GOQii Fitness tracker with coaching review

GOQii is a fitness brand that has some of the amazing wearable fitness tracking technology. They have introduced a fitness tracking band which you can wear like a wristwatch. The band is quite slim when compared to a wristwatch dial. The fitness band does a good job in tracking your physical activities in various parameters like the number of steps, heart rate, etc. There is one unique feature that GOQii offers which is a real human fitness coach. So let us check what this is all about and is the band worth the buy.

GOQii Fitness tracker with coaching review:

We will start with the features first and then support them with my views of how good the features are in reality. Let us first check out the design followed the by the performance and we will end the review with the coaching review.


GOQii band has a small OLED display covered by a rubber band. On the back of the display is the heart rate sensor. The display supports one tap touch to navigate through the options. The band is pretty comfortable to wear. At the start, you might not have a habit to wear something for the whole day, probably the night too. But then gradually once you get a hang of it, you might not even notice it on your hands. The rubber band can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. Same goes for the tracker too. You can actually remove the tracker from the band, doing that will expose the charging USB system. You can directly plug the tracker into your charger which supports USB. There is no need of any USB cable for charging. Overall the design is pretty simple and nice.


The GOQii band measures quite a lot of parameters which can help you keep track of your fitness. It all starts with our plain and simple watch which shows time, date, and day too. Next, the watch measure’s step counts for the day. Depending on the count it gives you some distance data in Kms. Apart from that, you can know your sleep pattern. For this, you will have to connect the band with your phone using our classic connectivity tech – the Bluetooth. Just wear the band and go for a nice sleep. But first, you need to tell the app what is your sleep time. Based on that it will tell you how was your overall sleep in terms of deep and light sleep. It’s an amazing thing to see how you do at night. In terms of steps count, I would say the band picks up steps even when you are traveling in rick or bus. GOQii needs to work on this to remove unnecessary wrong counts. Though when you are walking, it measures the step quite well. Now depending on the workout, steps count, distance, it measures how many calories did you burn over the day. One of the features that GOQii introduced in the smart band segment was the heart rate measure. It measures the heart pulse per minute. This is a nice feature to experiment with while doing different types of activities. Apart from this, when the band is connected with phone via Bluetooth, it will also alert you for app notifications. One can set an alarm too in vibration mode. Also, you can set an alarm for inactivity for a long period of time – like sitting idle. The battery for the tracker is said to last 7 days depending on your usage.

Overall my experience of using the tracker was good. There were some false step counts while traveling in a vehicle due to movement, but apart from that, the tracker worked pretty decently.

Fitness Coach:

When you buy the band, you also get a free membership to GOQii coach for a limited period of time. This coach will guide you towards your goal and take follow-ups every few days over a phone call. The coach will recommend exercise and a good diet based on your daily routine. This was one of the best features I liked about this band. The coach gives you a human touch with this device.

Overall its always good to spend a few bucks on fitness trackers. With GOQii you get good tracking along with a coach to try on. So let us know your views on this new band and the fitness concept GOQii has introduced.

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