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How to bypass Adfly, Adfocus and linkbucks links

We all use internet to browse,surf and download various things over the internet. Now while clicking on download link, you may experience a redirection, where you are directed to some ads page, and you have to wait for 5-30 seconds, and then you can go to the real download link. Now this gives the blog owner some money, but its quite annoying for the user to see the ads and wait for the download link to appear. So today we will see how to bypass Adfly, Adfocus and linkbucks links.

How to bypass Adfly

How to bypass Adfly, Adfocus and linkbucks links???

Now here we will install userscripts and extensions to bypass these ads pages. You have to just perform the steps once, and rest the script will take care of the ads. I will show the method in two browser i.e. chrome and Mozilla firefox.

For Video Tutorial scroll to the bottom of the post.

For CHROME browser:

After the recent update Chrome does not allow to install 3rd party scripts or extensions directly. You will find a error like below if you directly try to install the scipt.

How to bypass Adfly

So for installing the script, we will use one extension.

  1. First install extension manager named tampermonkey.

    How to bypass Adfly

    Tamper monkey extension in chrome

  2. After adding it to chrome, go to this MIRROR LINK and install adfights script.

    How to bypass Adfly

    adsfight script for chrome

  3. It will show 2 dialogue box, click ok in both.

    How to bypass Adfly

    adsfight dialogue box. Click ok

  4. Now install another script named redirection helper from MIRROR LINK in the same way as above.
  5. Whenever you visit any or or linkbucks, it will skip the waiting part, and directly take you to the main downloading page.

For Mozilla Firefox:

For mozilla firefox you will need to install a extension too, then you can install the userscript.

  1. Open mozilla firefox.
  2. Install extension named Greasemonkey from HERE.

    How to bypass Adfly

    GreaseMonkey extension in Mozilla firefox

  3. Then restart firefox.
  4. Now install adsfight userscript from MIRROR LINK. Click install when prompted.
  5. Now install another userscript named redirection manager from MIRROR LINK in the same way as above.
  6. Whenever you visit or or linkbucks, it will skip the waiting part, and directly take you to the main downloading page.

This was the most simple method to bypass all these links of adfly, adfocus,linkbucks along with some other ads. I find this method most useful to all the people. Seeing ads and waiting for the links to appear is quite harassing, install the scripts and enjoy internet with no MORE ADS.

Video Tutorial:

If you have any doubts or question regarding above discussed methods, then do post them in the comment section below. I would be happy to help you.

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18 thoughts on “How to bypass Adfly, Adfocus and linkbucks links”

  1. yoo Mee says:

    sometime it give using firefox and adfly does not show the adfly homepage.the cause this?

    1. mrcoolkaran007 says:

      install both the scripts in firefox..

  2. Ezio says:

    WOW..!! its work thanx

    1. mrcoolkaran007 says:

      Hmm.. its great that this trick helped u. Do share it with ur friends on facebook by using the share buttons given just below the post..

  3. K3v1 says:

    Thank You!

    1. mrcoolkaran007 says:

      You are welcome. Do share it with your friends.

  4. Skitz says:

    works well but doesn’t seem to work with link shortner “”. Thanks anyways, good tutorial.

    1. mrcoolkaran007 says:

      you can edit the script and add in it. Refer how others are added. and in the same way add

  5. Husky says:

    Thanks sooo much!

  6. Ashfaq Shaikh says:

    adsfight! script or other bypass script are not available on… from where we could download them?? plzz help

    1. mrcoolkaran007 says:

      The time you checked the userscript website may not be working. Please check now and you will find the script

  7. zelimir says:

    scripts not there any way to download them

    1. mrcoolkaran007 says:

      You have to try again later. Sometimes the website is down.

  8. Rajani Kumar Sinavalam says:

    Every time I try, the userscripts link is down. If you have them available, can you send them to me via email.


  9. Jonnathan says:

    Hi , good morning

    Its not working on adfly and linkbucks.

    1. Karan Makharia says:

      Hello. Check now. It is working for me here. What do you get when you open adfly links.

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