Get Air Call accept feature on your Android phone

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4, many new features on the phone were spotted. Some of the features were termed as air gestures like quick glance,air jump,air browse etc. ¬†Out of which, one Feature is called Air Call accept. In this feature you can accept calls just by waving your Hand in front of your Phone. You don’t need to swipe on the screen button to accept the calls. This features comes handy when you are unable to press the proper button on the screen. But as we can’t all own S4,but still we can get Air call accept feature on your android phones using a app.

How it works???

There is a proximity sensor on our phones which detects our hand waving motions. This app uses proximity sensor and works accordingly. So most phones having proximity sensor will support this app and work properly.

How to get Air call accept feature on your android phone??

  1. Download a app named ‘Air Call accept’ from playstore.
    or Download it from here
  2. Next install the app on your device and launch it.
  3. Now make sure that the button is turned “ON”.

    Get air call accept feature on your android phone
    Turn the button on (Air call-accept)
  4. Whenever you receive a call, just wave your hand in front of your phone and the call will be accepted. Instead of waving you can also bring the phone near your ears and this will also accept the call.

You can also purchase the paid version of this app to get many more features like :

  • Reject calls
  • Speaker on when answer call
  • Send sms when reject call

Where to use this APP??

You can simply use this app in the condition when you are unable to touch the phone, or you can’t swipe to accept the call. Situations like driving,cooking, eating, etc, this app can be handy.

You can also use this feature to show off in front of your friends and relatives and leave them totally surprised.

TURN off this app when you keep your phone in your pocket to prevent auto accept of calls.


Note: This app may not work with some devices. You can leave a comment with your device name on the app page.

If you have any doubts or questions or suggestions regarding this app, please leave a comment below.

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