 4K

With these Military grade Battlebox Rigs its not Gaming any more, its much more Real experience. I would recommend these next-generation devices for all those who are hardcore gamers and want to have the best experience. We played many high definition games like NFS Rivals, Batman-Arkham Origins, Assassin’s Creed-Black flag and we found the gaming quite intriguing on Battlebox Rigs. With much more high graphics games like GTA 5 and Watch Dogs launching in the near future, you definitely need some high performance devices. So go get your own Battlebox Rig and enjoy gaming to the fullest.

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