Lenovo K3 Note Notification bar


Lenovo K3 Note Notification bar

4 thoughts on “Lenovo K3 Note Notification bar

  1. Lenovo note k3 this is mobile in that some problems are automatically generating like. 1) when pressing power off button , not showing all options other than power off & restart. 2) minimising button is not properly work

    1. What are the options that you are expecting while pressing power button? By minimising button you mean home button? If you are facing issues with 3 capacitive buttons then you can bring it on screen too. use “simple control” app

      1. Even I m facing the same problem.recently when I was operating my phone it suddenly got restarted automatically n frm that time there is problem with my notification bar.when any app is open n I want to scroll down notification bar then it doesn’t scrolls down rather hangs up most of times also even if I have checked all settings of notifications all r right but then too it’s not working….Pls advice

        1. Well, I didn’t face any issues with notification bar/panel. You need to check if there are any software update/patch available. Or try clearing the cache from recovery. Last choice would be factory reset. If none of that works try factory reset.

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